Obedient boy

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Obedient boy
I was terrified
It was friday, tomorrow is going to be the first of the month and i still dont have the rent money

his word still clear in my head

”you better find my money or you will be looking for another place boy”

I was walking to my appart, telling myself it was just once….maybe i should have …..

the older black brothers living in the basement had ear it all and offered me a deal , both knocking at my door that night , discussing about my problem and their problem

”we both are divorced, make good money and well lets put it this way, need a mouth on our cocks”

telling them i was alright closing my door

Yet, it was the firts of the month tomorrow and I didnt have the money, it made my think about them, how normal they just had for it

Sit in the living room, trying to watch tv and think about tomorrow evinction note i would receive

My door knocked, i got up

Opening the door

”hey boy, did you find the money? we bought beer if you want to watch the playoff with us…”

”I …..no i didnt, but im not gay i ….im really ”

”shhhh no one is dont talk like that here , its ok, just come downstair if you want ”

i showered thinking of them clear big cocks, the day they rang my door, in sweatpants , both rods deforming their pants

semi hard asking to be sucked for my rent, i coudnt stop thinking it would be just that time….

sucking cocks shoudnt be so bad….

i dry and dress , walking soon downstair my hands trembling when i knock the door

”hey boi, get in the 2nd period his starting”

i just followed him , his brother on the couch drinking his beer smilling at me

soon sit between them

”so you ever suck cock boi? ”


”its alright you dont have to be afraid, you will like this and its a win win , you get the money for the rent”

”im going to prepare him tell my if they score”

i walk to a bedroom and just watch the pink little dress and stockings on the bed

”lets you get dress, you gonna be pretty in this”

I wanted to talk but he was quick to help me undress and tell me bahis firmaları if i want the money i should let him dresss me

dressing me up , cloth by cloth , telling me my lil cock look happy in tight panty

his bbc out letting me see how big he was , how hard he was dressing up the soon to be cock sucker for big black horny cocks

”you are so pretty . you feel ready to learn how to suck ?”

”we both have a week load for you, we knew you would accept , you will love cum”

rubbing my pink dress over my belly

”gonna fill this tummy full of cum tonight”

he made me weak talking like this , all dress in pink like a cock slut

”kiss my cock, on your knees”

”dont suck just kiss the cock”

each time i went down to kiss it , i felt weaker , my neck was help into a collar as i kiss his cock

”good boy , you are very pretty , lets go and make you a sissy ”

latching a leash not leaving me time to stand up

pulled out on all 4 behind him naked , cock up and ready after my sweat kissing

”wow brother what did you do to him back there”

”go on show him , go kiss him”

i was crawling to him legs spread cock out between his legs not all hard but soon to be

kissing it slowly all around him moaning calling me a pretty sissy boi

his cock all up in an instant

”mmmmmm yes kiss it lick the tip , yes boy like this yes oh look at you sucking on it already”

mouth down on the warm big head , sucking just the head like it was what i had wanted all my life

”look at him , did we told him to suck yet? ”

pulling my leash back up both cock on my face

”now kiss and lick no sucking”

sit on the floor both guys up watching the game ,looking down at me licking their cocks in turn , kissing all around both big hard black cock

it made me go crazy horny about sucking on it

i felt like i was supposed to suck on them , like it was just normal to please such big cocks

i kept licking up and down

”its so big”

”yes boi , you like big cocks?”

”yes i like it makes me want to suck you guys ”

”oh yes, here go on suck our cock show perabet us boy”

i started slow like told, i could feel my mouth being filled so well i coudnt stop going deeper and deeper

”he loved this, here gimme the leash my turn cock sucker”

both sitting on the coutch

pulling me left and right , in the middle , mouth open and big black cock shove inside

”isnt she getting good at this”

”yeah i told you we would find a new one”

slurping on one cock listening to them casually turning a new boy into a sissy for them

”how much is the rent again?”

”just 650 its nothing ”

pulled by the leash looking up at them calling me a cute sissy . cock back in my mouth

”fuckkkk yeah told you my team would score ahaha this is my pussy now , get her bro”

”get her doggy , yes like this, the lube is there . get that pussy ready for the winner, im taking this slut ”

he kept me mouth lock on his cock pulling my ass up for him , trying to get up got my arm hold in my back , drooling on the bbc in my mouth , tied up , my ass up getting wet and poked open by his finger

”yes that it , make her ready”

”get her cunt open , thats it , she looks so tight im gonna break this boy up into a cock lover”

it felt like i was invaded , i tryed to scream but was gagging and drooling on the cock in my mouth

he lube me more for him, looking at his bro taking me , my virgin little pink hole open up

they cheered at me taking him all

and i was fuck on both side , weak between them two fucking my holes up , for their pleasure
down tied arm in the back ass up , fucked up like a fag doll

i hurt for a while, i felt open and used until it felt good

they took turn having fun with me on their lap , bouncing up and down moaning , until i needed no more help

and bounce on my own moaning

”there she is, let her out, be a girl , white cute little sissy girl”

”im so close , jump little girl get my cum all in you”

”yes babby work for it, you want my cum ”

moaning his load exploding in me bouncing low and deep , pumping him all out perabet giriş looking at him grunt and cum made me feel so happy as so full before i was lift and , sat drooling cum on the other cock , starting to bounce for more cum in me giggling and moaning like a bitch , who realised how good it feel to make big hard cock cum

i felt asleep on the couch weak and full of cum

the next day i woke up , i was asleep between them

naked in a small cage with a lock

a clear white sissy printed on it

i wanted to move but got caught trying to leave

”where you going little sissy boy”

”iam …..i want to go home what is this”

”you have your money, we have u now get back here, i want to dump in you before work”

ass slap top the bed

”lets go sissy on the bed ass up dont make me wait”

slap slap slap

”thats it good little sissy , face down and moan bitch thats all you are good for and you know it”

”seeee seee told you , moan bitch , take that black cock and moan like a wore”

”just a fucking sissy slut , you better get good at this , we like our sissy obedient ass up taking cock”

i was now a slut, it was clear , my lil cage flapping on my legs , a big hard cock in me, used in the morning before work

he cum quick leaving me on the bed again filled

his brother soon opening the door. dragged to the shower

”he was rought didnt he, here enjoy it girl im not like him take your time , its good in the shower”

i liked how he rub me around helping me feeling good under the water sucking on his fat cock

”im not like him i only fuck if you want, you can suck me off if you prefer , we will fuck when you are ready ”

i sucked and sucked and he cum in my mouth

i was happy he just let me do it

his cock was still up i giggle mouth full and sat on it

”ohhhh babby oooioh yes ride my cock girl , fuck my cock ”

i made him cum again so quick i felt so happy

”i love it with you, your cock feel so good”

”dont worry , daddy is here today, free all day if you want to train up to take it better”

”i love to train cute ass to take my cock”

i stayed in panty all day with him learning to please and wear a buttplug after the shaving session

i coudnt believe it at first but i love getting fuck

my lil cage flapping , moaning like a girl for him . changing my voice

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