Our Family Vacation Ch. 08

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I would like to thank my editor joefelton.

(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)


Getting Our Kicks On 66

Day 6

After my shower I meet everyone downstairs for a quick breakfast before we all get our stuff ready to check out. All through out breakfast I notice Daddy giving me looks; I’m not really sure what was going through his mind. Sometimes he looked like he might just jump me right there at the table in front of everyone while other times he looked like he was angry, though I’m not sure if it was at me or himself, over what we did up in my room. All I know for sure is every time he looked my way I did my best to give him a sweet but sexy smile without Mom or the boys noticing.

After checking out we make a few last stops to some of the sights Mom wanted to see that we hadn’t been able to before. It is a little after noon when we all pile back in the van and the conversation of where are we going to next starts. We all throw out a few ideas but we don’t all agree on any of them. We argue back and forth for nearly an hour before Daddy makes a decision for all of us, “We are about to leave Chicago so instead of bickering back and forth all day about where to go next I say we drive Old Route 66 from here to L.A. or at least the equivalent of what there is of it nowadays; and that way we can make plenty of stops along the way. How does that sound?”

No one could think of a reason to argue against that idea, or at least weren’t brave enough to. So it was decided and after nearly an hour of negotiating the city traffic we were heading west.


We make a few short stops along the way, but nothing really of note. Most of the day consisted of us sitting in the car watching Illinois pass us by, though I had other things on my mind besides the countryside.

Over and over again I played a looping vision of all the crazy things I had gotten myself into since our first day of the trip. Just a little over a week ago I hadn’t done much of anything sexual in any way and now I had jerked or sucked off several different men including my own dad and brother, not to mention putting on a strip tease for my brother or the fact I watched(ish) my parents having sex just a few feet from me. But the craziest part of all that is the fact I loved every second of it and would do it all again and even more besides.

While having these thoughts I came to a decision; I was going to lose my virginity the first possible chance I got and the man I was going to give it to was my own older brother, and it might very well be tonight.


Unfortunately luck was not with me tonight.

At around seven o’clock we enter the outer St. Louis area and Mom decides it was time to stop for the night. Daddy finds a hotel near the highway and Mom runs to the front desk to get us rooms.

Around 15 minutes later Mom returns with the room keys, “Do you all want the good news first or the bad news?”

“Couldn’t just once there be no bad news,” Daddy jokes.

“When has that ever been the case?” Mom smiles, “Well since no one answered me I guess I’ll give you the good news first, they did have rooms. The bad news they only had two rooms left and only one has two beds so we will have to figure out the sleeping arrangements.”

I really wanted to say Danny and I would take the room with the single bed but how the hell would I explain why I would choose those sleeping arrangements. I could just imagine the conversation; Dad asking, ‘Why do you want to share the single with your brother?’ And me answering ‘Oh no reason I just thought he could take my virginity tonight that’s why.’ Yeah that would go over great. So I just sat there and let everyone else figure it out.

Neither of the boys wanted to sleep in the same bed together so it took forever for them to reach a decision. For the second time today Daddy had to put an end to the argument and finally said, “Alright I’ve been driving all day and want to relax so your mother and I are taking the one bed room. You three can figure out how you’re sleeping on your own.”

Well that settled things at least for the moment and we grab our bags and make our way to our rooms. Of course as soon as me and the boys close the door to our room they start up again. I’m not sure how long they go at it before Jack finally says, “We’re not done here but I need to use the bathroom so hold on a minute.”

As soon as he closes the bathroom door I whisper yell at Danny, “Why the hell are you fighting him on this? Let him have the bed to himself and you get to sleep with me stupid.”

“Fuck I didn’t even think of that. But it’s not like we can do anything he’ll be right there.”

I really wanted to just jump him right there and tell him ‘I don’t care who was where now just fuck me,’ but instead I simply smiled and said, “Even if nothing happens between us who would you rather share a bed with this…” as I press my body into his “…or your brother?”

“Definitely bostancı escort you without a doubt.”

“Good now stop fighting and shut up,” I growl then smile and plop down on one of the beds.

A minute or so later Jack comes out of the bathroom and begins to fight again but Danny stops him saying, “Look you can have the bed to yourself I’m tired of arguing so you take that one and I’ll share with Abby.”

Jack looks over at me, “Abby are you alright with that?”

“If it will get you two to shut up I’ll just have to live with it,” though in my mind I’m thinking ‘Sharing a bed with Danny I want nothing more I just wish you were in another room so we could do it right.’

“Well if Abby can live with it so can I,” Jack laughs as he throws himself back on his bed.


About half an hour after getting to our room Mom texted saying she and Daddy were ordering take out Chinese food and wanted to know if we wanted them to get us some too or if we were going to get something else. I really didn’t care so I let the boys decide and they chose to order pizza instead.

For the rest of the night we all just laid back and relaxed while eating pizza and watching TV.


I’m not sure what time I dozed off but clearly at some point I did because one minute the lights were on and everyone was awake and the next only the TV was on and both my brothers were gently snoring. I quietly make my way to the bathroom and relieve the pressure on my bladder before crawling back into bed with Danny. I’m not happy my plans to give myself to Danny were ruined but that didn’t mean we still couldn’t have some fun.

I double check Jack is really asleep then smile to myself as I pull off clothes and slide my way under the covers until I am level with my favorite new toy, Danny’s big beautiful cock. Very gently and slowly I slide his boxers down his legs until I can pull them off him then I begin the real fun.

I close myself off to the world until it is just me and his cock as I softly stroke him to full hardness. I’m still not sure which I love more when I pull his cock out and it’s at full mast or when he is soft and it is up to me to get him hard. Once my small hands are full of his throbbing hard nine inches I give the head a little kiss before sucking the head into my mouth.

For the next several minutes I did nothing but slurp on his head as I slowly worked my hands up and down his shaft. I guess what I was doing was good because it wasn’t long before he woke up moaning, “Shit Abby that feels good but what if Jack wakes up?”

Without taking my mouth off his cock I simply said, “Ith donk car (I don’t care),” before sliding more than half his cock past my slurping lips.

“God Abby I love you,” Danny groaned as I continued bobbing my head in his lap.

For ten or more minutes I slurp and suck on his hard cock but for some reason, I don’t know if it’s the angle we are at or what, I can’t seem to get more than a about two thirds of his cock in my mouth and throat. So finally, still without releasing his cock from my mouth, I reach up from under the covers and grab his hands and place them on the top of my head over the blanket.

“Abby are you sure?”

I nod and say around his cock, “Yesh forsh ib all im (Yes force it all in).”

“Fuck you are such a little freak and I love it,” he moaned as he started putting pressure on my head slowly forcing every last inch down my tight little throat.

As the last bit of cock slid past my lips and his bvalls pressed into my chin I felt myself start to cum. It was by no means a huge orgasm but still I was cumming without so much as touching myself. I was on cloud nine enjoying this amazing feeling of pleasing both myself and my big brother when everything came crashing down when I heard Jack in a sleepy voice say, “Danny are you okay and where’s Abby.”

“Abby’s in the bathroom taking a bath to relax after the long day in the car and I was trying to work one out so I don’t wake up in the morning with a hard on pressed against my little sister’s ass.”

“God I didn’t need to know that! Fuck can you at least wait until I go back to sleep?”

“If you shut up and hurry the fuck up or else no.”

During their conversation Danny is still holding my head pressed to his groin with my throat skewered on his flesh stick, so the whole time I am trying to quietly get what little air I can into my lungs so I don’t pass out. As I lay there slowly suffocating on my brother’s cock I had yet another orgasm without touching myself.

I’m not sure how long we stay like that but just as I’m loosing consciousness Danny reaches under the covers and pulls my head off his still rock harm manhood, “Fuck Abby are you alright? I thought he would never fall back asleep and I was too scared to let you up thinking he would know what was going on.”

I gasp and pant for a few moments as my lungs and body get the oxygen they so badly need, but finally I can talk again and just ümraniye escort bayan look up at him and say, “God I love when you suffocate me like that!”

“See a total freak,” he laughs.

As an answer I rush up his body and smother him in a deep kiss. For a brief moment I think about just impaling my virgin pussy on his cock right then and there but stop myself. I want our first time to be better than a quick fuck hoping not to get caught by our brother.

When we finally break our kiss I dive back under the covers and go back to worshipping Danny’s love rod. At first Danny let me have complete control but after a few minutes he placed his hands back on my head without my lead. At first he only applies mild pressure on my down strokes, but over time he gets rougher and rougher until he has total control as he uses my tiny mouth to get himself off.

Every time he pushes my head downward he thrusts his hips upward truly face fucking me. As he continues fucking my little throat I surrendered to him completely and for the first time tonight I let my hands drift down to my hard nipples and dripping pussy. I have no idea how Jack doesn’t wake up as for at least thirty minutes our room is filled with the sounds of moaning, groaning, and the ‘gluk gluk’ sounds as Danny’s cock makes its way in and out of my hungry mouth.

I quickly lose count of my orgasms as I rub my throbbing little clit after the first few as it becomes just one big orgasm with rises and falls. As amazing as all this is all good things must come to an end; and far too soon for my liking I start noticing the tell tale signs of Danny’s nearing orgasm.

Finally Danny tangles his fingers in my hair and pulls my head as far onto his cock as possible while trying to thrust still more up into my mouth and lets out a loud bellow as he blasts his load straight into my belly. I nearly pass out as my orgasm rises to its highest high of the night as I feel his cum shooting through his shaft and down my throat.

I have no idea how long our joint orgasm lasts, it may be mere moments or an hour. All I know is I do wish it had lasted forever. When it did finally end we both collapsed onto the bed as his now softening cock slides out of my throat but before it slips from my mouth I hold it in my mouth as I gently suckle this heavenly treat.

After a moment of this Danny has to pull me away, “Shit Abby I can’t take it anymore.”

“Aaaaww,” I pout up at him, “please can I have more?’

“Always just not now,” he pants.

I give his now soft cock a gentle kiss before moving up his body and cuddle up against him and drift into a deep sleep.

Day 7

I wake up still snuggled tightly against Danny’s body as I remember the night before and start to drift back to sleep, but I quickly dart awake as I realize we are both still completely nude and Jack could wake up any moment.

I start roughly shaking Danny, “Danny wake up! O please wake up!”

“Abby what’s wrong?” he eventually asks as he wipes the sleep from his eyes.

“Danny we need get dressed before Jack sees us.”

Still half asleep, “What are you talking about?”

“Last night remember we’re both still naked?”

With that he jolts up and starts looking for his boxers under the blankets as I pull on my clothes that I left on the floor next to the bed.

Eventually we both have ourselves composed and nervously look toward Jack and both let out a nervous giggle as we see him still snoring deeply, “Abby that was way too close.”

I start to agree but then notice the clear tent his morning wood is causing, “I know but… I can’t resist this cock,” I say as I lean over and taking his hard cloth covered cock into my mouth.

“Fuck Abby you can’t be serious?”

“Oh I’m dead serious,” I grin up at him as I pull his cock out of his boxers and into my mouth.

“Abby this is a bad idea,” he complains but makes no move to stop me.

Danny supports himself on his elbows as he leans back onto the covers watching Jack as I gobble up his cock in plain view if Jack were to wake up. Unlike last night where I was trying to prolong and enjoy our time now I was quickly bobbing my head on the first few inches of his cock as my hand raced up and down the rest.

After ten minutes or so he suddenly sits up and pushes my mouth deeply on his cock as he blows his load before collapsing back onto the bed, “Fuck Abby you are crazy but god I love it.”

I give his cock a last few sucks cleaning up every drop of his cum before moving back to snuggle back into his side, “I love you too bog brother.”


Some time later I wake up to Jack shaking me and Danny, “Come on you two you need to wake up.”

We both just groan as he goes to the bathroom and we soon hear the shower running. I sit up and start to tickle Danny, “Come on stud we do need to get up.”

“Fine but I’d rather stay here in bed with you.”

“Mmmmm me too Danny me too.”


After checking out of the kartal escort hotel we make our way to downtown St. Louis and spend a few hours taking in the sights; the most notable of them of course is the Gateway Arch. It may sound dumb but until we got there I never realized you could actually go up in the Arch. The view, while no way as amazing as the view from the tower in Chicago, was beautiful and looking out over the Mississippi River was really cool.

Of course like any other attraction of this kind in order to get through everything you have to be herded like cattle around the place. I do manage to have a little fun while we are being herded around though; several times when none of the rest of the family is watching I get a hand full of Danny’s or Daddy’s crotch and once just to see her reaction I grabbed Mom’s ass.

I have to keep from laughing when she leans over and whispers in my ear, “Abby don’t start something you can’t finish,” before licking my ear and kissing me on the cheek.

After the Arch we get back on the road. While driving we see dozens of billboards for different caverns in Missouri and every time Mom makes some comment about how cool it would be to go to one of them. Finally without discussion Daddy decided that we were going to stop and take one of the cavern tours. To be honest I’m not sure if it was to do something Mom clearly wanted to do or just a way to stop her from making all the comments. Whichever the case everyone was glad Daddy decided to make the stop because we all enjoyed seeing the beauty of the caverns, which is way beyond reasonable description.

After the tour we have a late lunch at the restaurant there at the caverns before getting back on the road. With he exception of a gas stop and a few bathroom stops we drove the rest of the day until we reached Joplin, where Daddy decides to call it a night and stops at the first hotel exit. Mom runs in and gets us rooms. She gets back to the car she tells us they only had two rooms but they both at least had two beds. Of course the sleeping arrangements were like the first few nights, the boys in one room while I share with Mom and Daddy; so any idea of taking things further with Danny are put on hold again.

Day 8

I wake up to mom standing over me butt naked and clear red hand marks across her ass, so clearly I had slept through their fun this time, “Abby sweetie time to wake up.”

“Mom why are you naked?”

“Your Dad and I just… well you know and I didn’t feel like getting dressed yet, besides its not like you haven’t already seen all I have to show.”

“Sure but it’s still a little strange to wake up to your mom’s naked body,” I laugh as I sit up.

“Maybe it’s a little strange but I don’t hear you complaining,” she laughs before pulling me out of bed and onto my feet in front of her. Before I can ask what she’s doing she pulls my shirt over my head and panties off leaving me just as nude as her.

“Mom what are you doing? Where’s Daddy what if he walks in on this?”

“After our morning fun he took a quick shower and went to get your brothers up and ready. Now do you want to ask questions…,” she asks as she starts toward the bathroom, “…or do you want to join me in the shower?”

I was a little surprised, I mean we both had some fun the other day together and there has been some simple touching and teasing but so far Mom and I hadn’t done anything with each other. Though as I followed Mom’s swaying ass into the small hotel bathroom I knew that was about to change.

At first I just stood off to the side and watched as Mom turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. When she had it to her liking she climbed in and started rinsing herself off. Until this moment I had never really looked at a woman in a sexual way before, I mean I knew if a woman was hot or not when I looked at them but I never felt anything for her. That all changed as I watch water cascade down Mom’s sexy curves.

I snap out of the trance Mom’s slippery, wet body has over me when she asks, “Abby are you just going to stand there staring all day or are you going to join me?”

‘Join you definitely join you,” I quickly say as I jump under the water next to her.

For the next few moments we stand side by side our arms and legs brushing together as we rinse off. I nearly fall over when I jump thanks to Mom’s hands suddenly working over my back without warning.

“Careful Abby, if you fall and hurt yourself how will we ever explain this to your Dad and the boys,” Mom giggles as she moves behind me and continues sliding her hands over me.

“Sorry you startled me,” I giggle back as I relax under Mom’s touch. After a minute or so Mom grabs the soap and begins washing my back. It’s kind of strange having Mom wash me like this, of course this isn’t the first time Mom washed me like this but it’s the first time since I was old enough to do it myself. Plus there was a clear difference between then and now which was clearly made when Mom’s hands moved around my body and started sliding over my breasts.

I couldn’t help let out a moan as Mom’s fingers slowly circled my now diamond hard nipples, “Does Mommy’s little girl like how Mommy washes her?”

“Oh god yes Mom it feels so good,” I half said half moaned.

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