My Mom, My Fantasy

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~This book is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains sexually explicit content and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. All sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older. ~


Her hands ran down my body, as she lowered herself to a crouch. I could feel her hot breath warming my cock. She looped her fingers behind the waist band of my briefs and began to slide them down my legs. My cock sprung free, lightly tapping her nose, causing her to giggle. She took my dick into her hand, starting at the base she slowly moved up, gripping tightly. As she reached the head, she used her thumb to tease me. I couldn’t help but shiver and watch.

“Why the fuck does she have to be so hot?” I thought.

She was slowly sliding her hand back down my shaft, as her lips began to envelop the tip of my cock. I almost came instantly at the feeling. She barely had her mouth around me as I jolted awake. My mom stood over me, in position from shaking me awake. Looking up at her light pink lips, my erection restricted painfully at the memory of those lips wrapping around it only moments ago. She looked worried,

“I’m istanbul escort sorry J, did I scare you?” she asked.

I realized I was clutching my blanket to my bare chest, mostly out of instinct to hide the outline of my throbbing cock.

“It’s okay, just a bad dream.” I say, trying to relax a little.

She slightly puckered her lip in concern as she leaned down and awkwardly hugged me. Her breasts pushing against my chest, as she kissed me on the forehead. All I could think about was flipping her over and ripping those tight ass black leggings apart. I felt the familiar pang of guilt as I imagined the feeling of my mom’s pussy around my cock. She stood up,

“I’m sorry baby, it seems like you have a lot of nightmares.”

“Yeah.” I replied curtly.

“Anyway,” she said.

“I’m heading to the mall and I was wondering if you wanted to come with?”

I thought about it for a second, and realized I didn’t have anything better to do today, so why not?

“Sure,” I said, sitting up.

“Just give me a few minutes to get dressed.”

“Okay, I’ll be downstairs when you’re kabataş escort ready,” She smiled.

She began walking out, and I couldn’t help but stare at her wide hips, and perfectly curved ass. The tightness of her leggings not leaving much to the imagination, including the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She closed my door and my hand instantly flew to my penis. It was almost aching from the relief of being touched. I imagined jumping out of bed as she went to leave, and pinning her to my bedroom wall. I’d rub my cock against the crease of her ass as she whimpered.

“What are you doing J?” She asked biting her lip.

I snake my arm around her and underneath her shirt. I find her bra clad breasts, and pull down the cup, freeing her left breast. I take her erect nipple in between my fingers, squeezing and twisting hard. She cries out, and I push her even harder against the wall.

“This is what you want right?” I ask.

“You’re all the time teasing me with this sexy ass of yours.” I say, grabbing it tightly with my free hand.

“I think it’s time I show you what you do to me.” kadıköy escort I growl into her ear.

Using both hands I snatch her leggings down to her knees, and pull her ass towards me. I slide my finger past her asshole and down to her pussy. I feel how wet she is.

“I knew you wanted this you fucking slut.” I tell her.

She pushes back on to my probing fingers, softly moaning.

“Tell me you want it Mom.”

“Tell me how badly you want my cock inside of you.”

She’s trying to push harder onto my fingers, but I continue teasing her, only circling her hole.

“I want you to fuck me, please J.”

“Pleeeease fuck me,” she begs.

I don’t need much persuasion as I remove my fingers and position my cock at her hole. I lose all restraint trying to ease my way in, and push all six and half inches into her in one quick motion. She gasps and I clutch her hips and began fucking her tight pussy. She’s so fucking warm inside, and her moaning pushes me over the edge. I only get a few strokes in before I start convulsing, filling my mom’s pussy with my semen. Cum shot up to my chest and then onto my stomach as I thought about cumming inside of her. I let out a sigh of content as I got up to start cleaning myself up. I knew that after spending today with her, I’d have to jerk off again tonight. Little did I know, I’d have help.

If anyone is interested in more, please let me know! Hope you enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32