My Stepdad

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Chapter One

I was fortunate to realize at a young age that life in the long run provides us with what we need and not necessarily what we want. I had to learn to stay out of my own way so as not to muck things up and make life difficult, for no reason at all.

My father was not a fun guy. He had a load of issues, old baggage he had never dealt with in order to move on in his life in a positive and constructive manner. He made life for mother and I difficult and unpleasant most of the time. He was a heavy drinker and this of course only made things worse for him and us. By the time I was 17 years of age my mother finally had had enough of his negative self-pity indulgences and drinking. She filed for divorce and within three months she and I were on our own living in a small two-bedroom apartment.

We made the best of what we had to work with and ended up having a ball decorating our new apartment and making it home. It was cozy, comfortable and cool to live in. It took a few months to regain our love of life, our humour and ability to be happy. Mom was a nurse at the local hospital. She usually worked the night shift, her favourite. I was old enough to be on my own and enjoyed my solitude. Being an introvert it suited me fine having evenings and nighttime to myself. I liked walking around the apartment naked or in my briefs and t-shirt, that way I could play with myself with ease. I had quite a fascination with older daddy types fantasizing what their mature man package would be like.

School kept me busy and I was quite the cook at home. I did the grocery shopping, figured out menus for the week and learned to be economical and responsible. I definitely had thoughts of becoming a chef. I was becoming quite the foodie.

Chapter Two

Time flew by and before I knew it I was turning 18 years of age. This new birthday year was to mark a great change our lives. Mother had dated here and there but nothing serious. Then one day I noticed she went for a makeover, new hairstyle, makeup and new clothes. She looked ravishing and younger. So I asked what was up, “is there a new man in your life mom?” She blushed a little and let me know she had met a man through a friend of hers’ at work, his name was Larry. He was taking her out to supper on her day off. She was all smiles. I realized she missed having a man in her life and I was thrilled she had met someone she obviously liked a lot.

Well one thing led to another and they started going out more often and things became serious between the two of them. Finally, mother thought it would be a good idea for me to meet Larry. So we decided to make supper at home. I was overjoyed when mother asked me to prepare the meal for the three of us. I got busy working on the menu and could not wait for Saturday evening to come¬ around. This was an opportunity to show my cooking skills.

Lastly, it was the weekend and there I was prepping food in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Mother shouted “I’ll get it.” She let Larry in and showed him to the kitchen and introduced us. He gave me a strong and warm handshake. He had big hands, what a guy. He stood about 5′ 11″, I figured he weighed about 190 lbs. Larry was definitely robust and quite the rugged handsome type. I liked him right away and the feeling appeared to be mutual.

I göztepe sınırsız escort served baked chicken seasoned with tarragon, asparagus with saffron rice and a simple green salad. Larry and mom complimented me over and over again. We sat enjoying wine and then coffee and homemade apple pie. The evening was a success. When Larry was gone mom asked what I thought of him. I just gave her a thumbs up, a wink and a smile and she just beamed. “I knew you would like him she said. How would you feel about Larry coming to live with us she asked a little apprehensively?” I reflected for a minute and walked over to give her a hug and told her I loved the idea. She was just overwhelmed by my response.

Well it wasn’t long Larry was moving in. It was a good positive change, a new energy in the home. I realized he was more of a father figure for me than my biological dad. He was playful, active and quite the tease. Mother was on top of the world. I could hear them moaning and groaning from their bedroom at times. We all shared the same bathroom. Larry was not the shy type, I liked the way he walked around in his tightys whitey briefs totally at ease. Wow! he sure was built and I could not help but notice his ample bulge and how big and heavy it looked. The man was packing serious man goods. He was in shape and I loved that he was hairy all over. It sure was difficult not to stare at his bulge and realized this did not go unobserved by him. He was one sexy dude. The three of us were getting along really well. Sometimes after mom left for work (7pm to 7am shift) Larry would ask if I wanted to go for ride. We would drive around town exploring different areas or take a walk in one of the local parks and afterwards we loved stopping for an ice cream cone. That is how we grew close to one another as we shared thoughts, ideas and experiences during our outings.

I was very conscious of Larry’s manliness always sneaking peeks whenever I could to get a glimpse of his hot crotch. I loved how he adjusted his bulge at times and this would get me all excited and horny. I even found myself drooling and licking my lips. Larry loved horsing around when mom was out. He would get me into a wrestling lock of some sort, holding my head with one arm while messing my hair with his other hand. I was no match for him being of smaller build and not as strong as he was. I loved it when he rough housed me and teased me getting me on the carpet and holding me often in very compromising positions asking me if I “give up.”

Chapter Three

One evening we were horsing around after supper, mom had gone to work, Larry and I were sporting our briefs and t-shirts fooling around on the carpet when he made his move and got me into a head hold with my face shoved against his bulge. I was so excited and horny my cock growing harder by the second when I noticed Larry’s bulge starting to tent in a big way all the while rubbing on my face. “Give up kid, Larry asked.” All I could do was giggle and laugh and say “no.” So he firmed up his grip and shoved his tenting throbbing bulge even more into my face. Something came over me and I opened my mouth wrapped my lips around his hot man package hanging onto to it for dear life.

Once again he asked “give up” and I gave a muffled göztepe ucuz escort no response and by this point I could not help but suck on the briefs and Larry was holding me nice and firm and letting me suck on his underwear. “So you’re not going to give up eh! Well take this and suddenly I felt a few jets of hot piss flow into his briefs and I just kept on sucking like a hungry calf. Again he asked if I “give up” and again I refused and then he really let go and delivered a hot stream of piss into his briefs while I feverishly sucked it all down fearful to get any on the carpet yet loving every bit of it. I came in my underwear while I gobbled down Larry’s impressive piss load. After he was finished he let me go and declared himself the winner.

We disentangled and looked at one another as if nothing had happened. “Well that was quite the match hey kid, how about we go out and get some pizza. I am hungry, how about you?” I let him know I was starving. We changed underwear and put on our shorts and off we went. We went to our favourite pizza restaurant ate and chatted away. I looked at Larry and said we have to do that again and he enthusiastically agreed. I was so excited hearing him agree and knew this was a whole new chapter in our relationship. I was craving a daddy figure and Larry was giving me the opportunity to express this with him. He even started calling me son.

A few days later we were horsing around again in the evening, mom had already left for work. Larry quickly got me in a headlock position with my head in his crotch. “Give up kid?” “Never I replied.” He was rubbing my head into his bulge with his free hand and I managed to free my right hand and get to his underwear. I pulled them down below and under his balls and freed his big man cock in order to get my mouth on it. He just let me do my thing and kept a firm grip around my head, again asking if I give up.

Meanwhile, his big 7-inch tool was in my mouth and I was sucking on it with such a passion. His thick cut cock was giving out precum like no tomorrow. He was moaning and I was sucking like a starving animal. His cock tasted of I want more. I was moaning and whimpering and sucking and managed to cry out daddy a few times. Then to my surprise I heard Larry tell me in a low raspy voice “its ok baby, suck daddy’s big cock, feed on it son, that is what daddy is here for. My big cock is all yours’s to suck whenever you want baby.” When I heard that I sucked on his cock with greater abandon.

I was so excited and thrilled to know daddy Larry was telling me I could suck his cock whenever I wanted. Wow!

He was still holding me in a headlock position and I was sucking away happily when he spoke out again. “ok baby daddy is going to give you his hot milk, time to feed baby, here it comes son.” And with that he let go a massive amount of daddy man milk into my mouth. I swallowed quickly greedily wanting every drop of his wholesome goodness. I wanted more. Finally, when he was finished cumming I licked his balls and cock clean and he let me go and declared himself the winner. He tousled my hair and told me he meant what he said that I could suck his cock whenever I wanted when we were alone together. I was beside myself and said “thanks daddy, I need your big cock daddy.” kadıköy anal escort He patted my head and called me a good boy. Larry totally understood my needs.

Life at home was good, everyone was happy. Mother let us know she would be away for a few days, her sister Connie had just given birth to a baby boy and she was going to help her out so she was going to be away for two weeks. She thought this would be a great opportunity for Larry and I to bond. Wow! what an understatement. Larry and I drove mom to the airport to see her off. She was all excited about seeing her sister and the baby and Larry and I were thrilled to be on our own.

Larry’s vehicle had tinted windows. As we drove back home he tugged on his bulge and asked me, “does baby want a drink?” I was beside myself with excitement hearing him ask me if I want to drink.

I leaned over and undid his zipper and pulled out his big hardening cock and wrapped my eager mouth around it waiting for daddy’s hot drink. He was careful to release small amounts of piss at a time to give me the opportunity to savour and swallow his golden treat. I loved his scent and the taste of his man piss was so good. Then gradually he let a bigger stream out for me to gobble down and then it was full force and daddy was inundating my mouth as I swallowed quickly. I could tell he loved giving me his piss load. When he finished I kept sucking and nursing his cock as he drove and moaned and groaned and let me feed on his big daddy cock.

Just before we got home he gave me a big hot load of daddy milk. Wow! and what a massive load it was. He was feeding his baby, taking care of me. I felt secure and comforted with my head between his legs. As we pulled into the driveway at home he said, “daddy’s good boy.”

While mom was away Larry suggested we hangout at home in our briefs and t-shirts, that way I could access his cock with ease and often. He loved having his big fat dick in my mouth, soft or hard he liked me holding it in my mouth for him. For me this was a privilege and an honour. One of our favourites was him sitting on the sofa naked with his legs wide open and me sitting in between them on the floor. He loved watching one of his sport games on television while I nursed and suckled his big man tool. He had so much precum and I was there to drink his piss or swallow his cum as much as he wanted. He would gently rub my head and pat it when I did a good job.

Things carried on as usual at home and yet mom and Larry grew more and more apart after a year. We had a supper meeting at home and mom announced she was going to live with her sister who was a single mom and desperately needed help to make ends meet. I liked how everything worked out so amicably without rancor or hate between her and Larry. It was just one of those things that just happened. Mom asked what I wanted to do and without hesitation I wanted to stay with Larry and he was totally in agreement with that.

Mom moved out and Larry and I turned our little abode into a man’s place. We shared the bigger bedroom and turned the other into a den workspace. I landed a sous chef position at a local high end restaurant. I loved being with Larry. He made me feel wanted and treated me kindly. He was very much the daddy and I was the daddy adoring son. He loved having me take care of his big man cock and that I did. He owned my mouth and I owned his cock. I finally had the daddy I always dreamed of having and more.


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