My Sister Started It Pt. 01

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Everybody remembers the moment they lost their virginity. But not everyone can pinpoint that moment in time when they became sexually aware. For me, that moment is seared in every part of my brain associated with memory. It was like that moment in the film where Dr Frankenstein’s assistant throws the huge switch and sparks fly everywhere. When the switch was flipped, my brain went from thinking about riding my bike, climbing trees, building dens, playing football and, occasionally homework, to SEX and everything associated with SEX! And, as most of you will recall, once that switch is turned on, any thought not to do with sex has to compete really hard for processing power in your brain.

For me, it wasn’t anything huge, like being seduced, or catching some couple fucking in the fields behind our house, or even seeing a naked woman for the first time. No, it was quite subtle, lasted only a few seconds, but that’s what lit the spark.

But before we go there, let me tell you a bit about myself, or my younger self to be more specific. I was a pretty average kid really, average height, brown hair, green eyes (that needed glasses), average build. I had been playing rugby at school for a few years, so I like to think I was beginning to gain a bit of muscle, but, like I say, pretty average. Oh and I suppose it makes sense, given the nature of this tale, to give you a description of my penis. I had been circumcised at an early age and eventually, once I had finished with puberty, I would discover (as all inquisitive boys do) it was six and a half inches long when fully erect, and five and a half inches in circumference.

We lived in a small 3 bed semi in a non-descript village in Yorkshire, dad, mum, my elder sister Carolyn and me. I was a reasonably well-behaved kid, I did my chores without too much of a fuss, whether that was taking out t rubbish, doing the washing up (we didn’t have a dishwasher), or even helping mum hang up the washing on the clothesline in the garden.

Carolyn and I went to the same school and were separated by a couple of years, she was in the sixth form and I was couple of years behind. How would I describe her? Well, before this incident that I am about describe took place, I would have struggled if someone had asked me. I hadn’t really noticed any real details to be honest. She was slightly taller than me, quite skinny, had barely any breasts that I’d noticed (not that I had been looking), had shoulder length, curly’ish, auburn hair and a light complexion. She wore jeans and a shirt/tee shirt most of the time and occasionally a dress ,or skirt and top, if she was going out. That’s about the level of attention to detail I had the ability to recall. We didn’t spend a huge amount of time in each other’s company, but what time we did spend together was pleasant enough.

Up until this point, I had no comprehension what-so-ever of sex, sexual feelings, or even an appreciation of the female body. The fact that I had erections was just something that happened to my body from time to time. It wasn’t something I went around waving in people’s faces, but I wasn’t conscious of the fact that I had to hide it either. I very rarely closed my bedroom door, other than to shut out the noise from the TV downstairs if I was having trouble sleeping. Obviously, as we grow up, all that changes. What triggers that change is hard to say. it’s usually a number of small experiences over time I suppose. For me, I remember quite vividly one such occasion that changed by behaviour.

I was in my bedroom one evening getting ready for bed. Being the youngest, I had the smallest room, which was no more than a box room with a window. To make the most of the space, dad had built a bunkbed atop of wardrobes and a desk, along the lines of something he had found in one of his DIY magazines. There was a ladder fixed to the wall so I could climb up into the bed. Well, this one particular evening I had undressed and was climbing up the ladder, naked, to retrieve my PJs from the bed. As I was rummaging around under the blankets, I remember my cock just sprang to life and, hey presto, I had an erection (it just had a life of its own back then). I threw my PJs down and, as I began climbing down the ladder, I heard Carolyn outside my bedroom. Don’t ask me what was going on in my head, but for some reason I thought it would be fun to hang from the top rung of the ladder by my hands and dangle my feet in the air with my cock pointing straight out in front of me. I then shouted, “Hey Carolyn, look at this!”

She casually walked in to my room, gave me a look, rolled her eyes, tutted, and said, “Don’t be so disgusting!” before turning and walking back out of the room.

So, waving your erect cock at your sister whilst naked = disgusting, Got it! From then on, I was a lot more conscious of what to do (or more to the point, what not to do) at erection time, which, as I was getting older, seemed to be ever more frequent and inexplicable.

Another incident which reinforced etiler eve gelen escort the ‘any interaction between erection and sister is definitely not encouraged,’ was one evening the whole family was in the living room watching a scary film on TV. Dad and mum were sat in their usual armchairs and Carolyn and I were sat next to each other on the sofa. It was pretty late and the lights were out. It was the norm with Carolyn and I that, in these situations, one of us would usually try and make the other one jump out of their skin by scaring them with a surprise grab of the leg, or poke in the ribs, when the other one least expected it. On this particular evening it was Carolyn who made the first move. However, she shocked herself more than me. I happened to have one of my many, inexplicable erections which, although was hidden from sight in my PJs, still came into contact with the back of her hand as she went to grab my leg with a loud “Haa!” She immediately pulled her hand away like she’d touched fire and grunted an “Urgh!” She then got up and walked out of the room.

“What’s the matter?” mum called after her.

“Nothing” she replied, “I have to go to the toilet”

I felt so embarrassed and ashamed, and it reinforced my growing association of erection = displeased sister. From that point forward, I always made a point of keeping it in check, so to speak. I managed to keep it out of sight from her for the next couple of years until…

It was the summer of ’74, that long hot heatwave that everyone who lived in the UK, and is old enough to remember, will never forget.

School had broken up for the summer and with both our parents working, dad in an office in the city and mum as a housekeeper/cleaner for one of the big houses in the village, Carolyn and I were left to our own devices. As she was the eldest, there was a (not too hard and fast) rule that she was in charge, but I wasn’t really much trouble, so things went pretty smoothly.

This great day in the history of my life started like any other. I’d usually crawl out of bed sometime after dad and mum had left for work, make my way downstairs and grab a bowl of whatever cereal I could find. It was going to be another scorcher, not a cloud in the sky! On that day I had not arranged to meet up with any of my friends and intended to catch some rays and improve my tan on the patio at the back of the house. Although the house and garden were small, we were lucky enough to have a south-facing back garden that wasn’t overlooked by any other (apart from the adjoining semi) houses. After I finished my breakfast I went back upstairs changed in to my tight “budgie smuggler” spedo’s (don’t laugh, they were all the rage back then!), grabbed a couple of towels and made my way downstairs. I met Carolyn as I passed through the kitchen on my way to the back door. She was making herself some toast and we exchanged greetings. She looked like she was dressed to go somewhere. She had a light, yellow floral print, summer dress on. It had thin shoulder straps and came to about mid-thigh. This was one of her favourites that summer and she nearly always wore it when going out to meet her friends. Today she wore with it a pair of simple flat strappy sandals.

I asked her if she was going out, and she informed me she was going out to Sarah’s house for a bit and would be back in a few hours. I said bye and headed outside to roast myself.

I laid out my towels out on the battered old sun lounger we had, took off my glasses, laid down and proceeded to do nothing for the next few hours other than, turn over when it got too hot, go inside and get a drink of water when I was thirsty and replenish my sunscreen every now and then. I just daydreamed about tree climbing and playing football and rugby. It was almost silent, other than the occasional sound of birds tweeting and the wind blowing through the tress. Life was simple, life was great.

After a few hours of this tranquil bliss, I heard footsteps approaching the back door. I reached for my glasses and turned to look towards the corner of the house just as Carolyn popped her head around. She waved and said “Hi” and then disappeared inside. A couple of minutes later she came out and sat in a patio chair a few feet away from me. I continued to lay on my back with my eyes closed as we chatted about this and that. Where she’d been (Sarah’s house), what they’d been up to (listening to music). As we continued to chat, I heard her move the chair closer and felt her put her feet up on the edge of the sun lounger.

A while later, we were both just quietly enjoying the sun when we heard mum arriving home. She said hello and asked us if we wanted a sandwich. We both accepted and went back to enjoying the sun. A few minutes later, as I was still lying on my back with my eyes closed, I heard mum say “Here you go.” I opened my eyes and looked over to where I heard her voice coming from. Carolyn must have done the same, etiler grup yapan escort and was half turned away from me towards mum reaching out to take a plate and a glass from her. I on the other hand froze. I was staring straight up Carolyn’s dress. Her feet were still on the lounger, a few inches from my head, and as she reached back, her knees had parted by about a foot and a half. She must have pulled the dress up to get some sun on her legs as she sat in the chair, because most of the dress was now bunched up across the tops of her thighs. The result of all this was that, as I turned to look up, I was staring straight at the crotch of her panties, which was in full view, only a couple of feet away from me.

This was the moment the switch was thrown! I’d seen my sister’s panties before, I’d vaguely noticed them when carrying armfuls of dirty washing down on wash days. I had hung them up on the washing line so many times before. However, on this day there were two major differences; firstly, I had never seen them being worn by her and secondly, all those panties I’d seen in the wash and on the washing line were the plain M&S cotton ones.

Suddenly, I was staring at my first ever piece of “lingerie.” At the time, I didn’t exactly know what it was I was looking at, but I instantly loved it! It was in fact (as I would later discover), a light yellow (almost matching the colour of her dress) lace thong. I couldn’t move. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was long enough to throw my brain in to sensory overload. In that few seconds, I noticed how delicate the lace was, particularly where the edges met her skin. I noticed that I could see through parts of the lace, and that my sister had pubic hair (a thought that had never crossed my mind up until that point). I even had time to make out the slight outline of her tightly closed pussylips. All that in the matter of the couple of seconds it took for her to take the plate and glass and turn back round. She obviously saw me, open mouthed and bug eyed, staring at her panties, and she immediately slammed her knees back together. But it was too late, I couldn’t un see it. I quickly looked up at her just as her eyes darted down towards my crotch. In an instant, the next thing that I realised, a few milliseconds after Carolyn did apparently, was that my cock was instantly hard (and I mean really hard) and had filled (to the point of poking out of my waistband) my spedo’s. I looked down at my cock, then back at my Carolyn, to see her eyes dart from my crotch back to my eyes.

I leapt up from my almost horizontal lying position and, in an instant, was almost doubled over with my arms across my lap trying to hide my hard on. I could feel my face burning a bright red, I was so embarrassed, but at the same time my stomach and groin region was performing summersaults, my body had literally “turned on” for the first time.

The look on my sister’s face was more of a shocked one than anything else. I was squirming around, panicking and mumbling incoherently. Carolyn asked me if I was OK (I obviously wasn’t and when I look back on it, she knew I wasn’t), and, ever so often, her eyes would dart down to my crotch.

“What’s the matter?” she asked quietly.

She knew damn well what the matter was! I tried a half-truth explanation and nervously said “My willy got all hard all of a sudden and it’s poking out of my trunks, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“All of a sudden?” she asked

“Yes.” I replied

“It wasn’t because you were looking up my dress then?”

“No!” I lied

“At my panties?”

“No, honestly, I’m sorry”

“But you did look?” she continued.

“I’m so, so, sorry.” I pleaded, “it’s just that I was errr and you errrr.”

“OK, calm down, no biggie, accidents happen.” she said with a kind look in her eye.

I began to calm down, my cock didn’t.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, and I was desperately trying to think of something to say, but that part of my brain was not functioning. I just sat there hiding my hard on with my crossed arms, willing it to go down.

“Is it still hard?” she asked me.

Whaaaaat!? Where the hell did that come from?

I nodded.

“Is it still poking out?”

Another nod, the embarrassment level began to rise again.

“Well you’d better tuck it back in, before mum comes out and sees you like that.”

I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face, trying to figure out why she hadn’t stormed off in disgust.

“Go on, quickly.”

I slowly unfolded myself from my doubled over position. I moved my arms away quickly, with the intention of getting my cock back in my trunks as fast as possible. However, things had got worse. More than half my cock was now poking out of the top of my waistband, straight up towards my belly button. Then, I noticed my arm, where it had been touching the tip of my cock was covered in a sticky etiler masöz escort clear liquid, which was obviously coming from the hole in the tip of my cock head. It formed a string, from my cock head to a point on my arm and stretched as I moved my arm away.

In a panic, I quickly looked up at Carolyn and tried to explain, noticing she had been watching me all the time and was now staring straight at my cock.

“I didn’t pee myself!” I tried to explain, both to Carolyn and myself, as I grabbed hold of my cock. I immediately noticed how hard it felt to the touch, and how the feeling “down there” intensified as soon as I touched it. I pulled the waist band of my trunks out and attempted to push my cock inside. It wasn’t easy, but I finally managed to stuff it, sideways to the left, under the waistband. However, the waistband wasn’t wide enough to hide it completely, and I could see the head poking out above and below the material of the waistband, so I grabbed one of the towels and held it in my lap.

“I didn’t pee myself.” I repeated, looking up at Carolyn, who was now the one staring open mouthed and bug eyed.

She quickly snapped out of it and said reassuringly, “I know, I know don’t worry! It’s…” It seemed she was about to offer me an explanation, but just then, mum came out with my sandwich and drink.

Totally unaware of what was going on, she handed them to me, then sat down on a chair a little further away from us. She started asking us what we’d been up to that morning, and was having a conversation, predominantly with Carolyn. I wasn’t really listening or paying attention to what was being discussed. I was incapable of participating, as my brain was using 99% of its capacity trying to process this new discovery. My eyes were suddenly in overdrive too, soaking up all they could as they roamed over Carolyn, seeing her in a completely new light for the first time. It was as if I had been given a magical pair of glasses.

She had a pale, silky-smooth complexion.

Hm, who knew, she painted her toenails!

The skin on her legs was glowing. And wow, those legs, so long and slender, the silky-smooth thighs disappearing under that dress, covered in tiny fine hairs, shinning in the sunlight.

Mmmm, the dress…the way it hugged her upper body.

Breasts!! Tits! Boobies!! She had breasts!! I studied them while she chatted with mum. They were small, no bigger than a handful, and I could just make out the outline of her nipples pressing against the fabric.

A quick look at those thin shoulder straps and…


She’s not wearing a bra!!

My cock could not get any harder, but I sensed it seemed to be doing so.

As she continued to chat away, I focused on her lips, her full, moist lips.

I gradually became aware in my peripheral vision that her knees parted ever so slightly, and she was rhythmically rocking her knees open and closed as she talked.

I knew it was wrong, but non the less my eyes drifted down, and I strained to see in between her legs again. Every second or so I would be treated to a quick, tiny flash of yellow lace. After a minute or so, her knees stopped swaying and they stayed apart about six inches. With the hem of the dress up towards the top of her thighs still, I could just make out the yellow lace once more.

Suddenly, I was aware the talking had stopped, and mum was heading back inside. I looked up at Carolyn to see she was staring directly at me (Oh damn it, caught again!), our eyes locked, then, again in my peripheral vision, I noticed her open her legs wider, they stayed open. There was silence. We looked each other in the eye, and it felt was like she was daring me to look again. So, swallowing hard, I flashed my eyes down to look at that beautiful lace covered pussy once again. I got half a second tops, then it was over, she closed her legs, put her feet on the floor, got up, and followed mum inside.

Fuuuuck!! My brain was exploding, my cock felt hard enough to crack toffee with, and my balls were aching (I’d never felt that before, what was that?).

All this emotion was accompanied with an overwhelming desire to touch my cock.

I lifted the towel up just a little and peered under it to see my cock straining to escape out of the side of the spedo’s where I’d tucked it earlier. It was still leaking profusely and there was now a huge damp spot on the spedo’s where the tip of my cock was hidden.

I slid my hand under the towel and squeezed my confined cock. “Wow, that felt good” I thought. I gave it a gentle rub through the spedo’s, ohhh, that felt even better.

Just then, Carolyn came back outside with her glass refilled. I quickly hid myself with the towel again.

“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Errr, what?” I mumbled.

“Never mind.” she said giggling.

“It’s still hard isn’t it?” she stated rather than asked, gesturing with her eyes towards my towel covered crotch.

Why the sudden interest in my hard cock? I was asking myself.

“Errr yes.” I replied, the colour in my face returning, “Listen, I’m sorry, I don’t know why…err…you know…”

“Well, let’s think, shall we? Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that you were staring up my dress?”

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