My Niece Lisa

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I’m a photographer and doing extremely well for age thirty. I started in middle school with a little camera. A teacher praised me and told me I had a good eye. I ended up with all the chemicals and was allowed to create a dark room at home and print my pictures. All black and white back then. As soon as digital cameras came along, I got into that. Meantime, I did a lot of photography in high school, even did the Annual pictures. Since I live near Los Angeles, the parents of some of the kids in school are in the film industry. One father saw my work and asked me to come on a film site and shoot some pictures documenting the work. I did that, which led to me doing more and more.

So, here I am at thirty with my own studio with several people working for me. I do mostly fashion stuff although I still do some documenting of filming. I get a lot of models in my studio doing ads for a number of companies in the fashion business. Some of the designers seem to like them tall and thin like runway models. Some are so gaunt they look like they need a good meal. At the other end, the kind that appear in the swimsuit issue are very busty and earthy. Others are more tall and willowy with lovely bodies. For jewelry and cosmetics and perfume and so on the models are usually beautiful. The most beautiful females in the world. Sometimes they’re well known actresses.

Models are used to changing clothes and moving around in almost nothing. So I see a lot of female bodies in my work. Often very gorgeous female bodies. I need to pose them, get them to move a little one way or another, change the lighting, the backgrounds. So its normal to touch these lovely bodies. It’s also normal for a photo session to run for hours. All day at times. The photographer and the models get to know each other, become friends at times. Since the females all have hormones like anyone else, sometimes the photographer and model get very intimate and have sex.

The result is, I manage to have sex with some of the most beautiful females in the world. Not every day, not all the time. Sometimes once, sometimes very often over time as our schedules allow. Whatever, I always love it and treat the girls as good as I can. I suspect the word gets around about me so perhaps I get more action than some others might.

I live in my own house not far from UCLA, an easy commute to my studio down town. It’s a perfect house for me. Very modern, lots of glass and wood. Most of my sexual activities happen in my own bedroom. Occasionally other places, perhaps on location, but mostly at home.

I was the youngest in my family. A brother and two sisters are older than me. We’ve always stayed in touch and see each other a lot. My oldest sister called me to let me know that her daughter, age nineteen, was accepted at UCLA and she wonders if she can stay with me while she goes to school. She says all the right things about her knowing it’s an imposition and all that but it comes down to money, they can hardly afford the tuition and books let alone room and board. And it’s a big deal to get accepted there, most applicants never make it.

I really don’t want to. I have a great life. I love my work, make very good money. I entertain at my home. Small parties at times but most often overnight guests that share my bed. I try to explain how it might not be the best place for an innocent young girl and my sister insists that Lisa can manage to be as unobtrusive as possible. I finally agree. It’s my sister, it’s family but I know I’m not going to like this.

Lisa shows up with my sister. I move her into the guest bedroom and after her mother leaves I sit her down to go over the rules. She’s a very attractive girl. Perhaps five foot three and a very luscious and very trim body. Big breasts. Cheerleader type, blond hair and blue eyes. Probably popular with boys but not the kind to be a model. There are no short, fully built models.

“Lisa, I have a life. I go to work, I need to follow my schedule. I bring people home. Well, I better say it, I bring females home to share my bed. You have to let me continue to lead my life and not complicate it.”

“I can do that Uncle Ted,” she says. “I’ll lead my life separate from yours. Can I bring guys home to share my bed?”

Fuck. How do I answer this? “Does your Mom let you bring home guys to share your bed?”

She laughs. “No, of course not. I’ve had to use the back seats of cars or dark corners somewhere. But I figure it would be a lot better to use my own room.”

I have to admit she’s right. It’s certainly better in a comfortable bed. “How active are you? I mean, would you be bringing different guys home all the time? I don’t want my home to become a bordello.”

She laughs again. “I don’t have anyone to bring home right now. I just figured since you made it part of your talk I’d see if I could, too. I’ve been with two guys so far in my life and I love sex. I intend to just have one at a time as long as things work out well. And I’ll definitely avoid causing any problems etiler otele gelen escort when you bring someone home.”

I didn’t pursue it further. We go over everything about food and hours and keeping the place clean, although I have someone come in weekly for real cleaning. So we settle in and everything goes well for a few days. We have breakfast together several times, talk about how things are going with her getting registered at school. She seems like a bright and sensible girl. I also realize more and more that she’s very attractive.

I bring Heather home with me. First time someone else has come in since Lisa moved in. Heather is one of those tall, willowy models with a beautiful face. She gets with me two or three times a year when she’s in town. Naturally red hair and very pale skin, lovely coloring. You’ve seen her face in a number of ads I would imagine. She has just finished a days shooting and wants to shower. While she’s doing that, I plan to cook some dinner and then we’ll have a drink or two before going to bed.

“Boy, she’s beautiful Uncle Ted,” Lisa says to me while Heather is taking a shower. Lisa was in the living room when we came in and I introduced her.

“Yes, she is,” I reply. “I plan on cooking some food and we’ll have dinner and a drink or two before we go to bed. Can you disappear for a while?”

“Yeah, sure. I need to get started on some books anyway.” And she does exactly that. Neither Heather or I see her for the entire evening. Heather is always good in bed and far from quiet. She has a truly gorgeous pussy that I love to taste and it drives her nuts. That’s probably why she keeps coming back. Next morning we have breakfast, Heather and I, and Lisa doesn’t show. I then drive Heather back down town to where she’s modeling.

That evening, after I come home, Lisa grins and says, “She’s a real screamer isn’t she?”

“Yeah, I guess so. She really likes sex.” We go on as usual for another four days and then I bring home Alexia. Alexia is dark, noticeable eyebrows that are her trademark. Truly gorgeous woman. She’s Argentinean. We ate out so we plan to come into my house and go to my bedroom. Again, I introduce her to Lisa on our way in. Alexia would probably rather suck cock than fuck and I apparently have the right size cock to fit her mouth as far as she’s concerned. In between, I eat her and she loves that, too. I do manage to get my cock in her vagina at one point but she insists on finishing me off in her mouth. This time when we come out for breakfast, Lisa is there. She asks Alexia about her background and they have a very friendly conversation before I take Alexia back down town to where she’s staying.

“Why is someone that gorgeous fucking around,” Lisa asks me that evening. “She could marry some super rich guy, couldn’t she?”

“I don’t think I can answer for her. My guess is, she loves cocks and wants to experience as many as she can before she finally settles down. When she does, or if she does, yes, I imagine it will be someone that can support her in an elite way.”

“How do you get these beauties?”

“I’m a photographer. I do a lot of fashion business so I work with beauties. They travel a lot and are human and like sex and when they’re in L.A. some of them decide to do it with me. When they’re somewhere else I’m sure they do it there, too.

“So all of these gorgeous models I see in ads are fucking around with guys all over the world?”

“Well, some are. Some are married and very content. Some are very particular and only have sex with people that meet their needs. Sometimes that’s me. Sometimes not.”

“It’s a lot different life than I’ve been used to.” she finally says and the subject doesn’t come up again.

In another four days I bring home Carla, a sexy blond Croat. Again, Lisa sees us as we come in and I’m sure she hears Carla’s sometimes loud reaction to orgasms. With her appetite, I’m sure Carla occasionally has two or three males around to service her. She’s insatiable but I do my best and it seems to work. She comes back whenever she’s in town.

Two nights later, it’s Alison that comes home with me. Alison is another beauty. Blond hair, green eyes, perfect face, long, lithe body. She’s from L.A. and would prefer to always work here and not travel. When she does travel she usually lines up a couple weeks work to make it worthwhile. From what she says, I think I’m the only guy she’s having sex with. At least right now. She’s always available to me so we get together three or four times a month. I think she’d like to make a more permanent arrangement with me; move in or perhaps even get married. That might not be a bad idea, she loves sex, is great in bed and fun to be with. Always willing to try something new. Here, living together for years without marrying isn’t all that odd. Michelle Triola, after breaking up with Lee Marvin with her famous lawsuit, lived with Dick VanDyke for something like forty years before dying.

Lisa etiler rus escort has now started classes. For a month or so life goes on normally. I bring home females and she is never in the way. Yet we do sit and talk every once in a while and I think she’s getting used to college life. Then she starts dating. At least I assume that’s what she’s doing. She goes out and comes back late or just doesn’t come home until late. I don’t want to be nosy so I don’t ask any questions, she’s old enough to decide how to live her life. This goes on for another month. She’s been with friends or dates at least a dozen times.

I’m sitting in the living room, reading the paper. It’s roughly nine pm. Lisa comes in the front door. She has a boy with her. She introduces us, “Uncle Ted this is Boyd. Boyd, this is Uncle Ted. We’ll go into my room so we won’t bother you.” He seems normal enough, says hello. He’s perhaps five foot nine, not short but not tall, and appears to be fairly stocky. Not heavy but muscular. Nice face, hair cut shorter than most his age. Looks to me like a wrestler. I’m in the living room for perhaps another hour before I head to bed. I hear a few noises from her room, not loud. Perhaps a moan, some giggling. Well, if they’re having sex at least they’re enjoying it. When I get in my room, I hear nothing.

The next morning I get up and go into the kitchen for some breakfast. Lisa is there, barefoot in a robe and Boyd has on the same clothes he wore last evening. She’s drinking a cup of coffee with a smile on her face and a look as if she’s somewhere else, probably remembering last night. Almost as soon as I come in Boyd says,” Sorry, I have an early class and I have to get home and change.” He heads for the door. Lisa goes with him. I get some coffee and put some English muffins in the toaster.

In a minute she’s headed back. I notice she’s walking a little odd. She has her legs spread wider than usual and takes almost as much a step to the side as she does forward. The other thing that’s impossible to miss is that her robe has pulled almost off one shoulder and her left breast is fully exposed. A very lovely, very full breast. “Lisa,” I say to her,” Its a gorgeous breast but maybe you should cover it.”

She’s still smiling and off in lala land. She makes a little ‘oh’ noise and moves the robe to cover her. “He wanted one last taste before he left,” she says.

“It looks like you enjoyed last night,” I tell her.

“Oh, yeah,” she says. Her eyes sort of light up and she looks at me, “I’ve never spent the night with someone before. It’s terrific. I mean, we had time to do everything we could think of and then when we woke up this morning we could do it all over again.”

“You’re walking like you’re a little sore.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess so. Down there got used a lot more last night than it’s used to. But it’s a nice sore, well earned.”

I buttered my muffin and started eating it. “Is he coming back every night, then?”

“Oh,” she seems to be waked a little. “No, I don’t think so. I would like that and so would he but I want to keep it something special and not just routine every day. Besides, the anticipation will probably make it even better. In between we can spend some normal dating time and get to know one another better.”

She does as she said. For perhaps six months, until the end of her second semester, Boyd comes about every third day and spends the night. Lisa always has that dreamy smile on the mornings after. I guess she’s getting used to living here. The last couple months she’s in her skimpy underwear more often and every once in a while I get a glimpse of her naked body flitting from one room to another. A very trim and sexy body it is.

The semester ends and Lisa signs up for summer school. She claims classes can be hard to get so she needs to get everything she needs whenever she can. Boyd isn’t here for over a week. “What happened to Boyd?” I ask one day.

“Oh, he flunked out. He’s gone.”

“That’s too bad, you two seemed to hit it off really well.”

“We did. But he was never number one. I mean the perfect one. I probably won’t meet number one for some time if ever. Boyd was sort of tame. I mean, I felt safe with him, he wasn’t going to get me in trouble or do something crazy. Down deep I guess I’m tame. That is, I don’t want to get in trouble, I just want to have a nice, happy life. It might take a little while but I’m sure I’ll find another sex buddy.”

I was relieved to hear her. She seems grounded. And with her looks and figure I’m sure she can find another buddy without a lot of trouble.

That day, I was photographing a very successful actress. She’s the spokesperson or model for a line of French perfumes. The ad agency involved had an art director there to supervise the shot. She was a model before becoming an actress. I knew her back some years when we were both starting out. She quietly lets me know that she wants to relive some of our in-bed experiences, etiler türbanlı escort today.

There undoubtedly are paparazzi outside waiting to get pictures of her. They always follow her around. So, as usual, I arrange for a local shop to bring in sandwiches and salad for lunch. We already got the shot we need, both she and the art director are happy. I ask the shop to have Maria make the delivery. Maria is the shop owners daughter and is roughly the actresses size. When Maria gets there with our order, I talk with her about my plan and she smiles and agrees. She trades clothes with the actress. The actress, now looking like Maria complete with head scarf, and I go out back and get into the shop’s little Toyota. We drive off and no motor bikes coming whirling out of the alley behind us so we succeeded.

I drive to my house and we go in, get undressed and proceed to have several hours of activity in bed. She has a dinner appointment so at almost six in the evening I drive her to her hotel. When we come out of my bedroom, Lisa is sitting in the living room and looks at us. I say nothing, just get the actress out without the press learning anything about it. I then take the Toyota to the sandwich shop, park it in back and drop the keys through a mail slot in the door. I catch a cab to my studio, get my car and go back home.

As soon as I walk in the door, Lisa is there and excitedly almost yells, “Wasn’t that . . “

I interrupted and said, “Yes, it was.”

“You spent the afternoon in bed with . . .”

Again I interrupted and said, “Yes.” Then after thinking for a couple moments I went on, “Five years ago when she was nineteen, or maybe still eighteen, she had a couple first roles in film but was still a model. I was fairly new in business, trying to get established and I did a session with her for an ad agency. One thing led to another and we got together often. We just clicked. I really liked her a lot. She had her career and I was trying to build my business. If we both had normal jobs maybe we would have stayed together, maybe not. But we both had careers in the way. As you know, she’s been very successful, gets millions for each picture.”

“She found her husband, her fairly new husband, having sex with another girl. So she’s divorcing him. She’s really ticked about it. I think she was, in a way, looking for revenge. Plus, she hadn’t had sex for about a month so she was horny. And there I was, so we revisited some good old days. That’s probably it. Maybe, if she ever loses the paparazzi we’ll meet again. I think she’d like to be a normal woman with a family on one hand but has this booming career that gives her a lot of pleasure and ego boost as well as tons of money so she’ll probably have to put off the family for some time yet.”

The next day, when I got home, Lisa was waiting and indicates she wants to talk with me. “Ted,” she starts. Not Uncle Ted, just Ted. “I’ve been with three guys. I mean I’ve had sex with three guys. I love it, every moment of it. But I realize, I really don’t have a lot of experience and I don’t think any of the three did, either. The first was both my first and I was his first. We really didn’t know what we were doing. I’ve got a lot of life ahead of me and I hope it will include a lot of sex. If there’s some way to have better sex, to experience even better, for me to become good at it, I want to. Oh, that’s dumb, I’m not saying it right.”

“I think I need to have sex with someone that’s really great at it so I can learn what good sex is and then enjoy it even more for the next sixty years or whatever. It’s extremely obvious that you’re unusually good at it. Gorgeous women choose you, women who have a lot of experience and know what they like. They like you. So what I would like, please hear me out, is to have sex with you.”

I start to say something and she cuts in. “Don’t tell me about incest, that’s old. That taboo was because inbred children would result. Well I’m on the pill. Sex has nothing to do with procreation for me right now. I also agree to not interfere with your life as you’ve lived it. I don’t need to become your full time lover. You can still have as many girls as you want. Just include me occasionally. I don’t know what you do but I know it must be terrific for all these women to choose you. I want you as a learning experience. I’ve watched you looking at me. I purposely let you see more than I should. I know you find me attractive and I love sex so I’ll do everything I can to make sure you enjoy being with me. How about it?”

Shit, what do I say. How do I explain this to her mother? Well, she’s never going to tell her mother and neither am I. She’s going to be living here for perhaps three more years. Can I handle that, can I sleep alone knowing she’s in the next room and would like to be in my bed. Do I end up with her in bed all the time instead of my constantly changing line up like I now have? Oh well. “Lisa,” I finally say, “If I go to bed with you and we both love it we’ll want to repeat it often. That would change my life. I’m used to variety. It would change your life, too. You should be dating and flirting and having sex with fellow students your own age. Is it possible for two people to enjoy sex with each other and live in the same house and also have sex with others whenever they choose? That could be tough.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32