My Twin Brother’s Girlfriend

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It was an oppressively hot, humid North Queensland summer day as the sun’s rays seared onto our bare backs as my twin brother and I finished our morning run.

Harry and I had always been into fitness but Harry’s devotion was fanatical. I had let myself go for my final exams, and was certainly not used to intense exercise in these hot, humid conditions. We had long ditched our shirts, with our melanin protecting us from the UV. Arguably the only privilege for coloured folk like me. Now we were drenched in our own sweat, myself even more so.

Harry had been living and working in Cairns for two years while I remained in Melbourne to complete my studies. Now that I had finally graduated, I took the opportunity to visit him over Christmas before I started my graduate position in late January. Our parents had gone to India to see our extended family so there was little point staying at home.

Harry had done well for himself, even scoring himself a girlfriend, and together they had rented a house with a pool. Hailing from Sydney, Pamela was a lovely girl of Eurasian heritage, with long jet black hair and a shapely body slightly wider at the hips with a decent bum. They visited Melbourne earlier in the year and I was immediately entranced as she introduced herself. I was initially disgusted with myself for finding her super attractive, but figured it was not unthinkable for two twins to be attracted to similar physical traits in a woman.

That particular day, Pamela was down in Brisbane for a work trip but would be flying later in the day.

Harry was checking his messages when his phone pinged.

“Shit, bro, gotta go quickly!” Harry darted into the house, sprayed himself with deodorant and slipped on a dry red polo top. “Feel free to jump in the pool.”

“Everything ok?” I asked, noticing the exasperation on his face.

“Fine, I’ll be back soon, need anything?”

“Nah think I’m all good.”

Harry darted out the front door and I locked it behind him.

I walked into my room and went through my back. I fished out some black Speedo swimming trunks but suddenly realised I had forgotten to bring board shorts. Oh well, I thought. I could just pop out later and get some. It’s just Harry and I, he’ll give me a bit of shit but what the hell.

I slipped the swimming trunks on when I suddenly heard a splash. Harry had warned me about kids in the neighbourhood who stuck into yards and used other people’s pools. I grabbed a broomstick from a cupboard and walked to the back door.

Looking towards the pool, I noticed a lone figure swimming underwater across the pool. Suddenly, a female head with long black hair surfaced.

Sexy Pamela pushed herself out of the pool, dripping wet.

I watched, my cock growing hard and trying to push out of my trunks, my heart racing and sweat dripping down my body as if I were showering with it.

Pam wore a black Speedo one piece swimsuit that eryaman rus escort clung tightly to her body. She began to dry herself with a towel as I gazed on.

Suddenly, I pushed on the door handle and fell forward onto the hot grass.

“Who’s there?” yelled a startled Pamela.

I stood up, waving hesitantly.

“Oh, hey cutie!” she said, using her right hand to shield her eyes from the sun, her arms and legs perfectly tanned, her long black hair slicked behind her with droplets falling off the strands. “I just got in and I’ve been waiting for you. Are you here alone?”

I nodded affirmatively.

“Well don’t be so shy. We’ve met before. Come on in, the water’s nice!”

I strategically used my hands to cover my growing bulge as I walked over to the pool fence before realising I had to use two hands to open the latch.

Before I could turn around and run away, as my brain was desperately pleading with me to do, Pamela walked to the gate and unlatched it, swinging it open.

I stood, frozen.

“What are you waiting for?” asked a bemused Pamela.

I continued to stand as a statue. Sweat was really pouring off me now, as if I had emerged from a pool of it. My heart raced as my mouth was dry. My cock was really throbbing now.

Pam looked me up and down.

“Why are your hands like that? Are you hiding something from me?”

A sly grin began to emerge on Pamela’s face as she grabbed my hands and lifted them, showing a huge bulge pushing against the front of my trunks. I thought she would be shocked, but the grin just got wider.

Pam led me to a reclined pool lounger and had me lay back. She then proceeded to sit over me and ran her cool, damp hands down my sweaty pecs and abs, and then ran her fingers over my trunks where my cock was waiting to jump out.

She leaned forward and began to kiss me passionately, her moist lips cooling my dry lips, small drops of water from her hair dropping onto my sweaty body.

Stop this, I thought to myself, stop this before it gets out of hand. Do you want your brother to cut you out of his life? Meanwhile my cock throbbed and I ran my hands along the spandex of Pamela’s swimsuit, grabbing her buttocks and pulling her closer to me. It was wrong, but it felt so good, my conscience didn’t stand a chance.

Pamela whispered, “You know, I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first saw you. And you know what, I’ve always had a thing for buff dudes in Speedos.”

My heart raced even further.

I had long fantasised about fucking a woman in a swimsuit. I spent long hours wanking to pictures and videos online but I was never confident about getting any of the women I dated to put one on for me. Not that I had dated much in the past year. My gym had a pool attached to it with just a window separating the two areas and the sight of beautiful, shapely women wearing one piece swimsuits and doing laps made me incredibly ankara etimesgut escort bayan horny

It couldn’t have been more ironic that I was about to have my deepest sexual fantasy fulfilled by none other than my twin brother’s girlfriend.

I could feel her moving her pussy over my cock. My cock could sense the warm moisture exuding from it despite the two layers of spandex that separated the two. Pamela began to ride me as she slipped her hands down and lowered my trunks while pulling aside the crotch of her swimsuit, slowly guiding my cock into the moisture of her pussy.

She sat up and began to ride on my cock, breathing slowly with her eyes closed. I trusted slowly and carefully, wary that my cock throbbing so much increased my risk of shooting my load too early.

“Keep going, naughty boy!” Pamela blurted out.

Indeed I did. As we rocked, I ran my hands up and down her damp swimsuit as water evaporated from it from the sun and Pamela’s body heat.

I then began to massage Pamela’s tits. She began to moan and I could feel more pussy juice around my cock.

“Fuck me hard, sweaty boy!” she said breathily.

We kept rocking and rocking. I couldn’t believe it, yet I remained on edge.

Then it happened. The sound of Harry’s car within earshot.

Suddenly, almost as if deliberately getting one on my brother, I shot a large load of cum into Pamela’s pussy, thrusting into her with every shot out of my cock.

Pamela lifted herself up, readjusted her swimsuit, and winked at me.

“Ahem,” she sounded as she pointed at my now limp cock sitting outside my trunks. I pulled my trunks up as Pamela smiled, turned and dived into the pool.

I was now saturated in my own sweat as Pamela’s pussy juice covered my now limp cock.

I could hear the car engine stop, the door opening and closing, then opening and closing again.

Harry was back. I was overwhelmed with guilt from having just fucked my twin brother’s girlfriend. My heart began to race and I began to sweat some more. Suddenly the world began to blacken. The dehydration from intense exercise and the sex in this heat caught up with me as I passed out.

When I came to, Harry was there, holding some water in a bottle.

“Bro, you must have passed out, thought I was going to have to call triple-zero!” he said while passing the bottle to me.

I gulped the water and sat up. I almost collapsed back with what I saw next. Looking past Harry, I noticed Pamela standing next to another copy of herself. One wore the black Speedo one piece swimsuit with her hair dampened, the other wore a blouse and formal pants and dry hair that fluttered in the gentle breeze.

“Bro, I think I’m seeing double,” I muttered, to which Harry and formally-dressed Pamela erupted into laughter, while swimsuit-clad Pamela looked just a bit awkward.

“Ed,” formally-dressed Pamela said gently gölbaşı rus escort bayan while opening her hand in the direction of her swimsuit-clad doppelganger, “This is my twin sister, Nancy. We’re all twins. Sorry, we should have told you but I got stuck in Brisbane with an extra meeting and Nancy arrived from Sydney a bit earlier than I thought. We wanted to surprise you both. You should have seen Nancy’s face when Harry walked in, she thought you were him.”

Nancy, as I now knew her, looked very uneasy. I too felt a bit sick, though in some ways relieved that while I was guilty of intent, I was not guilty of the act. Our eyes locked on each other for a few brief seconds before we both turned our heads.

“Did you both think you were with the other twin? That’s so funny!” joked the now-established actual Pamela.

Nancy and I forced an awkward chuckle.

“Why are you both so awkward right now?” Pamela asked.

Suddenly, Nancy’s cheeks gained a crimson tinge. Upon seeing this my cock began to grow as my own cheeks began to feel warm. Both Harry and Pamela saw this and began to whisper. Shortly afterwards, Harry and Pamela said in unison, “Get inside now.”

The four of us stood in the tiled kitchen, Nancy and I feeling a bit more vulnerable with only our swimsuits on with our heads tilted forward in shame as our fully-clothed siblings looked us up and down, ready to interrogate.

“What exactly happened?” Pamela asked sternly.

“Something happen between you two?” Harry joined in.

Nancy and I looked at each other.

“Uh… nothi…” I began to mutter out when Nancy decided to fess up.

“We fucked next to the pool. His cock was big and he looked hot and I couldn’t help it. I thought he was Harry and he must have thought I was Pamela! I’m so sorry, sis!”

Nancy subsequently burst into tears.

Pamela and Harry were shocked and held out their fingers to indicate a short break. They walked into their bedroom and shut the door.

I looked at Nancy and glared at her.

“What did you do that for?” I growled.

“What?” she sobbed, “Do you just fuck your brother’s girlfriends when he’s not around?”

“You didn’t exactly put up a fight!”

“Shut up!”

Suddenly the door swung open. Out came Harry and Pamela. Harry was wearing red Speedo swim trunks while Pamela sported a red Speedo swim one piece swimsuit. Both had serious looks on their faces.

Pamela began.

“We were discussing. As much as we would like to kick you both out, it is Christmas. Truth be told, we’ve been thinking about having an open relationship for a while. And who better to open it to, than the ones who we shared a womb with? And you both look seriously hot in your swimsuits, we thought we’d dress accordingly.”

Pamela walked over to me and began to kiss me. Harry walked over to Nancy and began to kiss her.

“You wanted us, enjoy the real thing,” Pamela whispered as she licked the sweat off my body and proceeded to remove my cock from my trunks, wrapping her lips around it intimately.

I looked to my left and Nancy was already sucking Harry off.

Harry looked down at Nancy, running his fingers through her damp hair. “Sharing is caring. Let the festivities begin.”

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