Once More

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I woke up to the soft rhythm of her heart. Her creamy flesh was warm and soft and so close were my eyes to her chest, I couldn’t focus them, there was nothing in my world but a pink expanse of warm flesh. I could smell her delicate perfume, other more exciting aromas. I slowly became aware of my own body. Her soft, supple breasts cradling my head, I could feel her nipple tight against me. Her legs were parted, and my cock was still inside her. I started to move, and she touched my head.

“Shh. Stay here.” I said nothing. I moved my head just a little and could see the rise of her breast, the curving dip of her shoulder.

I could smell our sex — our fucking from earlier. Our sweat was sweet and metallic; her pussy was a delicious musk that made my cock harden instantly.

“I can feel you getting hard.” She whispered in a voice husky with a gentle southern tweak, it crept into your heart and tickled all the soft and kind places. I got harder as she spoke.

“How long have I been asleep?” I asked moving my hips so very slightly, testing the wetness I felt all around my cock. She was hot and slippery with my own cum; I could feel kaçak iddaa it slipping out of her as I moved.

“Forever. Only a second.”

“Am I crushing you?”

“You love me.”

“Are you uncomfortable?” I asked trying to be clear.

“You are inside me. I am filled and full with you,” as she spoke my cock grew, pulsed up with my heartbeat, becoming harder still. “I am not uncomfortable.”

I moved then, reluctant, but I wanted to see her eyes. So black and deep, I regretted it in an instant for I fell into them. I tumbled past reason and logic, my cock buried in this primal woman; we were not making love, we were not fucking. We were mating — bonding. I was destined to penetrate her, to fill her with my seed, and she fated to receive it.

I tumbled deeper into those great black eyes, so majestic that they drank in the light itself. Her lips were ruby colored glass, and my cock was hard, rigid and full, pushing on her softness.

The contrast would have startled even I, had I need able to perceive it. I could not. I kissed her ruby lips full on the mouth; I forced my tongue between them, only because I could.

My hand slipped up, kaçak bahis and I took a handful of her hair. It was jet and silken, and my rigid, cock arched at the thought of her. Like an animal, I flashed from her lips to her throat, I bit and chewed my way down her creamy bosom, to the sensitive crimson top, bunching, becoming hard in my mouth. I suckled her, one hand tugging her hair, the other pulling her to me; cock still buried in her wet pussy. From breast to breast, my mouth toyed and played with those scarlet gems, teasing her superbly formed nipples into the rock-hard points.

All the while my cock, like an iron piston, began to slip in and out. She let out little whimpers, tiny things that were barely audible. I knew her heart; I knew this was her way of asking.

Overcome with lust and the desire to please my delicate love, I pushed her legs over my shoulders. We could both see my cock in her pussy now, frothing with churned up cum from our previous efforts. Her clit was a full, perfect sliver of pink flesh and looking at it made my mouth water.

She was gorgeous. Her body was a playground for me, an adventure, and a dream. I let my eyes illegal bahis roam up her torso, first stopping at the short black pubic hair. I felt so powerful, so lustful. My eyes than to her belly, so soft and pale, perfect. Her lovely tits and their rose-colored crowns. They rocked on her body as I pumped in and out of her. Then, her lips, shining wet. I fell into her eyes again, lost in a galaxy of dreams and hopes, as I fucked her, fucked my love, vigorously and profoundly.

She moaned. Her little whines and whimpers became loud cries, calls for more, for speed, calls for force. I complied, banging my pubic bone against her clit with each thrust.

“I-I’m going to come,” I told her, more out of habit than a warning.

“Yes. Of course.” And I did. And the orgasm rolled up my legs and rippled through my groin, muscles convulsing, I groaned and growled, and spittle flicked from my mouth as I poured everything I was into her — she was as my receptacle, and I was but to fill her.

My eyes rolled back, and her flesh, slick with a new sheen of sweat came close to me, her breasts cradling my head. I reached up and played with her hair, caressing her neck and the inky, silky strands between my fingers. My eyes were heavy, and my breathing, opposite her pounding heart, grew slow.

“Sleep,” she whispered, my cock still buried in her.

And I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32