Off At College Ch. 10

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Chapter 10 – Overnight

I woke up with a start late on Saturday morning. Sitting up in bed, I first glanced at the clock and realized that I was paying the price for my activities the evening before. The evidence of my partying was sitting on my desk, a half dozen or so empty beer bottles and three full condoms. In addition, my clothing from the previous evening was scattered about the room. However, I was pleased that I had managed to pull on a t-shirt and panties after Chuck had left.

Looking over at my roommate’s bed, I was glad to see that Julie had made it in sometime in the night. Just then Julie bolted straight up in bed exposing her bare tits and muttering, “Oh shit, what time is it? I’ve got to call Bob.”

“Roomie, take it easy. It’s almost 11:45 and why do you have to call Bob?”

Julie jumped out of bed revealing the fact that she had slept naked and walked over to the telephone. “Jen, I made a, a — a commitment last night for this afternoon that will interfere with my date with Bob.” As she picked up the phone and punched in some numbers Julie added, “Well, if Bob can move dinner back an hour everything should be OK.”

As I waited for Julie to start talking on the phone I asked, “What time did you get in last night? I didn’t get back until 3:30 and I never heard you come in.”

“Hi, Bruce. Is Bob there?” Julie asked into the phone. “Morning lover.” After a short pause, she continued, “Something’s come up. Can dinner be an hour later?” Following another short pause, she added, “Thanks…. I’ll be thinking of that big hard prick of yours all afternoon. I love feeling you fuck my snatch…. Bye Bob, see you at seven.” Hanging up the phone, Julie turned to me and said, “I had a long night last night. I didn’t get back until almost five.”

Changing the subject, I suggested, “Why don’t we get some lunch? I need to run to the store after lunch to get some condoms. I can’t believe that I used almost a box in the past week or so – plus a few other items. Then I need to work on my poli sci paper this afternoon.” As I said that I stood up and pulled off my t-shirt revealing my 34C twin mounds to the air and then shucking the panties that I had worn to bed. Stepping over to the dresser I looked at Julie’s naked body as she stared at mine. I was the first to say anything when I commented, “Your tits and ass are so perfect girl. I wish that I had them.”

Licking her lips, Julie replied as she stepped over to the dresser, “No need to wish, your boobs are to die for and based upon your social calendar the guys at this school think your pussy is something special. I know that you look good enough to eat right now.”

With that we both got dressed enough to go to the cafeteria to get a quick lunch. Returning, to the room Julie casually asked, “Do you want to borrow the car to run your errands?”

I started to say, “Sure …”

But Julie mumbled, “… let’s see, a 45 minute drive, allow 20 minutes at the border …” then she stated, “I don’t need to leave ’til quarter after two and its one o’clock now. Can you run your errands in an hour or so?”

“Yep.” With that Julie tossed me her keys, I grabbed my purse and scooted out the door.

An hour later I returned just as Julie was slipping her jacket on. “Thanks for the use of the car roomie. I was able to get to Wal-Mart and get the items I needed rather than go to the store across the street.” Tossing Julie her keys back I continued, “I got $10.00 in gas for you.”

“Thanks.” Julie replied as she caught the keys and headed for the door.

She looked slutty in tight jeans, form fitting top and stiletto boots. “What time will you be back? Who’s the lucky stiff?”

Casting me a glance over her shoulder as she opened the door, Julie responded, “About six – shouldn’t interfere with dinner with the guys at seven. And, you don’t know him. See ya.” With that she strode out the door closing it behind her. I settled down at my desk to work on my poli sci paper that was staring me in the face.

I spent two solid hours pouring over the reams of notes that I had taken in researching my topic for the poli sci paper. By the end of the two hours, I felt that I was ready to begin my outline for the paper itself. I got up and stretched my body, grabbed a can of pop from the refrigerator and allowed myself briefly to think about the evening ahead. Because of my scholarship status, I had not allowed myself the luxury of not eating at the cafeteria. As a result I was looking forward to my evening with Bruce since he was taking me out for dinner.

Even though Julie and I had become kindred spirits when it came to males we had never double dated despite the fact that Bruce and Bob were also roommates. It seemed that Bruce and I tended to get together on Wednesday and Friday nights while Julie and Bob spent Saturday evenings together.

After a few minutes of thought about the night ahead and checking out the dress I planned to wear, I resumed my writing. At 5:30 sharply, I saved my bahis siteleri work for the last time, checked my e-mail and shut down my computer for the day. Getting up from my desk, I decided to take my shower before Julie got back so I quickly stripped, picked up my shower basket and towel and stepped into the bathroom. I took a leisurely shower thoroughly scrubbing my entire body from my face to my toes (and everywhere in between) before shampooing my brunette locks. I also took the time to carefully shave my legs and underarms as well as trim my bush.

Stepping out of the shower, I snatched my towel and carefully dried my body patting dry the mound between my legs and paying special attention to my breasts. With a little stroking, my nipples hardened up just as I knew they would later in the evening when Bruce was sucking on my tits. I was knocked out of my reverie by the sound of the room door opening and closing announcing that Julie was back from her afternoon adventure, whatever it was.

As I walked through the bathroom door, Julie chirped, “Oh there you are Jen. I was hoping that you had taken your shower so that I could climb right in. The guys will be here in less than an hour.”

Warping my towel around me I answered, “I should be ready. Just have to put a little make up on and slip into my outfit. By the way, do you know where we are going tonight?”

“Bob said something about going to Fritz’s, but I’m not positive,” she responded as she undressed. “There is one thing about tonight we need to talk about after I get out of the shower Jen,” Julie continued as she went into the bathroom.

Dropping my towel I stood in front of the sink to brush my mane, brush my teeth and gargle. After that I applied some light make up and wandered over to the dresser to begin dressing for my date with Bruce. As I was selecting my lingerie for the evening, Julie exited from the bathroom with her 36C tits bouncing on her 5’5″ frame.

“We’ve got a problem tonight,” Julie announced as she bent over to pick up her afternoon outfit.

“How so?” I queried.

“Well, you’re going with Bruce and I’m going with Bob tonight. And Bob and I plan to spend the night together – where we don’t know yet. But if it’s here, then I don’t know where you’ll sleep and if it’s at Bob’s room I don’t know where Bruce will sleep. Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem if you and Bruce are going to spend the night together; then we would just take the opposite room.”

“Well …” I started to respond while hooking the clasp on my bra.

“Jen, I want to spend the entire night with Bob without any anyone else. Every time we’ve spent the night, either you or Bruce has ended up in the room with us.”

Easing my black bikinis up my legs and over my ass, I restarted my answer, “Julie, you two could just go get a room at the D.I.”

Continuing to dress, Julie replied, “Why should we? I know you made yourself a promise to never ‘sleep’ with a guy, but come on.” With a touch of sarcasm in her voice she added, “Girl, you’ve fucked enough guys enough times this year that no one would believe you anyways. Besides, you can have our room and Bruce can sleep in my bed.”

Stunned, I sat down on the bed. After a moment to collect my thoughts, I answered, “Roomie, don’t judge me! And don’t belittle my morals!”

Standing in her lingerie and heels, Julie looked down at me as I was pulling on one of my thigh highs and calmly responded, “Jen, I’m not throwing stones. If you knew my full story you would realize I’m the last person on this campus to judge you. I just want to spend the night alone with Bob and we don’t see why we should spend the money for a hotel room. It’s not as if you and Bruce aren’t fuck buddies. Hell, I’ve walked in on you two at least once or twice….”

I pulled on my other stocking and stood up to get my pumps. Stepping into my heels, I turned and said in a huff, “Alright then, if Bruce wants to spend the night with me, he can stay here. Happy?” Then eyeing Julie’s skimpily clad body, I added, “You’re hot tonight.”

“And you ain’t a piece of bad ass yourself, girl,” Julie responded with a smirking smile. “I’m sure Bruce will be very pleased to get into those panties. I know I would.”

With that Julie reached into her closet for the dress that she was wearing and I did likewise.

“It’s quarter of. We better get a move on because the guys will probably be here early and we’ve got to straighten the room up for later.” After a flurry of activity, the room was presentable for any late evening activities that might occur there.

We had just finished picking up the various articles of clothing that we had strewn around the room when there were two knocks on the room door. Julie hollered, “Door’s unlocked, come on in.” The door opened and both Bob and Bruce walked in with big grins on their faces.

Bob walked up to me and planted a kiss on my cheek and grabbed my bun. “Nice ass, Jen,” he whispered in my ear. Bruce approached Julie and did the same canlı bahis siteleri thing although I did not hear what he whispered in her ear. Julie returned the kiss and also whispered something in his ear.

Bruce then stepped over and gave me a passionate full-mouthed kiss and pulled me close to him. I reciprocated the kiss and thrust my tits into his chest. As we broke the kiss I murmured, “Wait’ll tonight sweetie.”

On the ride to the restaurant Bruce and I sat in the back of Julie’s car while Bob drove. Even though the trip did not take very long, Bruce managed to ease his hand up under my dress beyond the tops of my thigh highs. I leaned over and kissed his earlobe before sighing, “Sweetie, I have a surprise for … gawd, your fingers feel good … please stop, you’re getting me hot.”

“And you don’t think you’re making me as hard a rock?” came his panting reply.

Looking around, I saw that the car was approaching the restaurant so I cooed, “Sweetie, we’re here. I think you’ll like my surprise for you later.” With that Bob pulled the car to the curb and Bruce, Julie and I got out while Bob parked the car.

As we sat waiting for our meals, Bruce let his hand wander under my dress. As it slid up my near leg past my stockings, I separated my thighs to give my date a little room to maneuver. As his fingers rubbed against my panties l leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Sweetie, you’re getting me very wet. Do you have something for me?”

“That’s my intent, babe,” Bruce whispered back before planting a very wet kiss on my lips.

“We better be careful because we’re in public, Stud.” With that he bent over my cleavage and planted a deep tongue kiss on my exposed tit flesh wiggling his tongue into the valley between my up thrusted breasts. Fighting the urge to shove his face deeper into my split, I tongued his ear and added, “Careful, Bruce. Keep this up and I’m going to want to do you right here.”

“I know Jenny. I can hardly wait until tonight.” As he murmured these words Bruce broke his kiss, sat up and eased his hand out from between my spread legs.

Thankfully it was not long until our meals arrived and Bruce began to concentrate on the slab of beef in front of him while I savored the chicken cordon bleu and asparagus on my plate. However, even with the food in front of us, Bruce still found time to occasionally check out the wet spot that he had caused on my panties. Each time he touched me, I gasped inaudibly, finally turning to him and panting in his ear, “Sweetie, I wanta sleep with you tonight.”

As hot as I was, all I wanted was to have Bruce’s manhood buried in one of my two orifices. I know that Bruce also was more than ready to take care of our mutual needs and thankfully Bob and Julie were just as anxious to be copulating as I was.

On the ride back to campus, Bruce leaned over my shoulder and nibbled on my ear, “Jenny, you’re so hot tonight. I can hardly wait to get you in bed.”

With his hand fondling my thigh and my hand caressing his cock, I cooed, “Me too.”

Our private reverie was interrupted when Julie’s voice drifted out of the front of the car. “Sleeping arrangements for tonight. Bob and I at the guys and Bruce and Jen at our place. Unless, of course, anyone has any other ideas.”

After a couple of moments, Bob chirped, “Why don’t we all spend the night together? I’d love to do Jenny again and I know that Bruce would like to have a piece of Julie’s sweet pussy. It would also be hot if the girls did each other.”

Before I could respond I heard Julie quietly say, “Bruce, Jen … go for that. It … lot of talking for … get her to agree to … tonight. Besides … cock … myself. My present is that … you bareback.”

As Bob drove into the freshman parking lot I squeezed Bruce’s stiff manhood, licked his ear and hummed, “I want to feel your cum in my pussy tonight. You don’t want to see Julie and me, do you?”

I am not sure why Bruce answered as he did, but he mumbled in my ear, “No, lover.”

As we got out of the car, Bruce and I walked with arms around each others waist into the dorm behind Bob and Julie similarly clinging together. As we approached the room, Julie asked, “Would you guys mind if we stayed for a drink. Besides I want to get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable.”

“No problem,” I piped up. As the guy’s faces dropped, I continued, “I want to get out of these shoes and this dress … and my bra too.”

Julie unlocked the door and we all went into the room. As Julie ducked into the bathroom, I took the drink order from Bob and Bruce since I already knew Julie’s choice of drinks. As Julie came out of the bathroom in just her bra and panties, I handed her a rum and coke. At the same time I handed Bob and Bruce their refreshments and fixed myself a screwdriver.

While Bob and Bruce sat down on our respective beds, Julie pranced over to the stereo and turned it on. “Any preferences?”

“Babe, what do you or that cute chick canlı bahis behind us have in your collections?” Bob replied.

I took a sip of my drink and pulled my dress over my head. I hung my dress up before reaching behind my back to unhook my bra. I sighed as my twin globes were freed from the constraints of the push up bra. This caused Bruce, Bob and Julie to all look in my direction. Even though Bob emitted a wolf like whistle, I was not embarrassed since all three of them had seen me fully exposed on more than one occasion.

I reached into my dresser and snatched a t-shirt as I remarked, “Hey guys, you’ve seen a hell of a lot more of me than just my tits.” With that I pulled the t-shirt over my head and wandered over to snuggle in next to Bruce.

As I snuggled in, Bruce slipped his arm around my waist to massage my right mound. At the same time Julie planted a full mouthed kiss on Bob’s mouth as she sat down on his lap. We continued like this for fifteen to twenty minutes just listening to the music and necking with our dates and sipping our drinks.

While Bruce and I continued to explore each others body through our clothes, Julie got up and announced, “I need another drink. Can I fix one for anybody else?” We all responded by holding up our glasses which Julie picked up and refilled.

Before she sat back down, Julie unhooked and removed her bra. Even though I was sure that Bruce had seen my roommates tits before I whispered in his ear, “Like’m better than mine?” Bruce responded by raising my t-shirt to massage my swollen breast without a t-shirt cover.

“Jen, there is nothing finer than the pair of boobs …”

At that moment Julie interjected, “Lover, unless everyone wants to do a foursome, let’s finish our drinks and get going.”

As Julie was reaching into the dresser to grab a tank top and jeans, Bob replied with a smirk, “A sharing the two hottest chicks on campus with my best bud sounds like fun.” Then catching her glare after looking at Julie, he continued, “But then again doing you, babe, would be best.”

At the same time, Bruce was whispering in my ear, “All night, Jen? Are you sure?”

As Julie waltzed back to Bob’s lap with her clothes and drink in hand, I turned and nibbled on Bruce’s ear before sighing to him, “Sweetie, I want to fuck you when we wake up in the morning.”

It was not long before Julie pulled her tank top over her exposed mounds and stood up to slid her jeans up her legs. She drained her drink and then pulled Bob up before guiding him towards the door. As they slipped their coats on, Julie gave me a wink and said, “Have fun guys. I know that we will.” As they walked out the door, Julie paused and said, “Seriously, Jen, you’ll never know how much I appreciate what you’re doing for me.”

With that Julie closed the door and then I heard her key go into the lock and the lock snap on. At that moment I reached for Bruce’s belt buckle and began to undress him. It did not take me long to undo his belt buckle, unsnap his dress pants button and unzip his fly. At the same time Bruce was busy removing his necktie and unbuttoning his shirt. As soon as I had completed my task, I reached into his boxers and extracted his very stiff manhood. “My, my, what do we have here,” I cooed. “That chicken was delicious, but this slab of meat is gonna be even tastier.”

I slid off the bed and knelt between Bruce’s now spread thighs. Hooking my fingers into his waistbands, I pulled on his slacks and briefs has he lifted his ass off the bed resulting in Bruce being completely exposed from the waist down except for his socks. As I grasp the upright cock, Bruce reached down and grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and jerked it over my head baring my tits and temporarily blinding me until I released his manhood to allow him to pull the t-shirt completely off me.

As I leaned forward to lick the moist tip of his cock, I looked up at Bruce and smiled, saying, “Sweetie, would you like me to suck your cock into my wet mouth?” When I did not get an answer I blew on the head of his engorged cock, and cooed, “Would you like?”

As my tongue wet my lips about an inch from the tip of his pole, he moaned, “Yeah, Jen, I wanna cum in your mouth.” That was all I needed to clean Bruce’s crown of his pre-cum. I began playing with his nuts, applying an occasional kiss to his sack and even sucking his balls into my mouth and working them over with my tongue. After a few minutes of this action, Bruce reached out and locked his hands in my brunette mane in order to control my cock sucking. “That’s it, babe, suck my dick. Oh, gawd, Jenny, you’ve got a magical mouth.”

I tried to mumble something but it was inaudible because of the object in my mouth and throat. But it did get a response from Bruce, “Take it all, Jenny. That’s my girl. Suck my dick. I’m gonna blow my load.” With that announcement, he tried to shove his cock done my throat while I was trying to have just the head in my mouth so that I could savor his cream. In the end, Bruce’s glans was resting on my tongue when his spunk came flooding out of the end of his cock.” Clamping my lips tight around his shaft I managed to contain all of his discharge in my mouth and then slowly let it seep down my throat.

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