Paige Ch. 09: Red Riding Hood

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Big Tits

7:30 PM

Lonnie and Paige Turner sat in his office looking over dozens of Tender possibilities. She had sent a few videos to both Josh and Bryan and was awaiting their replies. In the meantime she and Lonnie answered six more men answering questions. They reserved the guy from the Mall for later. Right now Lonnie was more interested in new recruits. Paige just enjoyed watching her Dad get turned on and reaped the benefits. He had already fucked Paige twice since she got home from school. Curtains and blinds closed this time.

“How about this guy? He’s closer to your age at least.”

“He’s sort of nerdy like me, only kinda buff. Read me his message.” She wiggles in his lap with an arm around his shoulders.

“Hello gorgeous. You had me at the big glasses. Case in point I wear big glasses too. My name is Dillon. I’m into all of the geek stuff. Movies, comic books, science. You name it. I’m going to Comicon in two weeks. I cosplay every year. Last year I was Batman. This year my plan is to be Winter Soldier. If you’re interested I would love to have you join me. My treat. You would make an awesome Black Widow. Oh, and the Chris’s are going to be there so maybe we can get an autograph and picture together with them. I hope you give me a shout. Bye Paige.”

“Thoughts?” Lonnie tilted his head to look back at her.

“That sounds really fun. You know I’ve begged you to take me to Comicon since I was a kid.”

“All expenses paid why not? It’s not like you have to be anything other than yourself around this guy.”

“I like being what you want me to be Daddy.”

“I know you do. Let’s message Dillon back. You type him this time.”

“Okay.” As he stretches back in his seat she leans forward. As she types he rubs her bare back lovingly. Typing she writes, “Hi Dillon. I love Comicon. I’ve wanted my Daddy to take me for years and never once did we make it. He’s a big meanie.” He pinches her on the ass for typing that. She squeals and nearly slips off of his leg. Catching her she continues. “Let’s talk a little more between now and then. Black Widow sounds really cool. I even know where to find a black spandex jump suit.” She halts pecking to leer back at Lonnie. “That adult bookstore sold them.”

“More money. I need to charge guys for your exhibitions.”

“They buy me things now. Maybe Dillon would too.”

“I’ll buy it. Don’t scare the guy away with greed.”

“So I can go?”

“Talk to him one more time so I feel safe letting you go without me.”

“You could go. Just don’t hang around me and look obvious.”

“Huh!” He puckered, “Maybe. If he doesn’t meet me before hand he won’t know it’s me. This could prove interesting.”

“You have to cosplay too then.” She laughs.

“As who? What?”

“I’ll think on it. Let me finish.” She begins typing again. “If you’re sweet I might make a short video for you and put it in the Tender mailbox. Natasha signing out. Night Bucky.” She knew her Avengers well. Message sent.

As they sat back to scan others a mailed reply pops up. “Message from Josh.” Lonnie notes its arrival.

“Oh my God! I hope he didn’t spook over my video at the gym.”

“Seriously? Would he reply back if he was offended?”

“I don’t know.” She fidgets with uncertainty.

Opening the message she gets her first ever video in return. “Look Daddy. He made a video this time.”

Opening it she hits play and settles back into Lonnie. His left hand rubbing her thigh. Josh had a deep voice.

“Damn Paige. That was one hell of a workout. You have a rocking body. I never expected to see you totally naked. One guy filmed you with two other dudes showing you how to get fit? I have to ask…are you sleeping with any of them? No offense but that video looked a little too…maybe I’m wrong. You did appear naïve and really shy even if you did seem to enjoy yourself. You’re lucky I’m not easily offended. Videos like this would get you banned by Tender if they knew you showed off that much. Personally I loved watching you. No worry of me complaining to Tender.” He chuckles deeply. “That massage is waiting on you Red. My fingers are ready when you are. Oh, concerning my meeting your Dad first I’m totally cool with that.” He lifts his cellphone. “309-555-6969. Call me.”

Lonnie drops his jaw. “You sent him the X-rated video instead of the first one? Are you nuts? Tender will kick you out for porn.”

“Please don’t be mad at me. I needed to know what he would think of my body.”

“No videos get sent unless I send them. Am I clear young lady?”

“Yes.” She pouts. “I guess he liked my body.”

“Who the fuck wouldn’t? You’re body is fucking perfect.”

“I know.” She grows giddy and smug making her shoulders dance. “Can I call him?”

“Not tonight. Tomorrow night maybe.”

“Can he give me a massage?”

“Oh that fucking Grizzly is tenderizing every inch of you.” Lonnie nods confidently.

“How can you watch me get one? He might not want to do anything if you’re with us.”

Pondering escort bostancı he changes his mind. “We’ll make one last short video before bed just for Josh. Apologize for the nudity. Let him know you were testing your boldness and say those guys were gay.”

“Beau says he is. I think he’s…” She stops short of saying he wasn’t gay. She had asked about the party he wanted to take her to and he had already told her yes. She really wanted to go so sure…”Promise not to tell Beau I told you this…he admitted to being gay.”

“Sure he is. He volunteered to video you naked.”

“Only because I asked him to. I feel safe with Beau.”

“What about those two other boys?”

“They didn’t hurt me or take advantage. If anything I took advantage of them.”

“You do realize you’re taking a huge risk doing that at school. Don’t screw up graduation.”

“I won’t. The boys that made Brett give up his cell were really nice and supportive of me.”

“Sure they didn’t watch the video of us?”

“They said they didn’t. No blackmail like Brett. I don’t think so. I told Beau I’ve never ever been to a school party. He said he would only go if I went. Can I still go?”

“Sounds fishy. Let’s just see how the remainder of the week goes. If no other situations arise amongst these boys yes.” He redirects back to Josh, “I say you invite Josh over to watch a movie. Meet me then I’ll excuse myself and leave you two alone.”

“Don’t you want to see him massage me somehow?”

“Oh I’ll see you.” He chuckles. “Your Uncle Mike has a Nanny cam Teddy Bear. I’m hooking that up in the living room here.”

“You’re so sneaky Daddy.”

“Damn straight. Another idea just occurred to me. I’m going to record my snoring tonight and let ole Josh think I’m sleeping. He might open up if he thinks I’m out like a light.”

“I hope so. I’ve never had a real massage before.”

“Full body. His hands better touch every inch of you.”



“Oh my Gosh. I love you so much.”

“Play adorably shy but act very interested in him. Get scared by the movie and get closer.”

“I probably will get scared.” She laughs. “Josh is huge and hairy.”

Her words reminded him. Reaching between her legs his fingers explore her thickening fire red pubes. “I think these have grown out just enough to trim them how I want you to keep them.”

“Want me to go get the shaving crème and razor?”

“Trimmer first. How about this? You film Josh’s video while I shave you. If he asks what the trimmer noise is you make excuses. Don’t let on what I’m doing.”

“Doing sexy stuff without guys knowing really turns me on Daddy.”

“I hear ya. Works for me too.”

Another pinging message turns their attention to the computer monitor. “Yay! Bryan messaged back.” She greedily takes over the keyboard. Opening Bryan’s message she notes another video. Her jaw drops as she looks back at Lonnie.

“Two for two. Play it.”

“K.” She hits play and nestles once again against her Father’s chest.

“Howdy Paige. I figured I owed you a video after so many of yours.” Bryan in a t-shirt and backwards ballcap acts shy a bit. “I have to say those cartwheels were pretty amazing. I love your high energy. Your yellow underwear was pretty hot. I suppose after you sending that there’s no reason for me to be a total gentleman.” He laughs and stands up to show her he wasn’t wearing pants but a pair of red briefs. His crotch was massive.

“Oh my Gosh!” She laughs her ass off pointing at Bryan. Pausing to rewind twice she made her assessment. “He has a big dick Daddy.”

“Big enough. Finish the video.”

Resuming as Bryan sits back down with a grin he begins chatting. “Now we’re even. Ask your Daddy about the lake? I really want to have a fun day with you. Is it too soon to talk on the phone? I’ll understand if it is. Only been a day. If not my number is 309-727-FUCK. That’s right I got the digits with the right letters associated to them.” He chuckles. “3825. Call me already. Night Paige.”

“So funny.” Paige giggled. “Can I call Bryan too?”

“One more video to solidify that we have him hooked.”

“Oh I have him hooked.” She offers a smug nod. “He wants me bad.”

“He’s gonna have you too.”

“You want me to fuck every guy that likes me don’t you Daddy?”

“I just want you to have fun and get plenty of experience.”

“I’m only doing this stuff for you.”

“We both know that’s not true. You want this as much as I do.”

“Sex is pretty awesome. When are you going to call that old guy Mick? The photographer.”

“Patience. I’ll get to him. Steps at a time.” He looks at the clock, “8:15 now. Let’s get these videos made and get to bed.”

She hops up bouncing in step. Helping him up they head into the bathroom. He turns and stops her. “Go to my closet and find a red zip down hoodie. Wear a red lace bra beneath it.”

Yay!” She skips away, her long red hair fanning about over ümraniye escort her creamy white shoulders.

Gathering up his shaving kit and a few extra items he meets her in her bedroom. She had the hoodie on her bed and was hunting for the red bra. Once found she puts it on then the hoodie over it. The hoodie’s hemline stopped at her hips.

“Got your cell?” She grabs it from her charger on a bedside stand. He then directs her to sit n her bed. “Alright, you lay back and video talking to Josh first. Do not react to my trimming and shaving.”

“K. I’m getting goosebumps.” She flops backwards shivering. Cell held above her she begins recording. “Here goes Daddy.” All quiet he gives her a second before firing up a small set of trimmers. “Joshy hiiiii. I was so worried my nudity was going to scare you off. I regretted doing that all night. My gay friend Beau filmed me. The two other boys are gay too. Friends of Beau. So I didn’t worry other than be nervous about doing hat I did in school. I started out just wanting to show you my interest in working out. I really want you to take me to a real gym and show me the right way. Clothing optional.” She giggles and puts fingers over her lips as her eyes sparkle beneath her glasses. Lonnie had thinned out the excess long red hairs of her pubes. Those bordering the quick in her thighs. He then began shaping her pubes to design a tall thin arrow pointing at her clit. He left it thicker where it touched her vagina. The strip going up was thin and soft. Once done with the electric trimmer he lathered her up all around her arrow with water from a bowl and shaving crème. A razor then delicately shaved her stubbled silky smooth.

Laying there with the cell poised down at her with her hood over her fire red mane she felt thug like. “I’m glad you’re okay meeting Daddy first. It’s important to him to see who I go out with. Like I said I’m new to dating. I’ll be shy at first but I promise I’ll come around quick. I keep picturing us together. You’re so tall. I’m a midget. I bet your hand could wrap around my entire neck. Those big muscles make me tremble. I get warm all over. Among other things.” She blushes.

His shaving perfected he stands up drying her off with a hand towel. Motioning for her to unzip her hoodie she looks at him then realizes her goof. Eyes upward she covers her error, “I thought I heard Daddy in the hallway. I’m laying here with no panties on. Just my hoodie and a bra. I shaved my pubes earlier. I was embarrassed that you saw my burning bush at school. Wanna see it now? Follow me.” She unzips the hoodie slowly revealing her sheer red lace bra. Her nipples peeking through valiantly. Cell trailing her zipper he captures the zipper coming apart. Her luscious belly button leads to the top of her pubes. Scanning over it she shares her new patch. Eying it herself she realizes it was in the shape of an arrow Giggling she names it. “I call her Merida. Do you like it Joshy?” Her fingertips lightly stroke the hair. “It’s really soft. I might let you touch it during my massage. If you want to that is.” Flirting turns serious now as fingers caress her chest on the way back up to video her face now. “Let me talk to Daddy one more time. If he says yes to Saturday night would you like to come over and watch a scary movie with me? I know it’s probably not the date you had in mind but it would make my Daddy respect you right off. You can massage me when he goes to bed. He’s always in bed by 9:30. Just so you know scary movies make me snuggle up with my teddy bear Fuzzy to protect me. I get scared of monsters under my bed. He guards me here in my bedroom. That means you have to guard me in the living room. Up to that Joshy Bear?” She sticks her tongue out at him. “I wrote your number down. I’ll call you soon. Sweet dreams Joshy. Mwah!” Recording ends as she sits up to admire her arrow. “You did a good job Daddy. I love it.”

“Keep it looking exactly like that. Am I clear?”

“Yes.” She nods three times. “Bryan now?”

“Yep. Same thing. This time put a red thong on so I can see the hair peek over it. You can take the bra off under the hoodie.”

Cell aside she reaches beneath the hoodie and disconnects her bra. A swift departure by removing arms through one sleeve at a time. Once off she zips up. A journey to her dresser she locates the G-string and slithers it up her milky white legs. Fitted properly she shows Lonnie her pubes sticking above the thong patch by an inch and a half. So fucking sexy.

“Looks stunning. On your bed young lady. Ask Bryan if Sunday afternoon works for him. If so you can go to the lake. I’ll drop you off at his home and meet him. You can go from there but I’ll be watching at the lake through binoculars.”

“Bird watching?” She giggles flipping him off. Shrinking she apologizes, “Sorry Daddy.”

“Better be. Act shy. Unzip going down like you did. One quick nipple slip and blush. Hide it from that point on.” He reaches to her end table and hands her a toothbrush. “Use this to brush your hair down there kartal escort bayan to tease Bryan.”

“So cute.” She lays back and begins her video “Bryannnn! I laughed my butt off when you stood up. I rewound the video three times.” She nibbles a fingernail shyly, “I think your horse was trying to get out of the barn. He must be a Clydesdale.” Her eyes flare at the thought. “I’m glad you liked my somersaults. My gay friend Beau made me do them. Big meanie. I wrote your number down. My number is 309-690-COCK. Just kidding. Blushing now.” She giggles and stares at her cell nibbling. “I think I like Bryan. Maybe.” Another lingering silent blush. “I’m free Sunday if you want to take me to the lake. I’ll wear my burgundy bikini. You can lotion me up if you want. If we ride horses, can I ask a favor? I’m scared to ride alone. Can I ride with you?” She recalls riding with Uncle Mike. “I’ll feel safer with your big strong arms around me.” She smiles fanning herself. “It’s warm in here.” Her zipper begins its journey South. As the hoodie loosens she whips it as if cooling herself off. Her left tit popped out to reveal a torturous nipple erection. Covering up the zipper continues lowering. As does her cell. Zipper unattached the cell continued to her panties. Her pubes awaiting a visual. “I shaved today. All I need now is my hair brushed.” She reaches to obtain the toothbrush resting beside her hip. She then carefully stroked her pubes with the brush. After a minute of teasing she drifts her cell hand back to her face. With a pouty look she whispers. “Goodnight Bryan.” A puckered kiss ends her video.

“Perfect. Tomorrow you can call them for five minutes.” He uses her cell to transplant the videos over to her Tender account. Once there he drags them to the messages of both Bryan and Josh. Careful to send them to the right person he fires them off to their targets. “There! Videos sent to your admirers.”



“Earlier I had 1123 guys that had messaged me. How many am I going to get to meet?”

“We’ll see. Let’s see how the first four or five guys turn out.”

“I’m scared. What if I like one of them too much?”

“No relationships until you’re 30.” He chuckles.

“Can’t I just be yours?”

“You are mine. I’m just letting you have fun.”

“I am having fun. Am I only allowed to do what you want me to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Can I accept dates that I want?”

Lonnie knew he needed her to be a grown woman with her own decision making identity, but since she had clung to him so easily from her birthday onward, he was being selfish. The more she was willing to do for him the more he wanted her to do. He was becoming an obsessed selfish bastard who needed to be in control of her.

“Daddy? Are you alright?”

He nods with a wry expression. Moving in front of her on the bed he nudges her backwards and reaches down to yank her G-string off. Her eyes trembled at his brusque nation. Having been nude all evening he lifted her legs to his sides and took a lengthy dip in her swimming pool. She gasped at his girth as she did every time he first took the plunge. His crown was massive and tormented her G-spot every single time.

Fucking her he leans over her exhaling with a fear enticing vigor that warmed her entire face.

“You’re mine. To do what I want with. You date who I choose. You play how I direct. Do you understand me Paige?”

“Yes Daddy. I like being yours. I only want to make you crazy by obeying your wishes. I won’t go out with any guys that I want.”

“You can but on my terms. Not yours.”


“I’ll give you the freedom to choose what you want to do in between the arrangements I make. Bryan for instance. You can do whatever you want between his home and the lake. At the lake your priorities are sunbathing and letting him touch you everywhere. Sex if he has a condom. He must…all men from here on out must wear a condom.”

“Thank you Daddy. Does that include you?”

“I had a vasectomy years ago. You know that.”

“Sorry. I forgot. Good I like having you inside me with nothing in between us. Fuck me harder Daddy.”

He destroyed her cunt in the next fifteen minutes. Lil Paige was a screaming hot mess. Even their neighbor Gerry heard them from his backyard while smoking. He moved closer to his fence line for a better perception. He clearly heard Paige cry out “FUCK ME HARDER DADDY. DON’T STOP.” multiple times. That led to Lonnie bellowing “I LOVE THIS PUSSY. I OWN THIS PUSSY.” Gerry’s eyes bulged. “MY SLUT! MINE!” Lonnie snarled. Paige shrilling answering, “FOREVER DADDY.” Hearing the two yell out for another ten minutes Gerry had to smoke three more cigarettes. That and he jerked off in the shadows.

As Lonnie nuts incredibly hard inside her drenched pussy he drops over her body to body, breathing hard. She held him with devotion. That was their third time today. Both were sensitively in tune with the others needs. With a shared glare at each other Lonnie snatches her cell from the down comforter they were on top of. Lifting it to dial he then hands it to her. “Talk to Josh.”

“Really?” She flares her eyes. With Lonnie still inside her he revives his engines enough to begin very tender thrusts.

“This is Josh. Hello?”

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