Our Family Calendar Ch. 04

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In the first three Chapters I told you all about our decision to create a Family Calendar as a Christmas present to be sent to our various and many relatives.

And I brought you through the months prior to the calendar being produced, the story culminating in the actual, rather chaotic photo shoots for a calendar that was supposed to have two facets it seemed; a ‘nice family’ calendar for our relatives and a ‘nude family’ one for us.

So in Chapter Four I’ll bring you towards the finale of our efforts – that effectively cancelled out our plans for a “nice” family calendar and which produced for us some very memorable moments – with many more pleasurable times to come, it would seem.

So off we go again on my lighthearted romp, although I’ll just mention that if you read the whole story from the start of Chapter One you’ll get up to speed more easily…


Despite my expectation of another session the following day, a couple of days had somehow slipped by; time waiting for no man, or woman, although that at least gave us all a chance to top up our energy levels, I guess. Various family matters had got in the way of our photo shoots but it had given Dad time to buy a camcorder – and to get to know the basics of how to use it.

Somewhat ecstatically Dad showed us how the camera worked, including a brief demo film he’d made, which he now showed on the TV, revealing that he had quite a good eye for a nice camera angle. I had a feeling that things in our household would never, ever be the same again!

Actually, how could they?

We’d all had sex with each other, incest was now rife and we’d taken to it like a duck takes to water!

Mum also announced that all three ladies had taken morning-after pills following that first evening and that no lasting damage had been done – yet! But none of them were prepared to go onto contraceptive pills, citing weight gain and other undesirable side-effects. They’d unanimously considered it to be more erotic to take the calculated risks of pregnancy – the act of accepting into a fertile body, sperm from one of the family – just to make our couplings that much more exciting, it seemed.

Early that evening, after we’d enjoyed a tasty light repast, we gathered once more in the lounge – no trepidation on anyone’s faces this time – now we all knew each other very intimately and knew that there really were no limits.

“Right-ho,” said Mum, “Who wants to wear what? You all dressing in your costumes?”

“Actually Mum, since you mention costumes and since we’re starting with August, why don’t we wear our swimming costumes?” asked Liz, “I bought a lovely little bikini that I’ve been itching to show off.”

“Funny you should say that,” replied Mum, “I bought one for our holiday and then never used it – be nice to try it on.”

Then Mum sniggered.

“Hah – your Dad’s got some shorts too which he never wore either – that was a good idea Liz – let’s go for it!”

There was a concerted rush for the bedrooms with clothes being cast off left and right, before Angie reappeared first, attired in not much more that a couple of small handkerchiefs it seemed. Lightly floral in pattern, the scraps of material seemed designed to reveal as much as they hid; the top was so thin that her small firm nipples pushed through even to the point of allowing the dimpled texture of her aureoles to show. The bottom half merely covered what it needed to; the lips of her naked slit. I’d ogled her in underwear that was less revealing and now I was captivated.

But my attention was almost immediately drawn to Liz who now appeared in her doorway and whose outfit even left Angie’s in the shade. Just sections of braided coloured string it seemed, that clung to the generous contours of her breasts and allowed her nipples to stick through the holes. Her lower garment was just as see-through, revealing manicured pubes and a tantalising glimpse of her clit.

I felt my eyes open wide just as my mouth fell open too and I let out a long breath.

“Wow, girls,” I said, almost lost for words as I shook my head, “And you were going to wear that this summer? Fuckin’ hell – you’d have been screwed in minutes!”

“Mmmmm!” hummed Liz, “That was the general idea! So what’re you going to do about it?”

I really would have liked to just tear off Liz’s bits of string and to ravage her right there but we had roles to play, pictures to take and acts to perform so I managed to restrain my already rampant penis, sorely tempted as I might be.

I had to think of Tim and Dad wanting their share too, I guessed, and the idea of us all fornicating together brought a small eruption of precum from my aroused cock. I looked down and saw my lubricant oozing through the thin fabric of my briefs, turning the pale blue into a dark blue patch.

“Ha – you too!” said Tim from just beside me, “Jesus – this is going to be hard!”

He laughed self-consciously – “Well, it’s hard already actually!”

His big penis was indeed straining to bostancı escort escape from his own briefs; another inch and it would be out past the waistband…and it was jerking as his heart pulsed.

Then Mum and Dad appeared almost together, both wearing their holiday outfits – Mum’s bikini almost as skimpy as Liz’s and straining even harder to contain her bounteous breasts, the main difference being that Mum’s considerably larger nipples were very prominent – I immediately guessed that she must have played with them, or Dad had, before leaving her room.

And Dad’s outfit was very little more than a posing pouch held in place by a G-string and waistband; a pouch that really wasn’t big enough for his lengthy instrument. That quickly became evident as he spotted the girls, his penis immediately starting to try to stretch out in its very confined space. Soon it was overfilling his pouch and was pushing the material away from his belly; soon it would be as good as useless as a cover for his cock!

“Come on,” Mum exhorted as she saw her husband reacting, “We’ll never get anything done – Tim, Angie, to your places.”

Angie was already feeling frisky it seemed as she walked slowly in front of Tim, her hand behind her and obviously feeling for his cock, her face excited and happy.

I saw Tim thrust his pelvis forward; Angie was definitely getting a good handful!

“We’re not going for the demure look, are we?” asked Mum as she turned to her husband and he shook his head.

“Waste of time,” he mumbled, “Might just as well let them get on with it!”

Mum had a scenario in mind for the first shoot and got Angie to perch herself on the edge of the settee and arranged Tim at her feet; on his knees and half turned towards her, his head leaning back against her thigh.

Dad got down low to catch the scene from a different angle just as Angie sniggered.

“You’re tickling,” she chuckled to Tim, “You’re blowing on my thighs…”

“Shall I blow on your pussy instead?” said Tim mischievously, “Bet you need cooling down.”

Dad set things going as he moved a little closer.

“Good idea, go on then, pull her bikini aside a bit; it’ll make a good picture,” he said, “Do it slowly…”

Angie decided that she was the one to do the pulling and she slowly slid the small scrap of material aside, gradually revealing her pink shaven mound and gradually uncovering one puffy lip, slowly followed by her smooth slit and then her other lip. Subdued growls could be heard as the men watched her display…then, as instructed Tim blew on her slit causing Angie to jerk and quiver ecstatically.

Angie’s slit looked as if it was sealed; it was a simple line of division of her flesh with the merest protrusion of her clit at the top; it certainly didn’t resemble the hole that both Tim and Dad had had their cocks buried in!

But looks can be deceiving and as Tim blew harder at her clit and as Angie shuddered anew, a tiny trickle of clear liquid oozed from between her lips.

Slowly the liquid ran down her slit as Dad snapped furiously until Tim grunted.

“Aww, come on, I’ve had enough of this,” he said and reaching up he simply tore away Angie’s bikini bottom – one second it was there; the next it was gone and Angie let out a little shriek.

“What the…?” she cried, “What’re you doing Tim?”

“Getting supper ready,” he growled, “Gonna see what it tastes like first.”

With that he twisted further and leaned in until his extended tongue made contact with her flesh.

“Oooooh!” Angie squeaked, her whole body shivering, “Oooooh, oh no, not that; not there!”

Tim had touched her clit immediately and we could see his tongue twirling around it as Angie cried out in ecstasy.

Another broader gush of juices flowed from between her lips; lips that now seemed thicker and redder and which were slowly parting.

“Show me her pussy; open her lips,” said Dad eagerly as he closed right in, “Let’s see how wet she is.”

Keeping his fingers away from blocking the camera’s view, Tim slowly teased apart the lips of her clean-shaven pussy and as he slid his finger down the little slit so Angie’s lips parted wider and wider, to reveal her bright pink inner lips, glowing and glossy with excitement and lubrication. Her inner lips had opened like thick red rose petals and I could have sworn that her vagina was pulsating and blowing kisses to the camera!

Certainly Tim thought that it was blowing kisses and he leaned in to unite his lips with hers, his tongue lancing deep into her vagina as he did so.

“Aaaaaaaahhhh!” cried Angie in delight as Tim’s teasing tongue tickled her highly-strung flesh, “Oooooh fuckkkkkk, that’s good! Ooooohhh Tim, don’t stop, don’t stop – ah, ahhhh, ahhhhhhh!”

There was no reply from Tim as he remained there, his face deeply buried in her pussy, his only other action being to use his other hand to undo and drop his trunks.

Immediately his jerking, bouncing penis appeared, already slippery with precum; ümraniye escort bayan already glistening and hot and eager to replace his tongue. His hand stropped his cock as his tongue stropped Angie’s hole and then her clit once more, causing her to jump and jerk again.

“No Tim, no more, come up here,” called Angie, her arms beckoning him to move, “Kiss me, kiss me, please.”

Somewhat reluctantly it seemed, Tim pulled his face away and held the pose for a few moments to allow Dad to photograph his shiny, wetted face, his eyes glittering brightly, his smile even wider than Angie’s slit…then he rose to his knees and shuffled his body closer to hers, his penis now just a few inches from her pussy.

Angie’s hands pulled him closer but Tim held off, just long enough for him to remove the top half of Angie’s bikini to reveal her cute little bouncy breasts, her little pink nipples proudly erect.

Quickly Tim bent and took one in his mouth before letting go with a loud sucking noise and then zooming in onto Angie’s upper set of warm lips.

There was a happy humming sound from them both as their lips locked and their tongues began to play together; Angie’s hand sneaking down to reach and hold Tim’s cock. Dad moved away a bit to get the entire scene into his view as the pair made out lovingly, their arms now around each other until finally Tim stood up, pulling Angie with him.

“On the floor,” he said simply as he pushed Angie down, her naked elfin body pliant in his hands, her eager pussy now thrusting up towards him.

Tim pulled a pillow off the settee and easily lifting Angie’s bum he slid it underneath, raising her pussy towards his dripping penis, making her wide-open lips an easy target.

“Fuuuuck,” he said, “You look fuckin’ gorgeous! I’ve gotta have you!”

“You’d better!” groaned Angie, “I need you – I need you in me…!”

“I’m coming,” moaned Tim as he adjusted himself, throwing off his own vest so the pair of them were now both naked, “Let me get him wet first.”

His hand grasped his cock and moved it up and down her juicy naked slit; strands of sticky yet so slippery juices creating tenuous links between their bodies until he was satisfied.

“Ok Angie, I’m gonna put him in now,” said Tim, “I’ll try to be gentle.”

Angie was panting hard now, her body expressing her eagerness to accept her brother’s incestual instrument, his powerful penis that was now about to touch her inner lips.

There was silence as the moment arrived, then suddenly they both sucked in deep hissing breaths as Tim’s helmet pierced Angie’s hole, disappearing inside in moments.

“Ooooooohhhh!” breathed Angie as his broad sword plunged into her body, followed by another “Ooooooh!” as he pulled out again.

Angie’s eyes looked up in surprise.

“Just a mo – let Dad get this one,” Tim said as he posed with half an inch of penis inside Angie’s hole…”And then I’m all yours!”

Angie relaxed, now understanding Tim’s actions; relaxed that was until Dad signalled that he’d got the shot – then Tim just let his weight plunge his cock deep into Angie’s vagina, filling her in seconds; their bodies coming together with a quiet slap.

“Ooooooooo,” she moaned, “Oooooh, that’s lovely Tim, ohhh yeahhh, you feel so good.”

“And you sis,” moaned Tim as he began to slide in and out, “You feel so hot and wet!”

“That’s ‘cos I am,” moaned Angie, “All hot and wet for you; ohhhhh fuckkkkkk, come on, fuck me, fuck me harder Tim.”

Angie’s hips, despite being elevated, were still thrusting upwards to meet Tim’s strokes, his buttocks clenching tight with each down-stroke, his shoulder muscles working hard as he lifted and lowered his body to pump his cock into his sister’s vagina.

Dad was now using the video camera to good effect as he zoomed in on the action, Tim’s eight inches disappearing and reappearing time after time amid a growing spray of juices as Angie became more and more excited.

“Gonna cum in a minute,” she moaned, her body now shivering hard, “Don’t stop though – I want another one too!”

“Don’t worry – I’m not going to stop ’til I cum,” said Tim, “And I’m not ready to cum yet though.”

Steadily his hips powered his cock into her hole, the scent of their fucking now strong in the room. I was close to them because I was holding the still camera for Dad and the aroma of heated wet aroused sex organs was sending shafts of steel to my cock until I wondered if I’d cum even without touching myself. I could see that Dad was hard too, some four inches of his penis were on display above his little pouch, his foreskin already rolled back.

Behind me both Mum and Liz were groaning from time to time and a quick glance over my shoulder showed me that they were both pleasuring themselves as they watched – and more than that, they were both naked!

‘Ye Gods!’ I thought, imagining Dad and me filling those two ladies’ holes, ‘We’re going to be really busy soon!’

But my attention was soon drawn back to the pair kartal escort before me as Angie was nearing her orgasm.

“Keep going Tim, I’m nearly there…” she moaned, her body responding to his movements, her hips still greeting his thrusts eagerly, “Ooooh fuck, getting there, getting there!”

“Come on then, let it go!” said Tim encouragingly, “Cum when you’re ready Angie.”

Once again silence reigned as the tension mounted, only the sloppy sounds of their bodies coming together and parting could be heard until Angie began to groan again.

“Oh-h-h-hooo Tim,” she cried, “I’m cumming, here it cums, here it cums!”

Her arms were wrapped around Tim’s shoulders as she began to erupt in an ecstatic climax; a climax of sound and of action as she cried out and shook and screamed and quivered and came with a real vengeance. Dad and I were so overwhelmed by the force of her orgasm that we both forgot to shoot any scenes until Dad brought me back to earth.

“That looked so bloody good!” he exclaimed, one hand rubbing his penis that had now escaped entirely from its pouch, “Don’t get too carried away – it’s your turn next!”

‘Hey – yeah, so it is!’ I suddenly realised, my cock lurching in my hand with pent up desire, ‘Can’t wait!’

Before us though, Tim was now working hard to bring Angie to another climax – she was on the plateau stage; high as a kite on sexual excitement and if he kept her there, her next orgasm would be quick and profound too. Tim’s hips were working well, keeping up a steady pounding rhythm that was keeping Angie panting and gasping.

“Oh God you’re good Tim, you’re fucking good!” she moaned, “Oh yesss, I’m gonna cum again soon…oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum again!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” gasped Tim as he thumped his cock into her welcoming body, “I’ll cum too – tell me when you’re nearly there.”

“Won’t be long, that’s for sure,” she said, “Ooooh fuck, you’re getting right up there aren’t you!”

We could tell that he was penetrating her thoroughly just from the movement of his buttocks that coincided with hers; they were coming together with a steady slapping of flesh, time after time, like machines…but steadily getting faster and faster.

“You ready?” asked Tim, “Its cumming, I can feel it…”

“Yes Tim – let it go – I’ll be there!” cried Angie excitedly, “Just a bit more – please – please!”

The action increased still further until they both became a frozen tableau; an instant in time when both their bodies hit the stops; when both their orgasms arrived simultaneously. And suddenly Tim’s actions changed to deep slowly held thrusts interspersed by shudders as his balls began to unload their spermatic offering into his sister’s body.

“Uuuuuufff! Uuuuuhhhhh!” he grunted as his penis recoiled and spat his cum into her vagina, “Yeahhhhh! Yeahhhhh!”

“Oooooooh! You’ve made me cum!” screamed Angie happily, “Oh yessss – cumming again – oh God – it’s wonderful, it’s super!”

A cloud of superheated sexual vapour rose from their sweaty bodies as their fuck drew to a close, as their bodies refused to obey their commands any more, as their strength subsided until the pair simply melded together into a happy jerking, twitching heap. A heap that Dad captured from many angles, much to his evident delight.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” he called out, “Great start kids, well done!”

Slowly the ‘actors’ separated, their arms unwilling to part company but their bodies in need of a break. Gradually Tim knelt up and helped me to pull Angie into a sitting position, a quickly proffered towel between her legs.

“Phew!” said Tim happily, “That was fun!”

“That was excellent!” said Angie, her face glowing with exertion and heat.

“That was brilliant!” said Dad as he checked his cameras.

“That was so hot!” said Mum from behind me.

“That’s made me so horny!” moaned Liz.

And I kept quiet, knowing that I was next with Angie; that I’d have to perform out of my skin to equal or exceed their display and I wondered what I could do…

We all began to move around, to replenish our drinks, to have a pee, to stretch our limbs…and I nipped off to my bedroom, soon to return.

Angie was still on the floor, sitting there still flushed but obviously looking forward to the next encounter with a brotherly cock – mine!

She saw me coming and beckoned me over.

“You fit?” she asked and I nodded confirmation.

“Bloody right!” I exclaimed, “How about you?”

“I might be a bit sore,” she said, “Tim’s bloody strong and he’s big, I think you’ll have to take it easy.”

“What about more orgasms?” I asked, “Or have you had your lot?”

“No – I can keep those coming all day,” she said happily, “Why, what are you planning?”

I looked around us to see that no-one was listening – the rest of the family were looking at the thumbnail views of the action that Dad had recorded.

“Have you tried anal?” I asked and Angie’s eyes lit up!

“Oh my God – at last!” she said, “I’ve been so well fucked recently but no-one’s been up my arse for ages – you’re really going to try it then?”

“If you’ll let me,” I said excitedly, “I’ve got some KY here.”

I showed her the little tube I’d brought from my bedroom and Angie smiled broadly.

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