Nate , I Ch. 03

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In this chapter, it switched back to Oliver’s point of view.


It’s been almost two weeks since I really got to see Nate. Sure I saw him in the hallways during passing period, but that wasn’t enough. It was hard to miss him. We barely got any words together.

My parents had grounded me because they caught me smoking weed. I usually could get away with it, but for whatever reason, they smelled it on me this time. I was lectured for a good three hours before they told me I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything indefinitely. That meant I couldn’t go to Nate’s house, and he couldn’t come to mine. My parent’s don’t get home until the evening but they take off early sometimes. I did manage to get to text him and tell him what was happening so he’d know I wasn’t ignoring him.

All I got to do was go to school and go to rehearsal for the play. I was glad they let me stay for play practice. It was a nice way out of the house.

It was Tuesday when I was sitting in my English class with my friend Katrina. I just called her Kat though. I remember I had talked to her last year about Nate, but that was when he was in one of my classes and before everything happened.

“Hey, Oliver, did you finish the homework for math?” Kat asked me.

“Do I ever?” I asked with a laugh. I hated math. She should know better. That was literally the only class I had to cheat in to get by.

“True,” she commented. My English teacher, who also happened to be my director came into the room. She sat at her desk and paid full attention to the computer. We always had time to talk in that class.

“Oh! I almost forgot to tell you something!” Kat said suddenly with a beam of light in her eyes.

“What?” I asked.

“There’s this guy from the next town over who just moved there, and he’s gay,” she told me.

“Okay, and?” I asked as she pulled out her phone and looked up his picture. She showed him to me. He was attractive, I’ll give him that. I would say he’s on Nate’s level. I nodded before saying anything else.

“Yeah, he’s pretty hot,” I said examine her phone.

“You should add him! You’re always saying how hard it is to come across guys around here,” she continued.

“I dunno,” I said trying to think of an excuse. I did think he was really hot, but Nate was who I liked. I liked Nate’s looks and personality. I wasn’t about to throw that all away. But I also couldn’t tell Kat about him. I promised I wouldn’t out Nate.

“Oh come on. He’d definitely want to talk to you. If you don’t talk to him, I will for you,” she threatened.

“No, Kat. I just don’t want to date right now… I’m waiting until college,” I bullshit. That was a total lie.

“One night stands still exist though?” She kept on.

“Really, I’m okay,” I told her.

When class finally started, it was a relief from that conversation. It got me to thinking though. I just wanted to be with Nate. Yet there was this other guy who was just as good looking and out. Granted I didn’t know his personality, I could. It’d be a much easier relationship.

But on the other hand, I had been daydreaming about Nate since forever. He was still new to everything, but we could work through that. That is the reason I forgave him so quick to the incident with his friends the other week. As low as it was, I wanted him too much. It probably wasn’t the best thing to base a relationship on but not everyone’s perfect. I was torn.

After rehearsal that day, the cast walked back to the drama room to go home.

“Have a good night everyone,” Mrs. Gale called as we left. I then stopped in my tracks. My script was still in the auditorium. I went back that way. Nearly everyone was gone and Mrs. Gale was in her office.

The place was quiet but still lit up. The tech guy usually turned everything off for us after practice. I saw my little blue script laying on the other side of the stage. I walked to it and picked it up.

“Hey,” I heard someone say behind me. I jumped and dropped my script again. It wasn’t even loud. It just broke the silence. I turned around to see no one other than Nate. I smiled.

“Sure, give me a heart attack. That’s fine,” I said to him. He smiled at me.

“Sorry. I couldn’t stand being away from you any longer,” he said to me.

“I know. I’m sorry. I’ve never gotten caught before so I wasn’t worried. I miss seeing you,” I told him.

“It’s okay,” he said. He squat down and picked my script up and handed it to me. I smiled and hugged him.

“Ugh. Do I miss this,” I said into his neck. We stood there for a good minute at least.

I lifted my hand and rested my arms on his shoulders. We looked at each other and didn’t say a word. It was that nice silence you could share with someone though. It was sweet.

“So um, I’ve got something for you Oliver,” he said. I let go of him and he reached behind him.

Nate kadıköy escort pulled out a little box and got down on one knee. It was a ring box and my stomach turned over itself. I put my hand over my mouth. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Oh my god, you’re proposing,” I said. Nate cleared his throat.

“Oliver, I know it’s been hard on you because it’s been hard on me too to be away from each other so much. But even though it’s all happening, I don’t want the feelings to fade away. That’s why I got you this,” he said. I wasn’t even graduated and Nate’s proposing to me. This was crazy!

He opened the box, and it took me a moment to get it. It wasn’t an engagement ring, it was mine. The one I lost in the dumpster.

“Is that..,” I began to ask. Nate nodded and grinned hard.

“Yes. I went and found it for you. It was disgusting, but I found it. I would’ve given it to you earlier, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to,” he explained to me. He then took the ring out of the box and took my hand. He slid it back onto my index finger.

“You’re too amazing to me,” I told him. As he rose back to his feet, my hand never left his. I wrapped my arms around him once more.

“And don’t worry, I disinfected it too,” he reassured.

“Thank god,” I said and kissed him. That was a taste I had been craving for about two weeks.

“Can we just stay here and not go home?” He asked me.

“I wish. Or we could just get in the car and run away,” I said. I thought about it. We probably wouldn’t get far and fail at running away, but it would be fun.

“That sounds really nice. To get away from this place,” Nate said.

“As much as I want to stay here with you, I better get home so I don’t get in any more trouble,” I told him reluctantly.

“Okay,” he said with disappointment in his voice. I looked at him and we walked to our cars.

“Maybe you could come see me after practice tomorrow? For a few minutes,” I suggested.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” he said with a smile. We kissed goodbye and drove home; him right behind me.

The next day at rehearsal was a different one. I was waiting around for it to start. We usually went and got something to eat beforehand, but I didn’t this time. I sat in the drama room and listened to some music instead. The door opened and Kat came inside.

“What are you doing here?” I asked confused. She wasn’t in the play. All she had was a cheesy smile on her face. She stepped to the side.

A guy walked in behind her. It was that guy she had showed me on her phone. My heart skipped a beat. He was tall and handsome. He was the definition of eye candy.

“Oliver, this is Brett,” she introduced. I stood up and the two of them walked towards me. I couldn’t manage to get a word out. It was between being nervous and being angry. Brett held out his hand. I shook his hand.

“Hi, Oliver. It’s nice to meet you,” he said politely. His voice was heavenly too. God could there have been anything wrong with him?

“Uh… Hi,” I said. Kat smiled because she thought she was doing a good thing. I looked at her for a moment.

“Excuse me. I need to talk to my friend for a minute,” I told Brett nicely. I took Kat by the hand and walked her to the hallway.

“Isn’t he dreamy? If he were straight, I’d definitely go after him,” Kat told me before I had a chance to say anything.

“I told you I didn’t want to talk to anyone before I graduate,” I reminded her.

“What could it hurt? It’s not like there’s anyone else you’re waiting on,” she said. I opened my mouth but remembered that I couldn’t mention the guy I do like.

“Is there?” Kat asked seeing that I stopped myself.

“No,” I said too quickly. I avoided looking her in the eyes.

“There is isn’t there? Why wouldn’t you tell me?” She asked somewhat offended that I didn’t tell her.

“No, just leave it alone. Brett’s great and all, but I want to be single right now. Is that too much to ask?” I snapped at her. Kat showed her discouragement.

“Fine. I’ll go tell Brett to go home,” she said, and we walked back into the room. Brett was sitting on the table.

“It’s really cool to meet you Brett, but I’m really not looking for a relationship right now,” I told him to let him down softly.

“That’s good. You are not as hot as you looked in your picture anyway,” he said flatly and left. I stood there shocked at how rude he had just been. Talk about a change in character.

“Oops,” Kat said. I shot a look at her.

Then, Mrs. Gale came rushing out of her room. She looked panicked.

“Rehearsal is cancelled today,” she said as she wrote the message onto a piece of paper.

“Why? What happened?” I asked.

“My daughter’s having her baby. I’ve got to go,” she explained. Kat and I walked out of the room and Mrs. Gale locked up. She kağıthane escort taped the message to the door.

“Sorry about this, but I can’t miss it. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said quickly.

“Bye,” we said together and she left.

“Guess I’m off then,” Kat said.

“Alright, see you tomorrow then,” I told her.

I walked down the hallway and looked out into the parking lot. It was pretty empty. A few more cars left. I noticed that Nate’s car was still here though. I looked around, but he was nowhere in sight.

I walked down the hallway looking for him. Having a phone would’ve made it easier, but that wasn’t happening. I looked and looked for probably ten minutes. I sighed and went to the bathroom. When I got in, there were a pair of feet in one of the stalls. I never stay in the bathroom if someone else is in there. When the door closed, the person got up. The toilet was flushed and the stall door opened. It was Jake.

“Oh god, not you,” he sneered. I rolled my eyes and turned around. I wasn’t about to stay in there with him.

“Where do you think you’re going? I think you’ve got a date with the toilet,” he commented.

“No, I don’t,” I told him.

“What makes you think you think that, huh?” Jake asked and he came up behind me and turned me around.

“Because I’m not some piece of trash you can kick around,” I told him.

“Oh okay. So you think you’re better than me?” He asked taking offense that wasn’t even there.

“No. I don’t think I’m better than you. I don’t think you’re better than me either. As much as you hate to believe it, we’re equal. I know it’s hard for you to comprehend,” I told him. He only seemed to get more aggravated.

“No we’re not. You’re just some dick-sucker. That’s disgusting,” Jake snarled, and he pushed me backwards.

“You don’t seem to think so when it’s a girl,” I commented.

“That’s because that’s what they’re suppose do,” he said. I couldn’t help but laugh at his ignorant comment.

“God, have you ever tried thinking for yourself for once? Or do you always just believe whatever Brent tells you?” I asked him. He huffed without a comment.

“Whatever. I don’t have time to waste on you anyway,” he said, and with that, he left the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I walked outside the bathroom to see Nate standing outside the drama room door.

“Hey, I was just looking for you,” I told him.

“Me too. So since you don’t have practice today, I guess you have to go home?” He asked me.

“Well, my parents don’t know that,” I mentioned. He smiled, and I knew we were thinking the same thing.

“My place or yours?” He asked.

“My parents shouldn’t be home until this evening so mine,” I told him. We both smiled. With that, we walked out to the parking lot and drove home.

Neither of us wasted any time getting to my room. It had been forever since we got to do anything so we were going to make it great.

Our lips were locked as soon as we entered my room. We tossed out bags to the side and fell to my bed. I kissed him deep and hard. I lifted my leg to wrap it around his and made sure there was no space between his body and mine. My hands ran through his hair and his were under me. We had never made out so hard before. It didn’t take long for us to feel each other’s hard ons through our jeans.

Nate grinded against me, and I held onto his hair. He broke the kiss and lifted up. He stripped his shirt, and I followed. Our skin touched, and I felt his warmth. I couldn’t resist but to run my hands all over his back as we kissed. We were in that position for a few minutes.

Then, he stood up. I sat up and went straight to his jeans before he could. I undid his pants and pulled them down. As he kicked them off, I grabbed his obvious boner and rubbed. I looked up at him and reached around and grabbed his ass. I held his sides for a moment and then pulled it down. His cock popped out, and I dove onto it.

I took him into my mouth without a second guess. I bobbed my head up and down and his head dropped back. I heard him moaning as I did. His crotch smelled raunchy from the day, but I liked it. I kept letting him in deeper and deeper until it was all the way in.

I stuck my tongue out and licked a bit of his balls while his dick was going into my throat. He took it upon himself to begin to face fuck me. It was so hot. He held my head still as he began to pound my face. I felt those balls slapping my chin. He tasted so good.

After a minute, he pulled himself out of me and dropped to his knees. He undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear off at the same time.

He didn’t take his time to start sucking me. It was so great to feel that again. His mouth was so warm and wet. I moaned for him and he went deeper. He had gotten me in further this time than kartal escort last time. His head bobbed and twisted as he held my balls. He went faster and faster before coming up to breathe.

His mouth then wandered down further to my balls. He flicked them with his tongue. It felt euphoric. His soft lips touched one and dragged across it softly. Then he opened his mouth and I felt his hot breath on me. He then stuck his tongue way under my sack and scooped them up. They filled his mouth and he sucked. He swished them around and I groaned.

He came up to my face and kissed me. Our naked bodies were on top of each other, and our soaked dicks rubbed against one another. I pulled my leg up and put it around him. He pushed his body against mine.

Nate reached down and jerked our dicks off with one hand. We moaned and kissed hard again.

“Nate,” I breathed to him between kissing.

“Yeah?” He replied.

“I want you to fuck me,” I told him.

“Really?” He asked and looked down at me.

“Yes, I’m ready for you,” I told him.

“Okay,” he said to me.

With that, he slid down. I felt his rod slide down mine and graze against my balls. On his way down, he licked me. He then pushed my legs into the air.

I felt him spit onto my hole. His fingers rubbed it in and slowly poked in. He really got me wetted with his spit and fingers. Then, he put the underside of his dick against me and slid the length of it across my hole. I moaned. He came all the way up and I felt his balls against me too.

“Ready?” He asked me. I could only nod because I was biting my lip.

He looked down and pointed his cock right at my hole. His head pressed against me. He put more and more pressure onto me until he entered. He stopped after he got the head in. I breathed a little harder and he let out a large breath.

His dick started sliding in further and further. It felt like he was a mile long as his skin ran across mine. I was filling up with his cock. After what seemed like forever, his hips touched my ass. He was all the way in.

Nate took the first stroke out and back in slow. It didn’t take long for him to pick up the pace though. I held my hands around his neck and our foreheads touched. He began to go at a faster rhythm.

Soon enough, he was pounding me hard and fast. We were both sweating hard and breathing harder. His long cock was coming into me and going out of me fast. He fucked me hard too. It was so hot. The clapping sound was filling the room and overpowered our moans.

“I’m getting close,” Nate told me.

“Fuck me harder Nate. You’re so fucking big,” I growled and he went harder. He bounced on my ass and it was hard.

“Yeah, take it Oliver. Take my dick in your tight ass,” he said to me so sexy.

“I love it. Cum for me,” I told him. Without warning, he exited me, and my feet dropped to the ground. We both jerked ourselves off to orgasm.

He shot his load a second before I did. Both of the hot streams of man cream covered my chest. There was so much of it. We both let out big moans. We squeezed out the last of it onto me.

He collapsed to the side of me and waited until our breathing calmed down. Nate was the one to get up first. He remembered where my socks were and took the liberty to clean me up.

“Thanks,” I told him. My mind was somewhere else though. One thought was burdening me. It was scratching at me, and I felt I had to take action.

“Is something wrong?” Nate asked.

“How do you know something’s wrong?” I asked as I sat up.

“I can hear it in your voice,” he said. I closed my eyes and swallowed.

“Nate… What are we?” I asked him and then I looked to him.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Like, are we together? A couple. Or just fuck buddies?” I asked him. He sat down beside me.

“I really do like you Oliver,” he told me.

“So does that mean you don’t want to be with me?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that,” he said.

“Yeah, but that’s something you say before you’re going to to say that,” I replied. Nate put his arm around me.

“Oliver. This is more than just being friends with benefits. I promise you that,” he said.

“Then what is it?” I asked him more directly. Nate let out a breath. He got up and squat in front of me. He took my hands in his and looked me in the eye.

“Oliver. Will you do me the honor and be my first and last boyfriend?” He asked me. I felt a wave of happiness wash over me.

“Yes,” I said with a cheesy smile. He hugged me and we kissed. My eyes passed the clock, and I saw it was almost time for my parents to be home.

“We should probably get dressed before my parents get back,” I told him. He looked to the clock, and we both jumped up and put out clothes back on.

I walked Nate to the door. I really didn’t want him to leave.

“Goodbye, boyfriend. Wow that’s nice to say,” I told him with a laugh.

“Goodbye, boyfriend,” he replied. We kissed, and he walked back home. I watched him until he was around the corner. This was going to be the best relationship of my life.


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