Our Private Little Cove

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It’s been a long time since I decided I had the need to write. Some of you may haver read my Paradise by the dashboard light series, the island series, etc, and encountered the Zombies there.. I did write another longer series of just the Zombie apocalypse but never published it. Maybe someday I will when the world is ready to mix incest fantasy with zombies.

I’m going to tame this one down, keeping it to a shorter read unless there is a lot of interest in it. I will warn you this part is written before I have put one word of the story down so I make no promises.

Our private little Cove

As a child my sister and I lived with our parents down along the coast, I don’t want to give away the location as it might identify us to someone. Our parents were very normal, we never saw them nude around the house or anything like that. Mom had a habit of laying out if a very skimpy swimsuit and work on her tan. Dad worked outdoors at a resort as a head grounds keeper. Our house was in a very private area within walking distance to an undeveloped coast line that was afforded protection because of sea turtles coming to lay their eggs there.

The first time I can remember thinking about sex was when my sister (I just turned 18 and she was just over 19) and I wondered off down the coastline from the house for the day. We came across a two couples that was skinny dipping in the ocean. I would love to lie and say they were having sex or something, but really, they were just playing in the surf. Perhaps they were related, we never saw them again. My sister Cloe was in front of me as we watched them for a bit from the rocks and I was thankful for that as my swim trunks were being tented out by my teenage cock. As we watched, Cloe said “It looks like they are enjoying the water.”

I replied, “That’s for sure, it looks fun to me too.”

With that Cloe turned around to face me and said, “We should do it sometime.” My mind raced as a good part of my blood supply was now in my little head, did she mean. Then it hit me, she meant skinny dipping.

I said, “I’d be up for it sometime.”

From her I got a little squeal, “Really? I bet it will be fun.” Then she grabbed me for a hug. Feeling her nipples through her bathing suit on my bare chest was almost too much, but when my cock pressed against the V of her pussy I felt it happen. I exploded filling my trunks with my cum. I know she felt my hardon as she hugged me. She let go about the time I was done squirting.

I said, “Wow Sis, that bostancı escort bayan was some hug.”

Then she said something I never expected, “Lets head back and let them have their fun. I really need to catch a quick swim to cool off. Seeing them kinda got me worked up.”

We headed up the coast back towards our house in a little private cove we know. I asked her, “So you wanna skinny dip now or do it later?”

Without saying a word she reached behind herself and undid her top, letting it fall to the side, followed by her bottoms. Standing before me closer than I have even been to a naked girl she just let me take It in for a little while, Her breast were perky, not huge like you see in books, her nipples almost matched the milky color of her flesh, my eyes went lower to the patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair between her legs. I though I saw a hint of other girl parts poking out at me.

When she spoke it was like a gong going off, “You going to get naked or just start at me?”

My trunks hit the ground in no time, my cock was pointing right at her. She stepped forward and hugged me tight, her naked body felt great against mine, my erect cock was pressed into her stomach as she whispered in my ear, “I felt you cum earlier and loved it.”

“OH… you feel good.” I moaned back. With that she gently bit my earlobe and turned running towards the water, “Last one in is a rotten egg!”

I’d like to say we swim like the couple in the movie Blue Lagoon and made love on the beach, but the truth is we did play in the surf and swim, but that was as far as that day went. We got a few more embraces in, and we did wrestle a bit in the water or hands got a little free, but nothing beyond a quick grab of her boobs that felt warm and wonderful in the palm of my hands. Once I felt a squeeze on my flaccid cock that took it to hard within seconds. I grabbed her once from behind in an innocent and playful attempt to dunk her and my cock slid along the crack of her tiny ass and she pushed back and there was my hard on again. We broke contact right after that and she said, “I think we need to be getting back to the house, it’s almost supper time.”

I watched as she gathered her clothes up, bending over with her ass pointing at me, I saw for the first time in my life the view of a real pussy. He inviting lips were full and glistening making me have bad thoughts about my sister. Thoughts a boy should not have about his sister, but they were still there. Of course she noticed ümraniye escort me looking and said, “Do you like what you see little brother?”

“I love what I see, can I have a closer look?” I pleaded.

“Not right now, we need to get home and I need to…” she broke off abruptly.

“You need to what?” I asked.

Pointing at my erection she said, “I need to do what you did earlier, and from the looks of it you need to do the same thing again.”

I had the best idea of my 18 years at that point in time, or at least I thought, I suggested, “Why don’t we take care of the problem here, I can get a better look and so can you, that is if you want to.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it with anyone watching. Will you go first?” Placing her clothes on a weather washed driftwood log she asked again, “Please?” then she sat down on the log spreading her thigs open so I could see her pussy better.

Moving closer to get a better view and to give her a better view in exchange I soon found myself standing about a foot in front of her staring at her body breasts and pussy with my hard cock in my hand, just staring like a fool. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Her breasts were just perfect, her stomach was in a word nibble-able. I pictured myself starting to nibble on her breast and working my way down her stomach into that lovely patch of hair to finally taste her.

I guess I was looking too long and she reached with her hands, cupping my testicles in her left hand and gently taking my cock from my hand and started stroking me. I was in heaven, I had jacked off at least once a day since I was young, but it never felt this good. I thought nothing in the world could feel better than this and then she did the most amazing thing I had ever had done to me in my short life. She took me into her mouth, the heat of her mouth on the tip of my cock was just .. I don’t know.. JUST.. That’s all I can say. I looked down at her face taking me in, saw her breast moving with the motion, and her pussy beyond that and I couldn’t take it any more and I died. One of those orgasms you have where you just die, I don’t remember ejaculating or anything else, it was amazing though, I felt it throughout my body. Like I said I have masturbated a lot of orgasms are a good feeling, this was so beyond anything I have ever done to myself. (I’m sorry for the confusing account, but it was just amazing)

When I was recovered enough to breathe, I looked down at my sister, kartal escort she was smiling and had my cum running down from her nose to her chin and down onto her chest. She spoke first, “Wow, I never knew there was that much stuff, that was fantastic.”

I bent down and kissed her on her glossy red lips. Glossy because the my cum was on them, I didn’t mind the taste and her lips felt so soft on mine. Here I would like to say our tongues danced in each other’s mouth, but it was just a lip to lip kiss. I’m not sure what got into her but I soon found my head buried in the soft mound of her pussy. I remember thinking how soft her pubic hair was, and how the smell just made me want to breathe her in. I hear one her moan, “Lick it” and my tongue found it’s way to the hard-little button of her clit as I licked up and down her pussy getting to know the taste and the fell of her.

I didn’t know what I was doing but that never stopped me from trying. When she started to grind her hips into my waiting mouth, I thought I was doing something right. When her thighs wrapped around my head tighter and her feet where on my back, I was pretty sure I was doing something right. My hands reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks to help support her (they felt wonderfully toned and so good in my hands). I really knew I was doing something right as she screamed out, “I’m – I’m – I’m – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I rode out the orgasmic waves that followed, licking as she came. When she settled down she pulled my face to hers and we really kissed for the first time. Her body under me felt amazing (yes I know amazing describes everything about my sister) My cock decided to revive (yes I came twice and ready for a third, youth is so wasted on the young) and I felt her hand snake between us and in an instant I knew as amazing as everything it was nothing compared to what I we feeling now. I felt the warmth of her pussy lips take in the head of my cock, and the something stopped me and I felt it give as I went deeper and she winced but she kept going.

Even though I had cum 2 times already I think I lasted about 2 minutes tops inside the warmth of my sisters pussy that first time. We were a mess with it was over, my cum was dried to her face and chest from earlier, and running down her thighs, so we went back into the ocean to clean up before getting dressed and returning to the house.

On our way home we held hands and got a little practice kissing in before we went it for supper.

Supper was good, and for some reason we both ate very well. We kept our hands to ourselves and our parents was oblivious to any change in us.

That evening … If I get interest in this line I will continue the story. Not sure if I’m interested in them watching a movie, or what at this point in time.

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