Our Vacation In Miami

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A nice bonus check from my employer allowed me to take Mike, Marti, and myself to Miami to return to the sun. Damn, it felt so wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun again.

We stayed in one of the less expensive hotels; their pool was a perfect location to lounge, drink wine coolers and tease. I’m not foolish enough to think I’m nowhere as attractive as Marti, but I seemed to get a few glances if I went there alone.

The first full day at the pool and beach caused sunburns on all of us. After a coating of aloe, we decided to go to a restaurant we had heard several speak of around the pool.

Marti and I took light sweaters just in case the air conditioning was too low. Thank goodness we did. We were seated near the bar, at a table where Mike could watch sports on the television. Marti and I were more facing the curved end of the bar but quite visible.

“Mom, I think you have an admirer,” Marti informed me. I retrieved my sunglasses from my purse, as if they had a reading lens, and looked at the menu. I laid the menu down and glanced around the restaurant, and looked at the direction in which she was inferring. An older gentleman was looking our way.

“Marti, with that much cleavage that you are showing, why in the hell would he look at me?” I asked. Marti was wearing a light pink sundress, and the scoop neck showed her best asset. I added, “I’m going to the ladies’ room to pee, freshen up and make a few adjustments to my dress, and you tell me if he looks over here while I’m away.”

I stood and found my way to the ladies’ room. I did my business and moved to the large mirror to repair my makeup. Satisfied, I stepped into a stall and unbuttoned the front of my dress, and rolled the cups of my demi bra to cause it to raise my breasts and leave them resting on the top of the cups. I rebuttoned my dress to just below the bottom of my cleavage. I liked the adjustment.

As I sat down, Marti joked that the man never even glanced in her direction. “I call ‘bullshit,” I told her. We both laughed.

Glancing at the gentleman across the bar, it was evident he was watching one or both of us. I leaned into Marti and said we should approach him. “Fine,” said Marti, “I vote for you.” One more drink, and I’m on my way”, I told her.

Marti and I got fresh drinks. I was getting ‘looped.’ “Here goes,” I said. I glanced down to see if anything had changed concerning my bra adjustment. The ‘girls’ were still exposed above the cups.

I smiled at him and got up to walk around the bar. Once near him, it was quite evident his eyes initially fell on my exposure. I stuck out my hand and told him my name and how I always want to meet the most handsome man in the house. He smiled and said he wanted to do the same.

“My daughter, Marti, and I noticed you were looking our way, so she suggested I meet you. We’re on vacation, and this is our first night in the town. The young man with us is her brother.”

“The usual crowd in her is more my age and just here to drink and go home,” Edward said. “All of us are way over the age to search for women.”

‘Oh. Edward, don’t be silly. A good-looking man like you is going to draw women at any age.” I glanced at Marti, who was doing her part by toying with the pendant between her boobs. I added. “We’re just a family from Kentucky; erotik film izle on vacation.” I moved closer to Edward and inside his personal space.

Edward looked again at my breasts and said laughingly. “Are all the women in your state as well-endowed as you and your daughter?”

“Some are, but the others are too shy to enjoy their’s getting admired. Do you think I’m showing too much”?

“Not at all,” Edward quickly said. “I wish I had met you a couple of nights ago so I could convince you to go to a party I attended.” Again he smiled, “I would have loved the young guy ogling you. There wasn’t a woman in the room with your beauty.”

“Edward, you are certainly a smooth operator” I placed my hand on his thigh and moved close enough to brush my breast against his arm.

Edward slid his arm behind my back and moved me closer. “Is there any way I could get to know you better?”

“I’m yours anytime you want,” I said.

We continued our conversation, and it became more filled with sexual overtures.

Then he admitted he isn’t able to ‘perform’ due to medications and his age. Damn, was I disappointed. He appeared to be a classy guy who still enjoyed looking at attractive women; I wanted to do something for him.

“Edward, do you live far away.”

“Nor two far, just ten or 15 minutes. Why”? Edward wanted to know.

“Well, maybe there is something I, we, Marti, and I can do to make your evening enjoyable.”

I could imagine him thinking we would rob him, possibly murder, or maim, so I assured him we only wanted to give him, and us, some fun.

I understood utterly his suggested we go to a hotel nearby. I agreed and told him Marti, and I would follow.

“Is Marti coming too?” Edward asked.

“You don’t want her to?”

His smile was all the answer I needed. I gave him my phone number and told him to call once he checked in and the room number.

I kissed him on the cheek and watched as he left. Returning to Marti, I asked her if she would like to have mercy sex. I explained Edward’s situation, and she thought it would be nice to do.

I told Mike I wanted to look at an art dealer’s expo at a nearby hotel, and he could drop Marti and me off, and he could go to a sports bar until we called him. He agreed.

We stayed in the bar until my phone vibrated in my hand. Edward had texted me the name of the hotel and room number.

“Mike, let’s go; we want to see the art before it closes.” (It was already after nine, but I don’t think he knew).

GPS got us there in less than 20 minutes, and I told Mike to remember where it is and come back when we called.

As we walked into the hotel, I told Marti I would care for Edward, and she didn’t have to get involved. Smiling, I did tell her she could show me just how much she cared for me. “Mom, should I leave out the fisting?”

I knocked on the door, and it was opened by Edward, jacket off, no tie, and a drink in his hand. He kissed me on the cheek and spoke to Marti, “you are just as beautiful as your mother.” I hadn’t told her about the ‘daughter’ thing.

Edward mixed us drinks. Marti and I sat on the love seat and Edward on the edge of the king-size bed.

I told Edward my son would pick us up in an hour or so, and I wanted to make his evening something he will remember. film izle I stood and began to undress. I removed my blouse, my bra, and my skirt. I moved to him, kissing him on the lips as I raise his hand to my boob. Breaking the kiss, I suggested he get undressed. He moved away, and turning his back to us; he removed his clothes.

I walked over to him and placed my arms around his waist. I found his penis. I heard him say weakly, “sorry,” I stepped around him and put my finger on his lips. I cupped his testicles and eventually took his cock in my hand. Without comment, I knelt and took it between my lips. I gently pulled it and then slipped it into my mouth. I did everything I could think of to get it to grow, but nothing worked. It was apparent he was whipped both mentally as well as physically when it came to an erection.

We moved to the bed and laid down. I raised to allow my breast and nipple to be within reach of Edward’s mouth. He immediately began to suck the nipple to hardness. I glanced at Marti. She quickly removed her clothes and came to the bed.

“Edward, Marti’s dad, left me while she was at an early age. I detested men, so we have a closeness most mothers and daughters might not.

I hope our play doesn’t disturb you”.

I moved away from Edward and stood close to Marti. Her breasts, full and upturned, pressed against mine. Marti and I both watched Edward’s eyes taking in our actions.

Marti and I kissed as I pulled on her nipples as she did the same to mine. I lowered my hand to her shaved pubes and started to search for her clitoris. Finding it, Marti spread her legs to allow me entry.

I looked at Edward, asking. “Do you approve, or should we stop?”

“No, please don’t stop,” he answered hurriedly.

Marti moved back to the loveseat and sat on the edge. Her legs were spread, inviting me to play with her.

I looked over at Edward, now on the edge of the bed, touching his limp penis and mesmerized.

I moved to Marti and positioned myself on the floor, on my bend knees, where I could lick her labia. As I did, I glanced up at her, seeing her watching Edward’s attempt to have pleasure.

I licked her pussy for several minutes. Marti moved my mouth away and used her hand to bring herself to an orgasm.

Standing, I returned to Edward and again took his limp penis in my lips. I ran my fingernails over his balls, causing a spasm but nothing close to an erection. “Edward, did you enjoy our lovemaking? Marti loves to make me happy.”

I looked at Marti, and she came over to Edward. She stood with her large breasts on his face and told him to lick her nipples. Marti pushed each breast into his mouth as far as they would go. Then removed them and leaned down to give him a passionate kiss. Finally, she broke it off and teasingly asked he would like a daughter like her? “I bet I could have kept my daddy very happy, don’t you? Would you have let me suck your cock and get your cum? Edward, I bet I would let him have my virgin ass.”

I was amazed at her dialogue. I had never heard her ‘turn it on’ verbally. Damn, she should be a phone sex operator!

“Would you have like to be my daddy, Edward?” Marti continued. “Tell me, would you have loved a daughter like me”?

“Hell, yes! You are so sexy.” Edward began to pull on his seks filmi izle penis harder. I felt so sorry for him.

“Do you have any fantasies, Edward?” “Anything?” He admitted to watching porn on his computer. I continued to probe. “What type porn? Women, gays, bestiality, brutal sex, what type?”

Finally, I got an answer. He admitted to watching watersports.

Well, there’s one I didn’t expect. So… I asked, “Really? Do you like to get the golden shower or pee on someone else?”

Edward said, “I have never done either. The porn I watch is usually seeing the girl peed on. I guess if someone peed on me, I would want it to be a woman.”

I said to everyone, Marti and Edward, “Why don’t we get in the tub and see what we can make happen. Marti, are you ‘game’?”

“I want to have Edward pee on my boobs and pussy.” Marti said. I was learning more about my future daughter-in-law every day.

Luckily, the bathroom had a garden size tub. Marti and I kissed each other, and then each of us kissed Edward. I was holding his cock, as Marti got in the tub and leaned back on her elbows. Spreading her legs, she sexually told Elward,” pee on me, Edward, wash my titties with your piss.” Marti was giving him her sluttiest language to heighten to action.

Edward, standing between her legs, began to spray his urine over her body. Marti was turning her body to make sure every inch of her chest was covered. I watched as she began to cup her hand and massage the pee running down her body and start to rub it over her pubes. Edward ran out of urine after a minute or so.

The expression on his face showed he might have had the sexiest moment of his life.

I stepped into the tub and suggested Edward get out. I told Marti to stand up, and I took her place on the floor of the tub. I remained on my knees and moved closer to her. “Edward, I think this may be something you will like.” Looking up at Marti, I told her to pee on me.

Marti moved over me and began to let her yellow juice flow on my body. Soon she had covered my breasts and pussy. I guess I surprised even myself as I opened my mouth and allowed her pee to fill my throat. I closed my mouth and swallowed. Again opening my mouth, I took her piss in my mouth, moved my head back, and gargled her pee.

As Marti finished, I stood and kissed her, giving her a taste of herself. She lengthened our kiss to show her approval.

I told Edward Marti, and I were going to shower together, and he should watch. Once I adjusted the shower, I moved in and began to soap my body. Marti moved in and began to wash my breasts and my pubes. I laid my head back and enjoyed her fingering me to an orgasm.

After recovering, I stepped out and suggested Edward join Marti to wash each other off. He quickly stepped in. Marti handed him the soap, and soon Edward was washing her breasts. Marti began to coo as Edward moved his soap-covered hand down to her pubes. Marti spread her legs to allow him entry to her pussy. He quickly began to finger her.

I’m not sure he brought her to an orgasm, but she did convince him he had.

I knew we had to leave to keep Mike from becoming suspicious, so I told Edward we should go.

After drying ourselves, Marti and dressed and started to leave. Edward walked over to me and surprisingly put 5 $100 bills in my hand. I tried to return the money to him, but he refused to take it.

“Edward, you have my phone number. Maybe we can have lunch one day this week,” I told him.

He assured us we would.

More to come

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