My Name Is Eve Ch. 3

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The ride home felt like hours; all the time I was thinking about what had happened at the lake, the new sexual experience I had with Emma was running through my mind. The feeling was amazing. I never knew sex could be that good. The feeble attempts by the boys I had been with to make me cum didn’t compare to this new experience.

Finally we were home and I ran to my bedroom stripping off my clothes and slipped under the covers and pulled them around my body as if they were a safety shield. As I looked at my bedside table I saw the small figure that the coloured woman gave me on the train. I reached out and looked at it closely. As I looked at it I could clearly make out the three figures carved into it. Two women and one man, did this have any meaning? I didn’t know but as I held onto it, I seem to become more relaxed about the mornings events.

As I lay in bed; quietly listening to the breeze blowing in the tree outside my window and despite the feelings stirring inside me, I fought the images running through my mind for a while, wondering what made me the way I was. It was all a jumble. I must have fallen asleep as when I awoke I could hear moans coming from Adam and Emma’s bedroom. As I had done the night before I went to the bathroom and stood by the door trying to locate the mirror that would show me what was happening on the bed.

Emma was on her back stretched over a pillow; she did look comfortable that way and was probably in her own fantasy as Adam kissed her. He ran his hand over her body firmly, until he reached her breast. Once there he squeezed it, kneading it against his palm. He continued to kiss her, forcefully, and she responded with more fevered moans and arched her back against his strong hand. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close against şişli grup yapan escort her, until he wrapped his hand tight around her wrist and pinned it to the mattress above her head. Emma moaned loudly. I suddenly felt a rush of dampness between my legs while inside my head, I could hear myself begging as if it was me lying on the bed, pleading, and needing to have my brother take me in such away. But I said nothing.

The only sounds that escaped Emma’s throat where whimpers and moans and I moaned along with her as I watched his member slip deeper into her luscious pussy. All the time I was watching them I felt as if it was me on the bed not Emma. What was happening? Why was I having a fantasy about having my brother fucking me? Then it happened Adam said the words that shocked me more than anything else that had happened.

He said, “You like that don’t you Eve?”

“Oh fuck me like the native slut I am! Just like your father fucked my mother. Good, hard, make me cum then take my sister and make us your sex slaves.”

Who did she mean? It couldn’t be me she was talking about could it? I couldn’t believe it. How could I be her sister? We looked alike but before yesterday I had never seen her before. With my gaze still on the mirror I saw Adam move away from her, and then reach in to the darkness above the bed that I could not see in the mirror. I stood there wondering what he might be doing; wishing he was still on top of her as I wanted to see her cum.

I felt my legs trembling with excitement and then, all at once, his hands returned to my view. I couldn’t see much, but I saw him wrapping a rubbery strap around her wrist. For a moment, she started fighting him, just to make things interesting I guessed. But then, realizing şişli masöz escort that she wanted this far too much to fight, she relaxed her body and he took her other hand and strapped it snugly to the first, and as he began to tie them both to the headboard, she opened her mouth. She might have been about to protest, not even knowing what to say, but he cut her short with a very soothing “Shhh. Be a good girl,” and then she shut her mouth on another strap he had placed over her mouth and then he tied it behind Emma’s head. She was now at his disposal, and his mercy.

“Eve get in here now. I know you are watching; don’t make me come and get you,” Adam shouted.

I stepped back in shock. How could he know I was there? I turned back towards my bedroom and to get back in my bed but he was far too quick for me. As the door opened and Adam stood there with his erect cock standing there pointing at my nakedness, he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my knees. My face was now inches away from his cock and I could smell the scent of Emma on it as it wafted in front of me.

“Open your mouth,” he instructed and I didn’t protest.

I just did it and he pushed the head of his member into my mouth. After a few minutes he pulled out and pulled me into their room, where Emma was still tide to the bed. He pushed me towards the bed and told me to straddle her face. I did this with out protest as I didn’t want to find out what would happen if I didn’t. This was the first time I had been on a bed with another woman let alone a naked one who could, from what I had heard, be my sister, and then his voice seemed to change to one of an instructor and we were his pupils.

He spread her legs and told me to make her cum. I eyed a lovely, tight crack covered with şişli otele gelen escort soft brown hair. I ran the tip of my tongue up and down her crack a couple of times, getting some of her love juice. Each time I did this I could feel little shivers in her thighs. Then I felt his fingers in my hair. I looked up. He was staring intently at me with anticipation. I then spread her labia with my thumbs and gazed upon the prettiest, pink pussy I had ever seen, but I had not seen that many, only from magazines or medical books I had thumbed over the years. I could see her little clit peeking out from its hood and a small round hole just waiting for my finger.

I started gently kissing her and softly running the tip of my tongue up and down, teasing her clit occasionally. At first she didn’t reacted but then started humping her pussy at my face harder and faster. Then I felt Adam remove his fingers from my hair. He seemed to step back. I took a peek but he had gone behind me so I couldn’t see him without removing my face from her treasure trove of new experience. She seemed to be bracing herself on the bed, her head was flung back, her feet were firmly planted on the bed, and she was fucking my face as hard as she could. I probed at the opening to her vagina, trying to enter it with my tongue, but it seemed too tight. I licked faster and faster, then put my lips over her clit and started lashing it with my tongue. She seemed to be yelling something but the gag across her mouth muffled it and her thighs clamped so tight against my ears that I couldn’t make it out.

As I continued my assault on Emma’s pussy I felt the bed move and then I felt the length of Adam’s prick slowly entering my own sweet sex. As she began to climax, she raised her ass off the bed. With her entire body being supported by her hands and feet, she rotated her cunt against my mouth. I could feel the convulsions churning in her belly and running down her legs. Her juices came pouring out and I sucked in as much as I could. I was so excited and overjoyed, as I also began to cum with the pleasure that my brother’s length was giving me…

Love Linnet

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