On The Ranch

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I rolled onto my side to look at the display of the cell phone as it vibrated on my bedside table. Seeing the name and number, I quickly picked it up.

“Hey!” I said. “What a nice surprise.”

“How’s it feel to be old?” the voice on the line said.

I giggled. “God. I’m eighteen. Please don’t tell me that’s old. Besides, that would make you, like, what? Ninety?”

The man’s voice replied: “Try thirty two.”

“So, what’s up, Uncle John?” I said, rolling onto my back and pulling up my t-shirt just far enough to let me slide a hand inside and rest it on my breast.

“Well, I don’t suppose you forgot our promise to you and Kaylee? I’m surprised you guys didn’t call us at one minute past twelve.”

In fact, I’d been thinking about it all day. Five years ago, Uncle John and Aunt Melody had invited me and my twin sister to their ranch in Colorado whenever we turned eighteen. Today was the day.

“No, we haven’t forgotten,” I said, rolling a nipple between my fingers.

“When are you coming?”

I rolled my eyes. “God, Uncle John. How am I supposed to know? And I hope you don’t expect us to pay our own way.”

I thought I heard him laugh. “You leave Friday night. Your parents have the details.”

I practically jumped out of the bed and screamed, “Really?! Honest?! Like, in two days?!”

“Can you stay for a week?” John asked.

“Fuck, yes!” I replied. “Oh, God. I’m sorry, Uncle John. I mean, yes!”

He laughed again. “We’ll work on your language while you’re here, OK?”

“Whatever. I just want to be there and see you guys again, so bad.”

“Kaitlyn, you have to promise me one thing,” he said seriously.

“Anything. I promise. What is it?”

“Neither of you can run around naked,” John said.

I chuckled at his feigned sternness. “I can’t speak for Kaylee.”

“OK. That’s fair. See you Friday?”

“God, yes! I can’t wait, Uncle John. You’re too good to us,” I said. “I’ll go tell Kaylee and find my parents. Bye!”

I let the phone fall to the bed, but before getting up I allowed myself one fleeting mental image of my uncle; the image I liked the best. My hand slid inside my panties and I slid a finger across my slit. I felt the familiar reaction, and then sprang out of bed and ran down the hall.

My parents confirmed my uncle’s message and Kaylee and I hugged with joy. We’d talked about this privately, praying it would happen but never getting our hopes up too high. Now it was reality.

Truth be said, my parents were probably as glad to get rid of us as we were to go to the ranch. As long as my aunt and uncle really wanted us there, it was a win-win-win situation.

When I returned to my bed a half hour later, my mind was spinning with all that needed to be done before Friday and all that lie in front of me and Kaylee in the coming week. I thought once more about Uncle John.

A couple years ago he and Aunt Melody were visiting. I’d always thought he was the coolest guy, and it didn’t hurt that he was gorgeous and athletic and funny. We got along great. For whatever reason—maybe my ability to flirt—he and I hit it off a little better than he and Kaylee. Anyway, I always thought we did.

My hand returned to its place under my panties as I put myself mentally back in the hallway outside the bathroom on that fateful morning. I was wearing a bathrobe that I routinely let hang very loose when I was upstairs and the only person likely to see me was my sister. I pictured myself reaching for the bathroom door.

For whatever reason, it never struck me that anybody would be in there. It was simply habit that I went in; knowing that even if Kaylee was in the shower it wouldn’t bother her. The door swung open and immediately I knew I’d made a big mistake.

Uncle John was standing in front of the mirror, completely naked. I stood with the door knob in my hand for maybe three seconds. No longer. But in those three seconds, I don’t recall my eyes ever leaving the cock hanging between Uncle John’s legs.

I shrieked something incoherent and pulled the door shut. But that image—that wonderful image—has never left my mind. Nor has Uncle John allowed it to leave my mind. Ever since, he has kidded me about it, making it sound every time as though it was me that was naked, not him. Thus, the comment on the phone about running around naked.

My fingers pressed harder against my clit as I closed my eyes tighter and started recalling the cock, every beautiful inch of it. I saw the pink skin, the curve of the shaft, and the large head. I saw his balls hanging underneath. He was huge—compared to Tommy’s cock, which I only saw for a second when he peed against a tree during a hike we took. Uncle John’s cock was long, and thick, and…not even erect.

I inserted a finger into my wet cunt. As always, I believed it was my uncle’s cock that was inside me. He was fucking me with it and I was naked and he was telling me to cum; that it was OK to cum.

I put a second finger inside me. With both fingers sopping wet, I pulled them out and brought them up to ataşehir escort my clit, where a half dozen strokes brought me to the brink of an orgasm.

I muttered his name softly as my body stiffened. I spread my legs and bent my knees in preparation for the crushing climax I knew was imminent.

A couple seconds later my head was rolling back and forth on the pillow while I came. My pussy lurched forward against my hand as if Uncle John’s cock was there…pounding me while he looked down on my naked body. I could feel him—inside me, on me, all around me.

As usual, the orgasm was short and powerful. I opened my eyes to the darkness of my room and he was gone.


The flight from Miami to Denver was much too long for Kaylee and me. But it was worth it when we entered the terminal and Uncle John and Aunt Melody were waiting for us with big smiles. After hugs and kisses, we got our luggage and headed for their SUV.

A half hour drive filled with constant chatter took us to the sprawling ranch. It was dark, so we couldn’t appreciate the majesty of the mountains in the distance, or the seemingly endless fields and fences, or the magnificent horses that dotted the fields during the day.

But once inside the house, Kaylee and I were reminded of why this was one of our favorite places on Earth. The design was ‘modern log cabin’ with plenty of high ceilings, wood beams everywhere, lofts, and western motif wall coverings. The great room was only the center of the massive mansion, with hallways heading in all directions and two floors of one glorious room after another.

After a quick snack, Aunt Melody took me and Kaylee up to our bedrooms. She made sure we knew where everything was, and then left us on our own to unpack, with instructions to meet in the kitchen for breakfast the next day whenever we wanted.

“This is going to be fantastic,” Kaylee said with greater than usual enthusiasm. We may have been twins, but Kaylee certainly got the better of the brains and the introverted personality. It was always a dead giveaway when she was excited.

“I know,” I said. “I wonder what we’ll be doing all week.”

“I know what YOU’LL be doing,” she replied.

“What?” I said with a look of uncertainty.

“Drooling over Uncle John. God, Kaitlyn. I thought you were going to undress him in the SUV the way you were looking at him.”

I was sitting on her bed, watching her unpack. I grabbed a pair of her panties and threw them at her. “I wasn’t ‘looking’ at him. And don’t give ME a hard time. You think he’s hot and I know it.”

“How would I know if he’s hot or not? I wasn’t the one who barged in on him and saw him naked. I think it’s my turn,” Kaylee said, stuffing the panties in a drawer.

“Go for it,” I said, getting up to leave. “Just tell me when you’re going to do it so I can be there.”

She smiled and stuck her tongue out at me. I headed for my room.

I wasn’t in there more than ten minutes when there was a soft knock on my already open door. I turned around to see Uncle John standing in the doorway.

“Hey,” I said.

“Is there anything you need before we go to bed?”

“Nope. I think I have everything for now, Uncle John.”

He stepped inside the room, but only barely. “Kaitlyn, I think it would be easier for everybody if you and Kaylee just called us John and Melody. I mean, you’re adults now. We’re adults. Is that OK with you?”

I smiled. “It’s fine with me. If you haven’t told her already, I’ll mention it to Kaylee.”

“Thanks.” John looked around at the various piles of clothes I hadn’t put away yet. “Did you bring everything you own?”

“Hell no,” I said quickly. “Your drawers and closets couldn’t hold it.”

He laughed. “I thought Melody was bad.”

After a brief pause, he asked, “Bring anything for the pool?”

“Of course,” I said, taking a few seconds to find one of my bikinis. I held up the two tiny pieces, and wiggled my hips.

“Wow! You wear that in public?” he asked.

“Only on special occasions.”

“I hope we have one soon,” he said. “Goodnight, Kaitlyn.”

“Goodnight…John,” I said.


Kaylee and I, while not identical twins, both have long, very straight brown hair with some streaks of lighter brown weaved in. It’s easy to take care of, wet or dry, humid or not. We’re fairly tall, nearly reaching our father’s height while still in high school. John, our father’s younger brother, is no taller than either of us.

Kaylee and I DO have identical bodies, although I have a greater propensity to show mine off. Not that it has resulted in that many more sexual episodes for me. In fact, neither of us have allowed our boyfriends to have sex with us—relying, instead, on a small collection of favorite toys purchased for us by older friends. So any talk of us being virgins would be a technical one, at best.

I often wondered if John’s apparent ‘interest’ in Kaylee and me wasn’t somewhat brought on by our similarity in appearance to Melody. She, too, had brunette hair and an athletic body. kadıköy escort All three of us possessed more than adequate breasts, with sculptured hips and long legs. If I had my way, John would be seeing plenty of mine in the coming week.

We congregated in the kitchen, as instructed, the next morning. Kaylee and I wore shorts and t-shirts pretty much out of habit, forgetting that the mornings and evenings at the ranch were often quite chilly. John was quick to remind us.

“Well, we’re going to put you to work right away, girls. You’ll want jeans on to start, I’m afraid,” he said while we ate.

“What are we doing?” Kaylee asked.

“Working in one of the barns. It’s clean up time. Nothing too hard, don’t worry.”

“You don’t take Saturdays off?” I asked.

John grunted. “This IS taking it off. You don’t want to do what we do all week.”

I looked at Kaylee, and then John. “Maybe we do.”

“Better keep them out of sight of the Alton crew,” Melody chimed in.

Our questioning looks made her answer without us having to ask. “They help with the horses, sometimes. Young guys. I wouldn’t trust them within ten feet of either of you.”

Kaylee and I smiled, appreciating her concern but now interested in the ‘crew’.

“She’s probably right,” John added in her defense. “Be careful.”

Kaylee was finished eating and changed into her jeans before I even got up from the table. When I was ready, I walked up to my bedroom and found my jeans. I was standing in my panties and t-shirt closing the dresser drawer when I heard a sound at the door.

“Might want to keep this closed,” John said, as he leaned against the doorway.

I faced him and held the jeans at my side. “Why?”

“Somebody might see you.”

“It’s been known to happen. At least I’m partially dressed…unlike some people I know,” I said, hoping he caught my inference.

“You could have knocked,” he said.

“Would you have let me in?”

He grinned, his eyes floating up and down my body. “Absolutely.”

I put one leg into my jeans, casually followed that with the other leg, and pulled the pants up to my thighs. After a brief delay, I finished the job with an exaggerated wiggle of my ass. I made sure I was watching him as I very slowly pulled up the zipper and buttoned the jeans.

“Better?” I asked.

“No. But you’ll appreciate having them on pretty soon.”

Together, we walked downstairs.

We met up with Kaylee outside the back door and walked to the barn. It was away from the main cluster of outbuildings, across two small fields used for working out the younger horses. By the time we got to the barn, Kaylee and I realized why John had us change clothes. It was chillier than a Miami morning, for sure.

The traditional wood barn must have been one of the original buildings on the ranch. As John slid open the huge doors, Kaylee and I scanned the outside with all its nooks and crannies and crevices in between the beams. Once inside, and after the initial unmistakable blast of musty air, we moved to the center of the building. John closed the doors behind us.

“Over here,” he said, leading us past a couple of horse stalls. “This corner here needs rearranged.”

Kaylee and I looked at the disorganized heap of tools, beams, and buckets that took up nearly three-quarters of a good sized stall. It was clearly going to take some work to move them—without killing each other in the process.

“The beams go upstairs,” John said, pointing to the loft. “The tools go onto the bench over there. And the buckets over by the door.”

He pointed in the appropriate direction for each category and Kaylee and I took mental notes.

“You expect me to get a beam upstairs?” I asked skeptically.

“Nope. Just lift it and I’ll do the rest. You’ll see.”

I look at him dubiously. “Let’s start with that. I want to see this.”

Unfortunately, the beams were behind some other stuff and Kaylee and I spent the first few minutes getting to one, much to John’s delight. Finally, when I was ready to attempt to grapple a beam, John moved over to the ladder leading up to the loft.

It ended up requiring both Kaylee and me to carry the beam to John, Kaylee on one end and me on the other. We held it in front of us and the tension of the beam on our t-shirts caused the shirts to stretch down and across our breasts. As was the norm, neither of us wore a bra, thinking we were on vacation and not a work assignment. From his perch halfway up the ladder, John got quite a view.

“Now, lift it up and don’t let go until I say so,” he said.

Kaylee and I counted to three and raised the beam as far as we could. John grabbed it somewhere near the middle, rested one end on the ladder, and shouted: “Got it!”

We let go and both of us took a step or two backward, fully expecting the log to come crashing down. Instead, John moved his grip and flung the beam into the loft. It was actually quite impressive.

He looked down at us. “Well, where’s the next one?”

Kaylee and I turned simultaneously bostancı escort and repeated the process—three more times. By the time the last one was sitting in the loft, we were hot, out of breath, and sore. John jumped off the ladder and stood in front of us, gazing at our filthy t-shirts.

“NOW you look like you belong on a ranch,” he said.

“This is an off-day?” Kaylee panted while inspecting her dirty hands.

“Odd jobs,” John said. “Not even work. You aren’t done you know.”

It took another half hour or so to clear out the stall. As Kaylee and I were putting away the last of the buckets, John was sneaking up behind us with a hose. Just as we turned around, we were met with a spray of cold water.

We screamed, put up our hands in protection, and turned our backs to him. The bath continued, refreshing on one hand and troublesome for our clothes on the other. The spraying down might have only lasted a few seconds, but the effect was clear. We were much cooler, and much wetter.

When the screams, and water, stopped, John said, “The horses love that. What’s your problem?”

Kaylee and I turned to face him, not aware at first of the wet t-shirt effect already in play. His eyes, and the cold shirts against our breasts, made us aware of our conditions. Kaylee immediately crossed her arms in front of herself. I took another approach.

I ran towards him in an effort to get the hose. He jerked it out of my reach and we bumped together. I didn’t give up, grabbing the hose well below the spray nozzle and yanking it as hard as I could. Perhaps he let me win, but soon I had the water spraying directly at his jeans. I got him good both front and back before letting the nozzle go and dropping the hose.

Kaylee was laughing from her safe vantage point, while I gasped for air, my nipples pressing against the soaked shirt each time I took a breath.

“That’s a good look for you,” John said with amusement.

I stepped forward, until I was close enough to touch him. I put my hand on his dripping wet crotch. “You don’t look too bad yourself.”

Kaylee wasn’t laughing now. John’s expression was one of curiosity.

“How do you explain THIS to Melody?” I asked.

“She’s in town shopping. Goes every Saturday. She won’t be back for hours,” he answered.

I felt his cock hardening. All my imagining, my orgasms, my dreams—they came together now as I held the cock I’d wanted for so long. I rubbed him.

“So we have time,” I said.


I didn’t answer. I unbuckled his belt, opened his jeans and pulled down the zipper. I had to push the wet jeans down his legs, but soon he was standing in just his underwear. The bulge in front was already obvious and I rubbed him a couple more times.

I took off his underwear and once again I saw the cock I’d accidentally seen a couple years ago. Kaylee now saw it for the first time, and her stare answered any questions of whether or not I’d been lying to her. The fact was, he was even harder now, and more impressive, than when I saw him last.

Still, he was not fully erect. I took hold of the bottom of my wet shirt and lifted it over my head, exposing my tits to him and letting him glance at them for a few seconds.

“Touch me, John.”

He raised both hands and cupped my breasts in his palms. Soon, he was massaging them and playing with my cold nipples. I returned the favor by taking his cock in my hand and wrapping my fingers around it, stroking him slowly.

“C’mon, Kaylee. We’re going to have some fun—on our day off.”

It only took her a second to remove her shirt and join me in front of our uncle. I knelt down while John bent over to take one of Kaylee’s tits in his mouth. While he sucked on her, I ran my tongue over his shaft. I heard Kaylee moan a couple times, trying to imagine how wonderful it must have felt to have him sucking the cold, wet tits.

It didn’t take her long, however, to kneel down next to me and let her tongue take its place on his cock. Between us we covered every inch of his erection. And I mean erection. He was enormous, at least in my opinion. Just like I dreamed it would be.

He ran his fingers through our hair as we began to alternate taking him into our mouths and sucking him. For all of her timid mannerisms normally, Kaylee was showing no signs of her shyness now. When it was her turn, she took nearly the entire length of his cock into her mouth and held it there while her tongue worked it over on both sides. John’s groans of approval gave her the incentive to go on.

I had him in my mouth when we heard him say, “God, Kaitlyn. I’m, I’m going to…cum.”

That only made me suck him harder and deeper. I used a hand to stroke the bottom of his cock while my mouth concentrated on the more sensitive head.

“Kaitlyn! Oh God! Now. Now!”

I pulled back. “Cum on us, John. Cum on our tits.”

He masturbated wildly while Kaylee and I waited for the blasts of cum we knew would arrive soon. We looked at the head of his cock, and finally had to wait no longer as the first long stream poured out and landed on me. The second burst was aimed at Kaylee and made a direct hit on both tits. Subsequent blasts covered each of us equally and we both had the pleasure of licking the last few drops from the tip of his marvelous cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32