My Not So Bright Stepsister Pt. 01

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My not so bright stepsister

by Vanessa Evans

Almost your original Dumb Blonde

Part 01

My father left my mother when I was in my early teens and for the few years she brought me up on her own. When I went to university my mother met a man and he and his daughter moved in with mum. I met the man and his daughter when I went home one weekend and over that university holidays. The man seemed a nice sort of guy and he appeared to make my mum happy so I was happy for her.

His daughter was a bit different although she was very attractive she appeared to be a bit thick. Whilst I was there I got on with both the man and his daughter even though I had to repeat and explain things a couple of times to the daughter, Eva.

Oh, I’m Luke and I’m 21 and Eva had just had her 18th birthday when I got the phone call from my mum. The thing was, mum and her new man, Andy, had had enough of Eva’s laziness, untidiness and stupidity, and wanted some time on their own and mum wondered if I could look after her for a while.

“It’s not very practical mum, I’m sharing a house with 2 other guys and we have no spare bedrooms.”

“That doesn’t matter Luke, I’m sure that Eva can sleep on a couch or an airbed or something, and she could cook for you and keep the house clean.”

“Mum,” I replied, “from what I’ve heard and seen Eva would make things worse and might just accidentally poison us.”

“Please Luke, Andy and I need some alone time and you are our only hope.”

“Let me talk to the other 2 guys and call you back mum.” I replied,

Later that evening when when Liam and Jackson were back home I talked to them.

“You say she’s hot looking?” Jackson asked.

“Yeah, not very tall, slim with smallish tits, blonde hair and a cute face.” I replied. “She looks to have a cute little, round butt as well, not that I’ve seen it.”

“Who’s going to pay for the food that she eats?” Liam asked.

“I’ll cover that.” I replied.

“So where’s she going to sleep?” Jackson asked.

“On the sofa.”

“That sofa is a little small and not very comfortable.” Liam said,

“So if she’s not your actual sister are you going to hit on her or can we try to get her into bed?” Jackson asked.

“Sure you can, but as I said, she’s a bit thick, you might not fancy her. I’ve never had one intelligent conversation with her.”

“But have you fucked her Luke?” Liam asked.

“No, and I’m not sure that I’d want to, not because she’s my stepsister, that doesn’t bother me, because she’s so thick.”

“But she’s a looker?” Jackson asked.

“Yeah, it’s just a shame about her brain.

We talked a bit more then both Liam and Jackson agrees to let Eva come and live with us. I phoned mum and a couple of days later I went to the local train station to meet Eva.

When she saw me Eva surprised me when she ran up to me, hugged me and kissed my cheek. She had never been that friendly back at home. On the bus to the house Eva told me that she was really happy that I was going to look after her and that she’d do anything to help pay for my help.

My first thoughts were that she’s 18, she should be looking for a job and somewhere to live on her own but then I thought that maybe she wasn’t bright enough to do that for herself. I wondered how much work she was going to be for me.

Jackson and Liam were out when we got to the house where I had my first problem. Eva had only brought a small suitcase of clothes but where was she going to keep them? Mum had told her that she’d be sleeping on the sofa but there was no storage space in the lounge. I realised that I’d have to give her some space in my wardrobe and drawers.

As we went upstairs I pointed out who used which room and the bathroom. In my room Eva said,

“I need to get changed out of these jeans, they’re too tight for me.”

With that she started getting undressed right there in my room with me re-arranging my clothes. When I looked up Eva was totally naked and rummaging through her small suitcase. I just stood and watched, and I had to admit that she did have a good body, slim with small breasts that were fronted with small areolae and big, hard looking nipples.

Eva turned to me, held up a skirt and put it in front of her lower body.

“What do you think Luke, this skirt and this top,” she said dropping the skirt and holding a top in front of her tits, “or this dress?” she said dropping the top and picking up a short summer dress.

I was dumbfounded, but not complaining, that she was stood there in front of me totally naked. My brain was working at one hundred miles per hour.

“Did your father give his opinion on what clothes you were thinking of wearing Eva?” I asked.

“Usually, but not so often recently, he doesn’t appear to be that interested these days.”

I chose the dress but she didn’t put it on straight away, instead she rummaged about in her case for a minute or so then stood up, faced me and said,

“I don’t appear to have packed any underwear, do you mind if I go without?”

“I don’t mind fulya escort Eva, you can wear as much or as little as you like. No one her will mind if you are naked all the time.”

“Oh I couldn’t do that, I don’t know you that well and I haven’t even met your housemates yet. They might not be happy if I went around without any clothes on.”

“I doubt that very much Eva, but it’s your choice. I could see that you didn’t have a bra on when I saw you at the station, but weren’t you wearing any knickers under those jeans?”

“No, when I tried them on in the shop we could see the knicker line and the girl in the shop suggested that I don’t wear knickers under them.”

“Do you always do what other people say or suggest Eva?”

“Usually, because they know more than me.”

“Interesting..” I thought as Eva stepped into the dress and pulled it up, the spaghetti straps being the only thing stopping it from falling off her.

I told her which drawers she could put her things in and I sat on my bed and watched her put them in. I hadn’t deliberately given her the bottom drawers but I glad that I had because she bent over with straight knees and I got a great view of her pussy as the dress rode up her butt. She was all hairy but I was starting to think that I’d be able to solve that problem quite soon.

Clothes put away, Eva asked where she was sleeping.

“The only real place is the sofa.”

“That doesn’t look very comfortable. Can I sleep in your bed?”

“I sleep there.”

“No, with you? I don’t snore.”

“I don’t think that that’s a good idea Eva.”

“I won’t be any trouble, I promise.”

“But I don’t wear anything in bed Eva.”

“Neither do I, please?”

What could I say, here am I, a 21 year old young man being asked by an 18 year old attractive girl, if she can share my bed.

“Okay Eva, we’ll give it a try, but if you are any trouble or don’t do as I say, you will find yourself sleeping on that uncomfortable sofa or on the floor.”

“Thank you Luke, I’ll do whatever you say.”

We went downstairs and met Liam coming through the front door. I introduced them then we headed to the kitchen, Eva first. As we walked, Liam tapped me on the shoulder then gave me a double thumbs-up telling me that he approved of Eva.

I had just put the kettle on when Jackson walked in and I introduced them. I immediately noticed that Jackson had spotted Eva’s nipple bumps in her dress and smiled. After coffees and talks and questions about people’s days and Eva’s background I asked Eva how good a cook she was.

“I can do a few basic things.” Eva replied.

“I’d better show you where everything is then.” I replied.

I did, paying particular attention to what was in the lower cupboards, correctly guessing that Eva would bend over with straight knees. As she was bent over looking I looked back at Jackson and Liam and smiled. They were looking at what I had seen earlier and obviously approved. Eva being totally oblivious to what she was showing. It was my guess that she wouldn’t have been bothered even if she had realised that my friends were looking at her pussy, she certainly wasn’t bothered about me seeing her naked when she first got changed.

Anyway, after we’d had enough of the kitchen we moved to the lounge where Eva sat on a Bean Bag saying that she’s always wanted one of those. The thing was that her butt was quite low and with her knees bent and slightly apart all 3 of us could see up her dress to her hairy pussy. After more talking, which was mainly us 3 guys asking Eva questions and discovering that she seems prone to accidental exposure, we decided to go to the pub to get something to eat, and a few beers.

As we walked there Eva put her arm round me and thanked me for looking after her. Liam heard her and said that him and Jackson were going to look after her as well. Eva’s response was to hug and kiss the cheeks of both of them as she thanked them.

The pub has a pool table, and after we’d eaten Liam asked Eva if she played. Unsurprisingly, she’d never even held a cue before so the 4 of us went to the table for a game, each of us in turn showing Eva what to do. As just about everyone knows, playing pool involves a lot of bending over and Eva probably never even thought about what she was showing both us 3, and some other of the pubs patrons who watched the show.

It wasn’t just her butt and pussy that got displayed, the top of her dress wasn’t exactly a tight fit and the front hung down when she bent over, letting the people in front of her see down her top and see her big nipples.

Eva had drunk a couple of beers and I guessed that she’s never drunk alcohol before and it’s fair to say that she was ‘happy’ but I doubt that the alcohol had anything to do with her being oblivious to her exposures.

All good things come to an end, and we eventually left the pub to head back to the house., Eva hanging on to my arm as we walked. I decided to see what would happen if I put my arm round her waist as we walked and I slowly pulled the gebze escort side of her dress up.

I couldn’t see what was exposed but Liam and Jackson later told me that I had got the dress high enough for them to see a whole butt cheek, and a fair bit of her pubic hair, all with Eva not even realising or not caring.

Back at the house, Eva flopped down on the Bean Bag, her dress riding up above her hairy pussy and she thanked the 3 of us telling us that she’d never enjoyed herself so much. Liam put some coffee on and we talked some more as we drank and Eva opened and closed her knees like little kids do when they are bored.

Coffee finished it was time for bed. Liam had been sitting on the sofa and he told Eva that he had warmed it up for her.

“Oh no, I’m sleeping with Luke.” The slightly surprised and probably jealous Liam and Jackson heard Eva reply.

Eva led the way up the stairs with Jackson behind her and undoubtedly getting a good look at her pussy.

In my, our, room, Eva was naked before I had even got through the door.

“Can I use the bathroom first?” Eva asked.

I said that she could so she grabbed her toilet bag and went to the bathroom only to find that it was locked with Liam inside. Instead of coming back to the room Eva decided to wait and it wasn’t long before Jackson came out of his room, wearing just his boxers, to see if the bathroom was free. When I went to the landing to see what the talking was about Jackson was talking and staring at the totally naked Eva.

Liam came out of the bathroom, and there was now 3 young men wearing only their boxers and sporting erections, standing talking to the naked Eva, All 3 of us guys, well mainly Liam and Jackson, doing their best to keep Eva talking so that they could look at her beautiful body.

It was Liam that mentioned her body first, saying that she was beautiful and well proportioned. Eva responded,

“Don’t you think that my breasts are too small, I was hoping that they’d grow some more.”

As Eva was saying that her free hand had moved to each of her breasts in tun and she rolled and pulled on the nipple making them even bigger and harder looking.

All 3 of us disagreed with her then she surprised us by saying,

“Do you like my pubic hair, when I was at school all the girls shaved theirs off.”

“Eva,” I said, “I personally think that a girl looks better with a bald pussy and I believe that it has got to be more hygienic without hair. Besides, I hate getting pubic hair in my mouth.”

“You put your mouth on a girl’s pubic hair?” Eva replied in a surprised tone.

“Yes.” All 3 of us guys replied which caused us all to laugh.

“Oh,” Eva said, “should I shave mine off then?”

“Yes.” All 3 of us guys replied which caused us all to laugh again.

“Well, it looks like I will have to get rid of it then, but I’ve never shaved there before, would you help me Luke?”

Both Liam and Jackson looked at me with daggers in their eyes.

“Yes Eva, I’ll show you how to do it.” I replied.

“So no one has ever told you that girls look better when they have no pubic hair, before today that is?” Liam asked

“No but not many people have seen me without my clothes on, well not many if you don’t include when I lost my bikini bottoms when I was at the leisure centre a few weeks ago, or last summer when daddy took me to a beach in Spain and I forgot my bikini, I had to stay naked all day.”

“Didn’t it bother you being on the beach without any clothes on?”

“No, people tell me that I look good, that men like looking at naked girls and daddy keeps telling me that I’m pretty, so no, it doesn’t bother me.”

“You are pretty Eva, so did your father see you naked?” I asked.

“Not since I was very little. He always tells me to go to my room or the bathroom to get changed.”

“Well you don’t have to go running anywhere to get changed here Eva, you can get changed anywhere that you like.” I said.

“Thanks guys, I appreciate that. I guess that I should go to the bathroom now, unless you want to go next Jackson.”

“Actually,” Jackson said, “I’m bursting for pee, would you mind if I went next?”

“Sure,” Eva replied, then she turned to me and said,

“Will you really help me shave my pussy Luke, I’m a bit scared that I’ll slip and cut myself.”

“Relax Eva, of course I’ll help you, we don’t want to risk getting your love button cut do we?”

Liam laughed a little then turned and went to his room. The Eva replied,

“My ‘love button’, what’s that?”

“Your clitoris Eva, you do know where your clitoris is don’t you?”

“Of course I do, we learnt all about that at school. It’s that lump of skin near the front of my crack. It’s been sticking out a lot more lately and there’s a shiny bit poking it’s way out.”

“The shiny bit is your actual clitoris Eva the skin that it used to hide behind is your clitoris hood, it’s there to cover your actual clitoris when you’re not aroused.”

“Well it hasn’t been doing it’s job lately then.”

“Or gültepe escort you’ve been aroused a lot lately.”

“Hmm, I guess that I have been feeling good down there a lot recently.”

“Do you play with your clitoris Eva?” I asked.


“Well Eva,” I said in a happy tone, we are going to teach you a few things whilst you are here with us.”

“Will I like what you teach me Luke?”

“Oh yes.”

I stood looking at Eva’s body for the next minute or so until Jackson came out of the bathroom then I led Eva in and shut the door.

“Do you want to use the toilet and maybe have a shower before we start?” I asked.

“I’ve never had anyone watch me pee before, well not since I was being potty trained.”

“Let’s call it part of your education Eva, you can come and have a pee whenever you like, even if one of us 3 is in here, I’m sure that Liam and Jackson won’t mind.”

I heard the tinkling of pee then Eva said,

“Even if one of you is in the shower?”

“Yes, and I hope that you won’t mind if one of us comes in and has a pee whilst you are in the shower?”

“No, of course not.”

“Good girl, now get in the shower and I’ll join you after I’ve had a pee.”

It was real difficult having a pee when my cock was so hard, but I finally managed it and turned to get in the shower.

“Wow,” Eva said, “Your cock is so big Luke.”

“You can touch it if you want Eva while I soap you all over.”

“You’d help me with that as well Luke, thank you.”

“Don’t be so quick to thank me Eva, if I soap you then you have to soap me.”


I started soaping Eva and paid a lot of attention to first her nipples, then her pussy. She actually moaned when I played with her big nipples and when I got to her pussy she could hardly stop moaning.

“That is your clitoris Eva, your love button. Look how it is sticking out of its little hood quite a bit and feel how hard it is. It’s nice when someone rubs it isn’t it?”

“Hmmm, that’s nice, it reminds me of when daddy took me to the doctor to get me the pill and the doctor made me feel like this.”

“The contraceptive pill?”

“Yes, hmmmm. Daddy said something about not wanting anyone to take advantage of me. Ohhhh, don’t stop Luke, that’s so nice.”

Up until then I’d got the impression that Eva was still a virgin, but her next action made me wonder, Eva’s had reached down and held my cock then slowly started wanking me. Not the best wank that I’ve had, but it was certainly very nice right then.

First Eva orgasmed and kept her hand moving, then I shot my load all over her stomach.

I put my arms round Eva and hugged her. After the water started to cool down I backed off her and said,

“That was nice Eva, thank you.”

“No, thank you Luke, I’ve not felt that good since daddy took me to the doctor. I guess that he too found my clitoris. I think that those wonderful feelings were an orgasm?”

“Yes Eva.”

“Can you give me another one please?”

“Don’t rush things Eva, there will be plenty of time for more. Where did you learn to wank a man like that?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it before.”

“You are a natural Eva.”

“Do you want me to do it again Luke?”

“Not right now Eva, we’ve got to shave you.”

“Oh yes, where are we going to do it?”

We got out and dried each other then I sat her down on the closed toilet and got to work.

“Watch what I’m doing Eva, you will need to do it.”

As I progressed I kept sliding a finger inside her making her moan, and when I felt her hymen I asked her if she was still a virgin.”

“Yes, I’m waiting for Mr. Right and when we get married.”

“Eva, waiting for Mr. Right could take forever, do you really want to miss out on all those orgasms in the meantime?”

Whilst I was talking I was gently rubbing her clit and she was obviously enjoying it because she was moaning and sighing. Eva did nothing to stop me and she was soon cumming again, shaking and jerking about making it a good job that I’d put the razor down.

When the waves had washed away into oblivion. Eva said,

“Luke, that was wonderful, can we stay here forever?”

“Nice thought Eva, but life has to go on, I have to go to uni and get my degree then a job, it’s way too soon, you may meet Mr. Right next week or next year. In the meantime Eva, I think that you should just go with the flow and have fun. Besides, I have to finish shaving you then I need some sleep, I have a lecture at 9 in the morning.

“But you will do that to me again won’t you Luke?”

“Yes, and more, but you have to promise to do what you did to me in the shower again.”

“I will, and whatever else you want me to do.”

I finished shaving Eva’s pussy then dried her, which was difficult because her pussy was producing lots of natural lubrication.

Whilst I’d been shaving Eva I kept looking up at her and saw 2 things, firstly she kept rolling and pulling on her nipples, and secondly, the expression on her face told me that she was getting some pleasure out of me shaving her.

After that we went to bed, me on my back with Eva on her side with one leg and one arm over me.

“Am I okay like this Luke?” Eva asked, “I can turn my back on you if you want, there’s just about enough room.”

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