On Holiday with My Parents Pt. 05

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Many thanks for all your votes and comments. They make all the hours of work worthwhile.

There is NO reference to underage sex in this story!

Starting traditions.

Previously (in precis);

I couldn’t go on holiday with my friends as the travel company went bust. I went with my parents instead and sucked my Dad off then he fucked me while I ate my Mother’s cunt. Which is a bit brief. See Chapters 1-4 contain the detail.

I hope you enjoy.

### ### ###

Dad was doing a perfect impression of being totally and utterly spent. He’d shot his load deep into Mum’s pussy with six truly impressive jerks swiftly followed by deep shudders and heartfelt grunts of satisfaction. His upper body was hunched such that his weight was taken on his forearms while still able to keep his cock buried deep inside her pussy and kiss her passionately at the same time. For her part she had her legs splayed so wide that the heels of her feet dangled off the side of the bed. One each side. I’d scrunched up a bit so as not to make her uncomfortable. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and he wasn’t going anywhere soon.

I just laid there contentedly and bathed in the happiness they radiated.

After a while she released his neck from her vice like hold and he sat up, squatting on his heels, with his impressive cock still inside her pussy. To my utter amazement he was still most certainly ‘interested’ enough to put a smile on many a woman’s face, including mine.

Carefully supporting his cock in the palm of his hand he knee walked up her body until he was pushing up her boobs. They looked like to great big balls under his cock. She grabbed her pillow and shoved it under her head with his pillow and opened her mouth like a baby bird needing to be fed.

With one hand leaning on the chalet wall for balance Dad used his other hand to guide his dripping cock towards her tongue. She slurped noisily and very rudely as her tongue licked up the slick, slippery, whipped mixture of fresh every time cream and the delicious ‘I’ve just been well fucked’ juice. I watched attentively. There is always something to be learned, especially from experts.

She completed her mammoth task with minimum haste and maximum relish then smacked her lips with glee.

“All done!” she announced to the world at large.

“May I have your cream pie, please?” I asked politely.

I scooted off the side of the bed and around to the foot. Crawling up between her legs I stared at her pussy in astonishment. He’d done a proper job on that and no mistake, I told myself as I eased closer.

Her pussy gaped open. The entrance glistened in the evening sun through the uncovered window. It fell onto the bed exactly where the delicious, dripping, swollen, well fucked pussy was, like a low powered light in a shady sex dive. I had but one thought in my head as I tenderly pressed my lips against the gaping hole and lapped up his, fresh today, cream. ‘I hope my pussy looks as good as this when he’s finished fucking me!’

I had to be very gentle with her. I didn’t want to risk spoiling the pleasure that his magnificent cock had given her by tramping all over his delicate masterpiece. Soft kisses and tender licks were very much the order of the day.

I felt rather than saw him move from her chest. She raised her legs and gently rested her feet on my shoulders. It felt good having her to myself for a moment or two. Instantly I felt guilty, such thoughts were wrong, I knew that but, it did feel nice.

Then, suddenly, I felt him behind me. His wonderful cock stroked up and down my slippery slit salaciously. The knob head stopped at my cunt and nudged in just a little.

“OK Sarah?” he asked cautiously.

I nodded my head vigorously and he pushed his surprisingly hard cock straight into my pussy without further ado. Right up inside me until there was no more cock left. He started to fuck me. There was absolutely no uncertainty in his actions. We, the three of us, had signed up to this totally incestuous relationship the previous night and that was good enough. Dad fucked me hard, driving into my pussy with the same energy ataşehir escort that he’d used to fuck Mum only a few minutes earlier.

I had no further control over how I pleasured her, he was in the driving seat and he was driving hard. My mouth gave my Mother’s poor, swollen pussy the same pounding that Dad’s cock was giving my very grateful cunt. All I could do was try my best not to catch her tender sweetness with my teeth. That all changed moments later when she used my shoulders as anchor points and rammed her wet, swollen pussy hard up onto my mouth and ground her wetness against my face.

I was being face fucked with my beautiful Mother’s pussy and my cunt was being cock fucked by my handsome Father. It wasn’t very many minutes before my first orgasm of the evening hit me hard. If my mouth hadn’t been buried in pussy the entire campsite would have heard exactly how good it felt. Mum came soon after and washed my face deliciously. Dad didn’t cum. He kept fucking me so wonderfully hard and driving my face into pussy. I came again as did Mum and still he fucked us.

Eventually she’d cum enough. Removing her feet from my shoulders she just flopped back onto the bed. I didn’t follow her pussy down but rested on my forearms, kissed Mum deeply and drove my greedy pussy back to meet the advancing cock.

“On your back, Sarah,” he instructed.

Mum moved quickly and I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs so that he could do whatever he wished with them. He lifted them high. My bum was off the mattress. Mummy jammed three pillows under my bum!

“Comfy? Guide me in.”

With his cock back inside my dripping cunt Dad started to fuck me like no man had ever fucked me before. He used my legs to position my body wherever he needed it. He pushed them over my head, almost folding me in half and rammed his big, fat, magnificent cock in as deep as he could. He rolled me to left and right, heaving me back onto the pillows when my head started to bang against the head-board and all the time he drove his glorious cock deep into my welcuming cunt. I’ve no idea how many times I came, My Mother admitted that she lost count. I’ve no idea how much noise I might have made, if any. I was oblivious to everything except the driving cock.

I was climbing ever upwards approaching what I knew would have to be my last orgasm for a while when he drove in deep and stopped. He wriggled his hips. I opened my eyes in wonder. He was pouring his love deep inside my happy, happy cunt. My Father, my new fuck-master, was cumin deep inside me!

I climaxed like I’d never climaxed before.

### ### ###

As he had with Mum, he lowered himself to rest on his forearms, I wrapped my arms around him and we kissed and smooched and snogged like the new lovers that we were. It felt incredible to be able to hold him, and kiss him, and cuddle him, and love him while I could still feel him deep inside me and his fresh every time cream slowly dripping passed his cock and leaking onto the bed sheet. It was, to me, a truly magical experience.

We broke our long kiss. He rolled off of me. Mum was there, with us all the time. She looked as happy as I felt and just gazed at me very happily for quite a while.

“May I have your cream pie?” she asked quietly.

### ### ###

She could and was at the bottom of the bed and up between my widely parted legs in the blink of an eye. As soon as I felt her soft lips on my pussy I sighed with utter contentment and closed my eyes. It felt absolutely incredible. My pussy was still tingling from his wonderful assault on my senses and now she was being very soft and gentle. A bad cop, good cop kind of thing.

I was loving the difference but, to be honest, was hoping for something a little more energetic. As if reading my mind her face suddenly rammed hard into my pussy and surrounding area. Opening my eyes in total surprise I saw my Father, back in position behind her. His wonderful cock had obviously recovered fully because he was driving his glorious, hard, fat, long, cock enthusiastically into her cunt. I was stunned. Again? So hard and so soon?

### ### ###

The kadıköy escort rest of the holiday was wonderful. We went to bed early, got up late with lots and lots of lovely sex in between. We wandered around the area, naked, applied sunscreen whenever needed and had great fun and more than a few orgasms on the way. We headed home without a tan line between us.

### ### ###

We were in an Aire de Picnic on the motorway, having a break and a bite to eat. Talking about the future. I’d move back home as soon as possible, after I’d made up a suitable excuse to my girlfriends. We’d live as a threesome. The house was big, the gardens totally private and we could be naked most of the time without scaring the neighbours.

“Y’know, I wouldn’t object to becoming a Grandmother,” Mum slipped in conversationally.

My heart flipped!

“Would you object to being a Granddad, Dad? I smiled, “and a Dad again, at the same time?” I added invitingly.

My Dad just grinned very happily.

I looked around the Aire but there were far too many people around to start practicing there and then.

### ### ###

Whilst I’d been away my friends had hooked up with some guys who had also missed out on a trip to Ayia Napa. They concluded that as they had all intended to go there for loads of sex they might as well have sex at home. The upshot was they were sharing with three guys and I could share if I wished. I told them that it might get a bit crowded and that I’d move out and let them have their own fun.

Well that worked out well.

The next major problem was accounting for me, boyfriendless, getting pregnant, with no sign of a Father, and my Parents happy to keep their wayward daughter under their roof. Their response was very simple — just delighted to have a Grandchild to spoil.

Another box ticked.

The trickiest problem was accounting for getting pregnant? It must have been consensual so… Too many drinks at a party? I’d have to have been gang-banged not to know the Father! No way was I going to be ‘raped’. Someone I met at a seminar? Unlikely that I wouldn’t know who they were. A secret married lover? No way!

It was Mum’s idea, dead simple. As soon as I missed a period I’d head off to the chalet for a week, get in with the crowd, screwed senseless and return pregnant. She could even accompany me. Or I only say I went there and went somewhere local or I didn’t go, just spread the story that I had.

It made a lot of sense, to us. If my girlfriends asked how it happened I could spin the tale and if they asked where this sexy place was we could rent them the chalet in the ‘normal’ site and tell them to take a walk up the beach a ways. Job done.

### ### ###

With the important details sorted I came off the pill at the first opportunity. Even when we were home the frequency of sex didn’t drop off a lot. Dad fucked one of us before going off to work on his bike and the other when he returned home. Blow-jobs and quickies kept him on his toes and our cunts wet. Friday night to Sunday night was a sex fest with breaks when necessary to do essential chores.

Dad was still cycling to work. I drove to work. Mum carried on with her part-time, it stops me going bananas, job. Outwardly everything carried on as normal. When the front door closed at the end of the day the sex started. Not always the three of us together. Not always cock controlled but always sex. No ‘Mummy, Daddy or Baby Girl’. We were all very grown up but spent most of our time, at home, naked. At other times Mum and I would be as scantily clad as we could. Dad enjoyed it as much as we did. We may not have fucked quite so often as we did on holiday but there was plenty of touchy feely loving going on and we always slept together.

### ### ###

At the end of August we went away again, to the nudist chalet. We took no part in the ‘extra curricular’ activities that were available to those that were interested. I did however make a point of learning enough of what was available and how it was obtained to be able to advise my girlfriends how I’d become pregnant when the time came.

We bostancı escort had a wonderful holiday with absolutely no tan lines. We’d had lots and lots of great sex and really didn’t want to go home… but needs must. Everything was packed that could be packed. Sandwiches were made for the journey. In the morning we only needed to have breakfast, shower and clean up a bit, then away.

“Dad, I feel a bit y’know. Can we go to the beach and fuck?”

It was nearly dark. The beach gate was shut for the night so we had to take the long way. We went to the swingers’ beach. It wasn’t empty and a man with two women skipping though the wavelets quickly attracted attention. Mum and Dad said it would be fun and we were leaving at the crack of dawn the next day anyway. We rolled out the beach blanket. Dad laid down the center with Mum and I either side.

“Any preferences?”

“Not really, I just feel that tonight might be the night.”

It was light enough for me to see both Mum and Dad smile knowingly.

We played with Dad’s cock. Just light teasing to start with, before using our mouths’. A group formed around us and we started to swallow his length. Little by little we played at teasing each other. Daring the other to take more. Once we were both deep-throating Dad we dared each other to keep his cock head deep for longer and longer. The crowd were appreciative going by their sounds of encouragement and entreaties to take him deeper and longer. They concluded that we were Wife and Daughter and encouragement was aimed directly at ‘his wife’ or ‘your Dad’ in various languages, it didn’t really matter.

Dad was getting closer and closer so I told Mum to climb aboard. She didn’t argue. Straddling his hips while I aimed his cock straight at her cunt. She sank down delightedly.

“Don’t let him cum!” I begged, “just get him close then we swap.”

Mum had lots of experience of keeping Dad just below boiling point and she teased him and entertained the crowd of voyeurs for at least another five minutes.

“Ready to be a Mummy, Baby-Girl?”

She reached between her legs and held Dad’s cock tight. She rolled off, keeping the cock firm in her hand. I straddled Dad’s hips, Mum guided his cock expertly and I slid slowly down to the root while Mum stroked vigorously.

I’d only bounced twice on Dad’s throbbing cock when he suddenly thrust upwards and held it there. I stayed as I was, impaled on his pulsing cock while he pumped his millions of baby makers into my unprotected body. The crowd erupted delightedly, obviously aware of what we were trying to achieve. None of us moved for quite a few minutes hoping to give the little swimmers a good chance of finding their way to the spawning grounds.

I rolled off. Mum swooped down on Dad’s cock with her greedy mouth and tidied him up while I laid quietly on my side with my legs clamped firmly together. I wasn’t letting anything escape.

With the watching crowd, the hope that he’d made his Daughter pregnant and Mum’s expert cock sucking skills Dad was soon ready to go again. Still with my thighs held tight together I helped tease him and the crowd. When he was ready Mum rolled onto her back, Dad moved between her parted thighs. I placed his cock in exactly the right place and Mum got very seriously fucked! Much to mine and the crowd’s delight.

Y’know, I’m pretty sure both my parents are exhibitionists!

### ### ###

In early May, the following year, I proudly displayed my babies bump, yep you read that correctly, plural, twins, on the beach. I can strongly recommend being naked and pregnant. Mum and Dad applied sunscreen as often as I wished and we still fucked every night and every morning. I had twins in July. Baby-girl and Baby-boy. Sandra and Shaw, named for where they were conceived, on the Sandy Shore.

That was all over twenty years ago now. Sandy and Shaw are away at Uni, just going into their final year. We’re very proud of them. Their Mum’s brains and Dad’s good looks or is it the other way round?

Their first year was spent in halls but when the second year started they got a flat together and shared a bed. When they came home for the Christmas recess they asked if they could sleep together. The answer was yes, obviously.

The End?

### ### ###

Thank you for reading my little tale. I hope that you enjoyed it.

Comments and votes always welcum.

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