One on One

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Big Tits

This story is based loosely on a real life experience. I have added to it. Consider it a work of fiction.


Now, it really excites me when a woman has pale skin and a dark pussy mound; and the darker her mound is, the more it excites me. And it drives me wild when her inner pussy lips stick out between the outer lips. Well, this girl’s cunt was my ideal in the flesh. A green eyed natural blonde, she was the color of fresh cream, with just an undertone of bronze. The mound of her cunt was covered with a light dusting of pale gold hair, but the flesh under the light hair shaded from light olive at the top of her mound to a dark, almost milk chocolate color at the crack of her pussy. Her outer lips were so fat that they looked swollen. I had the wild notion that if I pressed too hard on them, they would burst like overripe plums. Her inner lips protruded more than an inch, and the edges of them were the dark chocolate brown of a Hershey bar against the tan of the mound. I could hardly believe that at the age of twenty-three, she had never had a sexual experience of any kind.

My cock was a dark purplish red, swollen and hard as a broom handle, with the veins standing out all over it like knotted cords. My balls were throbbing with the need to feel her pussy clutched tight and wet and pulsating around my naked hardness, and I was aching with the need to spurt my come in her. I could see the tight slit of her cunt, with the fringe of the inner lips showing like the tip of a dark tongue. But her outer lips were drawn tight and hard together. I pinched the dark fringes, pressing and rolling them hard between my thumb and fingers. I pressed the swollen, aching head of my cock against the hard, rubbery edges. I pressed those cunt lips inward with a heavy thrust, but I couldn’t penetrate between them.

I licked the tip of my tongue up and down the tight crack, rubbing it firmly and oh, so slowly all over the extended dark meat of the inner lips. Now I took that dark protruding fringe in my mouth, sucking it hard, flicking the edges hard and fast with the tip of my tongue. I chewed the edges lightly, stretching them out and rolling them with my tongue. I pulled those lips apart with my fingers, feasting my eyes on the pink cunt flesh between the dark, wrinkled fringes. Moistening my fingertip with saliva, I stroked the pink inner flesh, and it was dry and tight. It quivered and spasmed, opening slightly until I could just get the tip of my finger between the creamy pink walls of her inner cunt, but it remained dry to my stroking finger.

“God, Charley, I’m scared,” she whispered, and her voice shook. “I want you, and I want you to ma… make lo… to… t… to f… f… to fuck me!” She said it as if the word were an accomplishment in itself, and having said it would make it happen. “But I’m afraid it’s go… going to hur… hur… hurt, to tear me open. I mean tear my insides open. I mean tear open my… my pussy. It feels like it’s already torn open. It hur… hurts, Charley. Are… are you fucking me? Are you fucking me now? I can’t see your face. Have you got your… your… thing in me? Are we fucking now?”

Slipping my finger out of her pussy, I began stroking the light hair of her wonderful mound as I fondled and stroked and pinched her breasts and her nipples. I murmured softly against her hair, “No, Sugar.” God! but her body was soft and warm against me. She turned her face to kiss me full on the lips, and her mouth was wet and hot and sweet. After a long time I pulled away to end the kiss. “No, we haven’t been fucking yet. I’m only feeling your pussy. I’m getting you ready so that you can fuck. I’m not going to hurt you, okay? Just relax as much as you can, all right? You don’t have to do anything; just lie back and let me do it to you. Please; I’m not going to hurt you. You’re going to like it. Trust me.”

Taking her nipple in my mouth, I rolled it gently between my lips, chewing ever so lightly on the hardening bud. I stroked the curve of her lower belly down to where the hair of her cunt began. I brought my open palm down to the inside thigh just above her knee, and stroked slowly up to the fuzz covering her cunt, across her snatch, and down her other thigh. I stroked her up and down and back up and down again, lingering each time a little longer on the light fuzz of her pussy.

She was panting, heavy and hot and breathy, and her breath came fast and shallow, as if she were fighting for air. Now I was licking her belly, running my tongue in circles around her navel and dipping down to lick the fringe of her pale gold cunt hair. I kneaded her left breast with one hand while I stroked the fur of her cunt with the other. I let my tongue leave a wet trail all over the curve of her belly, and began to lick the outside of her crack, from the bottom of her slit upward to the top end where her clit was buried between the cunt lips. Now I slipped my hands under the rounded globes of her bottom, lifting her cunt to ümraniye escort my mouth as if I were drinking the juices from her pussy like drinking wine from a goblet. The idea of drinking juice pussy juice from a goblet was a sharp picture in my mind, and it really heated me up. I pressed my mouth against the moist cunt lips and sucked. She was still tight, but no longer totally dry. She had started to tremble like a palm in a high wind, and her thighs were shaking so that her whole body shuddered. Parting her cunt lips with my fingers, I licked my tongue gently up between them, revelling in the sharp, musky flavor of pussy.

I licked her slowly and gently, up from the rounded vee at the bottom end of her snatch to the clit end and down again, all around the outside of her swelling mound and up the inside of her crack again and again. My saliva was flowing all over her cunt and trickling down the crack between the round cheeks of her ass, so that she was lying in a moist pool. Moistening my thumb and forefinger, I began to nip the ridge between the bottom of her cunt and the tight little hole of her ass. I pressed my thumb tight against her ass and slipped just the tip of my finger between the lips of her cunt.

Her pussy juices were starting to flow a little, and now I could just get the tip of my finger in her, despite the rigidity of the muscles that held her closed so hard and tight. I began to pinch my finger and thumb lightly together, working my fingertip into her pussy and pushing my thumb against her ass hole at the same time. Now the juices of her cunt had started to flow, and I was able to separate her inner lips enough to get the tip of my tongue between them. I worked the tip of my tongue round and round, stirring her tight slit with it. I licked and licked and licked. She was moaning now, like a wild animal, and thrashing like a woman in an hysterical seizure.

As I continued to lick the sweet pink flesh of her inner cunt, I was kneading the bulge of her mound just above the clit and stroking her ass hole with my thumb. The musky smell of wet womanflesh was working on me, and my dick was painfully swollen. My tongue went into her a little deeper with each stroke, and finally I was able to touch her clit at the top of one tongue stroke. Now I concentrated on her clit, touching it with my tongue tip as lightly as I would have touched a new hatched baby bird, but lightly increasing the pressure of my palm on her mound and the pressure of my thumb against the outside of her tight bum hole.

Her eyes were open but glassy, as if she couldn’t see anything at all, as if she were unconscious with her eyes wide open, Her moans had increased in pace and volume, and her panting was deep and ragged. I licked upward, scraping the whole length of my tongue hard against her clit, simultaneously thrusting my finger into her cunt and my thumb up her wet ass all in a single motion. She screamed then, a high keening sound, as if something had ruptured inside her, and the juice began to flow from her cunt like a broken reservoir. She thrashed and writhed and moaned like a woman in a fire, and bucked like a wild zebra, thrusting her cunt hard against my mouth over and over again.

She was coming, hot and hard! She was at the peak of her first-ever orgasm, and it was tearing her into bright, jagged shards of painful ecstasy. Her legs were locked tight around my head and her fingers were buried in my hair, and she pulled and clutched and slammed her heels into my back as she crammed my head against her and mashed my face into her bucking, thrusting cunt.

“Oh my God!” she shrieked. “Oh God! God! God, God GodOGodOGodOGodOGod! OOOooooooohhhhhhhhh!” Her screams were rising in pitch and volume, going up and up and almost off the scale, and I thought her lungs would crack from the sheer force of her cries.

I slid my hands under her ass, lifting her pussy to my mouth and mashing my face into the wet, foamy fur of her cunt. I crushed my face into her, not caring whether I could breathe, conscious only of the hot wet smell and the steaming womanliness of her cunt, lapping and drinking her copiously flowing juices as if from the well of life itself. She went on screaming and kicking and bucking and writhing and twisting and clutching and screaming and screaming for a long, long time. Finally her frenzy began to fade, grinding down into long, low heavy moans, and the clutch of her thighs on my head and ears loosened, and I could lift my head to breathe above the sopping wet fur of her pussy.

“Oooohhhhh, God!” she moaned. “God! I’ve been on fire all over! I’m still burning! You made me come. I think I’m still coming! And you never even fucked me. Don’t you want to fuck me? It’s not fair. You made me come, but you didn’t come. You didn’t get any pussy. You didn’t come. You didn’t, did you?”

I moved my body up over her, lying deep between her outspread thighs, mashing the mecidiyeköy escort hair of my crotch hard into her pubic bone, kneading her breasts and squeezing the nipples as I kissed and licked them. I kissed her long and hard and deep, sucking her tongue into my mouth and thrusting my tongue into her mouth as deeply as I could. She began to shudder again.

“Don’t be in a hurry,” I said. “I’m just starting to warm you up for fucking. You’re going to get fucked, well and proper.”

She reached down between us and touched my cock. It had relaxed just a little from the heavy, pulsating hardness of a few minutes earlier, and a clear film of lubricating fluid was smeared over the cockhead. Her fingers curled around my meaty prick, slipping up and down, smearing the pre come fluid over the length of the shaft. Now I turned my body so that I was lying under her while she knelt above me, and I could lick her cunt while she brought the head of my rod to her lips. She gave it a little squeeze and planted a tiny kiss on the peehole slit. Then her tongue came out for a soft butterfly lick up the underside of the head.

God! It drove me to a frenzy! She could see that, and she licked it again. She licked round and round the sensitive underside of the flange, then she took the head in her mouth and rolled her tongue over it, round and round. My cock was thicker than her wrist, so that she could hardly get her mouth over the head, and her lips were stretched out around it. She let her teeth scrape ever so lightly under the sensitive edge of the flange, and then she began to suck. She sucked like a rogue vacuum cleaner in heat, drawing the head in and mashing it against the roof of her mouth with deep, heavy thrusts of her tongue.

Now, my cock is two inches thick and nearly eleven inches long, so she couldn’t get much of it into her mouth, but she sucked and chewed and mauled the part she could reach until I thought I would spew a flood of come into her throat. My cock began to throb and pulse, and she stopped her frenzied sucking. She rested with the head of it in her mouth, but unmoving, so as not to trigger the shoot of my come too soon.

Meanwhile I had gone to work on her pussy again. I held the dark fringed pink lips apart and ran my tongue up in her as deep as it would reach. I licked around and around the outside of her cunt opening, up the outside all the way to her ass hole, and down to the throbbing clit at the other end of her crack. I bumped her clit hard, again and again with the tip of my tongue. I flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit, fast and hard. I slurped her clit into my mouth and sucked it hard. I tongue fucked her flowing cunt for all I was worth, stroking her mound and her rounded ass and working my thumb in and out of her ass hole as I slurped and licked and drank her juices again.

She started to chew and suck my dick again. Her mouth was slithering up and down the shaft, and I could feel the head bump against the back of her throat with every stroke. She was bouncing and kneading my hot and heaving balls as she sucked. She rolled them hard between her fingers. She batted them up and down with the fingertips of one hand until I wasn’t sure whether I was getting pleasure or pain from it. Her other hand was stroking the lower shaft of my cock, moistened by the saliva that seeped out from her sucking mouth. Up and down went her hand and head together, as if they were fastened together, and her stroking hand rubbed the mingled juices into foam.

She started to moan again, little bleating cries through her nose, but she never slacked the pressure of her lips and tongue around my cock, and she never broke the rhythm of her suck stroke up and down the shaft. But I slowed my tongue strokes up the pink slot of her pussy and eased off the pressure of my tongue. I wasn’t going to let her come again so soon. I wanted to keep her hot and make her hotter, and lead her on as long as I could. I wanted her to come again with my dick in her, and, if the first one was any indication, I wasn’t sure how many more orgasms she could handle.

When my dick felt as hard and hot as an iron rod in a forge, and her pussy was wet and helplessly open to my tongue, I rolled her over on her back, slipped between her thighs, and began to rub the head of my dick up and down her sopping gash. My cockhead was burning from the scraping her teeth had given it. It was supersensitive and almost painful, but it was little short of ecstasy to rub it in the moist pink meat of that warm flowing cleft.

Now I leaned down over her with my weight on my hands and arms, and pushed the head of my cock gently into her until her cunt lips clamped over the head like a collar. Then I began a rotating motion with my hips, lightly stirring the head of my dick round and round in her, but not pushing it any deeper in. Her knees came up and her legs went over my shoulders. She hung on kartal escort my shoulders by her knees and lifted her hips up to meet my cock in a slow, undulating motion.

Now I changed the round-and-round motion to a short, shallow stroke. I pressed no more than a quarter inch deeper into her with each stroke, nudging her virgin hymen lightly, and drawing back only a fraction. Her pussy and the whole triangle of her crotch under the pale blonde fuzz had turned a deep red, and the chocolate edges of her inner pussy lips were now black. I watched the fat, purple helmeted head of my cock sliding into the flaming red fatness of her swollen cunt. Each time I pulled back, the dark, glossy inner lips stretched out tight as they clung to my cock.

I pulled her legs off my shoulders, pressed her knees outward and spread eagled them against the bed. She was utterly open to me now, like a ripe flower ready and needing to be taken or else it would burst open with the inner pressure of its own sweetness. I slowed the rhythm of my tiny butterfly cock strokes until each stroke took a full three seconds. I drew my cock almost entirely out of her so that only the tip rested barely inside the dark, shining lips of her wide open cunt. Then, pressing my chest against her warm little tits, I tightened my arms around her body, lifted my hips and drove the shaft of my thick, rigid cock straight down into her creamy wet pussy. I could feel my cockhead mashing against the membrane of her cherry as I slid into her. It resisted the relentless pressure of my invading prick, stretching thinner and tighter with the force of my driving rod. Then it began to give, and it was tearing, and suddenly it popped and tore open and my cock plunged onward into the foaming wet depths of her virgin pussy.

My balls slapped smartly against the creamy smooth roundness of her bottom. She screamed as I ploughed into her, high and shrill like a wounded animal. Her thighs clamped hard against my hips, and her nails sank into my back. She was clawing like a trapped wildcat, and her torn pussy was flowing blood. I could feel the wetness of my balls lying against the smooth roundness of her ass, and the warmth of the blood from her ruptured hymen flowing down them.

I lay still with my cock buried as deep in her as she could hold, mashing it into her hard and deep, soaking up the delicious heat of her pussy through the length of my rod. And it was pulsating, throbbing like a living thing inside her. It was driving me into a frenzy, but I held it pressed into her as deep as possible, without moving, while she bucked and clawed and kicked and screamed, holding her down with the weight of my body and enjoying the ride.

When she gradually stopped bucking and clawing, and her screams toned down into deep, low moans, I eased up the pressure of my hips, drawing my cock back ever so slightly. It was a painful scrape against her torn membrane. Her arms went round my body, mashing me against her chest. Her entire body reacted with a tiny shuddering spasm, and she clung to me. “Noooo!” she moaned. “Not yet. Be still. Don’t take it out. I want it in me. I want all of you in me.”

I hadn’t come yet, and my cock was swollen and distended and aching with need. I held her face between my palms and softly kissed her lips. I stroked her face and her hair. I kissed her firmly on the mouth and drew my swollen cock out of her. She moaned again, through her nose, never breaking the kiss, and her body writhed under me. I continued pulling my dick out of her until only the head was lodged in the tight ring of her torn membrane. I rotated my hips in a stirring motion, round and round and round, slipping it back into her as I stirred her pussy with the head of my hungry cock. I went on pushing it deeper and deeper in her, slowly, slowly, as far as I could get it up in her, until I felt the bottom of her juicy cunt as I bumped the head of my rigid cock against it.

Then in a single tiny stroke I bumped my cockhead once more on her cervix. I bumped it again and again and again, pushing harder into her each time, feeling the wet rubbing of my balls on her upturned ass with each stroke, until I had almost the entire length of my dick inside her. The pressure of her clutching cunt squeezing tight around my cock was, and remains still, the most ecstatic feeling I have ever had.

I wanted to shag her hard and fast, to fill her with my come, but I wanted this thrilling pleasure to go on as long as possible. I pulled out an inch and jammed it in her again as hard as I could thrust. This caused her cunt to spasm, and it crushed my cock with unbelievable pressure. I felt as if my dick would be pinched off.

I jammed it up her again, nailing her to the bed with all the pressure I could put in her. Her legs were tight round my body now, and she thrust her cunt up against me, cramming my cock into her cunt with her heels against my butt. I could feel the boiling come in my balls building to a peak of pressure, and the entire length of my prick began to ache and throb. I started to move my dick again, in and out of her in light medium strokes and a regular rhythm. I found that if I kept the rhythm steady I could control the throbbing pressure in my shaft, and I was able to thrust my dick in and out of her in this way for many minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32