My Whores Ch. 03

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I sat there staring at my mother and not quite believing what she was telling me. My Aunt Cathy was a slut? The woman who had given me my first hard on was an easy piece of ass? I wished that I had known that a long time ago. I can honestly say that I had never once thought about Roxie or my mother in a sexual way until circumstances put them on my dick, but I had lusted after my big titted aunt since I was eleven years old. Still did for that matter and now mom tells me that she’s a slut. I smiled and my mind started churning as I tried to figure out how I was going to get my hands on those tits. Mom saw the smile, “What’s the matter baby, tired of me all ready?”

“Not hardly mom; it’s just that I’ve had the hots for Aunt Cathy for years.”

“Have you now? Well I guess you had better take good care of mommy if you expect her to help you get your aunt.”

Two weeks went by and nothing more was said about Aunt Cathy, but I hadn’t stopped thinking about what mom had said – that she would help! Dad was home for most of the first week so mom and I didn’t have much chance to get together, but he was no sooner out the door the second week and she was pulling me toward her bedroom. It was almost an hour before she let me stop to rest.

“I guess from your hurry to get me up here that dad still has his head up his ass?”

“I did everything I could this time and it made no difference. I straight out asked him to make love to me – twice – and he said he was just too tired. Last night I didn’t even ask. When he came to bed I did something I’d never done before and grabbed his cock and started sucking it. No kisses, no hugs, no foreplay, just grab and suck. I got maybe ten seconds worth before he pushed me away and rolled over to go to sleep,”

“Does this mean I’m going to lose you to Jerry?”

“Not yet baby, but I don’t know how much longer I can deal with it. I love the man, but outside of financial security I’m not getting much back from him.”

She dropped her hand to my limp dick and started tugging on it. “But enough about my problems baby, Think your dick might get hard if I tell you that your Aunt Cathy is coming to spend a few days with us week after next?” Mom laughed as my cock began to grow in her hand.

The rest of the week mom got her revenge on dad with a vengeance. She had six customers visit her in the motel room on Monday and Jerry and eight of his friends were entertained by her at a poker party on Tuesday. Wednesday she didn’t feel like leaving the house so we stayed in and she reduced me to ruin. Thursday she had five customers at the motel (not counting Jerry – twice). I was beginning to see the wisdom of Jerry’s advice and I switched to soda water, with a twist of lime, before I became an alcoholic. Mom was busy working in room 116 when Jerry came up to me, leaned on the bar and said, “What’s it going to take for me to land your mom?”

It was an uncomfortable question for me because regardless of the relationship dad had with mom he was still my dad. I hesitated to say anything and Jerry said, “Come on kid, you know she isn’t happy. She wouldn’t be over there doing what she’s doing if she was happy in her marriage. I want her and I’d take damned good care of her so help me out here.” Then he laughed and said, “Hey, I’ll even adopt you and then someday this” and he made a gesture that encompassed the bar and motel, “can all be yours.”

I laughed and said, “Now how can I pass up on a deal like that.”

“So, tell me what I have to do.”

I love my dad, but I didn’t see that telling the truth was back stabbing him so I said, “Just keep asking. She still loves my dad, but if he doesn’t start paying attention to her she is eventually going to give up on him.”

Just then my cell phone beeped; Mona was ready to go home and I got up to go and get her. On the way home I told her about my conversation with Jerry. “He sounds real serious mom. Have you been leading him on?”

“Goodness no. I think he likes making love to me and would like to get more than he is getting now, but do you honestly think he would want to marry me knowing what he does about us and what I’m doing?”

“Strange things happen mom. Just look at us.”

Friday afternoon dad flew in and when he got home he found mom waiting for him dressed in a low cut blouse, short skirt and high heels. A normal man who had been away from her for a week would have taken her right then and there on the floor. All dad did was kiss her on the cheek and go into the kitchen to get himself a beer. I decided that I would get out of the house and leave the two of them alone. I called Roxie and asked if I could stop by and visit and she told me to come right over. I was a little surprised at my welcome when I got to her place. She opened the door, gave me a kiss that curled my toes and then she held a finger to her lips indicating that I should be quiet and pulled me along behind her into the kitchen.

“Dave is home and he is upstairs taking a shower. He likes to take long showers so we have time.”

She lifted her skirt and I saw that she had no panties on. beşiktaş escort She saw my look and giggled, “I took them off when you called so we wouldn’t have to waste time.” She bent forward over the kitchen table and said, “Hurry lover, as long as we can hear the shower running we’re all right.”

Incest is one thing, but incest with your sister when her husband is in the house is something else again and I backed away from her.

“Oh no you don’t” she said as she turned and came after me, “I’m not passing up a chance to get fucked while he is only a few feet away. Just the thought of it is making my pussy drip.”

She grabbed me and pulled down my pants and went to her knees in front of me. Once she had her mouth on me it was over – I surrendered. I gave in, but I was nervous as hell and I didn’t waste anytime trying to make the fuck last. I just knew that if I didn’t get done quick Dave was going to walk in on us so I stood Roxie up, bent her over the kitchen table and went after her like a rabbit in heat. Apparently Roxie liked it hard and fast and she started to get a little loud. I grabbed a place mat off the table and stuffed it in her mouth to quiet her down. It was the most frantic fuck of my young life. I had one eye on the doorway, one ear tuned to the shower, a hand holding the place mat in Roxie’s mouth and a hand trying to hang onto Roxie as the table kept sliding across the kitchen floor every time I banged into her.

Most men have a point during sex where it doesn’t matter what the fuck happens they are 100% committed to getting their rocks off. I was at that point when I heard the shower quit running. I dropped the place mat and used both hands to hold Roxie while I frantically tried to blow my load. I heard Dave call Roxie from the head of the stairs just as I blew and I could hear him coming down the stairs as I hurriedly stuffed my dick back in my pants. Roxie dropped her skirt and quickly moved the table back to where it belonged. I spotted some cum drops on the floor over by Roxie and hissed to get her attention and then pointed them out to her. Her face turned pale and she grabbed a place mat off the table and dropped it on top of them just as Dave called out, “Roxie, where are you babe, I’ve got something for you.” He walked into the kitchen bare assed naked with a hard on leading the way. He saw me, said, “Oh shit” as his face turned red and he dropped his hands to cover himself. Roxie started laughing her ass off as I said, “I was just leaving” and I headed for the door to leave the two of them to work it out.

I spent a couple of hours trying to hook up with my buddies without success and then I headed on home. Mom and dad were in the kitchen when I went in and neither one of them was smiling. In fact, mom looked like she was ready to explode. Deciding that it would be best to get out of the line of fire I waved at both of them, said good night and hoofed it up to my room. I heard an occasional loud voice as I worked on a term paper that was due the coming Monday and then, about an hour after I got home I heard a door slam, a car start up in the drive and then all was quiet in the house. I finished my paper and went to bed wondering what had happened in the kitchen.

I didn’t get the full story until Monday. Dad left on another trip and I noticed that mom did not walk him to the door or kiss him goodbye. She did walk to the window and watch him pull out of the drive and then she turned to me, “I hope your first couple of classes are ones you can afford to miss because I need to get laid right now.” She turned and headed for her bedroom saying, “Come on baby, hurry.” She was shedding her robe as she walked and as soon as she was in the bedroom she threw herself down on the bed, spread her legs and told me to hurry. In the month since the situation with mom started I’d never had sex with her the way we had sex that morning. There was something “raw” about it; something a touch more than urgent and I sensed a finality of sorts. Sex with my mother up till then had never been just a fuck. In our own twisted way we made love, but not that morning. That morning we fucked! I came and she immediately pushed me off her and climbed over me in a sixty-nine and as soon as she had me hard again she swung over me and impaled herself on my cock. She slammed up and down on me until I came again and then she got off me and started to go down on me to get me hard a third time, but I pushed her away. I had already missed my first class and I would miss my second before I could get to school, but I could not miss my third. The term paper I had to hand in counted as a third of my grade and Professor Heinz downgraded papers that were turned in late.

As I dressed I said, “I take it that the weekend did not go well?”

“No baby, it did not go well at all. It went so bad that I’m afraid you are going to lose one of your whores.”

“You giving me notice?”

“Yes baby, I suppose that I am.”

“What happened?”

“It’s a long story sweetie, but the short version is that I told him if he didn’t start taking beylikdüzü escort care of my sexual needs I was going to get them taken care of some place else.”

“What did he say to that?”

“He said to make damned sure that I didn’t bring any diseases home to him and then I said what would it matter since he never touched me anyway. He gave me a nasty look and said that I shouldn’t expect him to pay the medical bills.”

“So why are you going to quit? Don’t you still want revenge?”

“Yes sweetie, but not that kind. What I’m going to do now is find a new man for my life and I won’t find the man I want while I’m out whoring.”

“What about Jerry? He wants you and he already knows.”

“Yes, but if I go to him it won’t be as a whore.”

“What about the bachelor party you had me schedule for Friday night?”

“That will be my swan song baby, my last day working for you.”

I looked at my watch, “Got to run. I’ll see you tonight” and I took off for class.

That afternoon when I got home there was a new Tahoe parked in the driveway. In the house I found my mom and my Aunt Cathy sitting in the living room. Aunt Cathy got up and came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I had gotten a hard on the minute that I walked into the room and saw her and when I felt those 38DDs pressing into my chest I’m sure that she felt it as she hugged me. That feeling became a certainty when I saw the look in her eyes as she stepped back and said, “My, my, my nephew certainly has grown, hasn’t he?”

My mom laughed and said, “He sure has, and in more ways than one.”

At the dinner table I sat across from Aunt Cathy and it was a wonder that I got any food in my mouth because my eyes kept straying to her chest. She was wearing a low cut top and besides an immense amount of cleavage I swear that I saw the top of a nipple. I don’t know why Aunt Cathy’s tits grabbed me like they did. Both mom and Roxy had nice tits, but Aunt Cathy’s just seemed bigger, firmer and while I know that the bra probably had a lot to do with it they looked like twin torpedoes. My mom said something and they both laughed and that broke my concentration on the nipple. I looked up and my mom said “I said that it is not polite to stare” and both women laughed again. After that I concentrated on my plate. As soon as dinner was over I excused myself and headed for my room before I had a chance to make an even bigger fool of myself. I had a lot of homework to do and another term paper to work on, but I gave it up after half an hour; I just could not get Aunt Cathy off my mind. I grabbed my coat and went out looking for my buddies.

It was almost midnight when I got home from shooting pool with some of my friends. The house was dark so I assumed that mom and Aunt Cathy had gone to bed and that I would be spared the embarrassment of having to face their laughing faces. I had been in bed for maybe twenty minutes and had not quite fallen asleep when I heard my door open and close. I came almost instantly awake and when she climbed in with me and her hand moved down my body to my cock I said, “This isn’t a good move mom. Aunt Cathy might hear us.”

There was a throaty chuckle and then, “Oh you nasty boy, you and your mommy? How deliciously wicked of you. I never would have guessed it. I always thought of my sister as a conservative old stick in the mud. Well don’t you worry baby, Aunt Cathy won’t tell a soul.”

My cock, which had started rising when I heard the door open and close, wilted at the sound of Aunt Cathy’s voice, and then did an abrupt turn around when I felt her tits press into my back. Her hand found my cock and I turned and pulled away from her and got out of the bed.

“Wha…..where are you going?” she asked as I walked away from the bed. She got her answer as I turned on the room light.

“No way I’m not going to see you after all these years of lusting after you,” I said as I crawled back into bed. My hands went to her tits and I started rolling a nipple between my thumb and forefinger and she moaned and said, “Oh yes baby, like that. I like that.”

Her hand went to my cock again and as she started stroking she said, “You have been lusting after old Aunt Cathy? How sweet of you. Well, lets not waste anymore time then.” She pushed me on my back and then she got up and straddled me. “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I felt your hard cock poking me when I hugged you. I got so wet at dinner when I saw you staring at my breasts. I’ve been lying awake just waiting for your mother to fall asleep and for you to get home.”

She lowered herself onto my cock and I looked up at those perfect tits dangling just above my face. They were cone shaped – they looked like the ends of a football – and had erect nipples that looked to be a half-inch long.

“Go ahead” she said, “Taste them, tease the nipples” as she leaned forward to bring them closer. I stuck my tongue out and licked a nipple and Aunt Cathy moaned and her body gave a little shudder. “Oh yeah baby, oh yeah. Show your dear Aunt Cathy what a beyoğlu escort stud you are. Come on baby, be nasty with me, do me like you do your momma.”

It got a little intense after that as Aunt Cathy urged me on and I did my best to give her what she wanted and asked for. She had three orgasms before I finally climaxed and as she rolled off me and fell on the bed beside me she said, “That was really lovely baby. Can you do it again?”

I smiled and said, “It will get hard on it’s own in about ten minutes, but it could be ready sooner with some help.”

She gave me a throaty laugh and said, “Oh you nasty little boy. Are you asking your auntie to suck your cock?”

“Only if you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait ten minutes or so.”

She swung around and took my limp cock in her hand, “This is just so wicked. I never would have imagined fucking my own nephew, let alone sucking his cock” and then her mouth closed on me.

It wasn’t long before she had me up and ready to go again and as I mounted her she asked, “How many times are you good for baby?”

“I don’t know. How about we try and find out.”

That got me another throaty laugh and she said, “I can see that Aunt Cathy is going to come visiting a lot more often.”

After that we got a little carried away and we didn’t realize how much noise we were making until the bedroom door opened and my mother walked into the room. “Honestly you two. Don’t you realize that you are making enough racket to wake the dead?”

I wasn’t prepared for the intrusion, but I wasn’t bothered by it either since mom had already told me she was going to help me bed Aunt Cathy. Aunt Cathy on the other hand looked like the kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar after being told she couldn’t have a cookie. She made a fast recovery though, “Oh don’t look at me like that” she said to my mom, “If you can let him do you you certainly can’t be upset over the fact that he is doing me.”

When she heard that mom’s face lost some of its color. I found out later that even though she was going to help me get Aunt Cathy she never planned on letting Aunt Cathy know about us. Mom might have been caught by surprise at what Aunt Cathy said, but she also made a quick recovery. “Maybe so, but I always looked upon him as being my private stock.”

Aunt Cathy laughed and said; “I’ll share. I doubt very much that he has enough for the both of us, but I will share.”

She was right of course, I didn’t have enough for the both of them, but we did find out the answer to how long I was good for, five times before I couldn’t help them anymore.

Mom and Aunt Cathy were still asleep when I left for class the next morning. Off and on during the day I wondered what the two of them talked about. Neither one of them was their when I got home from class, but they were both in the kitchen working on dinner when I got home from my run. Aunt Cathy saw me, smiled and said, “Steak tonight Tiger; got to keep your strength up.”

I looked at my watch, “I’ll have to microwave it later; I have some business that I have to take care of.”

Mom said, “Roxanna called and said to tell you that something came up and she won’t be available tonight.”

I looked at my watch again, “In that case I need to get on the phone” and I started to leave the kitchen.

“Not so fast Tiger” Aunt Cathy said, “No need for phone calls.”

I turned back toward the two women and my mom said, “She knows sweetie. I’m afraid that I had a little too much wine today and it sort of slipped out when we were talking.”

“That’s right Tiger, I know, and good old Aunt Cathy is going to come off the bench and go in to sub for the missing player. But first, what’s my cut?”

“You serious? You know that there could be as many as ten guys there?”

“I love bunches sweetie, it is the only time I ever get really satisfied. So what’s my end?”


“Half of what?”

I explained the fee structure and she said, “I do all the work and you get half?”

“Hey, I pay for the room, line up the customers, and besides, you aren’t working, you’re having fun.”

“That might be true sweetie, but I want the split to be eighty/twenty.”

“Okay, if you would rather have twenty percent than half its okay with me.”

“Don’t get smart with me young man. Eighty me, twenty you.”

My mom was standing behind Aunt Cathy, grinning ear to ear and shaking her head no. Taking it as a signal I said, “Well, I guess I need to go make some phone calls and let the guys know that the evening is cancelled” and I turned to go.

“Okay, okay, fifty/fifty.”

“I don’t know. I’m thinking sixty/forty now to kind of cover the aggravation factor.”

“Don’t push it Tiger, or we will both end up with nothing.”

Aunt Cathy was a hit with the boys. They were a little disappointed that Roxie didn’t make it because most of them got a little extra kick out of the fact that they were paying me to be able to fuck my sister. They didn’t know Cathy was my aunt and she had insisted that they never know that. Since they didn’t know of my relationship I was able to stick around and watch as the seven young studs tried their best to wear out the forty-two year old woman. From seven until one-thirty it was non-stop action as Aunt Cathy fucked and sucked them dry. Mike was the last to leave and he wanted to know if she would be coming back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32