Night Of Lust For A Small Woman Ch. 03

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Author’s note:

This is the Chapter 3 of the Story.

Now, first at all I want to reply to comment on Chapter 2 by “Anonymous 02/14/08- All the baby references are getting creepy.”

You are right, Mr.Anonymous. It was my mistake to use the word “clan” instead of “gang”; that was because I’m not from U.S. and English language is not my mother tongue.

I strongly apologize if somebody felt insulted, but it was not in my intention. Absolutely.

And let me say, Mr.Anonymous, that I know the American history like you and it’s not necessary you explain me what was KKK.

In conclusion: I’m not racist. The black characters of this story, like in other sex stories, are only well-endowed guys.

Enjoy the story, dear readers.

Scott carried the unconscious Carol to his bedroom, cradling her in his arms like a baby. She was senseless, after the intense lovemaking.

The boy put delicately his mom on the bed, then he laid beside her. Carol was totally nude, her son still was wearing his pants.

He slipped the right arm underneath and around her, so she was in his embrace. Her small, lying body was a lovely vision: at fifty-two, not one ounce of superfluous fat disfigured the perfect swell of her feminine gorgeous attributes: breasts, ass, belly, thighs and arms. She looked like a Barbie doll.

Scott put the palm of his free hand over one pink nipple and closed his fingers, grasping as much of the large breast as he could, then he gently squeezed and caressed the fleshy mound. When he felt the tiny nub beginning to stiffen, he closed it between thumb and forefinger, rolling and making it fully erect, ready to be mouthed.

He alternately flicked his tongue over the rigid protuberance and encircled the nipple in his warm wet lips. When the entire skin of her tit was covered with his saliva, Scott rolled his mother onto her back and after removing his hand from underneath, bent his head down to the second breast and repeated over it the licking and sucking motions with new excitation.

Then he looked at her pussy: it was so stretched out from John’s savage fucking that he doubted it would recover its normal shape in the future.

Scott shoved his head to her twat and started thrusting his tongue into her gaped hole, brushing his teeth against her clit.

Carol let out an unexpected moan: the erotic action over her sensitive genitals was waking up the woman from her faint.

“What. . . what are you doing?” she whispered.

“Oh, mom, finally!” said Scott, raising his head from her pussy; and his words could be interpreted as: finally you recovered your senses or finally you are in my bed or both of them.

“He can’t do this, I can’t allow him to play with me in this way, I can’t let it happen. It’s a sin, he his my son,” was thinking Carol.

But the events of that unbelievable night of lust had overhelmed all the limits of the common morals and now she was uncapable of stopping the incestuous desires of her son and her own yearnings. Without considering, in addition, that both mother and son had just enjoyed the blow up she had given to her boy, while she was sitting in the lap of the commanding giant.

Many times, in the last months, she had allowed Scott playing with her, fondling and kissing her tits, carrying her half-naked body to the shower or in the pool, like she was his girlfriend and not his mom: now they were together in the same bed and Scott seemed absolutely determined to get from his libidinous mother all the sensual pleasures she was able to lavish on her lovers.

“Mom, I love you. You are so beautiful,” Scott’s cock was hardening inside his pants.

Carol put her arms around his neck; she pulled him forward to give him a passionate kiss and their tongues joined inside their mouths.

When they broke the kiss, her tits were right in front of him. He began to lightly fingering one areola.

He told her: “Mom, that guy fucked you so hard and you liked it, didn’t you?”

“Honey, forgive me, but he is so strong and I couldn’t help.”

“Yes, mom, but you loved it: you loved being cradled by him all the time, like a child and being fucked hard by his big cock like a slut.”

Scott, now, was caressing her swollen breasts.

“You know, mom, how to please a man, how to give him what he wants. You love being used by a man to satisfy his lust. You are small like a baby, but you are the greatest slut a man could dream about. Mom, you know that I love you and I know that you love me. But you let me only playing with you and never let me fucking you. Now I can’t wait any more: I want you, mom, I want your pussy and tits and ass and everything. I want to share my bed with you and take all of your body, just like a lover.”

These words removed the remaining moral bonds from Carol’s mind and made her passion exploding unrestrainably.

“Oh, dear, I love you. I want you; your mom is yours, honey, totally yours.”

Like crazy, Scott bent his head and put bostancı escort his tongue between her pussy lips, starting at the bottom and then, up and down, lapping all the way on her cunt. He stick his tongue as deep as he could, probing her inner walls, then came out and licked up, till he reached the little erect bud of her clit.

Carol moaned. “Ohhhhhh. . . baby, ohhhhh, my god, it feels so good.”

She pressed her pussy against his mouth and he made his tongue swirling around.

The woman was reaching another orgasm.

“Ohhhh. . Scott, I’m cumming again. . . your mommy is cumming, keep eating me, honey, don’t stop, please, your mom loves you.”

The boy was in heaven; he couldn’t believe at his eyes and his ears; her mom was cumming and was asking for more and more. He didn’t waste any seconds: still noisily sucking and nibbling her clit, he moved his right hand over her shaved tender pussy and inserted one and then a second finger, caressing her insides with a probing back and forth motion.

It was too much for the small Carol: she started screaming, letting out insane words of passion, while her pussy juices were flowing abundantly and uninterruptedly from her inflamed pussy, soaking mouth and fingers of her son.

In the other room John and his friends were making plans.

Craig had been back from the house inspection. Mr. Blum had showed him the safe box. The black convict collected a good handful of jewels and all the money he found there, then he put everything in a bag, tied the man and closed him in a lumber-room, far from the living area of the house.

When he met Tom and Nick, they informed him of the sexual intercourse between John and the little Mrs. Blum. All of them burst out laughing at the details of the savage fucking and the long manipulation John had given to the child, as he called the mature, but petite housewife.

Then the three blacks and Scott went to the room where the giant had carried Carol and so they witnessed the final round of the long sex-match John had played with Carol and the knocking out of the debased lady.

Scott carried away his mom and the four convicts took their decisions.

First at all, before leaving the house, they were well determined to enjoy, each of them, some piece of the beautiful woman. John had already eaten his portion, but Tom, Nick and mainly Craig were still in credit.

Craig, the boss, gave the orders.

“You, guys, go to the kitchen, take foods and drinks and relax. I’ll join you later on, with the girl, to continue the party all together. Wait patiently, pals, because I need, before, some bites on those big melons and a sniff of that baby pussy; and I have in mind also a good surprise for you. But now let me see how the two lovebirds are doing.”

And he left the room.

“Ohhhhh. . . my god, honey, you are making me crazy. Put your fingers in my pussy, lick my clit, lick me, baby, ohhhhhhhhh. . . I’m cumming.”

Carol was totally buried in her intoxicating climax and Scott was totally plunged, mouth and fingers, in his mom’s pussy: both of them jolted at a resounding voice and at a sudden, firm grip around the boy’s wrist.

“You depraved boy! What are you doing to your innocent mom? Finger fucking her? Shame on you, lecherous boy! And you, dirty little bitch, let me show you how I can enjoy your little body and work on this hot pussy of yours.”

A black, naked human figure was towering over the two lovers. One of his huge hands was tightly circling the fucking arm of Scott.

“Do you want feeling your mom’s pussy? Okay, boy, keep it! But this cunt has been too much stretched by my friend and now two fingers can’t satisfy the baby: she needs more.”

Craig was laughing; his unexpected presence had petrified the boy, who had raised his head from Carol’s crotch, but was unable of any reaction; and his mother was still so aroused that she could’n stop her intense climaxing.

The black man was in full control. He knelt beside the woman’s body and still firmly gripping Scott’s hand, he pulled it out of the pussy hole and commanded: “Fold your fingers and thumb all together, boy, make a fist!”

Automatically Scott obeyed. The large hand around his wrist pushed on and his whole fist entered easily the tender cunt channel of his mother.

Back and forth, back and forth like a thick cock, Craig was moving the boy’s hand, making him fist-fucking his mother.

“Open your hand, boy, caress mommy’s insides, make her crazy, make the whore cumming.”

Again the boy obeyed: his fingers explored the pussy channel and pressed against her cervix, while her cunt juices were copiously soaking the invading hand.

Carol was rocking and rolling, totally insane from the powering fist-fucking.

“Do you like this, bitch?” asked Craig, whose hand was continuously driving the boy’s hand up and down the walls of her hot and wet twat.

“Let’s try something more. Let’s have a taste of these büyükçekmece escort milkers.”

The black stud lowered his head over one throbbing breast. His lips captured the erect nipple, then his darting tongue flicked the hard petal and the crinkled surface of her wide areola, making waves of increasing extasy surge throughout Carol’s body, when he did so.

Craig moved his oral probe spiritedly for several long minutes against her hot white boobs, switching alternately from one tit to the other one, enjoying the contact with the delicate flesh of the mature woman.

Then the big man raised his head from Carol’s mammaries and watched in a daze of fascinaton and excitement at the small housewife’s body.

With a sudden motion, his free hand grabbed and pulled up her right leg; her toes clawed the air. “This bitch is really a doll!” exclaimed Craig, easily dwarfing the tiny foot with his meaty fingers; he stuffed her toes in his mouth and sucked on them.

The man’s hot lips, together with the boy’s fist in her pussy, sent fuck-sensations pulsing through her whole body. Craig chewed and slobbered hardly into her toes and Carol was squealing in heaven.

Craig applied the same treatment to the other foot, then his action changed again. He released the grip around Scott’s arm and moved up to Carol’s chest both of his large hands. He grasped the outsides of her tits and pushed them together, thus creating a deep cleavage between the two hills.

“That’s the way to work on your melons, bitch! And you, boy, watch how I’m playing with these babies. She loves it.”

The huge hands of Craig tightened, moulding the two mounds into fleshy cones, capped by two pink elongated buds. He moved the tits with possessive motions, till the nipples were one against the other, like they were a single thing.

“You are mine, baby.” And the black man put the two nipples, folded together, inside his big jaws, sucking hungrily.

Scott, whose hand now was free, continued uninterruptedly his fist-fucking: the woman was handled by two men and one of them was her son.

“Ohhhhhhh. . . my tits, my pussy!” Carol uttered and Scott was fascinated by the submission of his loving mother to the hard, towering man and to himself.

“Here we go, baby!” Craig cried heatedly, removing his mouth, just for few seconds, from Carol’s breasts. “Spurt your juices, little mommy!”

Carol shaked her ass shamefully. “Ahhhhhhhhh. . . gooood, yes, yes, make me cum, big man, suck my tits, lick them. . . ohhhhh, make me cum, son, my pussy is in your hand. . . ohhhh, I’m cumming again.”

Her hips began to twist and toss, her thighs trembled.

She was spread defencelessly on the bed, at the complete mercy of her black captor and her son.

The man was her owner. He reached out, took out the hand of the boy from her vagina and covered completely her wet pubes with his large fingers; his thumb and forefinger closed around her clit and rolled it feverishly.

The double stimulation, oral and manual, of all her buds had a devastating effect on the aroused woman, who sprayed her hot cum over the black hand: she was ejaculating uninteruptedly.

Then her orgasm subsided.

The black man stood up beside the bed, watching with lustfulness his petite prey, who seemed completely powerless. He took a sigarette and started smoking and relaxing.

Scott, who had been involved hardly in the action, was still incredulous. Those eager men were fully determined to make his mother cumming and cumming, till their animal insticts were completely satisfied: she was a plaything, the defenceless object of their avidity.

And this incredible night had made also exploding an irrepressible passion between mom and son. Scott was totally intoxicated by his stacked mother he had lust after for many months; and now a sort of sadistic pleasure was rising from the sight of all the abuses these men were committing repeatedely on his mother.

Craig, who had already checked the voyeuristic side of Scott’s nature, together with his forbidden desires, was well aware of it and intended to make the best of that lucky chance.

The black stud stubbed out the sigarette and approached the woman, who was still laying on the bed. He reached out and gently cupped one of Carol’s fleshy white tits, caressing it with his strong black fingers.

“Ready to start, little one?” he said.

“Start what? What do you want again from me?” the woman whispered.

His big cock was dangling and swelling in front of her face: it was a little shorter than John’s, but with all the same thickness; Carol’s gaze turned towards it and she shuddered.

Without hesitation, Craig bent over, putting one hand under the back and the other one under the knees of the woman. He picked her from the bed like she was weightless, raising her upper body to his ravenous mouth. His wet lips brushed her breasts, back and forth from one nipple to the other one, çapa escort licking and sucking loudly.

“Boy, your mommy has the most tasty jugs I have ever sucked.”

The contact with her smooth, soft, milky white skin stirred his already hardening cock to new heights of virility: it was reaching its maximum splendor.

With rapid movements, Craig turned Carol in his arms without letting her feet hit the ground. He put both his hands around her hips: she was so tiny that his palms circled entirely her waist, like forming a kind of large belt. He could handle the small wife up and down, with extreme ease.

Scott was watching mesmerized; this brute was playing with his mom like she was a little toy.

“Baby, you are in my hands, you are totally mine and your son is watching; let your son hearing from your words who is your master,” the black stud shouted; and the tone of his voice didn’t admit objections.

“You, sir, you are my master, my strong master.”

“And you are my sex slave. Tell him, whore.”

“Ohhhhhh. . . master, please, don’t ask.”

“Tell him, whore, don’t get me nervous.”

“Yes, yes, sir, I am your sex slave; son, this man is my master and I am his slave. . . ohhhhhhhh, what are you doing?”

Craig was hoisting Carol: when her lips came up to his face, he darted his tongue and explored carefully the insides of her mouth; then he pushed her up, till her pussy made contact with his face: he licked and sucked it voraciously, like it was a succulent dish to be eaten.

When his craving was satiated, he lowered the woman: his monster erect cock parted her slender legs and her tender body slid along his hairy chest. When her cunt lips touched the base of his shaft, she was sitting on his long prick. Looking down from above her shoulders, Craig could see the knob of his dick popping out on the other side of her legs: like the woman had been pierced by a long pole through her belly.

“Ohhhhhh. . . . my goooood,” Carol screeched.

“Is it cozy, little lady? Do you like my special chair?”

For several minutes the man lifted and lowered repeatedly the woman, making her sure of his strength and at the same time looked at her son, who was watching the scene with increasing amazement.

It was unbelievable: mom’s pubic vee leaned on John’s pointing out prick and it didn’t collapse one fraction of an inch under her weight.

“This man is strong like a bull; his prick is a steel bar,” the boy was thinking.

The show continued: still taking the tiny woman ih his hands and over his shaft, he strode along the room and mocked at her.

“Do you like the walk, baby? Do you like to be carried by your master? Or you are still longing for your big daddy? Don’t worry, child, now your master is taking care of you, but when he will be finished with you, he will return the little baby to her daddy; just let’s have some fun, some little games for a beautiful obedient baby like you.”

Craig’s big cock was rubbing Carol’s pussy lips continuously; a wet coating started depositing over the shaft. The man felt it and decided it was time to go further on.

Effortlessly he moved the small woman in his embrace and accomodated her, like a little kid, in his large arms.

“Come with me, boy,” he told Scott. “Follow me.” And the boy obeyed.

The trio left the bedroom and returned to the main living room: Craig first and Scott a step behind the black man, who was cradling his mom like she was his property and, along the way, was planting some wet bites on her prominent white boobs, making the woman squeal and struggle helplessly.

In the living room Craig lowered Carol, putting her, on all fours, at one side of the long coach; he sat at the other side. Scott took place on a chair, in front of the couple.

“Come here, pet,” told Craig to the woman. “Be a good pet and come to your owner,” he said crudely, slapping his thighs, to reinforce his command. And the tiny Carol, like an obedient domestic animal, moved over the coach, on her hands and kneels, to the dominating man.

“Good, good, little one,” mocked Craig. “Now you deserve your prize.”

His enormous cock was spranging out, betwwen his thighs.

“Take your food, pet, make it good for your mouth; suck and lick it with your lips and tongue; but be careful, little one: don’t bite it with your teeth or you will regret it in all your lifetime.”

Taking a young girl had been always a great fun for the black convict; but brutalizing an older, white, gorgeous woman, a mom and wife of fifty-two, small as a little girl and, in addition, doing it in front of her son was a lot better, a lot more exciting, a lot more delighting.

Carol got a better look of the gigantic prick and her voice came out in a high pitched squeal.

“Nooooooo, it’s a monster, it’s too big.”

“Mommy, you worked on my buddy’s dick. Now take mine! Understand, bitch?”

Instinctively the petite woman wrapped both her tiny hands around the bobbing shaft, but the girth was too much large and she couldn’t close her grip.

She began to pump the cock.

“Yeeeeees, little mom, yeeees, baby, you got it!”

For some long minutes Carol moved the meaty bar, giving it a soft, delightful masturbation, then Craig ordered: “Suck it, bitch; suck it, baby!”

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