Neuro Submission Transmitter

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“So do you think uncle Harry hid money or valuables around his house?” I ask my mom as we’re driving down the interstate.

“What makes you think that?” She asks, surprised at my question.

“Well, he was pretty eccentric, you have to admit. He seemed like one of those guys who would stash things around the house and then forget where they are. We are going to search for hidden stuff, right?” My mom’s brother died in a car accident a couple of months ago and my mom is executor of his estate. Uncle Harry never married and as his younger sister, mom is his only living relative. Uncle Harry was 40, two years older than my mom. They grew up together but had less contact once mom got married.

My mom is one of those people who take family responsibility very seriously. Like every Christmas she doesn’t just send presents, she drives down and gives Uncle Harry his present. Last December, Mom and my sister Susan drove down just before New Years. It’s spring break now and I’m out of school, which is why mom asked me to come with her this time.

“Your uncle wasn’t eccentric.” Mom argues. “He was just very, very smart. Sometimes he didn’t have patience for the mundane things that we consider normal.” Uncle Harry really was smart. He was one of the leading neurologists in the country, with huge research grants. “I’m going to go through his personal papers and put everything in order, you can look for hidden ‘stuff’ if you want.” Mom says laughing. “Just make sure you tell me if you find anything, because I have to make a complete list of his assets.”

Uncle Harry’s house isn’t huge, but it does have a large office in the converted walkout basement. Mom is hoping to sort through everything in 4-5 days. The first day I help her catalogue all the furniture, paintings, etc. The second day mom asks me to make a list of all the books in his library, while she starts sorting through his office.

Some of the books are valuable first editions and some are just normal books that everyone has on their bookshelves. I have to look at the title page of each book to make sure I don’t overlook any of the collector’s items. He has about four hundred books and it’s taking a long time. Plus, I’ve gotten distracted a few times looking up the price of some of the first editions on his computer. When we break for lunch I’ve gotten about halfway through.

“How’s it going?” Mom asks as we sit at the kitchen table eating sandwiches and potato chips.

“Fine. Uncle Harry sure had a wide range of interests. He’s got everything from biographies to books on Wicca.” I tell her. “I’m about halfway through. How’s it going in the basement?”

“Slow. Your uncle wasn’t the most organized man in the world.” Mom says, sighing. “I’m really having to organize everything before I can start sorting through his finances. This may take longer than I thought.”

After lunch we resume our individual tasks. The third book I look at, one of the neurology textbooks Uncle Harry wrote, has two folded sheets of paper in it. I unfold them and read what looks like passwords or codes. One says, NEUROSUBMITTRANS and then NST1001#HD after it and the other one looks like a combination: 47-63-95-20. I get excited thinking, here’s the hidden stuff I was talking about, if I could only figure out what it means.

The first looks vaguely familiar and then I remember seeing a file on Uncle Harry’s computer, when I was searching for book prices. It was called NST.doc. I go to his computer double click on NTS.doc and sure enough a pop up box asks for a password. I type NST1001#HD and an MS-Word file opens. It’s some kind of research paper called Neurological Submission Transmitter. I wonder why Uncle Harry had it password protected. As far as I know he’s the only one who used this computer.

As I scan through the document, most of it is over my head. I’m still on High School physics. I skip to the ‘Summary of Findings’ section at the end. I read through and it seems to be talking about an actual transmitter that when tuned to a person’s specific neurological frequency will render them submissive. The summary is written in plain English without all the technical jargon. It appears to be a request for more grant money, documenting the potential uses for the device including helping doctors resolve abnormal or destructive behavior. To explain the transmitter in layman’s terms he uses an analogy of instant hypnosis. Wow! Uncle Harry really was a genius, if he invented an instant hypnosis device. I wonder where it is and if the other piece of paper has anything to do with it. I spend the next hour looking for a safe in the library and the bedrooms without any luck. I finally go down to the basement office.

“How’s it going?” I ask mom. I’ve decided not to tell her about the research paper just yet.

“I’m struggling through. Are you done with the books?” Mom asks, looking up from the desk where she has a bunch of papers all around her laptop.

“Not yet. I’m just taking a break.” I answer. “Did Uncle Harry have a safe or anything like that? I’m wondering mecidiyeköy escort if he had other valuable books in a safe or something.” I’m trying to act nonchalant about it.

“Not that I’ve seen down here.” Mom answers. “You can look around if you want.” I look all over the basement and don’t find anything that might have a combination lock on it. I give up for now and go back to cataloguing the books. I’m on the last bookcase just as it’s starting to get dark.

When I try to pull the books off the bottom shelf, one book seems stuck, but I can’t tell why. It’s not oversized or wedged into the shelf or anything. I pull hard but it doesn’t budge. Bending down I realize it’s a fake book that when all the other books have been removed it slides to the side, opening an access panel. Behind the access panel is a combination lock. I jump up, get the other slip of paper and after several tries of left and right combinations I open the lock. Inside is a small device that looks like an IPOD with ear buds attached to it. It has a small LCD screen and a thumb wheel with a button in the middle of it. I am so excited that I start to run and tell mom, then stop. I decide I’m going to figure out how it works before I tell mom about it. I open the NST file again and print out the entire document. It’s fifty pages long. I finish cataloging the books while it’s printing.

After dinner, I tell mom I’m just going to read one of Uncle Harry’s books. I sit up in bed reading the entire NST document. Most of it I don’t understand, but there are sections that appear to be written specifically for a non-technical audience. There is one section on the details of the experiments. It seems that whoever uses it has to wear the ear buds for protection against the transmitter and to tune in the correct frequency for their subject. Rotating the thumb wheel and listening for the steady tone, tunes it to the neurological frequency of a specific subject. Pressing the button then renders the subject submissive and responsive to suggestions. It appears that the research wasn’t complete and Uncle Harry was requesting more money so he could test the duration of the affect and what he called post transmission suggestions, which I assume are like post hypnotic suggestions. I decide to test it on mom in the morning.

The next morning over breakfast I ask mom if I can use the car to go to the mall. She tells me no because she still needs my help. While she’s cleaning up the kitchen, I get the transmitter, put the ear buds in my ears and turn the thumb wheel. After about ten seconds I hear a steady tone. I press the button and watch mom for a reaction.

“Mom?” I say from behind her as she’s leaning over the sink.

“Yes?” She says turning around.

“Raise your hand high in the air.” I say, wondering if she’ll think I’m crazy.

“Okay, Nick.” She answers, raising her hand. Wow! I decide to try a post transmission suggestion.

“Mom, next time I ask to use the car to go to the mall, say yes, give me the keys and twenty dollars spending money, okay?”

“Okay, Nick.” She says. I press the button on the device again and the tone stops.

“What was I doing?” Mom looks confused. “Oh yeah, the dishes.” She says, turning around.

“Mom, can I use your car to go to the mall?” I ask her.

“Sure,” she says getting her keys out of her purse. “And here’s some money. You have fun.” She says, handing me twenty dollars. Oh my God! This is going to be fucking great! I take the money and head out to the car with the transmitter in my pocket.

At the mall, I’m just walking around trying to decide how I can test the transmitter when I pass a Victoria Secret store. Perfect! I put the ear buds in my ears and, with the transmitter in my hand, it just looks like an IPOD. I go inside and start looking around by the thongs when a very attractive blonde saleswoman approaches me. She looks to be in her mid-twenties with firm high breasts and nice legs.

“Hi. Is there something special I can help you find?” I’m turning the thumb wheel… got it!

“Yes, do you wear these thongs?” I ask her after I push the transmitter button.

“Yes I’m wearing one now.” She answers, completely submissive to me.

“Please take me to a dressing room and show me your thong.” I tell her deciding to go direct rather than with a post transmission suggestion.

“Right this way.” She starts leading me over to the dressing rooms.

“What’s your name?” I ask her, as I’m watching the curves of her ass swish back and forth under her very tight skirt.

“Allison.” She says. “Here we are.” She shows me into a dressing room and steps in after me pulling the door closed. She immediately unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor revealing her black thong. My God! She is so fucking sexy and my cock jumps, creating a bulge in my pants.

“Turn around Allison, let me see the back.” I tell her. She turns around and I’m staring at two beautiful white globes dissected by a piece of material that disappears between nişantaşı escort them. I run my hands over her ass and cup her firm round cheeks before sliding my fingers along the thin material stretched into the crevice.

“Okay, you can take it off, now.” I tell her and she bends forward stripping her thong off in one quick motion. Her neatly trimmed dark bush let’s me know she’s not a natural blonde. My cock is rock hard even before I tell her to remove her blouse and her bra.

“How old are you, Allison?” I ask her, as she’s standing there naked, her pert tits, with rose-colored areolas and puffy pink nipples, pointing right at me. I can’t resist running my fingers over her nipples, as I wait for her answer.

“Twenty-four.” She says matter-of-factly as I pinch her nipples and squeeze her tits. Wow! At 18, I’ve had a few girl friends, but none have looked like this. I’m wondering how far I should take this.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Allison?” I ask her, continuing to fondle her beautiful, firm tits.

“Yes.” She answers. She’s just standing there, staring straight ahead answering my questions as I explore her body with my hands.

“Do you have sex with your boyfriend?”


“Do you give each other head?” I ask her, thinking a blowjob is just what I need to relieve the tension building up in my cock.


“Do you swallow your boyfriend’s cum, Allison?” I’ve moved to her side so I can put one hand on her ass, while the other one cups her pussy, running one finger up and down her slit.

“Sometimes. I really don’t like it, but sometimes I’ll do it as a special treat for him.” She says in the same monotone she’s been answering all my questions. My finger in her slit isn’t producing the desired affect; there is no moisture there. I wonder if the submissive transmitter is blocking her natural responses. I decide to try something completely off the wall.

“I want you to have an orgasm now, Allison.” She clenches her legs together, pinching my finger inside her pussy lips, lets out a low moan and with a shiver that shakes her tits from side to side, starts oozing juice over my hand. Fuck! That is amazing! My cock is rock hard in my pants and I desperately need relief.

“Allison, please take my cock out of my pants, give me a blowjob and swallow my cum.” Kneeling down in front of me, she unbuckles my belt, pulls my jeans down then maneuvers my jockey shorts over my stiff cock. She takes it in her hand and rubs her tongue all over it, licking up and down the sides. When it is coated all around with her saliva, she slips her lips over the end and pumps it rapidly in and out of her mouth. Her other hand starts gently caressing my balls as her tongue works magic on the underside of my cock. My God! This woman is an expert at blowjobs. The high school girls I’ve been dating are rank amateurs by comparison and, in no time at all, I’m shooting my load in her mouth. She continues sucking as she swallows my cum then slides her mouth off my cock and stands up, awaiting her next instructions.

“Allison, that was amazing.” I tell her, although I’m not sure it means anything. I tell her to get dressed and give her two post transmission suggestions. First, that she will not remember taking me into the dressing room or what we did and second, that she will always swallow her boyfriend’s cum. I leave the dressing room before she’s finished dressing, press the button on the transmitter and wait around the store to see how my post transmission suggestion works. A few minutes later she walks out of the dressing room, sees me and walks over, smacking her lips and running her tongue over her teeth.

“Hi. Is there something special I can help you find?” she says as if she has never approached me before.

“No, I’m just browsing.” I say, then turn around and leave the store. This is too fucking unreal! I’m almost dancing as I head to the parking lot. I have a device that will make anyone do what I want! The ideas are racing through my mind as I get to my car. Just as I’m unlocking it, a car pulls in two spaces over and a beautiful black woman gets out. She’s tall, with large, round tits and a slim waist. I’ve always fantasized about fucking a black woman. When she opens her back door and bends over to get a package, I get a solid view of her shapely ass inside her skin-tight jeans. What the fuck, I can’t resist. I hurriedly put the ear buds in my ears and start tuning, got it!

“Excuse me, miss?” I call to her.

“Yes?” She answers in a monotone voice.

“Would you please come here a minute?” I ask her. She walks over and stands in front of me. I look around. It’s kind of secluded here, but why take a chance. “Please get in the car with me, I’d like to see your tits.” I tell her holding the passenger door open. She gets in and has her blouse unbuttoned before I get in the other side. She pulls her blouse completely open, unfastens her bra, releasing her large brown tits and waits patiently for my next command. Her tits are magnificent otele gelen escort with big two-inch areolas and thick black nipples pointing right at me. I’ve just come in Allison’s mouth, but my cock is rock hard again, looking at these beautiful tits. I reach over and start fondling them.

“What’s your name?” I ask her while I pinch her thick black nipples between my finger and thumb.

“Carolyn” She answers.

“Carolyn are you married or have a boyfriend?” I ask her. I don’t know why I like to know this stuff; I guess it makes it more intimate.

“I’m married.” She answers unemotionally.

“Is your husband a good lover?” I ask her as I’m lifting and squeezing her tits in my two hands.

“He’s okay.” She answers in the same monotone.

“Who’s the best lover you’ve ever had?” This is really getting interesting. I lean down and take one of her nipples in my mouth.

“My husband’s brother.” She’s showing no reaction to me sucking and nibbling on her tit.

“Carolyn, I want you to experience a normal sexual response to whatever I do, okay?” I tell her, wondering if that will work.

“Okay.” She says in the same monotone, but the nipple I’m sucking hardens instantly and her breathing becomes more labored.

“Tell me about the best fuck you ever had with your brother-in-law.” I ask her.

“Last Thanksgiving, during the big football game when everybody was distracted, my husband’s brother went upstairs to the bathroom. I snuck up there when no one was looking, took off my panties and joined him. He bent me over the sink, raised my skirt and pounded into my pussy from behind.” She tells me, as I continue to suck on her thick nipple.

“I had been thinking about his big, thick cock all day and was soaking wet before he even entered me. It felt so good and so wicked. Just as we both climaxed, we heard a big roar from downstairs and it was like they were yelling and applauding our great fuck! After he pulled out, I knelt down and sucked his cock until he got hard again. This time he sat on the toilet seat and I straddled him. He opened my blouse and sucked my tits, just like you’re doing now, while I bounced up and down on that glorious cock of his. It’s a good thing there was another great play when I came, because I don’t think I was very quiet. It wasn’t just that it was a great fuck, which it was, but the risk of doing it right there with the whole family downstairs was such a turn on.” She had said the whole thing in one long monotone dialogue, but it still made my cock hard listening to her while I sucked her luscious tits.

Having never been with a black woman before, I’m amazed at how black her nipples and areolas are against the milk chocolate color of the rest of her skin. I unfasten her jeans and slide my hand inside her panties. Just below her fur-covered mound my finger touches her moist slit. She is responding to me sucking on her tits, just like I told her to and I run my finger up and down her slit before slipping it inside her pussy. She lets out a low moan as I finger fuck her and continue sucking on her nipples.

“Have you ever fucked a white guy, Carolyn?” I ask her. My cock is rock hard and I’m trying to decide whether I want to fuck her or get another blowjob.

“No.” She answers. I decide to be her first and I reach over her to lower the back of her seat all the way until it’s almost lying flat.

“Take off your jeans and panties, Carolyn.” I tell her, as I’m undoing my jeans and pulling them off. I position myself under her on the passenger seat, with her straddling me. “Carolyn, think of me as your brother-in-law sitting on the toilet seat last Thanksgiving and fuck my like you fucked him.” Reaching down she positions the head of my rigid cock against her wet pussy lips, slides forward and pushes down, engulfing my cock in her steaming hot pussy. She starts rocking her hips in a rolling motion while clenching her pussy muscles around my cock. My god! It feels so fucking awesome. Having only fucked high school girls, she is doing things with her pussy that I never dreamed possible.

I’m playing with her tits and pinching her hard black nipples as she rides me. Leaning forward with her hands against the seat, she bounces up and down on my hard cock making her large brown tits swing back and forth. God! I can’t believe this is actually happening! Picking up the pace, she’s lifting her pussy almost all the way to the tip of my cock and then slamming it back down, enveloping me in her hot moist chasm. I’m bucking against her and she’s moaning loudly as I’m getting ready to cum.

“Okay, Carolyn now cum really hard!” I yell, as I start shooting my load deep into her burning pussy. She clenches her pussy around my cock, jerks her hips and lets out a loud moan collapsing on my chest. While we catch our breath, I try to decide what to do next. Since she loves risk and is already cheating on her husband, I give her a different post transmission suggestion than the one I gave Allison.

“Carolyn, you will remember this as the best fuck of your life. It was your idea, you saw me when you got out of your car and asked if I’d ever fucked black before, when I said no, you offered to be my first. You’ll thank me and offer to meet me here tomorrow at the same time.” My cock is still inside her and she’s still shivering from her intense orgasm as I turn off the transmitter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32