Nights with Mommy Ch. 02

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So there I was, in the shower, paying extra close attention to my male-specific anatomy, thinking about only one thing: What do I do next? After the dream-like experience a few days ago, how do I continue without advancing on my mother too quickly? I mean, I’m pretty sure if a guy’s mom sneaks in his room at night and jerks him off, eating his cum, he has to take the next step, right? Incest or not, I’m not gay and I had to think of something.

Trouble was, I was this close to convincing myself the whole exquisite sexual episode had been a dream. I mean who is that lucky, to have the person they’ve been lusting after actually make the first move, while you just lay back and take it? And even after I told myself “yes, it actually happened,” I was still scared to take the next step. No matter what kind of rebellious, tough front young guys put on, deep down we’re all mommy’s little boy. We’re all afraid of getting in trouble with the most important person in our lives.

All my success with girls my age, all my working out and all my confidence, and still, I was very nervous. It felt like back in high school, like the first time you go to the prom. You know there’s nothing realistic to worry about, but you can’t stop your stomach from doing uncomfortable things to you.

What do I do next?

I like my showers pretty damn hot, so finally, after a long, steamy soak and a nice long think about how to do this, the solution presented itself. It took one of my frequent shower-jerks to bring it out, I think. I always have to sort of brace myself against the wall when I cum in the shower, or else the force of the orgasm makes my knees buckle, my legs feel like jelly. I wonder if that’s why old guys are always falling in showers.

Anyway so yea, what I came up with was pretty straightforward. Figuring I wouldn’t press my luck too far, I would simply return the favor she had given me. I’d sneak into her room the next night, and do stuff to her, maybe shoot a hot load somewhere on her that she’d notice when she awoke. If she wasn’t already awake from my sexual actions, that is.

Then I remembered my mother isn’t nearly as sound a sleeper as I, and I’d need to do something to ensure she’d really be out.


“How’s the wine mom?” I asked of a cheap but drinkable bottle of Chianti.

“Mm,” she started, swallowing, “it’s good! You know me I’m not a big wine drinker, but this goes down easy, I like it. Very fruity!”

“Yea, it’s pretty good. I like Italian wines, they’re my favorite,” I said. Not that I’m a connoisseur mind you, but I know the difference between grape juice and table wine.

We were having a steak dinner, cooked by yours truly, and I had selected the wine for a few reasons. First, a good red with a steak is about as good as a man can get when it comes to dinner pairing, which goes without saying. Second, I needed to get her drunk, or at least tipsy.

As the dinner passed on, I kept refilling her glass, hoping she wouldn’t notice what I was up to. Why would she? Who would suspect such a foul thing for a son to do? I had that to my advantage. And being a woman, I knew she only needed a few glasses to get a bit loose.

After dinner, when mother had changed into her practically transparent night robe, the same old routine as you know, during the usual me-sitting-there-filled-to-the-brim-and-mom-doing-the-dishes ritual, I announced that I would be heading to bed early.

“Oh, so soon?” she responded.

“Yea I had a tough workout today, I think I’ll just go to bed early.”

“Alright, well come give me a hug before you go,” she said, predictably.

At that moment as I approached her from behind, with her hands occupied with the dishes, something told me to just push my luck a little. She had already felt my penis against her leg that one time, and I knew full damn well she had felt it thoroughly the other night, so why not?

I slid my arms around her from behind, saying, “I love you, thanks for dinner,” as I did so.

“Aww your welcome. Good night darling,” she said, not turning away from the sink.

I didn’t let go immediately, though. Instead, I scooted further toward her backside, and eventually my soft package made contact with her big, juicy ass.

“What th-” I thought I heard her say, almost too softly for me to hear over the running, steaming water. But then she just kept on with the dishes, her rubber gloved hands continuing to clean.

My cock instinctively began to harden, until I was at half-mast, and still I sat there, lightly grinding my mushy meat into her. I wanted to make sure she felt it, but still be able to play it off like I didn’t notice. I let my junk mash into her a while longer, until I felt I had pushed it as far as I could go, then I slowly released her.

“Goodnight çatalca escort mom,” I said, as provocatively as I knew how without sounding gay, or like a rapist.

Then, I lightly let one of my hands rest on her ass. I gave it the slightest, imperceptible squeeze, and then I was off.


A few hours later, after barely succeeding in the battle against masturbating for quick release, and after I was sure my mother had fallen into a deep, wine-aided slumber, I made my move.

I crept into her room, which is easier than it sounds, since she keeps her door open at night. I saw her in the soft orange glow that the hall nightlight created. She was breathing quite heavily, the wine plan seemed to have worked. Hah!

I wasted no time, I was already rock hard just from the sheer taboo of the whole situation, so I gently drew back the covers from her sleeping form and bunched them to one side of the bed, and, waiting for a beat to make sure she was sound asleep, proceeded to crawl up to her legs. I smelt her freshly washed hair (from her nightly shower, I guessed) and body now up close, and it was like turn-on nectar to my nostrils. She was laying on her right side, it’s not like she was open and ready for business, but I figured she wouldn’t wake up from me rearranging her a bit.

Actually, I had to decide what it was I was actually going to do, which I hadn’t quite nailed down. What’s the first thing you do if you have a knocked-out girl right there, and you’re alone?


I slowly reached up to the top of her velvety night robe, finally about to see (as well as I could in the near-darkness anyway) what had been hiding behind the damn thing for months now. Tugging gently, I lowered the robe down in subtle fashion, watching as the delicate fibers gripped her naked flesh, grabbing on a bit at nipple level, and finally falling completely off her wonderful titties.

And there they were. My mom’s big breasts. They were gorgeous, even better than I had imagined. I mean, it’s one thing to jerk off to your mental image of something, quite another to have the real deal right before your eyes. They weren’t too big mind you, not saggy and old-looking, but they were big enough to get a nice handful. And they appeared youthful, too. For a middle-aged mother, I suddenly realized how youthful her body appeared in the orange glow of night. Her breasts slowly rose and fell with her deep breathing, her nipples semi-erect, since it was a bit chilly with the covers off.

I had to taste them, I’d go crazy if I didn’t. I knelt down, with my elbows on either side of her, and I let my tongue poke out, like a little child with an ice cream cone, then lick its way around the areola of her left breast, wetting it. I flicked it around the nipple next, teasing it, and, satisfied with that, did the same to the other breast.

Her breathing remained unchanged.

Finally, I had to do what I’d been wanting to do for ages. I slowly let the full pap of her right boob into my nuzzling, sucking mouth. Mmmm. Her nipple naturally hardened a bit as it was nibbled and sucked, and it tasted terrific. I suckled ever so softly, and just enjoyed the sensation of my own mom’s breast in my mouth, for the first time since I suckled her as a baby. Her nipple was so soft, and yet still quite erect, in my mouth. I bit down just the slightest bit, gently nibbling her swollen tit with my teeth, and then alternated between affectionate munching and swirling my tongue around it.

My dick was harder than titanium at this point, needless to say. It had nowhere to go but jam itself against my mom’s thigh, so I figured I’d give the fellow some attention. I reached down, grabbing my cock and unleashing it through the little hole in my boxers, and as subtly as I could, I pushed my mom’s legs over a bit, and then together, forming a tight seal of thigh flesh around my scalding, throbbing dick. Damn that felt good, her thighs were so soft!

There I sat, taking turns giving each lovely breast some tongue-assisted attention, cuddling gleefully against my mom’s breasts, and slowly knifing my member between her closed legs, smearing precum on her soft thighs. Eventually I got my hands involved and couldn’t resist grabbing big, weighty handfuls of breast as I munched on her sweet boobs. My hands massaged and caressed them, my brain telling me this was all well and good.

At that point, for some reason, I remembered something a school friend of mine had asked me once. He had said, “Why is it that we’re so turned on by titties? I mean, they’re just masses of fatty tissue and skin, right? Why are we born knowing to love them?”

Well as I laid there, happily playing with and loving my mother’s breasts, I knew the answer. We’re born with esenyurt escort instincts, it’s in our DNA. We’re drawn to a woman’s breasts because we know they aid in giving life, in nourishing little ones. When a man sees a potential mate with a nice-looking chest, subconsciously he registers that she would be a good candidate for reproduction. Or something like that.

I imagined how mom’s breasts must have looked right after I was born, so creamy and full of milk. I half expected some baby-nourishing juice to come pouring out right there as I sucked, but alas, I wasn’t so fortunate.

I noticed now that her breathing had sped up a bit, and now I wondered if she was actually still asleep. Either way, she obviously had no intention of stopping me now, so I just kept at it. Actually, I remembered how I had felt when she was feeling me up, and how I’d wanted to cum so badly. Well I couldn’t leave her wanting. Getting her to cum was my next goal.

I hated saying goodbye to her succulent, suckable tits, but now I had to give her the pleasure she needed, even if she was asleep (I hoped). I moved my body down, some wood somewhere creaking just a bit, until my face was just in front of her panty-covered vagina, and my legs were dangling off the end of the bed. Without further delay, I snuggled a finger into her panties, hooked it around the white cotton undergarment, and pulled it aside.

And there, for the first time in my life, I saw the place where I’d been born. That’s right, even though I’d catch a glimpse of my mother here and there, getting out of the shower and whatnot, I’d only ever maybe seen some pubes, but this was the whole thing. My mom’s sweet cunt was right there before my eyes, topped with a cute, well-shaven tuft of pubic hair. Her slit was pudgy, pouty, and looked divine. It begged to be fucked, but I figured stabbing my dick into her right there would be overdoing it.

“How the hell did I fit through that?” I asked myself. I must admit, now that I think about it, her pussy was surprisingly tight, fresh-looking. In fact I’d fucked college girls with looser snatches! Maybe it was from all those years of having no one to pleasure her, I don’t know. But it looked good, tight, fuckable. Mmm!

I moved in, inhaling her womanly scent as I again stuck my moist tongue out to taste her. At first I ran my tongue up and down the length of her slit, getting it wet. It tasted sweet, succulent. I reached up and ran my fingers through her batch of fine cunt hairs, and nibbled a bit on her clitoral area. Over and over I ran my tongue along her length, and her female parts seemed primed and ready for more already. I must have done something right in my workings at her breasts!

Ahh, it was terrific, let me tell you. I’d eaten a few girls out in my time, but nothing like this. With those girls, as selfish as it may sound, I just viewed it as a necessary part of foreplay, something I was expected to do before fucking a girl. But here, licking, sucking, tasting, eating, I had never felt such love and admiration. I felt like all my heart was pouring out through my tongue, I really wanted to give my mother as much pleasure as I knew how to give. I munched with every trick I knew for several minutes, and finally, her vagina was ready for penetration.

Her inner lips were now exposed and pink. A pink vagina is what every man is pre-programmed to want, and there was one for the taking, ready for whatever I wanted to do with it.

I took the two fingers of my right hand, and rubbed her snatch a bit, trying to loosen my mom’s unbelievably tight pussy. Satisfied that I could make my entrance, I slowly, tenderly pressed my fingers into her cunny hole. Her lips instinctively grabbed my fingers, sucking them in, like a mouth. I kept on pushing in until I couldn’t reach any more, and then started finger fucking her. I squashed my fingers in and out with increasing rapidity, using my left hand to fondle her now-exposed clitoris simultaneously.

Over and over, I jammed by straight-pointing fingers inside mom, until finally I heard the most delicate of female moans escape her mouth. Maybe I was giving her a wet dream, or maybe she was awake. I no longer cared, I was so horny.

With each thrusting barrage of my digits, I tried to reach inside further, to tunnel deeper into her hot, sucking vaginal walls and reach cervix depth. My lips were fastened onto her clit, giving it the same oral treatment her tits had received.


I actually jumped when I felt a pair of hands touch my head.

“Jesus,” I thought to myself. I was so preoccupied with my duties at her vag that I had totally still assumed she was asleep. Apparently not! That or she was half-awake in some dream limbo, but whatever, my foggy mind didn’t really etiler escort care.

Her hands, warm and soft, gently but persistently pulled my face deeper into her steaming cunt. She didn’t say anything, didn’t spoil the moment, but she had to be at least half-awake, wanting her pussy eaten to orgasm.

I was obliged, so I followed what her encouraging hands were telling me to do, and burrowed my face into my mother’s sweet pussy, starting to eat earnestly. Withdrawing my fingers with a little “pop,” I licked all around her procreative area, up and down her inner thighs near her nether-region, lapping at her skin. I sucked on her pubes even. I wanted to taste everything.

Her fingers nuzzled into my thick hair, massaging my scalp, letting me know it was OK to eat her more.

I suctioned my mouth on her vagina and tunneled my tongue around, exploring her inner cuntal walls, tasting as deep as I could. I ate her with more care and intent than I ever had any girl, for this woman before me was much more important than any drunk party chick. And I was going to fulfill my son’s duty to please my mother.

I furiously rubbed at her clit with a fingertip while reaching as far into her cunt as I could with my tongue, lapping up her juices, catching breaths whenever I could.

Then, I felt my mother’s mostly-naked form shudder, and then her thighs clamped onto my stubbly cheeks, and her hands grabbed my head and rammed it against her, and she came, came hard onto her son’s waiting mouth. Female juices spilled out of her vagina and I lapped them up, smashing my face as hard as I could into her sweet-smelling canal. I pushed my hands under her, grabbing onto her ass forcibly while her climax reached its peak, her legs still tightly squeezing my whole head.

I carried on with my eating until I was sure her orgasm had faded, and she fell limp back onto her bed.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, no longer able to contain my pleasure.

Still my mother didn’t say anything, she just sighed contently, moaning softly in the afterglow of climax.

Now, maybe she had been able to just leave my room the other night after making me cum, but I had to take care of business right away.

She had turned her head and begun breathing normally again, I guess pretending to still be asleep, I don’t know. I just grabbed my cock and jerked and jerked, all the pent up sexual energy having done all the heavy work for me.

I pumped my hard penis savagely, creating squishy noises from all the precum, and it took me no more than a minute to realize I was about to blow. I looked down to notice her silky gown was still just bunched in the middle of her body, with her glorious tits still presented right there for me.

That was it, I had no other option. I knelt with my knees on either side of mother’s “sleeping” form, and tried to keep my balance as my own orgasm set in. I aimed my raging pecker, with it’s blue-purple head, straight down at her tits, making sure to line up the shot. I felt huge jolts of electricity fire through my body, from my brain down through all my limbs, I felt my pectoral muscles tense and flex as I jacked furiously, fighting to try and sit up straight. My balls almost hurt as they tightened and I felt all the power of my orgasm build up in one, huge blast of semen as it made its journey through my tubes.

I groaned as I let go, sending a huge glob of hot cum splashing onto mommy’s chest. Again I fired, this time even more forcefully, hitting her in the neck. I had to pull down on my weapon a bit, but the third shot found it’s intended target as another blast of hot, viscous boy cream shot all over my mom’s bouncy tits.

Mom just lay still, taking her son’s fertile seed on her body.

Each time I thought it was over, another blast of pent-up sperm launched from my penis and onto the now-soaked, naked form of my mother. It was the best orgasm I can ever remember giving myself, my balls almost hurt it felt so good. Again and again I fired, big ropes of white stuff hitting her, pooling in some spots, running down the sides of her breasts in others.

Finally, I had given her tits all I had. I bent down and rubbed my still-hard cock against her nipples, wiping off the remaining cum from the head. Enormously satisfied (for now), I decided to leave her as she had left me. I got off her, and left her laying there, covered in cum.


I was almost dizzy with excitement as I snuggled back into my own bed down the hall. I honestly couldn’t quite believe what I had just done, how wrong it was, and yet how amazing it had felt. That my mother was willing to go along with it was that much hotter.

As I drifted off to sleep, I imagined what it would be like if my mother just came out and admitted her desire for me, how awesome that little arrangement could be. Here I was, after years of chasing girls, and I had a sex-starved, horny, experienced older woman right here whenever I wanted! What if we went through with this?

I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve as I dozed off, hoping to dream again about my sweet mommy.

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