My Step-Mom’s a Nude Model Ch. 06

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This is a revised and resubmitted story written by me. Hope you enjoy it as much if not more than the original.


Andy and Carol’s life soon fell into a routine like most couples with a babt. The exceptions being that the baby wasn’t Andy’s but his half-brother and Carol (aka: Goldie) still worked as a nude magazine model with Andy as her photographer.

One month quickly became two and then two became three and three became four during which time Andy and Carol grew closer and closer. Neither thought about the comments they had made the first time they had made love after little John’s birth because they both felt as if they were already married. Then six-months after little John’s birth, Andy surprised Carol by getting down on bended-knee while she was sitting on their swing and proposed. She accepted immediately.

“Andy, I can’t think of anything I’d love to do more than to be your wife, your partner and your lover, now and forever.”

The next day Carol stopped at a local bookstore and picked up a Wedding Planner book and they quickly realized that the proposal was the easy part of the wedding. They talked about a church versus other locations, a formal diner afterwards versus catering, Wedding Vows, Wedding Music, and all the time they kept avoiding one topic until there was just no way to avoid talking about it any longer.

“Sweetheart, I know we’ve skirted around this but everything we’ve talked about comes down to one thing… a date,” Andy said as they sat on their swing.

Sighing Carol replied, “I know. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and just can’t seem to come up with the ‘right’ date. I want this to be prefect for both of us and every time I have a date in mind I remember something that happened that day regarding your dad.

Andy sat silent as he thought about what Carol had said and realized that she was right, every day that he thought of had something regarding his dad’s murder attached until he suddenly stood up and looked down at Carol. “I’ve got it. I’ve got the perfect date.”

Curious Carol asked, “Okay, what is it?”

“How about six weeks after little John’s first birthday. We both know how important that day is to us and our life together!”

“You’re right! That WILL BE the perfect day.” Carol laughed as she reached forward to massage the bulge growing in the front of Andy’s pants. “I knew there was a reason I love you besides…” She said seductively as she licked her lips.

Afterwards everything seemed to fall into place. Carol quietly had her name changed back to her maiden name. They found a quaint, little chapel about two hours drive from their house that overlooked a beautiful lake with a huge area next to it for the reception. Then they found a local bakery to make the Wedding Cake that also had a catering service. It wasn’t until they talked about the guest list that they had their first real disagreement. Then after several hours of talking, Carol agreed that the list would consist of any of her friends that she wanted since they wouldn’t know that she and Andy were related but that the only relative Andy wanted there was his half-brother, little John.

Several days later, Carol seemed to suddenly become more and more distant. She would frequently walk around the house talking to her girlfriends on the phone or spend hours looking at magazines that she instantly put away whenever Andy got close. Finally, unable to stand it any longer Andy confronted her about it.

“Carol, are you having second thoughts about getting married to me?”


“Then would you mind telling me what is going on? You seem totally distracted whenever we’re together and you’ve been spending more time on the phone with your girlfriends or looking at magazines then you ever have.”

Carol’s answer was two little words that send shivers of terror up and down every man’s back and excitement in every woman’s voice, “The Dress.”

“Aaahhhhh the dreaded Wedding Dress,” he thought. “The one item that could truly make the day a dream-come-true or a nightmare-from-hell and better yet the one thing that the groom was not asked to help with but told was none of his business.” Andy quickly smiled and, taking little John from Carol’s arms, turned and walked away. “Come on, buddy. This is one area of a wedding where even angels fear to tread.”

Then, finally, the day arrived. Andy and Carol had driven to a town close to the chapel and in honor of the following day’s events had stayed in separate rooms. In the morning, Andy got dressed in his rented tuxedo and drove to the chapel while Carol was brought by a group of her girlfriends so Andy didn’t see her the whole morning.

At a few minutes before the hour, Andy found himself standing at the alter as the Wedding March began to play and the doors to the rear of the chapel opened to reveal the most beautiful sight Andy had ever seen.

Carol stood in the doorway. Her sun-streaked blonde hair was pulled back şişli elit escort and held in place by a shimmering tiara. Her wedding veil hung down from it obscuring her beautiful blue eyes while leaving her lush red lips exposed and seeming to scream to be kissed. Her wedding gown seemed to accentuate every curve of her body. The ivory satin contrasted and highlighted her tanned, bare shoulders while the “V” at the front of the dress and the pearls that scooped under each breast illustrated that she was a woman, not a young girl. A trail of pearls descended from her cleavage and ended at another strand of pearls that encircled her waist and draped down to swing freely in front of her as she walked.

Andy quickly covered his mouth and coughed to hide the smile as he realized how much they looked like drops of cum leaking from her after they had made love.

The rear of the veil flowed down her back to join the train that trailed behind her. An ivory satin choker encircled her graceful neck and a pair of blue diamond earrings hung from her ears, shimmering in the light, along with a small bouquet of ivory-colored roses that she carried in front of her.

With each step Andy thought she looked more and more beautiful until she was suddenly standing beside him. The chaplain proceeded with the ceremony and the only mistake was when Andy said “I Do” before his portion of the vows were even started. The giggles that followed were quickly forgotten as the chaplain said “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Without further prompting Andy and Carol turned and kissed each other for the first time as a married couple to the claps, whistles, and shouts of the friends who were filling the chapel.

The reception was enjoyed by all and Andy got the chance to meet Carol’s friends for the first time, including several women who were well known in the adult entertainment industry. Then it was over and they quietly slipped away, but instead of heading back to the hotel Andy surprised Carol by taking her to a mountain cabin that he had found several miles away which overlooked not only the lake but gave a clear view of the surrounding mountains.

“It’s beautiful,” Carol sighed.

“Not as beautiful as my new wife,” Andy said as he swept her up off of her feet and carried her over the threshold. The whole thing still seemed like a dream to him until he felt Carol’s lips lightly brush against his ear as he carried her into the room.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too.” he replied as she set her down and wrapped his arms around her. “I never imagined anything like this could happen to me. When you married my dad and moved in with us I thought he was the luckiest guy in the world to have you as his wife, but now… well, now I’m the lucky one,” and then he leaned down to kiss his bride.

Their kiss was soft and loving yet what they both felt was undeniable as the kiss became more and more passionate. Their hands moved over each other, caressing and pulling, until Carol broke the kiss and stepped back.


“Wow, is right!!” Andy smiled as he moved towards her again and tried to pull her back into his arms.

Carol stepped back staying just out of his reach, teasingly, as she purred. “I have a surprise for you.”

Andy instantly stopped, “And what might that be?”

“Why don’t you take a seat over there,” she said as she smiled and pointed at a nearby chair, “and I’ll show you.”

Andy sat in the chair as Carol turned her back towards him and began to do something to her wedding gown as he waited. Then suddenly the lower half of her wedding dress dropped to the floor and she slowly turned to reveal everything the dress had previously hidden. Unable to say a word he stared in awe at the transformation. The top of Carol’s wedding dress was actually a corset.

The pearls that had previously scooped under each breast had been buttons that were now nestled under Carol’s exposed breasts. The trail of pearls descending from her cleavage continued down the dress directing his eyes to her pussy and the patch of hair that surrounded it. It was obvious that she was just as aroused as he was from the amount of juices that shimmered from the har and inner thighs. The corset also had a set of garters that were attached to a pair of lace-topped, flesh-colored stockings and 4″ Ivory high-heels that were held to her ankle by two straps and two sparkling silver buckles.

“So what do you think?”


“I guess that means you like it.”

“Hell, yes!!”

“You don’t mind that I’m not shaving any more?” She asked as she teasingly ran a finger across the hair of her nether region before bringing it to her mouth and licking it.

“No problem at all as far as I’m concerned.”

“I’m glad. I had thought about starting to shave again but realized that I wanted you to know you’re married to a woman not some little girl. As for şişli escort the rest of it,” she said as she slowly spun around to give Andy a complete look at her, “I wanted to follow all of the old traditions so…,” she continued, “something old” as she pointed at the corset, “something new” as she pointed at an ankle bracelet that Andy hadn’t noticed earlier, “something borrowed,” as she raised her foot to indicate the high-heels, “and something blue,” as she ran her finger across the blue diamond earring.

Andy stood and walked to her, taking her in his arms and feeling the fullness of her breasts pressing against him. “I think I’m the luckiest guy on the world because it is my honor and privilege to call the most beautiful woman in the world my wife.”

Standing with her head nestled against Andy’s chest, Carol felt his cock beginning to press against her through his tuxedo as she whispered, “I think I’m the lucky one,” and dropped her hand to squeeze the bulge.

Andy instantly leaned down and kissed Carol, this time with more passion. Instinctively, he moved from her lips to her neck and began to delicately nibble on her shoulder as she leaned her head back to allow him better access.

“Ohhhhhhh, you know how much that turns me on. Let’s get you out of those clothes. I want you and I want you right now. My pussy has been dripping since I saw you standing in the front of the chapel. Kyla even joked that she thought she smelled pussy juice at the reception…” Laughing, “… and she should know, she’s been licking pussy for quite awhile. But that’s not what I want; I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of me. I want to feel you filling me with it and stretching my pussy. I want to feel you cumming deep inside of me. I want to feel each and every strand of your cum splashing against my pussy walls. I want to cum with you deep inside of me and I want our juices to flood down my legs like a leaking faucet.”

Andy quickly stripped with Carol’s help and soon stood nude, his cock sticking out hard and thick from his body. Teasingly he grabbed it and shook it as he asked, “So would you prefer that we make love or would you rather that I fuck the hell out of you?”

Carol’s realized as she looked at Andy’s cock that she had never been this aroused before even starting and gasped. “Fuck now… love later.”

Bowing, Andy replied. “Your wish is my command,” as he grabbed her and led her out of the room to the porch.

“Whaaa?” Carol began to ask before Andy stopped her.

“Shhhhhh, just bend over.”

“But the porch light is on,” Carol said as she looked back over her shoulder at Andy. “Someone might see us.”

“So,” he teased. “With all the nude pictures I’ve taken of you and all the men who’ve jacked-off to them. Just think of how turned-on one of them would get seeing you getting fucked.”

“Mmmmmm, you’re right. That would be such a turn-on.”

“Unfortunately, there’s no one within five miles of here. Now bend over.” Andy said as he gently pushed her closer to the rail that surrounded the porch.

Carol was quickly overcome by her desire for Andy’s cock and the wickedness of what they were going to do, so she leaned forward and grabbed the rail, only then realizing that she still had her second wedding bouquet clutched in her hand.

Andy silently moved behind her, lining his cock up with her sopping pussy. Then, grabbing her hips, he thrust forward burying himself all the way into her depths in one continuous stroke.

Carol’s eyes flew open at the sensation of being taken like this and screamed as a wave of pleasure overwhelmed her, “YYYYAAAAAAAAAA!”

Andy pushed harder and soon had Carol pinned over the railing. Her tits swayed back and forth with each thrust. Suddenly, as if preplanned, Andy reached up and grabbed the soft, full orb of Carol’s left tit while she reached up and grabbed the right one and they gently squeezed the nipples in unison. Mother’s-milk sprayed from them onto the grass and he felt a shudder run through Carol’s body.

“Yes, baby. Fuck me. Fuck your horny slut. Fuck me with your big, beautiful cock. Fill my pussy. Take me. Aaagghh. Yes… Like that… I’m yours… now and forever… You can fuck me any time and anyplace you want me… fuck me hard… going to cum soon… oh my god… I can feel you so deep… don’t stop. Fill me with your cum…,” then in a whisper that Andy barely heard, “…and make me pregnant.”

Andy’s response was one of sheer lust as he pistoned into Carol driving his cock as far into her as he could until he felt himself hitting her cervix with each thrust. “Fucking you… going to fill you with my cum. Going to spray your pussy with so much cum it drips from you like a street-side whore… Going to breed you so you can have our baby. Is that what you want? Do you want to have your step-son/husband’s baby?”

“Yes… yes… yes,” she whispered until her orgasm crashed over her and she screamed şişli eve gelen escort for all the world to hear. “FUCK ME. FILL ME. YES, YES, YES. FILL ME WITH YOUR COCK. SPRAY ME WITH YOUR CUM. DON’T STOP FUCKING ME. OH MY GOD… NOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW… AAAAAARRRRGGGGH!”

Andy felt Carol’s pussy tighten around his cock and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back so he plunged deep inside of her; fascinated by the warmth, moisture, and rolling sensation of her pussy muscles. “Cumming. Filling your pussy. Sending thousands of baby-makers into your pussy. Sending them to find your egg and make a baby… OUR baby,” he murmured as he leaned over Carol’s back and whispered in her ear.

Carol felt each and every pulse of Andy’s cock as it sprayed its load inside of her. In that moment of sheer bliss and joy she took her bouquet and threw it into the wilderness surrounding the cabin. She had no idea why or what it might mean but for some reason it felt like the right thing to do as she felt their combined juices begin to escape from around Andy’s dwindling cock and run down her legs.

Using the last bit of strength that he still had, Andy scooped Carol up and carried her back into the cabin and down the hallway to the bedroom. Once there he laid her down on the bed and removed her high-heels before crawling onto the bed. Then, reaching down to the bottom of the bed he grabbed a blanket and pulled it over them. Gently, he slid his arm under her and cuddled behind her as she took his hand in hers and pressed it to her breast.

“Only you,” she sighed as they fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next morning Andy woke to the sound of the birds and the sunlight shining through the large picture window at the foot of the bed but what had woken him was the soft groaning coming from Carol. “Are you ok?”

“Shit. I’m sorry, sweetie. I didn’t mean to wake you up but I hurt all over. I definitely had too much to drink at the reception and after we had our fun outside I was too tired to take this off,” indicating her wedding corset, “and now my back hurts so bad its unreal.”

“Well, let me see what I can do about that,” Andy whispered as he rolled Carol on her side and quickly released the fasteners on her corset.

Carol moved onto her back pulling the corset from under her and dropped it on the floor. “Thank you, honey. You have no idea how much that helps.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Mrs. Drake,” Andy quietly replied as he sat up.

“Mmmmmm, Mrs. Drake. Mrs. Andrew Nicholas Drake. I like the sound of that.”

“I do too,” Andy replied. “Now sit up a bit.”

Not sure what to expect Carol sat up and Andy quickly slid behind her so his back was against the headboard and Carol was sitting between his spread legs.

“Ok, now lean back.”

Carol did as he said and was rewarded by the feel of his hard, muscular chest against her back.

“Now lean your head back and relax,” Andy whispered.

Leaning back Carol felt Andy’s fingers against her temples as he began to lightly massage them.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good.”

“Shhhhh, just close your eyes,” Andy whispered as he moved his hand to gently stroke her hair before moving down to caress her ear and neck. Soon he felt the subtle changes as her muscles began to loosen under his touch. Slowly he moved his hands to her shoulders and gently kneaded them, rolling the muscles between his thumb and fingers. Stretching as far as he could he ran his hands down her arms and then gently scratched them as he moved back to her shoulders. A content purr escaped Carol’s lips as she relaxed further and settled against Andy’s chest. Andy continued moving his hands across Carol’s skin using long slow strokes mixed with gentle pressing and squeezing until her muscles seemed like putty. Only then did he lean forward and whisper, “Honey, I need you roll over on your stomach so I can do your back.”

Carol seemed to answer from far away, “Wha…? Oh, this feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

“I’m not stopping. I just need to roll you over so I can move and get at your back.”

Carol slid forward with Andy’s help so he could slip free and then he helped her onto her stomach with her arms above her head. Repositioning himself, Andy straddled her buttocks, his limp cock lying in the crack between her butt checks.

The sun shining through the window accentuated the tan-lines on her body as Andy began to lightly caress and massage her back. Starting at her shoulders he again kneaded them until they were loose before moving down to her upper back. Gently he slid his hands up and down along the full length of her back and then started to slowly massage and knead her tension knots out of her spine until he found a tight spot and then he pressed and squeezed it until it had loosened.

Moving lower, Andy’s now-hardening cock slid down the crack of Carol’s ass and settled between her slightly spread legs. Immediately he felt the warmth and the slick coating of her juices that were covering her inner thighs but he ignored the sensations and massaged her lower back relieving the pain that she felt there from her stained muscles.

Carol thought how wonderful it felt and how wonderful her new husband was as she lay there in a dream-like state.

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