Natalia’s Naughty Daddy

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Black Dress

Steven looked at his daughter, her blue-grey eyes were smiling again. They hadn’t been, six months ago, when she’d shown up at his door, crying and upset.

“Jim’s cheating on me Daddy, he admitted it!” she practically spat, not bothering to hide the venom in her voice. “He’s fucking some little bimbo in one of his Psyche classes!”

Natalia had cried in his arms while he stroked her long, dark-brown hair and let her cry it out. He’d never liked the much-older Jim, but Tally had loved him from the moment she’d taken her first class with the intelligent professor. His brains overwhelmed her, Natalia was a sucker for knowledge.

From the time she was a small child, she’d loved to learn. She didn’t get it from her mother, Steven sighed. His own marriage had ended a few years earlier when his dimbulb of a wife ran off with her tennis coach. Alexis was sexual and wild, but there wasn’t much to her beyond that. He was surprised their marriage had lasted nearly 25 years, but Lexi had only been 20 when she got pregnant with Tally. She was a good mother, she doted on their beautiful baby, who had gotten the best of both her parent’s great looks. She had her mother’s beautiful skin tone and those stunning eyes, she had Steven’s height. Everything was in proportion, Tally had the most beautiful breasts he’d ever seen. She was a perfect 34-C and…

Steven shook his head. He shouldn’t be thinking of his daughter in a sexual way. He looked over at Tally, whose eyes were still full of tears. “He’s insane baby, who could be more beautiful then you?” he asked, giving her another hug. She beamed at him.

“Oh Daddy, you’re just saying that, you’re my father!”

“No baby, you’re a beautiful young woman. You’re smart, you’re a joy to be around. Jim is a fool if he can’t see that.”

She sighed and quit crying. She carried her bags upstairs into the spare bedroom of her father’s Condo and unpacked. Natalia settled in and made herself at home from that night forward. After a few months, the two of them settled into their daily routine.

For a while, they seemed to be ships passing in the night. Steven went to his job at McMillan books, Tally went to her job at La Vie En Rose most nights. He missed her company, she was such a pleasant influence, he missed seeing her smile.

It was Natalia that had the idea that cemented their relationship. “Let’s go on a picnic Daddy!” she practically squealed at him. “You know, like we used to do when I was a kid. You used to love those!”

It was true, Steven was one of the few men who didn’t object to eating outdoors. Lexi had hated that “That’s why they invented houses, so we don’t have to eat outside with the wind and the bugs!” she’d state emphatically. But Tally had loved being outside, running around in her bare feet and sundresses.

“Sounds like a great idea darlin’,” he said to his beautiful daughter. “Why don’t we make it extra-special? I’ll call a caterer I know and have her make us up a basket?”

Natalia clapped her hands together, her eyes shining with glee. “Oooh Daddy, what a wonderful idea! Yes please, let’s do that!”

Steven placed a call to his friend at La Pattiserie and ordered the basket. He got in his car and went to pick it up while Natalia readied herself. It was a gorgeous day, Steven noted, sunny, warm, perfect for a day outside with the daughter he adored.

He was pleased with the basket, picked out a nice bottle of Merlot he knew Tally would enjoy, and enjoyed the drive home. It had been nice to see her smile again, he hoped he would see much more of that.

Steven pulled into the driveway, came inside of the house and yelled upstairs “I’m back baby!” When Tally came downstairs, she looked so beautiful.

She was dressed in a light cotton sundress, it was sheer and he could see from the light behind her that she wore only a thong. She was also wearing a pair of sexy, strappy, heeled sandals that went halfway up her calf. Every time he looked at Natalia, Steven knew that Jim had to be out of his mind? Who in his right mind would ever cheat on someone so stunningly lovely?

Steven walked his daughter go out the door. She walked like a woman, with hips swaying ever-so-slightly, such an attractive package. He sincerely hoped that Natalia would find love again. She deserved to be happy, she had such a good heart.

He took her to Riverside Park, it had been her favorite place when she was little. He remembered her running around barefoot when he [ and, under protest, Lexi ] had taken her there for picnics. It was still lovely, the two of them sat by the river and lunched there. Natalia talked animatedly, it was the happiest he could remember seeing her in weeks. Everything was in bloom, the aroma of fresh grasses and flowers was in the air. It was a truly spectacular day.

They drank the Merlot and Steven took in the sight of mecidiyeköy escort the children playing. He remembered well how Tally had run around this park when she was small and it was difficult to reconcile that image with the beautiful young woman he was lunching with.

“Penny for your thoughts, Daddy?” Natalia asked him.

“Oh, I was just thinking about what a lovely child you were and what a lovely WOMAN you’ve become hun” Steven said to her with a gentle smile.

Her smile filled her face. “Thank you, Daddy” she said, leaning in to give him a kiss.

The first kiss was soft, like a daughter to a father. The second was sensual, with promises of more if he wanted it. He could smell the subtle scent of Natalia’s perfume and he ached with want.


Steven couldn’t speak. This was his daughter, for God’s sakes, but his heart was racing. He knew whatever she was offering, he wanted all of it.

“Daddy, I think it’s time for us to go home, don’t you?” Steven was still without the faculty of speech, he merely nodded, helped Natalia pack up and drove home.

Her hand rested on his thigh the entire drive home. She spoke on occasion, but her words barely registered in his fogged brain. Somewhat was about to happen, something that both terrified him and excited him at the same time.

They went inside the house, she went ahead of him. Steven’s eyes were on her the whole time. She turned a put a finger to his lips, speaking softly.

“Daddy, give me 10 minutes and then come upstairs, okay?” He nodded and watched her go upstairs.

He sat in his favorite chair, thoughts racing through his mind, little of it making any sense. He knew what they were about to do, he knew all the boundaries that they were about to cross, but Steven didn’t care about any of that. He was going to make love to his daughter Natalia, his beautiful Tally and if he was cursed for that, then so be it!

He heard rustles and bumps coming from the upstairs bedroom, what the hell was she doing up there, he wondered. His heart felt like it was about to burst through his chest, he was so nervous. He hadn’t been this scared the first time he’d made love to Lexi in the same park they’d visited today.

“Daddy?” He heard her call from upstairs. It was time to go. He went upstairs with a small degree of trepidation. As Steven was about to enter Natalia’s bedroom, he heard her voice from his own bedroom.

He entered his bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. Natalia had taken the time to place some candles around the bedroom and light it to set the mood. She was in his bed, head propped on one elbow. She was naked. Gloriously, beautifully naked.

Natalia spoke softly. “Do I look okay, Daddy?” Her voice trembled a bit.

Steven walked over to the bed and sat on it, beside her. He kissed her gently and said, “Tally, you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Really.”

She kissed her father again, her tongue gliding along his lips, nearly taking his breath away. “Thank you, Daddy darling.”

Natalia went on. “I wanted to be naked for you Daddy, I didn’t want you to have to spend our first time together undressing me. I wanted you to see me, all of me. Come on Daddy, let me undress you though.”

He felt her gentle fingertips trace his neck and she kissed him on the neck as she began unbuttoning his shirt from behind. “Come on Daddy, give a girl some help!” she said with a giggle.

He seemed to come out of his fog and laughed along with her. He unbuttoned the rest of his buttons and unbuckled his belt. He fumbled with his pants and kicked them off to the floor. Her nails raked against his bare back and Steven shuddered with pleasure as she did. “I like that baby, that feels good!” he told Natalia.

“Oh Daddy, we’re going to do a lot of things that feel good, I promise!” Tally said, her voice growing husky. Her slim fingers trailed down his chest and back, chills came over him. Her soft hands were on his boxers now, fumbling with them and pulling his cock out. “Daddy, it’s so big. I love a big cock Daddy, you have such a nice big cock for naughty little Tally!” she cooed.

Natalia pushed him down on the bed, flat on his back, to which Steven put up little resistance. She had his cock in her hand now, she was manipulating it, rubbing it up and down and looking at him with those spectacular blue-grey eyes of her. A second later, her soft lips surrounded his shaft and their relationship was forever altered.

It was like having his dick in a grip of satin, she bobbed her head up and down, the soft tongue twirled and danced all over the meaty shaft. She stroked at it as she sucked, Natalia’s other hand was playing with his balls as she stuffed her face with her father’s cock. He groaned out in pleasure as his daughter sucked his cock with precision.

“Oh nişantaşı escort God Tally, that is amazing. Oh baby, you’re fucking amazing!”

“Mmm, thank you, Daddy lover. Get used to it, we’re going to have a wonderful evening. I love you big cock, I can’t wait to feel it deep inside my cunt, fucking the hell out of me!”

His daughter’s use of the word “cunt” excited him even more and Steven’s cock jumped inside her sucking mouth. Natalia noticed and added to the erotic conversation.

“You naughty Daddy, putting your big cock in my mouth. My cocksucking mouth. Oh yess, I’m such a slut for you, aren’t I Daddy? I’m my Daddy’s cocksucking slut, his hot daughter-whore!”

Her lewd words nearly made Steven cum in her mouth, but he held off. He wanted the first act of their incestuous tryst to be memorable, so he talked back.

“Oh yes Tally, you’re the best cocksucker Daddy has ever known. You’re marvelous, you hot, nasty little fucktoy!”

Natalia was practically inhaling her father’s dick, it felt so good. Society be damned, fucking the man she loved above all else was the best.

“Daddy, do you want to `69′ with me?” Natalia cooed in a soft voice. “I’d love it if you ate my pussy Daddy, really I would!”

“Whatever my fucktoy wants, she will get!” They swung their bodies into the ages-old position and Steven saw her delicate, pink pussy descend onto his waiting tongue. Within seconds, he was licking his darling daughter’s cunt the way he knew she’d enjoy. She tasted wonderful, her juices were tangy and sweet on his tongue and he wanted more, all he could consume.

“Oh goddd Daddy, so wonderful, so fucking wonderful. You’re eating me out, my own sweet Daddy is eating my pussy at last! It’s even better than I had dreamed!”

Steven stopped for a second. “You’ve dreamed of this?”

“Mmm-hmm, for a long time Daddy, I’ve wanted to be your lover for a long, long time. And now I am, my Daddy’s fucking hot lover!” Natalia plunged her sucking lips down on his shaft again.

Steven didn’t stop to question the ethicacy of any of this. They loved each other, they were consenting adults, and she was truly beautiful. He loved eating her pussy and he was sure he was going to love fucking his beautiful daughter.

Tally’s skin was smooth and soft, she smelled wonderful. There was a slight spice to whatever perfume she was wearing, the one he had smelled on her earlier. It suited Natalia’s exotic beauty. Her quick squeals and grunts excited Steven and he continued to lick and lap at her tight, wet pussy.

Natalia was taking him in, balls-deep, practically inhaling his entire manhood. She bobbed her head up and down her father’s shaft, loving his massive girth in her mouth. She couldn’t wait to feel it in her horny young cunt!

His cock was thrilling the beautiful woman, she adored having it in her mouth at last. All her kinky dreams were coming true and it thrilled her to no end.

The silky smoothness of her skin under his caressing fingers delighted Steven. He traced the lines of her back as he continued to taste her pussy, every inch of her was sexual perfection.

“Daddy, oh godd, my fucking hot Daddy, keep eating me, keep eating me, oh Daddy, don’t stop eating me!” Natalia yelled out as he continued to caress her cunt with his devouring tongue. It pulsated under his probing tongue as he inhaled the very essence of his sensual daughter.

She moved away from him for a minute, his eyes took in her beauty, unblinking. “It’s time Daddy!” Natalia said in her soft voice, unusually husky. “It’s time for you to put your big Daddy-cock in me and fuck the hell out of me!”

A slow, almost-goofy grin came over his face. “How do you want it baby?” he asked Tally.

Natalia’s body ached with want, she wanted to feel him in her body, fucking the holy hell out of her. But how? She thought it over for a moment, then made her decision.

“For our first time Daddy, I want it hard and hot! Fuck me from behind Daddy, with all burners on! Fuck the shit out of you hot little slut of a daughter!”

Natalia’s words further incensed his passions and he positioned himself behind his stunning little girl. She wiggled her tush at him and he licked it a few more times, braced himself and shoved his cock balls-deep inside her tight cunt. By instinct, Natalia tightened her pussy muscles around his cock and held him there. Steven groaned in pleasure, then she released him and let him glide in and out of her body. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting in and out, her body fucking him back with fury.

Steven’s mind was a whirl. His daughter was undoubtedly the best fuck he’d ever had. She was eager, she seemed to take all of him in and demand more.

“Oh yeah Daddy, good Daddy, my big-dicked Daddy, fucking your baby girl, fucking otele gelen escort her so good!” Natalia chanted as her father drove his cock into her cunt. Harder and harder he plunged his big shaft into her body, she arched back towards him, thrusting herself deep on his dick, impaling herself on it.

His hands were on her skin now, caressing and gentle, sometimes mauling her. He reached around and squeezed her tits, taking her breasts and pawing them, her nipples hardening under his manipulative hands. Her pussy was juicing madly, lubricating his cock and making it easier for him to thrust deeper within her.

There were brief spasms of pain, but these were overtaken by the sheer thrill of being fucked by her father, the man she loved, whose cock she had craved for oh-so long. He fit her perfectly, their fucking in perfect harmony.

Her hair was whipping from side to side as she took the full measure of her father’s cock deep in her pussy. She dared not ask him to fuck her ass yet, she knew it would freak him out, yet Natalia vowed silently that some day she would feel Steven’s big cudgel in her tight butt. She thrilled at her own lewdness.

“You like it baby?” Steven cried out, still pumping deep inside her. “You like Daddy’s big cock in your hot pussy?”

“God yes, Daddy!” Natalia whimpered in response. “Give me more Daddy, give me as much cock as you can! I want to feel you fucking me Daddy, feel your hot dick inside my hot pussy!”

“You like it, you like being Daddy’s fuckslut?”

“God Daddy, yes, I am your fuckslut. Forever and forever Daddy, I’ll fuck my big, hard-cocked Daddy whenever he wants me!”

Steven continued to fuck his Tally, nearly mindless with lust now. His cock ached to cum inside of her, yet he wasn’t wearing a condom and didn’t want to get his baby girl pregnant. He slowed his pace somewhat, moving slowly, yet deliberately, hearing her little whimpers and moans, taking his time now, stroking her delicious flesh. He was savoring the moment, she was rolling back against him, taking him slowly, deeply, inside the velvety richness of her cunt. Her pussy was so warm and inviting, yet Steven focused on her pleasure for now.

He moved nearly not-at-all within Natalia now, edging towards her, stroking her body with his hands and squeezing every inch of her he could grab. Her breasts were so beautiful, he knew he could never tire of them. She turned her head and kissed him, full on, with her heart and soul evident in the warmth of the kiss.

She was never going back to Jim, Natalia knew it from the moment her father entered her body. This was her man, the only man she had ever really wanted, the only man she ever wanted to fill her cunt again. She was his, to do with as he wanted, he could do the lewdest, most perverted things to her, and she’d love every second of it.

As a matter of course, Natalia knew she wanted to let her Daddy indulge in some perversions with her. She wanted their new sex life to be nasty, wild and kinky. She began giving it some thought as his cock began to surge forth again.

Steven was picking up speed again, the time for play was over, now it was time for the serious fucking. He picked up the pace and fucked Tally, hard and demanding this time. She whimpered, “Oh God, yes!” and he kept on pumping, feeling her body quiver in ecstasy as he thundered on within her pussy. He slammed his cock into her body and she received the full force of his dick this time, his rod pumping and thrusting within her body.

“Yes,yes,yes,yes, oh, fuckmefuckme!” she cried out as he moved within her. She was on the precipice of orgasm, nearly ready to let go and enjoy the mother of all orgasms.

“Cum Tally, cum for your Daddy, cum for me, my hot fucktoy!” Steven cried out. His loving and lewd thoughts sent her over the edge and her body joined with her voice, she shrieked out as orgasms overtook her. The joy in her voice and her body’s shudderings sent Steven into convulsions and he felt himself let go, his jizz shooting out of his cock. He swiftly pulled out and shot his load on his daughter’s beautiful ass.

The two incestuous lovers lay together, basking in their joint love. They cuddled together, Tally played with the hair on his chest, one long leg rested overtop his.

“Daddy?” she looked at him, his eyes half-closed.

“Yes hon?” he said, looking over at her.

“I don’t want to go back to my old room again. Ever. You won’t make me go back, will you? I can stay here with you. It’s where I belong Daddy, we both know that now, don’t we?”

Steven sighed, a weary sign of resignation. “Yes.”

She smiled at him, practically beaming. “Good. Now that that’s settled, Daddy, I expect my lovers to be kinky, sensual and uninhibited. Think you can handle that?”

Steven looked at the beautiful woman sharing his bed and nodded. “If I can’t baby, I’ll die trying. You’re certainly worth the effort.”

She smiled and cuddled in close. He looked into those beautiful eyes and thanked his lucky stars that she’d come to him at the time they both needed each other so much. Within minutes, they were both sound asleep. Natalia’s dreams were of passions yet to come.

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