My Sister Aimee

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The summer I graduated from college became the greatest summer of my life. I had been attending school clear across the nation. I hadn’t seen my family since the Christmas holidays. My parent’s and my 18 year old sister Aimee traveled all the way from Maine to see me graduate in Texas. My parents were driving down as they were going to continue on to California after my graduation. Aimee was flying and arriving a few days before our parents. I was responsible for picking her up and keeping her out of trouble until our parents arrived. I remembered Aimee in loose fitting clothing and always with her hair up. She was cute, but not drop dead sexy. When she came past security, I didn’t recognize her. She was stunning. Her long red hair was down. She had on a skimpy sundress that came up mid thigh. It was low cut, giving her 36 B cup breasts nice cleavage. I couldn’t believe how sexy my little sister was. She ran up to me, pressing her sexy body against me.

“Congratulations Dave,” she said smiling.

“Thank you,” I replied. “You look amazing.”

“So do you. You must be fighting off the ladies.”

I had been at first, but starting at the beginning of my senior year, my sex life dropped to almost nada. I had one girl who I would fuck when I needed to blow off some steam, but she went and got herself a boyfriend, ending our arrangement. It had been a few months since I had sex.

We left the airport and went back to my apartment. sarıyer escort I am not ashamed to say that my mommy and daddy were paying for my place. They believed that if I was in school, I did not need to be working. They said they would continue to pay the rent until I found a job, seeing as I was planning on staying in Texas. When we arrived at the apartment, Aimee saw the pool and begged me to go swimming with her. After seeing her in a sundress, I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like in a swimsuit. I showed her the spare room that she would be staying in and then ran into my room to change into my trunks. After I changed, I came out of my room and made my way down the hall to living area. As I passed her room, I noticed that the door was ever so slightly cracked. I couldn’t resist. I peeked in and what I saw made my cock rock hard. Aimee was laying on the bed naked masturbating. I was amazed to see her pussy was very cleanly shaven. Her breasts were lovely. I couldn’t help myself. I reached in my trunks and began to stroke my cock. Suddenly, I went into a state of shock. I heard Aimee talking about wanting me to fuck her. I thought I was caught. I hadn’t been. She was masturbating and thinking of me. It was at that moment that my summer changed. I slowly and quietly opened the door. I got on my hands and knees and crawled up next to the bed. I slowly came up from hiding and began rubbing my hand on her silivri escort thigh. This startled her.

“Oh my God!” she said, highly embarrassed.

I quickly calmed her down by silencing her with a hot, passionate kiss. As our tongues met, I moved my hand up to her soft breasts, playing with her nipples. I broke our kiss and replaced my hands with my mouth on her pink nipples. Her soft moans turned me on even hotter. I began slowly kissing my way down her body until I reached her sweet, drenched, pussy. I kissed her inner thighs, making her body spasm with anticipation. After teasing her, I moved my tongue over her clit, instantly causing her to send her luscious juices into my waiting mouth. She was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. I really didn’t care that she was my sister. After causing a few intense orgasms, Aimee pulled me up from her snatch, had me lay on my back, and quickly dropped her head onto my now throbbing 7.5 inch cock. I was in heaven. I could tell that she had done this a lot. She slowly began to take the shaft in her mouth, teasing the head with her tongue. She would remove her mouth from my rod long enough to use it to play with my balls. I was in complete bliss. Soon, I could feel my loins preparing to burst. Aimee could sense it too. I half expected her to take her mouth away from my cock, but instead, she took it in its entirety. That sent me over the top. I sent waves of cum down şirinevler escort her throat, one by one. She did not remove my cock from her mouth until she had gotten every last drop of my man juice. Once she was sure she had gotten everything, she removed her mouth from my cock and began to stroke it.

“Can you go again big brother?” she asked sexily.

I couldn’t speak. I could only nod. After my cock was back to a performance ready state, I rolled Aimee on her back and placed my cock right up against her snatch. I rubbed the tip of my man pole against her clit.

“Please put it in me Dave. Please fuck me.”

I gave her what she wanted. I slid my cock into her fairly tight pussy. It was heavenly. I began to slowly thrust in and out of her. I began to kiss her. The passion between the two of us was unexplainable. I could still taste the remnants of my explosion in her mouth. The taste seemed to arouse me even more. We kept the slow pace for a while, as it was building up to one hell of an orgasm.

“Fuck me harder big brother. Fuck me hard until you fill me with your seed.”

I picked up the pace. I began slamming into my baby sister’s sexy, hairless pussy. As soon as she began her orgasm, I felt my cock tense up.

“Oh my God! Fucking cum in me!” she yelled. “I need your cum! Fill me up! Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooodddddddddddd!”

That last plea broke the spillway. I began pumping my manly fluids deep into her cunt, causing her orgasm to intensify. After her orgasm stopped, Aimee kissed me passionately again.

“I’ve wanted to do that for years,” she said. “And after that, I want a whole lot more.

I just smiled at her. This was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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