No Phone, TV, Wi-Fi, or Sex Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Invited to sleep with her in her bed, Jason finally has consensual, incestuous sex with his MILF of a Mother, Anne

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me by Jason, a 19-year-old, virginal, young man. For me to write his story, he had to tell me what sexually happened between him and his sister, as well as what sexually happened between him and his mother.

To look at this family, one would think that they were a happy, normal family. Yet, scratch the surface, and hidden behind closed bedroom doors, between voyeurism, exhibitionism, and unadulterated lust, they had a myriad of incestuous, sexual secrets.

Shame on Jason for having sex with his sister. Shame on Jessica for having sex with her brother. Shame on Jason for having sex with his mother. Shame on Anne for having sex with her son. How could they? Why would they? Yet, if Jessica was your sister, Anne was your mother, and you were a horny and sexually frustrated 19-year-old virgin, I dare write that you would have sex with them, too.

With mother and daughter looking so very much alike, easy to confuse one for the other, they were so beautiful. They were so sexy. They were so shapely. Any man, or woman, for that matter, would give their right arm to have a sexual relationship with either one of them or both of them.

After already having sex with his sister that morning, this was how it all happened that night nearly 40-years-ago between Jason and his MILF of a mother, Anne. The events are true. Only the names are changed to protect their real identities.

# # #

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 03:

Starting to masturbate and stopping again, after putting his erect prick away twice, with his mother’s impromptu, naked, strip tease over, now ready to masturbate himself and cum, Jason pulled out his already stiff cock again. While rerunning it all over again in his mind of his MILF of a mother undressing and stripping herself naked with her bedroom light on and her bedroom door wide open, he fondled his dick to a nice erection while spying. With the imagery of his mother slowly and sexily removing her clothes fresh in his mind, he replayed his mother stripping herself naked while he watched.

Never in his wildest, sexual fantasies did he ever think that his mother would strip herself naked while he watched. Before leaving home on his road trip across country, never in his wildest, sexual fantasies did he ever think that he’d not only see his mother topless again but also naked. Shocked as much as he was sexually excited, hard to wrap his head around all that he saw, he couldn’t believe that he saw his mother without her clothes. After having sex with his sister, as unbelievable as it was true, perhaps, he was about to have sex with his mother, too.

While wondering if her strip tease was deliberate or unintentional, he wondered if his mother knew that he was there in the darkened living room watching her undress from across the hall. He wondered if she deliberately exposed herself to him. He wondered, once she was naked, if she was waiting for him to make the next sexual move. With her bedroom still light on and her bedroom still door wide open while she was still naked, maybe that was her not so subtle invitation for him to walk across the hall, walk in her bedroom, and have sex with her.

‘I’d love to have sex with my mother. Yet, what would she think of me if she knew that I was spying on her while watching her undress,’ he thought? ‘The last thing I want to do is to frighten her. In the way that I’ve been abnormally, sexually lusting over her, I don’t want her to think of me as a pervert and/or a rapist.’

# # #

Replaying it all over again in his horny mind, he couldn’t believe that his MILF of a mother slowly and sexily unbuttoned and removed her blouse. While holding his breath and staring, he couldn’t believe that she exposed her long, sexy line of cleavage and her bra clad breasts to him. He couldn’t believe that he was seeing his mother in her low-cut, sexy bra. Hard to wrap his head around, going from never seeing anything of her, except for what she displayed when wearing her sheer and sexy nightgowns, he couldn’t believe that he saw his mother in her big, white brassiere.

Always sexually attracted to his mother and especially enamored with her big tits, she had such big and shapely tits. Her breasts looked even bigger and shapelier in her huge, white brassiere. He only wished he could touch them. He wished he could feel them while kissing her, French kissing her. He’d love to grope her big, firm breasts and finger her hard, erect nipples through her bra while making out with her.

Clearly, with her bra having difficulty containing the sheer size of them, as if she was wearing a push-up bra when she wasn’t and didn’t need to wear a push-up bra, her big breasts overflowed her bra cups. Her breasts were already shapely and plenty full enough without needing the help of a push-up bra. Perhaps, she needed a bra with a bigger pendik escort cup size to make her look more like a lady than a whore. Yet, with her big tits tightly confined in her sexy, low-cut bra, hypnotizing his stare and mesmerizing his attention, he loved how they jiggled and bounced when she walked.

‘Whether wearing her tight, low-cut blouse or her revealing nightgowns, I love my mother’s big tits,’ he thought while never removing his eyes from them and always staring at them. ‘As if her breasts are teasing me and daring me to touch them, I love how they jiggle and bounce with her every move.’

With her continuing to slowly and sexily undress, clearly, he was there at right time and at the right place. Not believing his eyes when she continued undressing without turning off her light and/or closing her bedroom door, he watched his mother unzip and unbutton her short skirt. As if she was a sexy stripper on stage, he held his breath while watching her skirt fall and collect around her feet. As if she knew he was there watching her removing her clothes while masturbating himself, his mother continued undressing.

Something he always wanted to see but never saw, his mother was in her bra and panties. So sexy and so revealing, he loved seeing her in her bra and panties. Much like his sister, his mother had such sexually revealing underwear. He couldn’t count how many times he looked through their underwear drawers and felt their panties and bras while masturbating himself. He couldn’t count how many times he took their soiled panties to bed with him and masturbated over them.

‘She’s so sexy. She’s so shapely. My mother is such a beautiful woman,’ he thought while staring at all that he was seeing and all that she was showing. ‘Especially for a mature woman, where most women at her age have let themselves go and put on the pounds, she has such a great body. My mother is hot.’

As far as he was concerned, with her bra flattering her big breasts and her bikini panties flattering her round ass and pussy mound, seeing her in her bra and panties was sexier than seeing her naked. As if he was dreaming it or imagining it, he couldn’t believe she was standing in her sexy lingerie while mindlessly parading back and forth in her bedroom and getting ready for bed. Worthy of entering and winning a Mrs. America contest, as if part of the swimsuit competition, she was so sexy in her silk and satin underwear.

Forgetting his phone in his bedroom, he only wished he had his cellphone with him so that he could video her. Not daring to retrieve it, he didn’t want her to know that he was up late and watching her removing her clothes. Nevertheless, taking the image of her all in, his favorite side, he stared at the front of her. With her not having a bad side, he stared at the side of her. Then, whenever she bent at the waist, he stared at the back of her. He loved watching his mother walking around her bedroom in her sheer and sexy underwear.

‘I love seeing the impressions of her erect nipples through her bra. I love seeing her camel toe, pussy slit, and ass crack through her sheer panties,’ he thought. ‘I love seeing the shapely form that my mother’s round and sexy ass makes in her panties.’

While continuing to replay her strip tease show over again in his mind, he stroked himself a little harder and a little faster while remembering her reaching behind herself to remove her low-cut, sexy brassiere. Seeing his mother topless was something he’d masturbate over for the rest of his life. Having already seen her naked breasts twice before, he couldn’t believe he was seeing such a prolonged view of her big, naked tits again now.

With her such a phony and with her acting so morally modest and sexually shy, a Born-again Christian, hiding behind her religion whenever it suited her and whenever it was convenient, she was such a sexual tease. No matter who she pretended to be on the outside and/or on the inside, she was still an exhibitionistic whore. Yet, no matter who she was and/or who she pretended to be, he was sexually thrilled to see his mother in her underwear, topless, and, then, naked.

‘My mother is a whore, but I’m glad she’s my whore,’ he thought.

While watching her undress, it was beyond sexually exciting to wonder if his mother would go through with stripping herself totally naked. He wondered if she’d turn off her bedroom light and close her bedroom door before removing all of her clothes. Then, when she finally stripped off all of her clothes, her blouse, her skirt, her bra, and her panties, he couldn’t believe that she showed him all that he wanted to see of her shapely, sexy, and naked body.

‘My mother is naked. I can’t believe my mother is naked. I can’t believe I’m finally seeing my mother without her clothes. The perfect match, with my whore of a mother an exhibitionist, her son is a perverted voyeur. Only, I can’t help but think that she knows I’m here watching her undress while masturbating myself. I can’t sefaköy escort help but suspect that she’s sexually teasing me by deliberately exposing herself to me,’ he thought.

# # #

Hard for him to wrap his head around, another one of his sexual fantasies coming true, he couldn’t believe his mother stripped herself down to her underwear before stripping herself topless and then naked. Hoping his mother would strip herself topless, he couldn’t believe it when she did. Yet, with her feigning her modesty whenever it served her, she continued walking around him in her short, sheer, low-cut, and sexy nightgowns. What he hasn’t already seen of her beautiful, naked body, he could clearly imagine the rest. Nevertheless, he couldn’t believe that he was seeing his mother’s, naked tits again.

‘I love my mother’s big, shapely tits,’ he thought.

Only and clearly, while holding his breath again with the hope that she’d strip herself naked before closing her bedroom door and turning off the light, fortunately for him, she wasn’t done undressing. Fortunately, for him, she clearly wanted to show him as much of her naked body as he wanted to see of her naked body. Whether deliberately or unintentional, replaying it all over in his horny mind again, she wasn’t done exposing herself to him.

‘Strip yourself naked, Mom. I dare you to strip yourself naked,’ he thought while staring at her as if he had never seen a woman undressing before.

As if she was readying herself to be examined by her gynecologist, albeit without having the modesty to don a hospital gown, she tucked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly peeled them down and removed them. Staring at her without breathing, he watched her expose the top of her brown, pubic hair. He watched her expose the top of her round, naked ass. Then, when she continued slowly and sexily removing her panties, he saw his mother’s naked pussy and her naked ass.

‘She’s naked,’ he thought. ‘My MILF of a mother is naked.’

Something he thought that he’d never see, his mother was, indeed, naked. Jason was finally seeing his mother without her clothes. He saw her round, naked ass and her naked, brown, trimmed, naked pussy. He saw her big, naked breasts and her erect nipples. Overwhelmed by her nudity and not knowing where to look, looking from her naked breasts, to her naked pussy, and then, to her naked ass and back again, his eyes bounced around as if they were ping pong balls.

He stroked himself faster and harder while staring at all she was showing and all that he was seeing of her sexy and shapely, naked body. Better than watching some random stripper strip herself naked while dancing around a pole on stage, this was his mother and not some whore. He’ll be masturbating over her naked striptease show every day, multiple times a day, and for the rest of his life. Whether clothe or naked, he loved his bitch of a mother.

‘My mother is naked. I can’t believe my mother is naked. I can’t believe I’m seeing my naked mother,’ he thought while continuing to stare at all that he was seeing and all that she was showing while stroking his erect prick faster and harder. ‘For as long as I shall live, I’ll never forget her stripping herself naked and undressing in front of me.’

He continued stroking himself to all that he was seeing of her and all that he remembered seeing of her while she slowly stripped herself naked. Still in shocked surprise, after watching his sister strip herself naked, he couldn’t believe that he had watched his mother strip herself naked, too. Yet, surprisingly, when comparing mother with daughter, even with his mother 20-years older than Jessica, they had very similar bodies. If ever he saw his mother out on the street and didn’t know who she was and how old she was, he’d think that she was 29-year-old instead of 39-years-old.

# # #

Then, with his eyes closed while masturbating himself, when he opened his eyes, she wasn’t there. She was gone. His mother was gone. Mysteriously, she disappeared. He never saw or heard her leave her bedroom. Tempted to walk in her bedroom to see where she was, he wondered where she went.

‘Where did she go? I don’t see her,’ he thought. ‘She was just there standing in her bedroom naked. Maybe, she’s in her bathroom.’

Then, immediately knowing what it was, recognizing the sound from hearing his sister masturbating, he heard a low humming sound and saw the soles of her feet spread wide apart. Hoping to see more of his mother, he stood for a better look. He saw his mother sprawled out on her back and on her bed masturbating herself with her vibrator. In the way that she had masturbated herself in his room with her finger while watching him masturbating himself, she was really going at her pussy with her vibrator.

‘I don’t believe this. This is unbelievable,’ he thought. ‘With her bedroom light still on and her bedroom door still wide open, my mother is masturbating. Obviously, she’s horny and needs silivri escort the sexual release. Yet, I wonder if my mother made herself horny by deliberately exposing herself to me while I watched her stripping herself naked.’

Then, not believing his eyes, he watched her lean over to her nightstand and open her nightstand drawer. He was as shocked as he was sexually excited to see his mother retrieve a big, black, curved dildo the size of a giant cucumber. Making herself more comfortable, he watched her prop herself up on her pillows and lay back with her legs spread wide open. He watched her insert that monster, artificial, black cock in her pussy and fuck herself with it while feeling her breasts and pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples.

Really going at herself, with her vibrator, she used the vibrator on her clit and nipples and the dildo on her pussy. Fucking herself faster and harder, as if she was having sex with a big, black man, he watched that huge dildo nearly disappear in his mother’s cunt. Something he thought he’d never see, if it wasn’t enough that he saw her naked, now he was watching her masturbate herself.

‘My mother is masturbating herself. I never thought that I’d ever see her masturbating. I never knew she masturbated. I thought that I was the only sexually perverted one in the family,’ he thought.

Showing her sexual ambidexterity, he watched her alternate from her vibrator to her dildo. He couldn’t believe that his mother was pleasuring her clit with her vibrator and fucking herself with her dildo with one hand while feeling her big tits and fondling her erect nipples in between with her other hand. He never knew that his mother masturbated, but he surely knows now.

‘With her owning a big, black dildo, I wonder if my mother has had sex with a black man,’ he thought. ‘Yet, after seeing some of her online photos and reading some of her erotic letters that date back to when she was my age, no doubt, she has. No doubt, when my father was away overseas, before she was married, even though she had two, unwed children by him, she wasn’t faithful to him. No doubt, irrespective of her being a Born-again Christian now, my mother has always been and still is a whore.’

# # #

With Jason still hiding in the darkness, he took a silent step closer to the living room door so that he could see her better while watching his mother masturbate herself. He stroked his prick to his mother fucking her cunt with her dildo. He couldn’t believe she was sexually pleasuring herself in the way that he wished that he could sexually pleasure her.

He watched her put the dildo to her lips. He watched her open her mouth and take that giant dildo inside. He watched his mother sucking that black, plastic prick as if she was sucking a big, black cock. He wished his mother would suck him instead of sucking that sexual toy. Then, putting the dildo aside, he watched her still using her vibrator while feeling her big tits and turning, twisting, and pulling her erect nipples.

Then, as if imagining hearing things, he heard something that he never thought he’d hear. While wondering if his mother was really speaking or if he had imagined that she was, he heard her say what she wanted. He heard her say what she was sexually thinking. Clearly, with them both on the same sexual page, she said what he was hoping she’d say and what he was thinking.

“Oh, Jason,” he heard her utter breathlessly. “Make love to me, Jason. Fuck me. Fuck your mother,” he heard her say. “Stick your big, thick cock in Mommy’s pussy. Slide you hard, naked cock in my warm, wet pussy. Fuck me, Jason. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast. Give your mother a sexual orgasm with your cock.”

‘I don’t believe this,’ he thought. ‘Something I thought that I’d never hear her say but always hoped that I would, my mother wants me to make love to her. She wants me to fuck her. She wants me to give her a sexual orgasm with my cock.’ He paused while staring at his naked mother sexually pleasuring herself. ‘I wish I was brazened enough to ask her if she needed my help masturbating herself by offering her my finger, my tongue, and/or my cock,’ he thought.

Then, he heard her say what he always wanted to hear her say. She said exactly what he was thinking. She said what he had longed to do and yearned to do now. Lick mother like daughter, she said what his naked sister asked him to do to her.

“Jason, stick your cock in my mouth. I want to blow you. I want to suck you. I need you to cum in my mouth and shoot a second load of cum all over my face and across my naked breasts,” she said. “Give me a cum bath, Jason. Give Mommy a cum bath.”

Beyond his wildest sexual fantasy, he couldn’t believe all that his mother was saying and all that he was hearing. Born-again Christian his ass, his mother was such a whore, an incestuous whore. Once a whore, always a whore. His mother was an even bigger whore than his sister.

‘My mother wants me to stick my cock in her mouth. She wants to blow me. She wants to suck my prick. She wants me to not only cum in her mouth but also, she wants me to shoot a second load of cum all over her beautiful face and across her big, naked tits. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe my mother wants my cock as much as I want her mouth,’ he thought.

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