My Mans Lover

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I just remembered that I need to stop at the store on the way home from work. Tomorrow starts the last weekend of the month which is when my man’s lover will be joining us for the night. Donna usually brings a few loads of laundry which I usually end up doing naked, with my pussy and ass plugged, while my man watches her show off the various new panty and bra sets she purchased during the last month.

Well, for a 32 year old single mother, she does have a perfectly proportionate curvy ass with large breasts. My man loves when I braid her long, wavy hair. I suppose it gives him more of an anchor when he’s pounding her doggy style. She mentioned she has to shop in the plus sized lingerie store. My man loves his women curvy. She definitely isn’t fat, just curvy. Her olive colored skin looks beautiful against her dark red lipstick, always worn on a smile.

When she was over last month, I watched as he tied 4 pairs of her Un-laundered thongs together. I sucked on his cock while he took his time carefully feeding the the chain of panties into her vagina until about 4 inches hung out. He then told me to hold onto the end, with my teeth, so it didn’t get lost up there while his cock explored her fully stuffed pussy. Like a gentleman, he allowed her to cum first. She layed on our dining room table with her ass hanging off the side while I squatted underneath, trying to keep her panties from getting lost while my mans cock exploded somewhere far deep inside her. I spent the next half hour entertaining him through another erection while I slowly pulled her panties out, licking every bit of cum off. Then I did two loads of her laundry.

Maybe I should provide some background information. I call him “my man” because he is mine. Nobody elses. He provides everything for me. He cooks, cleans, pays bills, works hard, and treats me like gold. He caters to my every whim, massages me every night before bed and is my best friend, as well as my best lover. We have a perfect relationship as he informs me daily how much he worships and adores me. Because I am confident in his love for me, I wanted to explore a threesome with another woman. He expressed excitement and gratitude but he also wanted to make it clear that I was the only one for him. Period.

It took well over a year before we found Donna. Donna lives 2 hours away but travels through our town while dropping off her daughter with her ex-husband for the week. Donna happened to stop by our garage sale and purchased a desk my man refinished to sell. We exchanged phone numbers as she pointed out she loved my mans work and needed a dresser. A few months later, I called to offer her a dresser he had just refinished and she made plans to stop in the next time she passed through. My man wasn’t home at the time and I invited Donna inside for a glass of wine while she waited. We laughed and got to know a little about each other-enough for me to form the opinion that she was a decent, hard-working, single and attractive mother that really didn’t have much of a life outside of parenting and working as a waitress in a well known Pittsburgh restaurant. I was also slightly jealous of her body and the way she could show off her breasts and ass without looking slutty. It suddenly occurred to me that she could be the one. I could also tell my man was attracted to her as I watched him try not to look at her cleavage and watch her ass as she walked in front of him.

Later that night, he pleasured me by gently licking my pussy and ass while I watched TV. I asked if he was attracted to Donna and if he could see himself dining on her pussy too. It was quickly decided I would give her a call and just “let the chips fall where they may.” I feared instant rejection as I gently explained what we were looking and hoping for. I made it clear, ” No emotional attachment what-so-ever. ” I explained how I wanted to give “this experience” to my man and that most of his attention would be for her. I promised her that he could please her any way she wanted and she could experience a “spa-like” day of relaxation and pleasure. To our delight, she agreed.

Our first encounter was a month later and relatively soft-core. We got a luxury hotel, and filled it with candles and plenty of wine to help lessen the awkwardness. But there really wasn’t any. We listened to music, learned more about her, soaked in the hot tub and had a casual threesome. We sixty-nined while my man switched back and forth between our pussies and we both licked his shaft until he came, which of course was mine to swallow.

Our second encounter was much of the same only this time my man fingered her ass while he was fucking me. I also spent some time licking her ass and sucking her breasts while she rode his cock.

We felt comfortable with Donna enough that we invited her into our home for the third encounter. This time we planned it as a sleep-over so she could bakırköy escort stay later and drink more wine. I began to enjoy just sitting back and observing my man take her. He always pulled out of her dripping vagina so I could finish him off in my mouth. He enjoyed watching me swallow his cum and she really wasn’t into it. We ordered in Chinese food and watched movies while we took breaks from all the sex. She always slept in the guest bedroom. She always maintained our boundaries.

Donna had become a more regular addition to our sex life and our home for one night every month. We didn’t really talk much about her and our relationship with her stayed superficial. We didn’t know about her family, or her personal life. When Donna left, it was nothing more than a kiss on the cheek between us all and a “hope to see you next time.” No emotion.

We began to help her out a little by giving her a randomly selected gift card before leaving. She never asked us for it, but it just made us feel good. She expressed sincere gratitude and it probably gave her even more reason to return each month. During the remainder weeks, my man stayed true to his word. I was still his

in every way, shape, and form. In fact, he became even more tender and loving. It was because of this, I completely enjoyed making his fantasies come true. I could give him away for one night, because I always had the rest.

A few months ago, Donna had worked a lot of overtime and asked if it would be alright if she were to bring some laundry along. I had no problem with this, it was just another way to help her relax while spending time with us. While the three of us played a game of cards, naked of course, a bet was made that the loser had to spend the rest of the night, and following morning, as a house maid and sex slave. The thought of this turned me on so much that I purposely lost and not only did her laundry, but sexually slaved for them both. I licked her pussy to prepare it for my man, rubbed her feet while she sucked his dick, started a shower for them to enjoy and presented warm towels fresh from the dryer when they were finished. I made their coffee, cleaned up after breakfast and went back and forth orally pleasuring them while she sat on his lap and watched the morning news.

In fact, I really liked this role. After all, Donna is only with us for about 24 hours. Allowing my man to explore every inch of another woman was keeping him happy and did not seem to harm our relationship in any way. After some kinky bedroom discussion one evening she was not with us, my man admitted how much it turns him on to see me slave for he and Donna. I agreed to continue this role, if he agreed to worship me the way he always has when she is not around. It was a deal. However, he admitted he would like to turn it up a notch and get much more kinky. Again, I agreed. It actually made me wet the more I thought about it. It was a deal.

Last month was our 9th monthly visit from my husbands lover. I don’t call her Donna anymore. If I’m allowed to speak to her, its “My Man’s Lover.”

My Man’s Lover has also become much more open with her sexuality. For 24 hours, my man makes her feel like a goddess. I know how this feels, so its actually a turn-on for me to watch him treat her this way. She knows he loves anal so she now is comfortable offering her asshole to him by dildoing it first, gaping it out, and teasing his cock with her winking sphincter. The first time she did this, he almost came instantly. While he spread her hole even wider with his fingers and licked the inner rim of her ass, I was on my knees sucking the cum from his cock.

It was that same night that I did her laundry. She thought it would be exciting to have my man plug both my ass and pussy while I did her laundry. With my holes stretched and plugged, I started taking the laundry basket downstairs when my man caught sight of her panties on top of the pile. He stopped me and playfully picked one off the top of the heap to smell. Apparently he liked the smell of her pussy a lot.

Remember? This is where we started.

Today, I have been directed to pick up some groceries, wine, laundry detergent, and a $200 gift card to Lane Bryant so My Man’s Lover can buy herself more lingerie for my man to fuck her in. I have some sexy pieces I wear around the house sometimes as well. I’m sure he is looking forward to two attractive women, lounging around in practically nothing, worshiping his cock.

By the time I get home, My Man’s Lover was already in the shower. We keep a drawer of hygiene products for her, along with a douche and enema she can use to keep herself sparkly clean. I arrive just in time to offer her a warm towel, fresh from the dryer. I am greeted with a huge smile, a warm naked hug, and kiss on the cheek. She wraps a towel around her head and heads out başakşehir escort to the kitchen. Her red painted toes travel barefoot across my kitchen floor and into my mans arms. He reaches down to squeeze her ass cheek and I watch his finger slide up and disappear into her hole. She squirms and lets out a giggle.

“I just can’t seem to keep your kinky man’s fingers out of my ass!” she says with a playful smile. Wiggling herself away, she takes the towel from her head and shakes her hair out loose. My man and I are both still clothed but she has no problem walking around my kitchen, with her large breasts and thick hips and ass. His eyes are glued to her ass. Without even looking up, he let’s me know what’s on his mind.

“Braid her hair for me please, my love. Oh, how I enjoy pulling it tight as I impale her.” He disappears to the bathroom to take his shower.

“I have to say it’s been a busy month! My daughter was sick for a few days and I had to keep her home from school. I miss her so much during the time she is with her father but I have to say that my first night spent after leaving her, with you guys, is what keeps me sane. I feel a sense of relaxation and renewal that I have never been able to find anywhere else. I truly appreciate and adore both of you.” My Man’s Lover confides.

We’ve heard this before. Her display of gratitude is another reason I enjoy being her servant for a night. It’s also the reason I actually become so turned on watching my man pleasuring her and how I can allow her to please him. She’s endearing.

When my man returns, he sits naked on the couch and leans back with his hands behind his head to signify the end of his work week and the beginning of his fun. “Come here Donna. Sit on my lap and tell me how horny you’ve been for me this past month.”

Still nude, she climbs upon his lap and sits on her knees facing him.

His hands on each of her breasts, she begins to tell him of a masturbation scenario while he lifts them, separates each one of them, then puts his lips around a nipple. As he releases his suction, I see his tongue circle her nipple erection. “Honey, could you please start to warm her up from behind? That would be great. Oh, and don’t forget my balls.”

My Man’s Lover places her hands on either side of her rump and pulls her crack apart for me to see it all. Underneath her, my mans cock begins to stiffen as his lover reaches down to make sure his scrotum is pulled out from underneath him. His cock is already wanting penetration. But right now it’s my job to get them ready.

My tongue starts with his balls. I’m sure to lick every inch as I move up the base of his cock to the tip. Only sucking just his head for a few seconds, I then move up to the slit of her pussy. My tongue explores into her vagina, then retreats and continues up to the other, tighter hole. Only a few moments spent prodding her ass then I’m back to where I started. After they are both nice and wet, he puts just the head of his cock into her ass. I’m told to concentrate on that spot only, so I obey.

I serviced them both while they engaged in dirty talk, over and over, for what seemed like at least a half hour.

My man does not kiss his lover. And she does not kiss him. It’s forbidden. Instead, he messages her breasts and listens to her describe her newest vibrator at home. She mentions that she thinks she may have peed while she was in the midst of an intense orgasm. She had to wash her bedding and felt slightly embarrassed about this. However, my man expressed his wish to see this happen. She expressed concern that this could make a mess on the bedding. Again, he assured her it would not make a mess because he had a plan.

In the extra bedroom, My Man’s Lover watched as he inserted a plug in my pussy and another, even larger one, in my ass. He then placed a single piece of extra wide silk tape down the slit of my freshly shaved pussy, sealing my lips closed. Even though I was becoming accustomed to sexual servitude for a 24 hour period, I had never been forbidden to rub my clit before. My clit was already throbbing. I was amazed he was even able to tuck my erect clitoris behind my lips in order to tape them shut! My God! This was torture!

“Oh that must suck!” My Man’s Lover exclaimed while examining my plugged holes and unaccessible pussy. While she would be pleased over and over, I would be denied.

“Yes. I want her to suck, sweetie. I want her to suck the juices that flow from you when you cum.” This was his plan.

He directed me to lay face up on the bed with my head at the end. My Man’s Lover climbed on top in the 69 position while he stood at the end of the bed. Perfect height for him to enter her doggy style. Then, a few large fluffy pillows get tossed on top of me so she can have some padding between our bodies and a place to bayrampaşa escort rest her head, instead of in between my legs. Really? She’s going to squirt on my face and still make a mess on the bed?

My man lowers the tip of his cock to my mouth and directs me to begin sucking while he begins to lube her ass. He takes his time fingering her hole, inserting more lube, then more fingers are inserted in preparation for his cock. Taking his cock from my mouth, he begins to slowly push it into her ass, without stopping, until there was nothing left but his sack hanging out. Then I hear, “Sweetheart, I now want your mouth on her pussy and waiting to swallow whatever she squeezes out. See? No mess on the bed.”

My Mans Lover reaches down and parts her lips. She then relaxes her body weight down on my mouth, leaving no possibility for spillage.

My clit is throbbing. My ass and pussy are completely stretched out but closed for service. I can feel my man changing his tempo from slow and deep, to fast, then hard slams. With my eyes open, I have the view of my man’s cock disappearing inside another woman’s most private place. My man picks up my arms from beside me and places them on her buttocks. He orders me to hold open her ass cheeks so he can savor the view as well. He is loving this.

Their adventure seems to last forever as they both enjoy the sensations with no regard to me.

Finally, I hear her moan and begin to feel a hot fluid entering my mouth. Afraid I might gag, I quickly swallow. I can now feel her juices pulsating into my mouth with each thrust my man gives to her ass. I swallow again. Then again. This feels so degrading, but I can also feel my clit bursting beneath my taped shut lips. Now I begin to hear him moan, signifying his climax. I feel my man’s strength impaling his lover. His cock drives into her hole, delivering his hot load as deep as possible up her ass. Heavy breaths come from both of them as they swim in post orgasmic bliss, still leaving my mouth perfectly sealed around her pussy, clit to vagina.

Minutes pass. Suddenly she slightly shifts her body forward, and away from him. His partially limp, cum coated cock oozes from her ass and plops directly onto my lips. “Clean it. All the way up to my balls.”

I’m praying his cock is clean. I have never done anything like this before and it felt so degrading, but it was also disturbingly exciting. Without over-thinking it, I immediately opened and swallowed his limp cock as he ordered. Right up to his balls.

I could taste his cum mixed with her ass. I was cleaning off my mans dick after it had just been completely buried up another woman’s asshole.

Her body weight leaves me, but only momentarily. She was just turning around . She had now gotten to her feet and was squatting directly above my head just waiting for me to finish cleaning off her anal toy, which happens to be my man’s dick. As she lowers herself closer, I can see her massive, gaping hole.

My man did this to her ass. It was stretched open and I could see the glistening of cum around the outside and up into her bum. In an instant, he pulls his cock away and that hole was on my mouth. Her hole was gaped so much I could actually feel its rim around the outside of my lips.

I quickly felt the tape being ripped from my pussy lips. My hands were being placed between my legs. “Yes!” I heard from My Man’s Lover, “If she’s gonna pleasure herself, she can do it while licking your cum from deep inside my ass.”

That is exactly what I did. It only took a matter of seconds for me to explode and with each muscle contraction, I swallow the warm, familiar, salty fluid she pushes out of her ass.

After everyone was satisfied, we spent the remainder of the evening as normal couples do around the house. Only we were three. Just for tonight.

The next morning was spent making breakfast and taking turns with My Man’s Lover while sucking my man’s cock. I spent most of the time eating his ass while she licked up and down his shaft and balls. Just in time, my man fed me his hot load and ordered me not to swallow. I held it in my mouth, on my tongue. I watched him lift her up onto the counter and spread her legs wide. While savoring the flavor of what lies within my mans testicles, I watched his tongue dart in and out of her vagina. He then moved up to suck her clit and inserted two fingers in her ass. When he began to spread his fingers apart, she began to orgasm. I was then allowed to fully ingest his load.

A few more hours of playing around and servicing them and it was time for My Man’s Lover to leave. Her clean, folded laundry all packed up along with her gift card, sit beside the door. She gave us both equally a long, firm, hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you so much for another evening that completely satisfies every need and desire that I never knew I had! See you next month!”

Just like that, she was gone. Until next month.

My man wraps his arm around me and pulls me close to him while still in the doorway.

“You are my love. My world. My everything. I love you with all my heart like I will never love anyone else. Ever. Now sweetie, what can I do for you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32