Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 06

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We broke open a third bottle of wine and I decided to ask Sue more about her insatiable appetite for sex. I was still fascinated by the contract between her day job as a respectable and responsible Head Teacher and her rampant nymphomania in private. She thought it stemmed from a mixture of a strict upbringing in the late 1950’s to which she rebelled and the heady freedom of the sixties to which she subscribed.

“When I was about 14 I found some of my dad’s porno mags in the garage. My mum would have killed him if she had laid eyes on them, so he hid them where she would never look, but I found them by accident and spent hours wanking over the pictures and the stories. They were foreign but had English text and they must have been very hardcore for the period. I have no idea where he got them from but they were full of group sex, with every type of fucking, oral, anal and vaginal. The cum shots where the women got covered in thick spunk really got me hot. That started me off and I wanted to see more but I couldn’t risk sending for them by post so when the opportunity to move away and go to teacher’s training college came up I took it. There I could get porn more easily. I think they acted as a sort of manual because when I got down to serious fucking in my late teens I thought it was normal to want extreme sex because of what I had seen but of course some of the men were horrified. I remember the first guy that I offered to piss on nearly ran a mile. The next guy I offered that service to couldn’t get enough. That’s why I changed partners so often and it’s a habit that has stayed with me. It’s not that individual men don’t satisfy me its more that I like variety.”

“So what’s your favourite type of sex?” I asked

“Anal” she replied without hesitation.

Vicky and I looked at each other knowingly.

“Really?” asked Vicky

“Without question” Sue repeated “Sometimes I actually think that I prefer arsefuckjing to normal fucking. I don’t know what it is but I get a real buzz from it. What about you two?”

“Well actually that’s how we met” confessed Vicky and she told Sue of our first encounter and how I had taught her the technique of having larger and larger objects inserted into her bum hole. I could see the ever randy Sue getting horny again.

“I hadn’t had too many good experiences with men” Vicky told her “Perhaps that says more about me than them. Certainly my orgasms were nothing to write home about, but that first time Tony took my anal cherry was magic, absolute magic”

She went on to tell Sue the whole tale in detail and that constituted her contribution to the storytelling night. Unfortunately for her neither Sue nor I came during her story which under the strict rules of the competition meant that she had to pay a forfeit. Sue had some diabolical scheme up her sleeve but we never got that far because just at that moment the phone rang. It was my beloved. Vicky handed me the receiver.

“Hi hun. We’ve been thinking about you all night”

“Oh yes?” he replied in mocking self doubt “All of me or just my equipment?”

“Mostly your equipment” I admitted “We’ve been having a sex story night and you did figure quite a bit. Are you coming up? We’d prefer the real thing.”

“There’s a bit of a problem” said Tony. “We had a new guy start at the club tonight and as it turns out he lives only five minutes up the road so I thought it would be friendly to ask him back for a drink.”

“Where is he now?”

“In the toilet”

I turned to Sue and Vicky who were both relaxing stark naked on easy chairs and playing with themselves. Sue did not look too thrilled as she was clearly hoping that the night had more to come. Then she startled me slightly by leaping out of her chair and pulling the receiver from my grasp.

“Hi Tony, it’s Sue. Who’s your friend?”

I presume Tony told her all about him. Then I heard her say:

“Is he there? (Pause) Alright you put him on the line while you go for a shower.”

Presumably Tony did as he was asked.

“Hi Ben. You don’t know me. My name is Sister Susan. I am part of the sisterhood and I am visiting one of my flock in the flat above at this very moment. Tony has told me that you are new to the area sop why don’t you pop up for a hot chocolate and a biscuit before you go home. You must be tired after your training.”

Of course Vicky and I thought this was very funny.

“Quick” I said “They’ll be here in kurtköy escort a moment and we are undressed”

“Exactly” said Sue with a glint in her eye.

“You naughty cow” said Vicky

“Excuse me madam” said Sue “that is no way to talk to an elderly relative.”

As she spoke there was a knock on the door. Sue went over and opened it. She was stark bollock naked. Ben was standing there all alone. I found out later that Tony had told him to go up first while he had his shower. Of course Tony had no knowledge of what Ben had been told. I saw Ben step back at the sight. He clearly thought he was in the wrong place. Sue carried on as if everything was normal.

“Hello you must be Ben. I am Sister Susan. Come in. You are probably wondering why I have no clothes on. Well. We are a liberal sect who believe in the natural order of things.”

Poor old Ben stood there. I suspect he thought he was on Candid Camera or that he was in the middle of a very elaborate wind up. In a way he was, but it wasn’t that elaborate. He moved slowly into the living room and there of course he was greeted with the sight of two more naked women. I don’t think he knew quite where to look first. He was staring at one set of big knockers- me, and one set of enormous knockers – Vicky plus Sue and it can’t of taken him long to realise he was in the company of three women with shaven cunts.

“These are two novices” Sue went on. “Sister Vicky and Sister Jo. They are here to be inducted into the belief and faith of our sisterhood”

“Oh yeah” said Ben “and that is?”

“All men are fuckable – some are more fuckable than others”

I think that more or less put the seal on any final pretence and Sue went in for the kill by pushing Ben onto the empty chair she had recently vacated and he couldn’t fail to notice the abundance of sex toys littered around the floor. I think he may even have sat on one. They did rather give the game away.

“Ann Summers party?” He inquired.

He was wearing jogging pants which made undressing him fairly easy and all three of us descended on him. He was a reasonably good looking guy with a shaved head. He was fairly lean and taut which was a change. Half of Tony’s rugby friends were built like brick shit houses and a few of them looked like brick shit houses too!

Ben’s all important cock appeared. It wasn’t the most impressive I have ever seen but it was what he was prepared to do with it that mattered.

“Hold on girls” he managed to mutter in the melee. “There’s no need to fight for me. I should warn you I am in the TA and can handle myself, so the fact that I am not struggling shows I am going to co-operate.”

A very sensible approach I thought.

It seemed that he suddenly realised the extent of woman flesh that was surrounding him and he got hold of Vicky’s tits and started to suck on one. His other hand reached up to one of mine and he playfully tweaked the nipple. Sue went down and swallowed his cock. After a few minutes he came up for air.

“Are you sure you two are novices?” he asked us.

“Are you sure you’re in the TA” I asked in response “If this country was invaded by a foreign force made up of women with huge tits, you lot would be a push over”

“Yes I am honestly. I am a sergeant.”

“Does that mean you bark orders and shout at people?” asked Vicky

“Yep” said Ben

“I like an assertive man” I said

“Oh I can be assertive, believe you me” he replied

Sue had stopped cocksucking for the moment and joined us stroking our new captive.

“I think you lot need inspecting” he suddenly shouted very loudly. “stand to attention”

We did as requested.

“Chests out! Stomachs in!”

He stood up, stepped out of his clothes and came to walk round us like you see officers do in parade grounds.

“Tits front!” he commanded and all three of us made our tits as prominent as we could.

He walked across the front of us sucking each of the six nipples as he went.

“Legs apart!”

We dutifully opened our legs.

“Cunts open!”

All three of us put both hands down to our cunts and pulled our labia apart so that Ben could see right inside.

“Wider! You randy little sluts! Wider!”

Vicky looked at me as we pulled our labia as wide apart as they would go and I could see from her face she was getting well turned on. I didn’t need to look at Sue as this sort of thing was right up her street!

Ben knelt malatya escort down and buried his face in my crutch. I felt his tongue enter my hairless twat. He licked me and touched my clit with the tip of his tongue. An electric shot went up my spine. I tried to get my cunt lips to part even wider so that he could feast on me. He was good – very good. He then repeated the exercise with the other two and gave each of us a lesson in communal cunnilingus. “Right you horny bitches” he announced as he stood up. “Do you want a full inspection?”

“Yes please” we all tamely pleaded.

“Right! About turn!”

We turned round

“Bend over!”

We bent over.

“Arses open!”

We opened our arse cheeks.

“Arseholes open!”

We put our fingers deeper into our cracks so that we could pull our anal openings wide.

“Arseholes ready for inspection?”

“Yes sir” we dutifully replied

He bent down to Vicky’s first and got his face as close to her ringpiece as he could.

“Are you sure that arse is clean?” he roared

“Check it sir” she said

“I will. Never fear girl!” and with that he stuck a finger inside, pulled it out, smelled it and looked at it.

“Just a bit dirty. I will have to make sure you are properly clean” and out of the corner of my eye I could see him licking her arse.

He repeated the command in front of me and I couldn’t wait to feel his finger entering my rectum which seconds later it duly did.

“Pretty dirty” he announced which was rather unflattering. It didn’t stop him cleaning me up nevertheless. He was licking me for ages. I could feel his tongue right up my arsehole.

Then it was Sue’s turn. This time she was “Very Dirty” which turned out to mean that he would take even longer to lick her arse.

Then he commanded us to stand up again.

“Right you horny sluts. Time to suck cock!”

“Call that a cock?” blurted out Vicky rather unwisely.

“What did you say girl?”

“I’ve seen bigger”

“On your knees you ungrateful bitch” Ben roared

Vicky got down on all fours.

“Apologise or I will punish you”

“You and who’s army?”


Ben got down on his knees, went straight up behind her and stuck his cock deep into her cunt. As he did so and she let out a squeal of excitement he also spanked her arse hard. Each thrust of his cock was accompanied by a firm thwack on Vicky’s buttocks.

“Harder…. Harder!” she urged.

“Apologise slut” said Ben

“Are you sure your cock is in me?”

“Bitch” shouted Ben and fucked even harder to prove what a man he was which of course was entirely the purpose of Vicky’s taunts. As they fucked, Sue and I were frigging ourselves vigorously.

“Apologise or I’ll punish you further” he continued.

“You apologise” Vicky teased “for not having a bigger cock.”

“Then try this” said Ben and he pulled out of her cunt, readjusted his position and re-entered her anally.

“You bastard” she cried “You bastard”

“Is that big enough?”

“Yes…yes…yes. Now fuck me. Fuck my arse.”

“Fuck her arse” I intoned

“Fuck her arse” repeated Sue.

As we repeated the mantra, the bloody door bell went. Tony! I had forgotten all about Tony!

“Is that you lover?” I inquired through the door.

“Yes babe”

I opened the door and he strode in to be greeted by the Vicky’s wailing. He walked in to the living room to the sight of his new mate buggering the huge titted blonde beneath him.

“I see you three have got to know each other then or is this a new Fire Drill?” he quipped.

“Thank you darling” I said as I put my loving arms round my man.

“For what?”

“Introducing us to this new friend of yours.”

“You know more about him now than I do” he joked

Ben and Vicky had barely noticed Tony had come in. They were still arsefucking even though Vicky had long since cum. Sue was on the verge of her umpteenth self induced orgasm of the day but she stopped when she saw Tony.

“Fantastic. Just what I needed” She grabbed Tony and dragged him to the settee. For once he was not compliant.

“Excuse me” he said fending her off “Charity begins at home”.

The age of chivalry was not dead. He came over and embraced me. Our tongues swirled together and our bodies locked in a harmonious bond.

“Fuck me, you handsome prince” I ordered

“And would my princess like her man in her cunt kayseri escort or in her arse?”

“In her arse I think” I replied “It seems to be doing wonders for Vicky”

Tony sat on one of the chairs having taken his jeans off and I lowered my arse slowly on to his cock. His knob slipped easily in to my brown hole and I sat back to allow his nine inches to slide effortlessly up. I made sure Sue could see. She can’t have been very often in a room where two women other than her were getting buggered. She did have recourse to the many and varied toys littered around and when she saw that the four of us might be some time she decided that one in each hole was a necessary substitute.

“Cum in my arse!” Vicky told Ben. It was her turn to do the ordering about.

“What a coincidence” I murmured to Tony “I was just going to tell you to do the same thing”

I did most of the work as he was sitting down. I slid up and down his hard cock making sure that the other three could watch my arse open and close round the knob.

“Oh god” I cried ” My arsehole has been aching for you my lover. I adore you in my shithole. Fuck me angel. Fuck me.”

“Where do you want me?” urged Tony

“In my shithole. In my shithole” I cried

“Do you want me to cum in your shithole? I heard Ben ask Vicky

“Christ, yes! Fill my arsehole. Fill it full” she replied

“God, I’m cumming” moaned Tony

“So am I” called out Ben.

And at roughly the same time both my arsehole and Vicky’s got filled with hot thick spunk. As we slid off our men you can imagine Sue was on to us like a rabbit, trying to suck the cum out of each anus in turn. I could feel her tongue probing and licking as she eagerly drank the mixture in my arsehole.

I think we must have all felt sorry for her. After all she is the nymphomaniac whereas Vicky and I are just randy bitches! After they had both recovered from their extra curricular training session Vicky and I gently massaged the two cocks back to a state of readiness and suggested that Sue should finish the night off with a dp.

Needless to say she was up for it. So were both the boys funnily enough. We tossed (so to speak) for the honour of which hole to invade. Tony called right and, ever the gentleman, rather than suggesting that he take the anal prize, he actually suggested that he have her cunt because as he had the bigger cock he thought it would be easier if Ben went in her arse. Ben was beside himself. Sue was pretty pleased too!

Tony positioned himself on the floor and let Sue sit on his nine inches. She leant forward and presented her arse to Ben who climbed on from the back and slid in. We helped by holding Sue’s buttocks wide open. That way we got a perfect view of proceedings. They quickly got into their rhythm and Sue was in seventh heaven. Vicky and I stood either side and watched, making sure that we were near enough to have our tits and cunts played with. I think Sue could have been double fucked for days. She showed no signs of wanting it to stop. After about fifteen minutes I suggested that the two men swap which they did. Sue took Tony’s cock up her arse with very little fuss and I loved getting really close to watch him bugger her.

Another ten minutes went by and both Vicky and I were getting horny again. She came over for a snog and made a suggestion which I thought would just about finish off a great night. We positioned ourselves at the head end of the fucking threesome and without warning started to piss on them and each other. Ben, being underneath, was taken by surprise big time, but the other two took it all in their stride. In fact they couldn’t get enough. After all Sue had let it be known that she was well into watersports, and not just the underwater sort that she had enjoyed with Don.

Vicky must have had a much fuller bladder than me as she kept pissing well after I dried up. That enabled me to get a mouth full of her golden nectar which I avidly swallowed. Bearing in mind the amount of piss we discharged, very little hit the floor. There was minimal mopping up to be done after Sue and the boys came one last time.

We dried each other and then introduced ourselves properly to Ben! It turned out he had a got a job in the local Leisure Centre as a lifeguard/gym instructor. Echoes of Sue’s adventures with Dan I thought. He had decided to try out the local rugby team and had turned up at Tony’s training session.

“If you want to put that little bit of extra training in from now on” said Vicky “you know where to come!”

“Does that apply to the rest of the team?” he said

“Could do” mused Sue “Could do.”

Fuck, I thought, don’t give the woman any more ideas!

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