Old Man Fetish

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Adel Morel

I’m your typical 19-year-old girl. Just finished college, started my first job. I like to socialise. I like to buy new clothes and read girly magazines. I’m medium height, dark hair, blue eyes. My body has developed well and I have fairy big C cup breasts and a nice pert ass. I keep my pussy trimmed and I go to the gym a couple of times a week. Other than all of this there is something different about me. Something I don’t like, but that turns me on.

It started when my parents got broadband installed in our house. I browsed the internet like anyone else would. Then one of my girl mates told me she had looked at porn online, and told me how easy it was to find. I had never looked at porn before, or felt the need. I masturbate when I’m horny, and I’ve had sex with a couple of guys my age. But after she told me this, and I next became horny, I decided to have a little glance.

Now I must admit, I got quite turned on looking at big cocks plunging into tight little holes. I enjoyed seeing cumshots. I enjoyed the whole experience. My pussy gushed with juice and I played with my sodden hole on not only that occasion, but on various occasions afterwards. A whole new world of sexual excitement had opened up to me. This was all fine, and it became a regular habit. Then one day something happened.

I browsed to one video clip site to a link, but this opened up about 5 pop up windows and I immediately tried to close them. They were our basic porn ads but one of them caught my eye and shocked me. It was an advert for “old and young” porn and showed a grey haired wrinkly old man, probably in his 80s, with his elderly cock being sucked by a girl who looked to be only just older than myself! I was surprised to see this, and the subject had never really occurred to me. I closed the window and thought nothing of it…until next time I got horny and browsed for porn.

Now this time I saw a category “old men fucking young girls.” Curiosity got the better of me and before long I was watching short video clips of dirty old codgers getting their grubby hands on young sweet girls. I hate to admit it still but my pussy was pouring with juice. It seemed so wrong and naughty to be looking at this stuff that I just got really turned on. I felt guilty and ashamed but I frigged myself many times looking at this stuff.

Now I had never even imagined my fetish for old men and young girls carrying over into the real world. I just enjoyed looking at this subject matter online, and I had not imagined myself in the situation. This started to change when I visited my doctor for a check-up. Now with my new mindset I saw him differently. He had treated me for years and was a friendly old guy. Probably in his late 60s and due for retirement. But with images of old man sex popping up in my mind lots I struggled to keep my mind on the matter at hand. He asked what I wanted to check up on and I mentioned a few minor ailments and he talked me through those issues. But the whole time I found my mind drifting away and I was not really listening to him. I was studying his wrinkled hands and the haramidere escort bulge of belly and possibly cock and balls in the trousers that he was wearing slightly too high.

“Miss? Miss?” he said, snapping me out of my trance. I blushed slightly, he no doubt saw wear my eyes were directed. He asked if everything was ok and I replied yes. He then changed his demeanour, something was very different about him.

“Whilst you are here, I think I should ask if everything is ok with your breasts?”

Breasts? What did he mean? I was taken aback slightly.

“Sorry, very forward of me. What I mean is are you examining them regularly for lumps and bumps?”

As now this made more sense. It was a medical question. Of course I did play with my breasts regularly but I didn’t want him to know that so I denied that I did.

“In that case I feel you should start to do so. Cancer can get people at any age nowadays. I tell you what, lift off your top and remove your bra and I can instruct you on the best methods.”

I froze. Did I really want to expose myself to my elderly doctor? Of course this was perfectly natural and part of his job. He didn’t mean anything other than to make sure I was a fit and healthy young woman. After a moment of silence I removed the clothing and was sitting before him with my C cup breasts jutting out, the nipples hardening in the air-conditioned room. It didn’t take long for the doc to reach out and grasp a tit in each hand.

“Now you need to feel them like this,” he whispered, leaving me wondering if he was enjoying his job a little too much. He started to squeeze my breasts, and my breathing increased as I watching his old fingers playing with my tit. My pussy started to moisten. Now I was enjoying this too much! But before it could go any further a knock at the door switched us back to reality. It was the doctors receptionist and she called his next appointment had arrived.

“Pop your clothes back on but you get the idea. Keep an eye on them,” he said with a grin and a wink. I left the surgery and went straight home, to my bedroom and played with my pussy, having one of my best ever orgasms. Something bugged me though, the bulge in his trousers. Was it a big cock and balls? Was he concealing some seriously big old man meat? I wish I’d found out. I kind of wanted to see an old man’s dick in real life, not just on the computer screen.

A few weeks went by after this incident, and I was trying to get myself off of my strange fetish, feeling extremely guilty about my dirty little secret thoughts as per usual. One my friends phoned up in quite a state. I calmed her down and she explained to me she had been flashed whilst taking a short cut home through the woods. I asked her for more detail, did she get a description of the man for instance?

“Yes…” she sobbed, “He looked like a homeless man maybe, in a dirty old trench coat, nothing underneath. He must have been at least 80 years old!”

My heart skipped a beat. 80 years old? A proper dirty old man?

“Did ikitelli escort he have a big cock?” I asked. I wished I hadn’t.

“This isn’t funny!” she cried and she hung up the phone. My mind was racing with all sorts of sordid thoughts. I knew the area she meant. If I left now maybe I could see him for myself. I was in my dressing gown, I chucked on some underwear, a top and a skirt. I grabbed my door key and off I went in my search to see an old mans penis. It took me 5 minutes to get to the woods on my bicycle. I hid it in some nearby bushes and walked towards the main pathway, trying to act as naturally as I could. My heart was beating so fast, and I felt kind of scared. I didn’t know anything about this man or what he planned to do. Was he just happy to flash, or was he a rapist? I didn’t really know, but my kinky side just so wanted to see an 80-year-old man’s cock that I almost didn’t care. They were minor details in my mind.

I was around half way along the stone path when I heard a rustling in the bushes. I froze, and held my breath. Rooted to the spot, almost in fear I glanced around me but didn’t see any movement. Suddenly ahead of me a figure lurched onto the path. Sure enough it was a VERY old man with thinning grey hair, a dirty grey beard, almost certainly a hobo. His dirty mud stained trench coat looked undersized and covered only to his knee and he held it closed with both hands. He was slightly stooped over as he wandered towards me and I pretended to be going about my normal business.

No sooner had I taken a step forward towards him than he looked up at me, shot me a lecherous toothless grin, and ripped open the soiled garment he wore. I gasped and my eyes opened widely as there before me this filthy old homeless pig proudly displayed a big veiny monster of a cock. It almost didn’t look like it should be on his body. The rest of him was skin and bones and wispy grey hair. His ballsack was saggy and hung very low with 2 chunky looking testicles enclosed. But I just could not move my eyes from his hardened cock. It pointed straight at me like a loaded weapon.

Suddenly I heard a hiss and I was drawn back to the old bastards face. He was so ugly and he looked so confused. Obviously used to his victims running away in fear. He had found one cute little girl awestruck at the sight before her and seemingly with running away the last thing on her mind. In fact I was started to wonder if I should be running as he growled and gripped onto his meat, wanking himself off in front of me. I was mesmerised as I watched his bony hand slide up and down the fat shaft, his cum obviously boiling up in his balls and begging to be set free. He took a step towards me and stopped, perhaps testing my resolve. Confident that I wasn’t going anywhere soon he took 3 more steps and was now a step away from me, his boner slapping away in his palm. I was inches away from his monster cock, but I also became aware of a foul stench. He had clearly not washed for a long long time.

Snapping to my senses I backed off slightly, istanbul escort aware that I should now make my exit. The old devil clearly had other ideas though. Reaching out he grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand towards his bobbing member. I struggled to pull free and in doing so fell backwards, my legs widening to help break my fall but in doing so exposing my white panties to his perverted glare.

I gathered to my feet but he reacted quicker than me, grasping me around the neck with his right hand and pushing me off of the path and into the wooded, bush like area he had appeared from. My little legs backed up until my back collided with the closest tree. His face was inches from mine and his breath was putrid in the fresh air of the forest.

“You naughty little slut.” he hissed as he stuck his tongue out and licked my lips. I was repulsed and yet my submissive side was starting to get aroused. I stuck my tongue out for him in return and he wasted no time in taking the chance to slide his slimy offering into my mouth, working it around and filling me with his horrible saliva. I could feel his cock pushing in against my stomach and reached down for it, gasping as I realised I could not grip my entire hand around its girth.

The old man lifted my top off and over my head, and practically tore my bra off. He lifted my skirt and pushed my to the ground, yanking my panties aside and plunging his tongue into my most private place. Soon I was bucking and yelping as he lapped away at my sex.

“Let me taste your filthy cock.” I begged and he obliged, rolling me around and thrusting it into my mouth, gripping at my hair as he did so.

Maybe it was the lack of sex in his life but he became very aggressive, fucking away at my mouth, spitting on my face. He even slapped me a couple of times when his cock slipped from my mouth. Mascara ran down my face in tears caused my gagging on his beastly penis. But this didn’t stop him, if anything he got more aroused and he spun me onto my back, pushing his cock so deep that is manky old balls slapped against my nose, blocking my only airway. I choked and he laughed, withdrawing his member and ordering me onto all fours. I held onto a low branch of the tree as he completely ripped my panties off and in one swift move stuffed his entire length deep into my dripping cunt. I let out a slight scream and he reacted by slapping my arse and then shoving my gooey ripped knickers into my mouth. His cock drove so deep and my pussy gaped so wide and the whole situation sent me over the edge. I gushed hot pussy juice all over his cock as I came hard, spitting the soiled undies from my mouth and crying out in joy.

After a minute or so of pounding away he clearly couldn’t take anymore. He pulled out and pinned my head to the forest floor with his left hand. With his right hand he jacked his throbbing cock off until he blasted stream after stream of rancid sticky steaming hot hobo spunk all one side of my face. Before I could say a word or react he had grabbed his coat and run off into the woods, leaving me a dirty mess upon the floor. I mopped the spunk off my face with my panties before discarding them in a nearby bush. I dressed and made a hasty exit before anyone walked by.

My pussy was still tingling and I ended up playing with myself 4 times that day. I had completely given myself over to being a submissive slut for very old men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32