My Sister’s Smelly Softball Feet Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

I woke up the next morning still smelling like M’s feet from yesterday. The drive to school was awkward, not much was said. I dropped her off and went about my day as usual, still getting hard thinking about the day before. I wasn’t sure if she was serious about continuing it today, but I could not get her feet off my mind. The day dragged but it was finally 5 o clock and I went to the high school to pick her up.

She got in the car without her cleats on again and I could smell her feet instantly. I started to roll down the windows but was stopped.

“Let’s keep the windows up today, I’m wearing the same socks as yesterday,” M says.

She puts her feet up on the dashboard as we drive, and the window was steaming up from the stench. I was unbelievably hard and could not wait to get to the house. The car ride felt like an eternity, but we finally made it and went inside. The house instantly smelled of her foot sweat the moment we walked in. She grabbed my hand and directed me toward the couch and ordered me to lay on the floor.

“I want to see how long you can handle being under these bad boys, they reek today,” M said seductively.

I just obeyed her every command, I wanted to be under her feet more than anything at this moment. I laid down with my head by her feet and the smell was intense. She brought one foot a couple inches from my nose and my eyes started to tear up from the stench. With me being on my back, my boner was very obvious.

“Someone is already very excited huh,” she says with a slight chuckle.

She then lowers her damp socked foot onto my nose and rubs it all over my face. I thought I was going to pass out from the smell it was so bad. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but want more. She rubbed her foot around on my face for a few minutes, then gave me a break, my face wet with istanbul escort her sweat.

“Can you handle anymore?” she asks.

“I can be here all day if you wanted to,” I replied.

“Good that’s the answer I was hoping for,” she says and lowers her other damp foot onto my face and begins drowning me in her foot sweat. At this point my cock was about to break through my shorts it was so hard. My own sister was dominating me with her feet, and I loved every second of it. Another few minutes passed and gave me another break.

“Since I didn’t clean my feet yesterday, I think you should do it for me, take off my sock,” she ordered.

I sat up and started pulling down her knee-high softball socks, revealing her perfectly shaped calves. Next revealing her tiny ankles and finally, her beautiful feet. Still with the black polish, they were glistening from her sweat, her soles as rosy as ever. She took the sock from my hand and wrapped it around my head, with her toe print directly on my nostrils. The only thing I will be smelling tonight was her feet.

I laid back down and she brought her toes to my mouth and I took them in eagerly. They were damp and salty but tasted heavenly. She was moaning as I was sucking on each and every one of her toes.

“Hold on, I need to get more comfortable,” she says as she gets up and takes off her pants revealing her black thong. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass and admire how firm and shapely it was. She was truly a beautiful woman with some rancid feet.

“You can get comfortable too, if you want,” she hinted. I immediately pulled down my shorts and revealed my cock standing at attention, begging for any sort of touch.

“And the shirt,” she ordered, and I obliged.

There I was, completely naked, other than the sock wrapped kabataş escort around my nose, laying on the floor in front of my sister, practically begging for her to rub her sweaty, smelly feet all over me.

She brought her foot back to my face and allowed me to continue cleaning it. Her feet were extremely soft, and I felt every inch of them with my tongue. She started to play with herself again and was moaning softly. She was enjoying herself almost as much as I was. I thoroughly cleaned her left foot and waited anxiously for her right. She lifted it above my head slowly and carefully placed her big toe on my lip. I took her big toe into my mouth and started to suck on it intensely. This caused her to moan very loudly and she picked up the pace with her hand.

I was almost used to the smell of the sock and I wanted more.

“Can we switch the socks,” I asked boldly.

“Yeah sure,” she said panting and picked up her other sock while I unwrapped the one around my nose. She took the old sock from my hand and wrapped the new one around my nose, with the part where her soles were directly at my nostrils. She them lightly placed the old sock on my cock and it twitched from the pleasure.

“Mmm, you liked that huh,” she said with a giggle and continued to rub my cock with her rancid sock.

All I could get out was a moan and sucked on her feet more intensely. My cock was twitching with every touch from her sock. I needed to feel her feet on my cock for the first time.

I finished worshipping her foot after another few minutes and awaited her next move. I was at her mercy and wanted nothing more than release. I looked up to her and could see a very visible wet spot on her panties. She reached down and removed the sock from my nose allowing me to get some fresh air, but I still kadıköy escort only smelled the remnants of her sweat on my face. She looked down nervously at my rock-hard cock, wondering if she was willing to go this far. Through the pants was one thing, but physically touching her brother’s cock…

She reached down slowly, my cock twitching in anticipation. She carefully grabbed the shaft, sending a shockwave of pleasure through my body causing me to moan very loudly. She shoved her foot into my face, likely telling me to shut the hell up. I started to suck on her toes again and this time she was the one to moan. She started slowly stroking my cock and after all that time being hard, I nearly burst right there. But I was determined to finish on her feet and held on. After about a minute of slow strokes she brought her feet around toward my cock.

“I’ve never done this before, I really don’t know what I’m doing,” she says nervously.

“It’s okay, I’m already so close,” I replied excitedly.

She lowered her feet down toward my cock and placed one above it on my stomach and the other one resting on my lower shaft. I moaned again at the first touch of her feet to my cock. She brought her arches together, my dick sticking out through the small hole they created and started pumping her legs up and down. Within 10 strokes I already felt myself about to burst.

“M, Im going to cum,” I said panting.

She started to speed up her feet and within seconds I exploded, sending one rope past my face and onto the floor behind me. The next two ropes landed on my chest and stomach, and the rest coated her feet.

“Wow,” was all she could manage to say to the amount of cum that left me. She picked up her sweaty sock and used it to clean the cum off her feet and my chest. She left without saying a word to her room and I just laid there for a while, still wallowing in her stench and my cock still rock hard.

The best cumshot I have ever had came from under my sisters’ sweaty smelly feet. I picked up the sock she had left here and took one last whiff. I couldn’t wait for what was in store tomorrow.

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