Nina’s Predicament Ch. 02

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Nina woke slowly, it was Saturday and there was no rush. She stretched, feeling for Luke. Then she remembered, he’d left early this morning for drill. She sighed unhappily, her hands drifted down over her small breasts. The nipples instantly hardening at the touch. Drifting lower to her soft belly. She knew it wouldn’t be flat for very much longer, but the thought no longer saddened her. She was growing excited to meet this new little one. Plus, her dad said her mother couldn’t get enough sex when she was pregnant with her siblings and her. Her mom confessed that she came harder when she was pregnant. Her slim fingers traveled lower. Finding her mound, she pushed her middle finger into her slit. It was wet already and she eagerly started to rub and play with her hard clit. “Mm mm yeah” she could feel her whole body wakening to her arousal. She removed her fingers to suck the essence of herself from it, loving the taste of pussy, even her own. Returning to her wet slit, she sunk one spit slick finger deep inside of her. Caressing her g-spot, she used her thumb to work her clit. Together this was rushing her to a very good end. Her moans filled the air along with the wet sound of her fingers flying over her drenched quim.

Suddenly, the bedroom door flew open. “There you are, if you want any new clothes you better get up and join us. Otherwise, enjoy your pregnancy in size 3s.” Lottie announced, not phased by the sight of her little sister splayed, furiously rubbing herself to orgasm.

Nina sat up, “Ohh, yeah today is the shopping trip!!!!!” Few things were able to pull Nina or any of the women in her family out of their sex focus, shopping could. Nina was going to need some maternity wear soon, plus she wanted to pick out something special for Luke. She hurried to get dressed and ready, Lottie watched.

“So, does getting big worry you?” She asked. Lottie and Nina were a work in contrast. Lottie was tall, statuesque. She wasn’t fat but she was curvy and not a size 8. She had her father’s auburn curly hair and bright blue eyes. Luke called her the Goddess, but Nina understood that being the only big girl in the family, sometimes left the normally confident Lottie worried. Nina and her mother were short and petite, with narrow hips and small chests. They had the same matching dark hair and eyes.

“No, not really,” Nina replied “I’m looking forward to having boobs so maybe people will stop thinking I’m 12, or worse, a 12 year old boy.”

Lottie chuckled at this, but still seemed a little worried. Nina hated to see her sister sad.

“What’s upsetting you, Lodi?” Nina used the name she had first called her sister. She walked up and hugged her sister around the waist.

“It’s just I think pregnancy will just make you even cuter and if I ever have kids, I’ll just look fatter and for some reason, I’m feeling really self conscious. It’s totally stupid, I know.” Lottie frowned and seemed sheepish at this confession.

“I think you are the sexiest woman in the world, you know that. Plus, I know when it’s your time to be a mother, you will wear pregnancy, just like you wear everything else. Like a damn Goddess.” Nina held her sisters gaze.

Lottie smiled, “That’s true.”

Nina got on her tip toes and kissed her sister. What started as an innocent peck lingered and soon their tongues were dancing together. Nina’s hands gently squeezed her sister’s wonderful istanbul rus escort breasts. Easily a DD, these breasts were Nina’s favorite. Finding her nipples through the cloth of her bra, she pinched. Lottie gasped around Nina’s mouth. Lottie’s hands were cradling her sister’s tight little ass, massaging it gently.

“FOR CHRIST’S SAKE DOES ANYONE WANT TO SHOP AROUND HERE???” Katrina’s voice boomed from downstairs.

“I’ll go, mom!!” Ivan smartly replied.

“You are not invited! I don’t need another lecture about how leather is murder, thanks!” Katrina answered her vegetarian son. “GIRLS! SERIOUSLY, I’M LEAVING WITHOUT YOU!!!!”

The moment broken, the two sister’s raced each other downstairs.

30 MINUTES LATER . . . .

“I can’t believe you got the date wrong, all this excitement for nothing!” Nina fumed.

“Girls!” Katrina’s voice carried a warning

“So, I’m the only one who knows how to work the internet? You could have checked the dates yourself, you little snot.” Lottie retorted.

“Girls, knock it the fuck off!! This is not a big deal!” Katrina reasoned “We can still have girls day. We will send Dad and Ivan off. We can sit around the pool, not pregnant members of this party can have a few drinks. We can have a day dedicated to oral and sun worship.”

Silence permeated the car for a few moments.

“That does sound really fun,” Nina peeped

“Yeah, it does. We can try my new vibrating plug.” Lottie beamed.

“Can you two get along, long enough?” Katrina asked.

“Yes, sorry sis. I love you” Nina punctuated her apology with a loud air kiss.

“Love you too, baby girl” Lottie smiled.

As the car pulled in to the driveway, Katrina laid out the game plan, “Lottie, get whatever crazy contraptions you want. I’ll go mix some drinks and tell the men to leave or stay out of the backyard. Nina, well, just be yourself. I don’t have anything for you to do.”

As Katrina and Lottie went into the house, Nina decided to go straight to the pool. She walked around the house with the intention of using the side entrance to the gate. Once inside, she peeled her clothes off as she walked. Inside the pool area, there would be no need for them. Suddenly, she realized she could hear sounds coming from the pool. It was still out of her view around the corner of the house. She wondered what it could be and approached slowly. What she saw shocked her. There was her father on all fours, naked, on one of the pool loungers. Behind him, was his son, Ivan, who was working his 8 inches of rock hard flesh in and out of his father’s ass. Both men were grunting, this was not a first time thing, Nina knew. At first, she was too shocked to feel anything else, but as she watched, she noticed the glistening sweat on both men. The sound of pleasure in their voices. She too had had Ivan’s cock buried in her ass. She knew how great it would be feeling. She could tell her dad was enjoying it too. His cock had a big drop of clear pre-cum dangling from the tip. It caught the summer light with every thrust from Ivan. Without thinking about it, her hand went to her pussy and started flicking her clit. Neither men noticed her and for several minute, the tableau played out uninterrupted.

To the two men’s total surprise, the deck door opened and out walked Katrina and Lottie. The former carrying a pitcher kadıköy escort of margaritas and two empty glasses. The two stopped immediately, Ivan and Larry both jumped apart and stood up.

“Oh my God!!, Oh my God!, it wasn’t what it looked like, we were just, uh, I mean fuck, you were supposed to be gone!! what the . . .” Ivan sputtered out clearly shook up by what his mom and sister just witnessed. His erection was completely gone.

He was answered by his mothers laughter. In fact, she started to laugh so hard her legs were weakening. Lottie grabbed the pitcher in time. Katrina finally knelt completely onto the deck’s floor. She gasped for air and continued to laugh. Watching his wife, Larry started to chuckle as well.

“What the fuck is so funny?” Ivan stated, clearly annoyed at being out of the joke.

“Oh baby, don’t be mad. I’m sorry it was just the look on your face.” Katrina confessed though her laugh induced tears. “Do you think I didn’t know your dad likes other men too? He had his fair share of other men when we were young and would go to swinging parties.”

Larry nodded in agreement to his son.

“Oh, so you don’t think it’s gross, or something?” Ivan asked, directing the question to both his mother and sister.

“No baby, I think it’s sexy as hell.” Katrina confided. Behind her Lottie shrugged and nodded in agreement.

“I do too.” Nina voice rasped. Both men turned, realizing they had another spectator. Nina’s fingers were still poised over her pussy. “Please, don’t stop.”

Ivan and his father looked at each other and smiled. Ivan quickly recovered from his embarrassment. Soon, the two burly men had resumed their positions. Katrina walked over to Nina and backing her youngest against the privacy fence, knelt down and started kissing a trail up her smooth tan thigh. Nina watched her father and brother resume their illicit congress. She ran her fingers through her mom’s short hair, pulling her into her pussy. She gasp when she felt the tongue touch the tip of her engorged clit. Katrina hiked Nina’s leg over her shoulder so she could get deeper into her daughter’s sweet, young pussy. She tastes the sweet nectar of a pussy that was fully aroused, lapping her tongue across the opening, then giving the clitoris a little flick before starting the lap again. She knew Nina was close to cumming but that she would come several times before she was done. The first orgasm, Nina clutched the back of her head and pulled it deeply to her. She heard the 18 year old wail above her. Her efforts were rewarded with a fresh wave of juice from Nina’s tight little snatch.

Meanwhile, Lottie had approached the two men. She knelt down and took her father’s hard tool into her talented hand. She began to stroke it to the rhythm of Ivan’s thrusts. Her father moaned his approval. Ivan looked down at her. He was admiring her beautiful titties, then he noticed the forgotten toy in her other hand.

“Is that a butt plug?” Ivan inquired.

“Yes, it vibrates. You like it?” Lottie teased.

“Awesome, yeah. Can I try it, please?” Ivan asked.

Lottie added some anal lube that the men had brought out earlier and walked behind her brother and slipped in the toy. This was not the first time sticking toys into her brother. The two shared quite the fetish for all things vibrating, jelly, and leather. Once it was kartal escort in place, Lottie switched it on.

“Oh fuck!,” Ivan slowed. He almost came the moment the toy was turned on and started to vibrate against his prostate. Soon, he got it under control and was able to focus on how his father’s asshole milked his cock, squeezing it every time he withdrew. He grabbed the older man’s hips and started to slam himself in and out. He loved to get rough with his father. His mom and sisters normally did not allow him to be too rough when it came to their asses. His huge cock was somewhat intimidating to them. Larry groaned below him and Lottie murmured encouragement to both men. Ivan could feel the tickle in his balls begin, he would let himself cum this time, it was too good not to. He threw his head back and screamed out as his balls shot creamy cum into his own father’s ass. When he was empty, he stumbled back. His cock pulling from Larry with an audible pop. He staggered to the nearest chair and sat down. Immediately jumping back up, the toy was still in place. Ivan tugged it out and collapsed back into the chair.

Behind him, Nina was starting to slump. She had come many times watching the two men and with the help of her mother’s talented tongue and fingers. She gently pushed her mom away and had the woman stand up. Then she reversed positions, pushing her mom to the fence and diving into the vagina that had birthed her. Katrina watched as Larry stood, still hard and ready for more. He looked down, licking his lips and taking in his oldest daughter’s sexy body.

“Come on beautiful, it’s your turn.” He laid her down on the lounger and kissed her deeply, running his hands eagerly over her body. He positioned himself between her legs and slowly entered her. The two watched his cock disappear. Larry slowly ground himself in and out, loving every moment of Lottie’s hot little pussy. He kissed and bit her neck, while he pinched her nipples. Lottie’s eyes rolled back, lost in the pleasure her father was so capable of giving her.

“Harder,Daddy! Please.”

“Yes sweetie, you are so sexy. It feels amazing to be inside of you.” Larry whispered as his hips increased their pace.

Nina concentrated on returning the pleasure her mother had just given her. She sucked the folds of her pussy, gently nibbling them. Teasing the clit but never staying too long on the hard little nub. Her mom was moaning, cooing, and begging for more. Looking up her body, Nina watched her mom pinch her nipples and tug them roughly. This seemed to push her closer, Nina felt more of her mother’s weight shift onto her daughter’s arms.

Larry was sitting back on his heels now, holding Lottie’s ample hips and slamming his cock into her. He could hear his body wetly slapping into Lottie. She arched her back and panted,

“Yes, yes, ohhhhhh, Please, yes, oh fuck me fuck me, oh God yes, harder!!!!!!!”

Soon Katrina’s voice joined Lottie’s. Both women seemed to come in sync. Nina eagerly caught the flood from her mother. As Katrina finished, she sank into her daughter’s arms. The two lookalikes snuggled together in the grass.

Lottie came hard after an initial gasp, she held her breathe, riding wave after wave of pleasure out, feeling it wash over from toe to head. She finally cried out, as her body could take no more. Her father kissed her face and breasts. He withdrew from her still hard. Standing he looked around for a release. He spied Nina on the grass holding her exhausted mother. He started towards them. He felt a hand grab his wrist. Before he could look, Ivan had slid the wet cock into his mouth. Larry happily fucked his son’s mouth, feeding his progeny his seed after a few short thrusts.

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