Our Story Ch. 02

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By popular request…a follow-up from my first story. It would be helpful to read that prior to reading this story. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

A few weeks have lapsed since my evening at the movies with my sexy neighbors. Only a few quick smiles and hellos have been exchanged since our first sexual encounter that night. On one particularly cool afternoon, I had been relaxing in our family jacuzzi, which had been setup in our backyard adjoining our townhouses. My wife wasn’t home from work yet, so I took the opportunity for some peace and quiet. After 10 minutes or so of my relaxing, I heard someone call out my name. I looked up and saw Heather had walked over from her condo unit and was approaching me in the spa.

Heather was the 20 something year old daughter of my neighbor Stacy, who is 40 and divorced. Heather was wearing a white sweat shirt and blue jeans. She said her phone at home wasn’t working and asked if she could use our phone. I had brought out our cordless and told her “Sure, go ahead.” She made a call, spoke to someone for a minute or so, and then hung up. She then said “thanks a lot for the phone.” She added that she didn’t know what was wrong with her phone, then asked me how the water was. I replied nice and warm, and that maybe she should jump in. She said thanks, but since her mom was home alone she had better go back home.

I thought back to that night at the movies, her placing my hand under her dress, and I instantly got hard.. I also got a little disappointed when she said she had to go home. She looked straight into my eyes and said “I hoped you enjoyed the movie a couple of weeks ago.”

I said I did and she then looked down into the water, rolled up a sleeve, and reached into the spa. She then placed her hand on top of my erect penis. She felt and obviously observed my aroused state. She stated “I see you are still enjoying yourself. Did I do that?”

I replied yes, and she said “could you come over and check out our phone?”

I said that I would be glad to after I regained my self control.

With that, she smiled again, turned around and said “see you then..” She then walked back over to her unit.

I quickly toweled off, and with the towel still wrapped around my shorts, walked over to her unit. I knocked on her back door, and heard a Heather say come in. I opened up the door and entered the kitchen. I saw Heather standing next to the refrigerator. She had changed from her sweatshirt bostancı escort bayan and jeans into a very provocative two-piece yellow bikini. I must have looked surprised, as she replied “you asked me about going in your spa, and now I am dressed for it.”

I muttered something about her phone and Heather answered that the only phone is in her Mom’s room, which she said was upstairs. Heather led me through her house, and up into a large bedroom. I heard Stacy call out from another room on the second floor.

Heather answered “I’m in your room, Mom.”

Heather’s mom Stacy entered the bedroom. She was wearing a white terry robe, which was closed with a white terry belt. I couldn’t tell what she was wearing underneath. Heather told her mom that I was trying to fix their phone. She led me to the nightstand on one side of the bed, and picked up a corded phone. There was no dial tone. She said the problem might be the wires that ran under the bed. I knelt down next to the bed, and looked under it. I couldn’t see any of the phone wiring, and then attempted to stand back up.

My towel got caught under my foot, and when I stood up, it unwrapped from my shorts. I was caught off guard by the towel being caught under my foot, but was even more surprised that Stacy was seated on the same side of the bed I was on, and her daughter Heather standing right beside her..

Stacy’s robe was now not belted closed, but wide open. She had nothing on other than the white robe. Heather placed her hand between her mom’s now open legs, and began rubbing her mom’s knees and thighs right in front of me. I heard her ask her mom how that felt and her mom just moaned and gave me a smile.

I was instantly hard again, and placed the towel around my waist in an attempt to hide it. Heather now had one hand on her mom’s inner thigh, and began stroking her mom’s glistening wet pussy.

Stacy moaned again and layed back onto the bed. Heather followed her mom onto the bed, and began removing the robe from around her mom’s shoulders.

Stacy was now totally exposed, and Heather took the opportunity to begin rubbing her mom’s right breast with her remaining free hand. After a few minutes, I could see Stacy’s pussy was dripping wet, with her pussy juices completely coating her own daughter’s probing fingers. Stacy started carassing her own breasts, tweaking her now hard nipples as she writhed in her all consuming passions.

Heather ümraniye escort reached over, pulled the towel off of me, exposing a now fully tented penis under my shorts. Heather placed one hand under the left leg of my shorts, and started stroking my penis through the shorts. She then pulled down my shorts, exposing my fully erect 8″ penis. She continued to stroke me, and drops of pre-cum began forming on the tip.

Heather licked off the pre-cum, leaving my rigid cock glistening with her spit. Heather removed her now soaked hand from her mother’s pussy and placed it in my mouth. As I eagerly licked off all of Stacy’s pussy juices from Heather’s hand, Heather asked me if I liked her moms pussy juice?

I immediately nodded yes. Stacy said there was more where that came from and then Heather led me in between her mom’s wide open legs, just above her knees. She pulled me down on my knees, right between her mom’s thighs, my face directly in front of her mom’s wet pussy.

She didn’t have to tell me what was next. I began licking at Stacy’s slickly coated thighs, which led to her pussy. I licked, gently at first, then stronger as I entered her. Stacy was moaning again, only more muffled than before, and continuing writhing on the bed. I thought it was my tongue’s lapping at her pussy, and my teeth gently biting the outer folds of her pussy that had generated this response. I looked up at Stacy, only to find Heather had straddled her mom’s face with her own now bare pussy, which her mom was eagerly licking like there was no tomorrow.

Heather was fondling her own breasts, and like mom had done earlier, was tweaking her own nipples, rubbing them round and round. Stacy suddenly orgasmed, ejaculating her female juices directly into my open mouth. My face was covered with her warm, slick juices. She was so wet her love juices dripped down my face. I rubbed my face on her warm thighs, licking off every last bit of her lovely female cum.

I knew I was seconds from my own orgasm, and stood up, preparing to enter the pussy I had prepared just so. Heather, however, had other plans.

She pulled me up toward her as she staddled her mom. I was now also straddling Stacy, facing Heather. Heather grabbed my rigid cock and started jerking me off. She placed her hand, which was wet from her playing with her own pussy, around my throbing cock. Sensing I was seconds from coming, she placed my cock directly in front of her pussy.

Stacy kartal escort was still licking her daughter’s pussy. Heather continued fingering herself with one hand while continuing to stroke my cock with her slickened fingers.

Heather began screaming, “mom, I’m coming…Eat my pussy!! Heather began twitching, spilling her female juices onto her mom’s tongue and face. Seeing what was happening right in front of me, I suddenly ejaculated, first on Heather’s pussy and then on her mom’s face. Heather, still in the throes of her orgasm from her mom licking at her pussy and her own fingers stimulating herself, still managed to cry out “cum on my pussy and on my mom’s face.

Only too eager to comply, I spurted several lengthy ribbons of cum on Heather’s pussy and several smaller spurts on Stacy’s face.

With a lusty smile, Heather began rubbing my cum into her pussy with her fingers, all the while her mom’s tongue continued to lick now two different tastes of cum. Heather then began cleaning off her mom’s cum covered face with her hand, and rubbed her now sperm covered hand into her mom’s mouth.

Mom licked off my spent cum from her daughter’s fingers like a pro. Then Heather surprised me again by pulling her mom up and placing my softening penis in her mouth. She told her mom to clean me up, and her mom did so obediently.

As her warm mouth covered my penis, it started to get hard once more. Seeing this, Heather told her mom she had done a good job, and was going to get a reward. Heather took my now rigid penis out of her mom’s mouth, and also began licked it. She licked the entire length of the shaft, and also managed to lick both of my swelling testicles.

She then turned her mom on her back, and positioned me right over her mom’s chest. She then, using her own spit as lubricant, placed my cock between her mother’s breasts, which were fully rounded with her nipples standing at attention. Stacy grabbed her own breasts with both of her hands, squeezing them together around my now rock hard member.

Heather began pushing my penis in and out of the bottom of her mom’s now slippery breasts. Heather again spit on her mom’s breasts and my throbing penis. After only a minute or so of being jacked off, I came again, spurting a smaller load onto Stacy’s breasts. A final shot landed on Stacy’s face, which Heather quickly licked off.

I collapsed on the bed next to Stacy, and Heather moved next to me, kissed me on the lips, and then reached over and planted a kiss on her mom’s lips. Heather then looked over at me and asked “how about that Jacuzzi?” and “when was my wife coming home?”

I started putting on my shorts when I heard my wife’s car pull into the driveway…

to be continued…?

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