My Women Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

Note to the Reader: This is Ch. 03 of my series called ‘My Women’. Please read previous chapters. The story here continues where it left off at the end of Ch. 02.

Also, I intend to tell this story in a slow burn. If you are looking for instant gratification, please be aware that you may not find it here. But I promise you, if you are prepared to stick with the series, I’ll make it worth your while. Happy reading!


The sky cleared over Pune as monsoon ended, bringing pleasant weather. Unlike the pleasantness outside, the atmosphere in my apartment had become stressful. My mother-in-law stopped talking to me after that day we had masturbated together, separated by just the bathroom door. In the heat of the moment, I had pretended to be my late father-in-law whose name she was moaning while she rubbed herself inside the bathroom. We had cum simultaneously as we talked dirty to each other. I had felt it ominous, when she asked me to shut myself in my room so that I wouldn’t see her in post-orgasm dishevelled state.

“Nitin, Son… please go into your room… I won’t be able to bear coming out and seeing you there… I can’t let you see me like this.”

That was the last time she spoke to me. After that day she had started to deliberately avoid being in the same room as me. That meant she mostly confined herself to her bedroom. She kept up the appearance of being normal for the sake of her daughters… but I was finding it hard to pretend… that nothing had happened between us. I was worried about her. Many a time I tried to catch her alone and initiate a conversation about what had happened, but she’d ignore me till I felt like I was talking to a wall and stopped.

It was obvious that she was following some self-preservation instinct that was guiding her to avoid me. While her reaction was understandable, it still hurt… coz it was not just lust between me and her. I had felt a deep connection with her… almost spiritual. Between the crazy wild affair that was underway with Navya and the sobering scary truth that I was about to be a father to Swetha’s child, Mom was the stabilizing factor that kept me sane, without knowing it herself. With her calming presence denied to me, I was struggling.

Swetha’s belly had started ballooning with the life growing inside of her and the impending motherhood had developed in her a tunnel vision. She was now unable to spare space in her brain for anything not related to pregnancy and motherhood… including me.

Navya was the only one who paid any attention to me. The stolen moments with her were the only thing giving my troubled mind some solace. Her singing for me during our daily drives… her letting me know that she wore a particular dress or tied her hair in a particular way for me… these little things made my heart feel I was alive. But even Navya was not being helpful when it came to giving the pent up sexual energy in me a release. No matter what I did for her… what I bought for her… no matter how much love I showered on her… she was stubbornly taking things slow… and by slow I mean glacial. She did not let me touch her anywhere except her waist. If my hands wandered, she’d quickly stop them. The ‘patience and perseverance’ strategy was frustrating me. My three conflicting world’s were weighing me down. I had to do something to preserve my sanity.

I was lost in these thoughts on the drive to office. Navya was chattering away beside me. My mind was too muddled to keep up with her college gossip. So I nodded at regular intervals pretending to listen.

A few minutes later, I stopped the car a little distance from her college gate.

“See you in the evening baby.” She said as she leaned towards me to give me her routine sideways hug. I don’t know what came over me… my frustrations must have broken through… I turned my face to the left and lowered it towards her. With my sudden move, the hug that she intended turned into a peck right on my lips. Her eyes bulged open at the contact of the lips. I felt a sharp sting on my left cheek as her right hand landed on it as a slap. The force of the slap, though not really strong, was enough for me to recoil in shock.

Both of us stared at each other in disbelief at what had happened… her at my brazen attempt to smooch her and me at her slap.

My frustrations boiled over into anger and reflected in my stare. She read the change in my expression and realized that she had gone too far with the slap.

“Do you even love me… Or is it just a lie to get me to buy you pretty things?” I asked her.

“Baby don’t be like that… I’m sorry… I just panicked when you tried to kiss me… I didn’t mean to slap you.” She pleaded. But my anger had risen too far.

“Just go!” I yelled.

“Baby please.” She said, almost crying.

“Go!” I yelled again. With hurt in her eyes she got out of the car. I could see tears in her eyes as I left her behind and sped away.

I shut fatih escort my eyes in anguish once I was inside my cabin at the office. Visions of Navya’s slap played in my mind again and again, the sound of it reverberating in my ears.

“Fuck all this,” I said to myself as my mind spiralled out of control, “I need to get away from here.”

I jumped out of my chair and made a beeline to boss’s cabin. I made short work of making up a fake excuse and availing a three-day leave… perks of being his star employee. It was Tuesday today. I had leave till Thursday.

I came back to my cabin and went on the easemytrip website on the computer. I searched flight costs to Guwahati thinking of spending the days amidst the lush greenery of the North East. But the costs were prohibitively high. I tried flight options to some hill stations like Ooty but it was the same story. Finally, left with no options with a forest-hill station kind of vibe that I had in mind, I decided upon the default destination of every young Indian… Goa.

I figured if I could not immerse myself in nature to forget my worries, I would drown myself in alcohol to do the same. I quickly booked an afternoon flight to Goa with return flight on Thursday evening. Just as I was about to leave office and go home to pack, the office peon brought in a courier for me. I checked the ‘from’ address… it was from my friend who had been to Malaysia.

I sighed at the uselessness of it… Mom was not at all talking to me… and I had yelled at Navya. I stuffed the package into my bag and left office. On my way back home, I called Swetha with a lie that I had to go to our Mumbai office for a short assignment till Thursday.

“Can you ask Navya to take an Auto in the evening?” I asked before hanging up.

“Okay… Bye.” Swetha replied. Truth be told I was a little disappointed at my wife not showing much emotion when I told her I was going away for three days. The pregnancy had given her a one-track mind.

Half an hour later, I rang the calling bell to my apartment. Mom opened the door. Her face showed surprise infused with awkwardness and worry. She stepped back and let me in. Before I could say anything, she went into her room and locked the door.

Disappointed once again at Mom’s indifference, I went into my own room and closed the door. I quickly packed a bag with essentials for the trip. I just wanted to get out of there. Ironically, I was feeling claustrophobic in that spacious three-bedroom apartment. I felt cornered with the invisible aura of the three women pressed up against me… disorienting my mind.

But before leaving, I had to do something about the package. I tore it open and emptied the contents onto the bed. Navya’s midi dress and bralette as well as the lace bra for mom lay splayed on the bed. I contemplated what to do with them… but my brain turned up blank.

I fished out my phone from my pocket to check the time. The lockscreen showed that there was still 3.5 hours to go before the flight would take off. It also showed some whatsapp notifications. I opened whatsapp to see that Navya had left me many messages. I read through it.

“Baby… I’m sorry… please don’t be angry with me.”

“I didn’t mean to slap you… please call me.”

“Baby please… I have been crying since morning… call me.”

“Baby it hurt me a lot… what you said in the morning… how could you think that I was pretending… to make you buy stuff for me… you know how much I love… you are all I think about, all day… baby I realize that by asking you not to be greedy, by taking things slow adamantly… I realize that I’ve been a tease… but I was only doing it coz I was scared that you’d soon get bored of me if things moved faster… baby I’m sorry for that… please call me.”

I felt sorry for what I did in the morning. It was obvious I had really hurt her. I typed a reply.

“Baby I’m sorry I yelled at you… I don’t know what got into me… it’s true that I had been a little frustrated at you wanting to take things slow… but frustrated or not I shouldn’t have said those things to you.. I can’t call you now… I’m going to Mumbai for a three-day assignment… I’ll see you when I come back on Thursday evening… I’m leaving something for you in your almirah… I love you.”

I tapped ‘send’. I felt like I had made a hasty decision on the Goa trip… but the flights were already booked. I had to go. But I had to leave Navya’s outfits in her almirah like I texted her I would.

I opened my door slightly and peeked out. I saw that mom’s door was wide open. I came out of my room and looked inside hers. She was not there. I checked the kitchen. She was not there too. Then my eyes fell on the open main door. I sighed when I realized that mom had gone out somewhere so as not to be alone with me.

I went back to my room and picked up Navya’s dress and bralette. I went to Navya’s room with them and kept them under some of her clothes in her almirah. As I fındıkzade escort was about to leave her room, my eyes hooked on something colourful in her laundry basket. I went near to find her pink bra in it. It was the same bra she’d worn the day I had used the screen recorder app to secretly film her changing clothes in the trial room… the day I’d taken her shopping for her birthday gift.

On a perverted urge I picked it up and came back to my room. I stuffed it inside my travel bag.

Now I was faced with the dilemma of what to do with the Victoria’s secret lace bra I’d picked for mom. I considered my options. Only two presented themselves to my brain. Either I throw away the expensive fabric… or I leave it in mom’s room and let her take the decision on what to do with it. I didn’t have much time to think about it as I had to hail an auto to go to the airport soon. I picked up the bra from my bed and walked to mom’s room. I left it under her pillow.

I shredded the courier packing into tiny pieces and threw it inside the waste basket before leaving the apartment. I called mom’s phone as I took the elevator down. It kept ringing but she didn’t answer. I reached my building’s gate and waited for an Auto. I rang mom again. After the umpteenth ring she picked up. I could tell she answered only by the call timer… for she didn’t utter a sound after answering.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me,” I began, “or talk about what happened… and it’s fine… even though it hurts when you avoid me… someday I’ll make my peace with it… I just called to tell you that I’m going away for a few days… I’ve lied to Swetha and Navya that I’m going on an office assignment… the truth is I just wanted to get away from home… It doesn’t feel right there… with you being under the same roof and still not meeting my eye.”

I stopped a second. The call timer showed that she was still on the other end.

“Don’t worry though… I’m not running away… I just need a few days to set my mind right,” I continued, “there’s just one thing… I had bought something for you days ago when I was under the impression that there was something special between us… I don’t think you’d even want to see what it is now… but I didn’t have the heart to throw it out myself… so I’ve left it under your pillow… you can throw it away.”

I stopped again to gauge her reaction. The line was still silent.

“That’s all I wanted to say… bye.” I said and hung up as an empty auto came to a stop in front of me.

“Take me to the airport.” I said as I got in.

I had slept through the entirety of the flight. It was 5 in the evening when the plane touched down in Dabolim Airport, Goa. I rushed out of the Airport and hired a cab.

“I need a hotel… somewhere near Baga beach.” I told the driver. I had not got the time to make an online hotel booking. I fell asleep again as the cab climbed on the bridge over the Mandovi river.

“Sir… we’ve reached the hotel.” It was the driver’s voice that woke me up. I looked outside.

‘Ocean Palms Resort,’ the board read. I paid the driver and went to the reception.

Ten minutes later the receptionist handed my room key to a hotel staff to show me to my room.

“Please visit our spa if you are interested in a getting a massage… Thank You for choosing Ocean Palms.” The receptionist said cheerily as I turned to follow the hotel staff to my room.

I took a shower first thing after the hotel staff left after showing me to my room. I stood under the shower turning the heater knob to ‘warm’. Water fell on my hair washing the sleep off my head. I relaxed as the warm water enveloped my body in a cosy cocoon. I felt the weight of my worries lift off from my mind.

I towelled myself dry and came out of the bathroom. I had made absolutely no plans for the coming three days. Maybe that’s what I need, I thought to myself. Three days of no schedule, no routine, no plans… three days surrendered to whims and impulses. Just then I remembered the receptionist’s parting words… about the spa. Quickly I changed into a pair of shorts and t shirt.

Minutes later, I stood confused at the spa’s counter looking at the menu. It looked more like the menu of a restaurant. There were a number of options on it… Thai massage, Vietnamese Massage, Orthopedic massage… cost ranging from ? 2000 to ? 8000. Seeing my confusion, the counter receptionist recommended a Thai massage and I agreed. He led me to a small cabin like room inside and asked me to sit on the massage table. The cabin smelled of exotic herbs.

Suddenly a woman walked in, tall and pretty. Her features suggested that she was from the North East. She greeted me with folded hands.

“Good Evening… I am Mary… your masseuse for today… please change into the panty kept on the side table… I’ll wait outside.” She said. She spread a towel like cloth on the massage bed and went out.

I checked the side table to see an itsy bitsy panty halkalı escort that looked like it was made of mosquito net. I held it against my groin. It didn’t seem like my balls and cock would fit inside the tiny thing.

However, I removed my clothes and put on the panty. It just about covered the important things. I laughed at the inflated sense of size I had regarding my package. Probably all men secretly imagined their cocks to be huge, I thought. While the panty covered my package, the disposable cloth material itself was sheer offering a clear impression of what was underneath.

“If you’re ready sir, please lie face down on the massage table.” I heard Mary’s accented English from outside. I did as I was told. I lay on the massage table with my face down.

“Ready.” I said aloud. I heard the door open and then close.

“Do you want me to put a towel on you?” she asked.

“It’s fine.” I said. In fact, I felt the excitement of a little exhibitionism as I lay in front of her completely exposed except for the tiny panty covering my ass.

A few seconds went by. I heard sounds of a plastic bottle being handled. I twitched as drops of cold oil trickled on my back. A strange yet pleasant smell like a herbal concoction filled the cabin. Then Mary’s palm made contact with my skin, tickling me.

“Tell me if you want more force… or less.” She said and started the massage. She spread the oil on my back and started rubbing with both her hands. Mary’s hands were surprisingly strong. One wouldn’t think so just by looking at her. I felt like I was caught in the coils of a python as she ran her hands over my back… but it felt really good. I could feel my muscles relax after a few seconds of being massaged.

She covered my back fast and moved on to my legs. She spread her palms on the back of my knees and rubbed downwards till my ankle. My calf muscles pained initially but relaxed after a few rubs. A nice vibration like sensation spread on the massaged muscles. I felt myself drifting of to a nap.

“Sir, please turn over.” My nap was broken by Mary’s voice a few minutes later. I turned and lay on my back.

She poured a few drops of oil on my chest and started massaging. She spread the oil from my chest down to my belly. I felt like I was being mauled as she let her strong hands roam over my chest. After a while the pain subsided into a pleasant warmth in my chest muscles. My nipples came alive as her fingers passed over them. She spent a good amount of time on my upper body and then moved to the front of my legs.

She started with the toes, oiling them up. She interlinked her fingers with my toes and rubbed the skin between the toes. She then oiled my ankles lifting them up. My ankle joints felt amazing as she rotated them. Mary paid attention to each little muscle and joint as she rubbed my legs.

“Please be careful with my right knee… I injured it in an accident some years ago.” I told her as her hands reached near my knees.

“Okay.” She said as she continued with the massage. While she applied good pressure on my left knee, she was gentle with my right. She moved on to my thighs soon.

I was getting more and more excited as she moved higher on my thighs. My cock was semi-hard and I was sure Mary had noticed. She kept massaging my thighs, inching upwards.

“Massage is complete sir.” She said suddenly when her hands were a mere inch away from touching the panty.

“Oh.” I said… disappointment evident in my voice. My cock was straining against the panty.

“However, if you are interested I can offer you a handjob for ? 500.” She said, not losing the professional attitude a bit. My cock jumped at her words.

“Yes.” I answered immediately. I surprised myself with the quickness.

“Yes please.” I repeated.

She pulled the waistband of my panty down, her face showing no expression. My hard cock sprung out. She grabbed it in her oily right palm and started jerking it slowly. The foreskin on my cock stretched tight when she pulled downwards, showing the tip of my cock wet with pre-cum. Mary’s palm felt like heaven. Her experienced palms jerked my cock so expertly that my balls tickled giving me a sign of the impending cum. Giving handjob is really an art, I thought as Mary’s palms pleasured my cock.

“Go faster.” I said, a little breathless. She picked up pace and jerked me faster. Her hand moved up and down the length of my cock now at a good fast pace. I was close to shooting. She increased the pace even more and my cock erupted. Thick cum shot up from my cock and the landed on my belly. She kept jerking me as my cock spewed rope after rope of milky semen. Some landed on her hands… but she stopped only after she squeezed every last drop.

Once I had shot my load, she pulled a few tissue papers from a box and cleaned up her hand. She pulled a few more and wiped the cum that had spilled on my belly.

“You can take a bath in the adjoining shower… I will leave now and tell my boss regarding the extra payment.” She said, the veneer of professionalism still intact.

My muscles pulsed from the massage they had just received as I stood under the shower washing the oil off me using a soap. I felt reformed. I felt as if my worries back home were a thing of the past. I started feeling positive about my life.

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