New Years with Her Cousin

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At the time of this story, I’m 25 year old guy dating a fifty three year old woman who was and still is the hottest thing I’ve ever spent time with. At the time I weighed about 230, had dark hair, was very tan with a thirty three inch waist. I was playing racquetball and lifting weights six days a week. So I was quite fit. I’d met this girl, and she was so brazenly filled with attitude. Her looks were the only thing more attractive. Over time, I had learned to allow her to take the lead in our relationship as she was in to pushing my limits and as much as she could’ve gotten me into trouble, it was always a time I’d remember. This was one of those times.

It was December, the December before we moved in with each other to be precise, and I was planning a quick trip out with the guys for the midnight drink at the end of New Year’s Eve. It was just after five when the phone rang.

“Hello,” I answered, not expecting anyone at that point in the day.

“Take a shower, shave everything from the neck down the way I like, I’ll call you at eight,” ordered Suzy. Now, to understand why a guy would let someone twice his age boss him around, let me describe her. Blonde hair, five feet two inches, one hundred twenty pounds and fifteen of it in the perkiest boobs on the planet. She maintained a tight waist with the cutest little tattoo our her belly button and had firm and shapely legs. Her piercing green eyes were my favorite though, as I could never say no when she asked for something when she looked into my eyes.

So, I’d had plenty of time to hop in the shower, shave from the neck down, which wasn’t much other than some minor chest hair, and the hair from around my cock and balls. I’d learned to keep everything else clean shaven with her. Just after eight o’clock the phone rang.

“Are you ready,” she asked?

“Yeah, what are we doing?”

“Now, go outside, start your truck. Let it warm up til eight thirty. I’ll call then”.

At eight thirty my truck had been running for a while and the phone rang. It was Suzy again. “O.K. so your trucks warm right.”

“Yeah,” I wondered what she had up her sleeve and then it began to make sense.

“You’re going to strip everything off except your shoes. Then, you may pick your longest coat, put it on and drive to my house wearing only your coat, when you get here, park on the street, leave your coat in the truck and walk, don’t run to the front door. I’ll have the light on, but you still have to ring the doorbell. Do you understand?”

“Yeah,” I answered as my heart started racing already.

“Good, you’re to be here in twenty minutes,” she told me. The phone went silent as I looked at my clock. It was twenty til nine exactly. I grabbed for my coat and wrapped it around me. Slipping my shoes on I walked out the side door to my house and got behind the wheel. It wasn’t that cold out all things considered, but I was glad I had the coat for the ride.

It was a long ride across the city. As I pulled onto Harrison Street, I scanned the parking situation along driveways and in the street. It was New Year’s Eve and people ataşehir escort did have house gatherings.

As I pulled up in front of my girlfriend’s house, I noticed to men walking out the front door. It was only 855. Perhaps she’d had visitors. I waited until promptly nine. This gave me time to muster up the courage to follow her instructions and let the two strangers drive off. I slipped out of my coat and took just my keys in hand as I stepped into the street. Walking, not running the way I would have liked, I walked the length of her drive way to her porch where I stood beneath a bright light as I rang the doorbell. It took nearly two minutes before she answered.

As the door opened, she smiled excitedly, that big beaming smile that showed how pleased she was.

“You did it, I knew you had it in you,” she said as she invited me in. As I walked into the front door I noticed her outfit. She wore a red bustier, black thigh highs, high heels and no panties. I could tell that she’d had it on for a while, considering that it was her outfit she planned on surprising me in.

Have a seat she instructed, as she went to get drinks.

When she came back from the kitchen she had on a different outfit. She now wore a long black sheer gown, black lacy panties and black lace bra. I asked her why the change and was rather shocked at her answer.

“I didn’t really think you’d be here on time and wanted to change to entertain you.”

“The other outfit was hot too, ” I reassured her.

“Yeah, but I’ve already entertained in that, so I put this on for you,” she smiled as she told me this.

“Entertained,” I wondered.

“Yeah,” she told me. “I had a couple of guests here before you arrived. Two gentlemen I met at the bar last week,” she explained as she was referring no doubt to the two well-dressed black men I’d seen leave.

“And you had them over for drinks,” I asked. “Wearing what you had on a few minutes ago.”

“No silly,” she said, “I had panties on when they got here…”

I was shocked. As we sat there sipping champagne, her hand playing with my cock, occasionally nuzzling my neck, she proceeded to tell me how the two guys Brock and Les had offered her a thousand dollars cash to entertain them for the evening. She’d had them over for drinks at first, until they bought her panties. Then, the two of them, described how they wanted to share a white woman.

“Why,” I asked, “Why would you do that?”

“Oh come on, your cock jumped when I told you.”

She was right, the thought was exciting.

“So anyway,” she went on. She described how she’d slipped her panties off and laid across the two of them on the sofa as they felt up the cheeks of her ass. Then she undid their pants and freed, what she described as the two biggest cocks she’d ever seen. A tightening occurred in the pit of my stomach as she announced how she got on her knees in between the two, their ten inch pricks in her hands, as she began sucking them one at a time. As she continued the story I got more and more excited.

“So avcılar escort why did you have me come over here,” I asked?

As I asked the question she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, giving it a few quick sucks.

That was when she pushed me back on the sofa and straddled my face. As she pulled her panties to the side I began to lick her swollen lips, then it dawned on me that she’d fucked both these men right before I got there. As turned on as I was though I couldn’t stop, even with the taste of her saltiness telling me that I was licking out the fresh semen these two had deposited in her.

“OOh, that’s it, lick my pussy, lick me baby.” I was trying to get her off before I realized it. I was on my back with my cheating lover over my face with her freshly fucked pussy. The knock at the door drew both of our attentions.

“What the fuck?” I stammered as she crawled off me.

“You wanted to know why I called you, you’re about to find out. I wanted you trapped here with no clothes completely at my mercy,” she announced as she headed towards the front of the house. It was while she was gone that I really grasped my predicament. She’d snatched me keys. As I sat there, sick at myself for being so hard and turned on, I could hear voices coming from the front of the house. I sat there looking for something to cover up with. There was nothing to be found. As Suzy came back towards me in her living room, her tits swaying as the neglige’ she wore swayed like a flag, I could feel my heart beating through my chest. Behind her, was her cousin Jeffrey.

“Jeff,” she announced, this is “Jace”.

I sat there in shock as she motioned for me to come say hi. Standing up, my rock hard erection jumping up and down, I walked over to shake hands. “Have a seat in the chair for me babe while me and Jeff catch up.”

The two had a seat on the sofa and I sat there, slightly embarrassed by this brazen exhibition she was putting on. Not only was she exposing me completely nude to her cousin, but she herself was sitting there, curled up next to him, in such a provocative outfit that I just felt weird about the entire thing. As the two laughed and carried on, I noticed they were very touchy and huggy.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Well baby,” she smiled as she leaned towards me.

“You see, Jeff and I are very close, as a matter of fact, he’s seen me naked many times. So I’m very comfortable in front of him,” she told me as she stood up. She slid off the gown she wore to my surprise, standing there in just her bra and panties. Then, standing there in front of me, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Letting it fall to the floor her breasts stood straight out, her nipples erectly needing to be touched. Bending slightly at the waist, she peeled her panties down her thighs and stepped out of them. After, she stood there, her hands out at her side, “See, it’s no big deal.”

“O.K. so you’re a nudist.”

“Sort of,” she told me. “And you’re going to get used to it eventually, because from here on out, avrupa yakası escort whenever I want to show you off to my friends or anyone else for that matter, you’ll be nude.”

“Got it,” that, I thought was the answer to why she’d called me over like that.

Watching her sit back down and snuggle up to her cousin though was still very strange, even if it was erotic. As we all sat around chatting and drinking, I heard her announce, “Oh, sure, I don’t mind”. She was whispering to him that she could drive me crazy since I seemed to be turned on. As I emptied my drink, she was sliding her hands into her cousins pants. To my shock, she pulled out his cock and began stroking it slowly.

“Told ya cuz, it doesn’t matter who’s hand it is, it’s not really sex or a blow job,” she giggled drunkenly.

“I bet you’d like a blow job though,” she asked.

Now as hard as I was, the idea of watching my girlfriend sucking more cock tonight, after seeing her suck mine and hearing about the two big black cocks she’d enjoyed before I arrived, was more than I could take. That was when she reached over and grabbed my hand.

“Come here baby,” she demanded, pulling me down on the floor.

As she tugged me over to where she was sitting, I knelt before her.

“No, not me,” she demanded, a wicked smile on her face.


“I’d do it, but my jaws are so sore. I need a break.”

“I’m not,” she shushed me.

“I know,” she said, taking a handful of my testicles and squeezing, “But you’ll do this if you want me later.”

I couldn’t believe she’d done this to me, but at the same time, the sight of nude flesh, curled up to her own cousin as she demanded I perform orally for her, had my dick desperately needing a release. I leaned in slowly, putting my hand around his cock as he looked at me giving me the green light. Leaning my head down, I stuck out my tongue the way Suzy did on my cock. Licking around the head, getting it wet, I massaged the shaft up and down as I took more and more of it in my mouth. It took just a few minutes of my tongue working up and down his shaft before he was rock hard. Then, as she was sitting there, rubbing her nipples, she swung her leg over my head and straddled his lap. As I was sucking the large purple head she rocked back and forth a bit until I was out of the way. Then, as if I was dreaming, she took the entire length of her cousins cock into her dripping snatch, as she held my head against her ass.

Finding her anus, I began licking around her ass like I was eating her pussy. She bumped up and down on his cock for several minutes until I couldn’t take it any more. Finally, after I could stand it no longer, I stood up and positioned my cock against her anus. Slowly, I put pressure on her ass, until I felt the head all the way in. In several slow motions I bottomed out against her ass and enjoyed the tight feeling on my cock as she began to writhe around like a mad woman. As she began to buck uncontrollably, telling me she was exploding over her cousins cock, she jumped up and took us both in her hands jerking our dicks simultaneously, occasionally going from one to the other as she took a cock in her mouth. Finally, and almost at the same time as her cousin, I exploded covering her face and tits, I fell back and watched as he did the same. It was a new years to remember, and only one of many times she took me by surprise.

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