My Sister Karen

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Big Dicks

I have had the biggest crush on my sister since I was 14 years old. I am 33 now and still dream about that woman every night! She is now 49 and is still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on! I married my wife because she almost looks like Karen. Karen is my sister and Dana is my wife. My wife won’t talk to Karen because she says Karen is way too egotistical. Karen has known that I have wanted to be with her for a while now but has never given me the opportunity. She has relentlessly and purposefully teased me for years! She loved every minute of it and I damn sure know I did! I can’t count the number of times I have jacked off to my sister or had sex with my wife imagining it was Karen. Well, all of this changed last week!

Karen and my wife just had one of the biggest arguments I have ever seen because my wife finally decided to speak her mind about how she felt about my sister. I told my wife that I had her back and she always thought that I did. She never knew and still doesn’t know how I feel about my sister. Karen called me after their argument knowing I could talk to her and make her feel better. She promised she would reward me soon and she came through big time!

The bostancı escort day after their argument Karen called me asking me what our plans were for the day and I told her. Now she knows that my favorite colors on women are black and purple. Well my wife and I head to our local wal-mart to start our day. We turn the corner and my wife says that is an example of someone that should not be wearing leggings as pants! I look up and see this woman in some very tight black leggings with a low cut purple shirt that barely covered her ass with both sleeves coming off of her shoulders enough to show her black bra straps and I immediately knew it was Karen! I pulled out my phone to text her to let her know we were behind her and she told me she wasn’t moving.

We move past her and Dana pays no attention to her and does not recognize Karen. I slow down a bit and as we pass Karen I grab her ass and I run my hands all over her ass and hips. I just can’t take my hands off of her but I know that Dana will turn around soon so I reluctantly move away from my sister. A few minutes later my phone goes off and I know exactly who it is. I read the text çeliktepe escort and tell my wife I am going to look at some stuff and I will meet back up with her in a little while.

I hurry to where Karen said she would be and I see her bending over. I immediately get hard seeing her amazing ass in those tight black leggings. I walk up behind her and grab her hips and pull her ass into my rock hard cock straining at my jeans. Karen then starts grinding her ass against me as I hold her hips as close to me as possible. I am about to burst and she knows it so she stops grinding and turns around to face me but I can’t take my hands off of her ass! I pull her into me again and bury my tongue in her mouth frantically searching for her tongue. I run one hand down her leg to pull it up around me and she instantly wraps her other leg around me and my hands immediately return to her ass to hold her up.

We stop kissing and she tells me to follow her. I obey her command and I keep one hand on her ass all the way to the fitting rooms. We enter one together and I lift her shirt up over her head to reveal her black bra that she knew I loved! Karen then unzips cihangir escort my jeans and shoves me up against the wall and she drops to her knees and without hesitation her mouth engulfs my rock hard cock and she sucks on it for about 30 seconds before I shoot my first load of cum deep in her throat and she swallows every last drop and licks me till I am completely dry.

I lift her up to me and kiss her passionately while my hands find her ass again! I can tell she won’t take long to have her first orgasm! I force Karen down to sit on the bench and I peel her extremely tight leggings off and to my surprise she has no panties on! I drop down and bury my face between her legs and shove my tongue as deep as I possibly can into her drenched pussy! My sister tastes amazing! I feel her body tense up and she has her first orgasm! I don’t stop my attack on her pussy with my tongue. She grips my hair and holds my head between her legs. I can’t get enough of her pussy! I stay there licking every inch of her pussy till she cums three more times! I get up and sit next to her and we kiss and hold each other for a while. I whisper in her ear that I want to fuck her right here right now and Karen tells me that we have to wait. We get dressed and head out of the fitting room and I go to find Dana to go home and fuck the shit out of her imagining that it is my sister!

So now that I have tasted Karen’s amazing pussy that is all I want! I will have to wait till she calls me for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32