My Heart Can’t Tell You ‘No’ Ch. 01

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She was a classmate of my roommate Ryan. Some sort of agricultural major, wanting to turn the small family ranch into a lucrative career in politics and the legal profession. She was cute, and I told my roommate as much. Said he should dump the witch he was with and bag Darcy. His girlfriend always belittled him, was pale, frail and a bitch. Hated being outdoors. And Darcy was about 5 foot 7, tanned, brownish blonde hair, big blue eyes the color of a glacier fed lake, always dressed like the farmer’s sexy and seductive daughter, liked to shoot guns, catch fish, drink beer, and drive around the woods in her jeep. She was basically a dude’s dude, but incredibly sexy. Even though I told him to go for her, I wanted her.

And to make it easier for me, he ended up getting his bitchy girlfriend pregnant, clearing the way for me…

Ryan, Darcy and I were all 20 and in college. His girlfriend Dawn was 18 and now all distraught over how Ryan had ruined her life. And to make matters worse for him, he had to still do projects and study with Darcy from time to time, which made Dawn even bitchier. She dropped out of college and moved back to their hometown to give birth and either force Ryan into marriage, or hopefully, put the baby up for adoption because Dawn would make a horrible wife and mother. But even from 2 hours away, she controlled his balls and life like the dictator she longed to become one day, killing everyone who she deemed a threat- better than her, prettier than her, or that didn’t like her. Which was pretty much everyone, but Darcy and I were Number 1 and Number 2 on her hit list.

Darcy and Ryan had finished a project and I went ahead to a bar that he said he would meet me at after he studied. It was a Tuesday, and the cops never did bar checks on Tuesdays because good little college kids shouldn’t be drinking on Tuesday, they should be studying. Well, I wasn’t a good little student, and I had a mediocre fake ID that worked with the bartender, who was a friend of mine.

My heart skipped a beat when he opened the door for her and they both walked in. Darcy was in short shorts, a cut-off flannel shirt tied around her front, somewhat covering her exposed bra, cowboy boots and a hat. The dozen or so others in there all stopped and stared. Even the ladies.

“Howdy, Ma’am,” Steve the bartender said. “What will it be?”

“The usual. I need a shot of Jack then a Coors Light. How are you, Steve?”

“Better now that you’re here.”

“Hey, Jason, why aren’t you studying tonight. Don’t you have anything better to do than drink on a Tuesday?”

“Nope,” I said. “Nothing better to do unless you think you can beat me at darts THIS time. Maybe the 498th time will be a charm for you,” I teased. She wasn’t good at darts, but was a pool shark, so in bar games, we were kind of even.

“You’re on! Then I will school you at pool,” she said. She took her shot of Jack, tossed it back and set the shot glass loudly back down on the bar, then grabbed her beer bottle, gave me a wink, and in an exaggerated but yet sexy way wiggled her hips towards a dartboard.

I followed behind, winked at Steve, who shook his head and mouthed, “never happen” and I followed my secret crush to the same board.

2 beers later and 3 games, I was trying to hold her arm, showing her how to throw a dart. Darts is a game of finesse and it wasn’t helping, but that wasn’t the intent for either of us. We didn’t care about the game. It was all about proximity to each other.

Then Ryan got a call from The Dictator. She yelled at him, said he needed to get home and couldn’t be having fun because she- who was innocent and blameless in this whole incident- was carring his child and she wasn’t allowed to have fun.

I mouthed to him as I mimicked throwing a dart, “Want me to throw a dart into her eye? Kill her? Hmm?”

Darcy laughed, which caused another reaction from The Dictator. So Ryan left, leaving Darcy and I there. Mostly alone by this time.

We moved to a pool table towards the back corner and she proceeded to beat the hell out of me. She said, “Lean over my body and help me hold the cue.

See how an expert’s posture is. Maybe you won’t suck so much.”

“Yeah, well maybe YOU suck,” I said.

“Usually not on the first date,” she came back with instantly.

“And what date is THIS for us, then?” I asked.

She made an act out of counting her fingers up and down, looking up, and talking to herself. Finally she said, “I don’t think it’s the first date anyway,” and gave me a smoldering look.

God, I wanted her! I needed her!

About 1 in the morning she was sitting on the edge of the pool table, legs spread, and I was standing between them. We were kissing, but still clothed. I was feeling her wonderful tits when Steve yelled, “Last call! Hey, you two. Time to go. My buddy said the cops are out.”

I walked Darcy home, but long before we got there she pulled me into a grove of trees near a pond on campus. She unzipped my pants and said, illegal bahis “Since it’s not the first date, and you beat me fair and square at darts, I owe you.” Then she proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job.

I walked her home, and her roommate was there. She kissed me, and I could till taste myself on her lips and said, “Next time, you can give me mine.” She shut the door and I walked home. Elated, yet dejected.

I called her the next day, but she didn’t pick up her phone, so I texted and asked if she wanted to get together tonight.

“Plans?” She asked

“Dinner, yours?” No response so I pushed, “Breakfast?”

“Cant, have plans. Raincheck?” She replied.

“Ok.” Damn. I was just dejected this time.

About a week later I saw her again. She came over to study with Ryan about 4pm. I volunteered to grill steaks, hoping to hook her into staying.

“Oh, I LOVE meat! Cook me a steak, give me a beer, and I will be yours, Young Man!”

I hoped this would be the night!

We ate, had a beer, and Ryan got another hate filled directive phone call from The Dictator. Darcy asked, “Why does he put up with The Ice Queen?”

“Because they dated in high school and he’s afraid of her dad. Why, interested in him?” I prodded.

“No. He’s a good study partner but not worth a shit at sports or outdoorsy stuff. He can have the Ice Queen, I want a man. A REAL man.”

I asked, “Someone who can grill steaks maybe?”

“That, and someone who keeps promises. You promised me I could have ‘mine’. When is that gonna be, Jason?”

Looking around, I saw we were alone on the couch. She had shorts on, and I could see red panties on underneath. I rubbed my finger over her panties, and she gasped. Her chest heaved, revealing goose bumps over her tanned cleavage. And I answered, “Maybe I won’t pay up…”

“FUCK THAT! I want you to lick my pussy and make me cum, dammit!”

I pulled her shorts down, and then curled her panties off over her hips, past her knees and leaving her left leg in the hole. Her lips were glistening, and she had dew drops of cum clinging to a few of her hairs. I gasped. I had been with a couple of girls, mostly after drinking, but here I was, with the object of my lust, her pussy exposed, and she wanted me to lick from her delicious looking honeypot.

I poked a finger inside, and she writhed a bit. Then I licked my finger. She put her finger inside her pussy and licked it. “Mmm, I bet that tastes good to you, doesn’t it Jason?”

“I had better check,” and I dove in headfirst. She grabbed my head and directed me where to go. I licked, poked, prodded, sucked her clit, and made her cum with a loud moan.

I was rock hard and wanted more. I stood up, her shorts were on the floor, I pulled my cock out, and she grabbed it, and said, “Take me to your room.”

We went into my room and shut the door. The light was on, so I could see her lovely face as she smiled at me and glowed. I kissed her, and she licked her lips when I pulled back. “Mmm, I taste myself on your lips, Jason.”

She pulled my shirt over my head and went for my zipper. I pulled her shirt off and started to unhook her bra, and then Ryan came out of his room, yelling, “THAT BITCH! Why did I ever fuck her? Hey, where are you guys?”

I tried to take her bra off and re-establish the mood, and she went back to my cock, but Ryan yelled for us again.

“Dammit. Why?!” I asked.

“I guess we are even. Maybe next time we go further,” she said. Then we got dressed.


“You know, Jason, she has a boyfriend,” Ryan told me a couple days later. “Dakota or something. Works as a hired ranch hand.”

“Sounds like a douchbag. And she never mentioned a boyfriend while my tongue was in her pussy. Tough for her to talk while her mouth was wrapped around my cock, though. Thanks for cock-blocking me the other day, asshole.”

“I would like to see you hook up, but just be careful,” he cautioned me.

Later that day she texted me, “Plans this weekend?”

“None, why?”

“Take me fishing. Let’s rent a boat,” she suggested.

“Sounds good!” I said.

So she picked me up in her Jeep. She had several fishing poles and I had one pole and a tackle box. We went to the big lake in our area and rented a boat, and tried our hand at fishing. We both had a lot of luck for about two hours, then it died off. We had two and a half hours left on the rental, and we went to an island to look around. And to do more, I hoped.

“Where were we the other night?” she asked, as she came close and pulled me to her. We kissed, and my cock was huge in my swimming trunks, and her bikini quickly came off. My trunks were on the ground about a second later.

“I might get a sunburn this way. Want to look over my back?” she said, as she bent over and placed her hands on a tall rock. She was at the perfect height for me to enter her pussy, and I finally did!

“Oh, God, fuck me Jason! Yes! Yes! Pound me Jason!”

I illegal bahis siteleri thrust into her inviting hole. As my cock drove into her tunnel, my balls would slap against her clit while she rubbed it. Eventually she ket out a loud moan, her knees buckled, and she said “Paint my pussy walls Jason! Fill me! Oh God, fill me!”

And I did. I filled her with what seemed like years of stored up sexual energy. My cock was still inside her, thrusting and twitching making a squishy sound, as our cum was running out her pussy and down her left leg. I never wanted to leave.

We collapsed to the ground, and looked at each other. I had a huge smile, and she all of a sudden had a look of regret that I couldn’t figure out. Finally she said, “We shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why? We are both healthy and have wanted each other for a while. That night I walked you home…”

“I know. And I enjoyed it all. I just feel guilty.”

“Why? Are you okay?”

“It’s difficult to explain is all,” she replied.

“What’s difficult? We both…”

“I have a boyfriend. And his jealousy makes the Ice Queen’s look small by comparison.”

“Sonofabitch” I thought.

“Let’s get the boat back, clean our fish, and go home,” she said.


It was almost 2 weeks before I saw Darcy again. Ryan said she missed a couple days of class right after our fishing trip, but she was around. She would respond to my texts, but not answer my calls. Eventually she came over to study.

“How are you, Miss Darcy?” I tried to be friendly, but cautious because I didn’t know where we stood.

“We have a few more paragraphs to go over, then do you wanna cook our fish and get a beer? It’s Tuesday, and I have been practicing darts, Jason.”

“I’m up for that, Darcy, if you are.”

“I’ll see what you’re ‘up’ for…”

I was hopeful, but confused.

Like that Tuesday a few weeks before, we played darts, then pool, then made out. Steve the Bartender ran us out and we went to my place this time. “Ryan knows what we have been doing and my roommate is still around, so take me to your place, Jason. Fuck me properly in your bed this time.”

I hoped she wouldn’t change her mind later, but she wanted it now, and I always wanted it, so I was good to go.

We walked home quickly and in silence. We held hands and snuck in the apartment. I’m sure Ryan knew I was coming home with someone, but if I could sneak her into my room without him knowing it was Darcy, we would be home free and make as much sex noise as we wanted.

We resumed kissing once we shut my bedroom door, and quickly ripped each other’s clothes off. She pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, kissed me, then quickly spun around, placing her wet pussy over my face and grabbed my cock, stroked it once, then did one good trip up and down with her mouth. “I want to suck our cock and I want you to eat my pussy like you’re on death row and it’s your last meal. But I want to save time. So we 69. Think you can keep up with me, Jason?”

“Hmmm mmmph,” I said as I nodded my head. My tongue was buried inside that golden snatch and I wasn’t about to stop to make small talk.

Between slurps and licks, she continued, “If you cum in my mouth, will you still be able to fuck me hard? I want you to pound me hard at least twice tonight.”

“Hmmm mmmphf,” I managed to get out.

At some point, I knew I was getting close and I knew she was close to a massive orgasm. I had one hand wrapped around her ass cheek and a finger resting on her butthole. It was twitching and her pussy was thick with her cream. Then, I’m not sure where it originated but her pussy walls just sort of seeped a runny, water like cum from everywhere. Tasted like her cum, but wasn’t thick like her cream. And she damed near bit my dick off.

“Uuuuuuooooooohhhhhhh fffffffuuucccckkkkkk! Her whole body continued to convulse, and when she regained partial control, the stroked my cock with her hand in a death grip, “Give it to me NNNNOOOWWWWW!”

The first spurt hit her eye, then she recovered and by the third through, I don’t know, final 7 spurts, she drank them down like a pro. Then she collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. We laid like that for a couple minutes. Her purple and pink pussy, still dripping, was right in my face, smelled of her unique sex, and I could see her butthole quivering also. I reached up and poked a finger inside, about a knuckle deep. She jumped.

“Not this time, maybe later. I need a rest, then you promised me two more times tonight. Think you can deliver?”

“I can. Can you? You seem out of shape. Maybe you need a nap, or some oxygen?” I teased, appealing to her sense of competition.

She got up and spun around, nose to nose, “My pussy is open and ready now. You up for it?” Then she gave me a quick peck on the lips.

My cock had been semi-hard, but at the challenge, I rolled her off me and pinned her to the bed. She quickly spread canlı bahis siteleri her knees and lifted her hips. I lined up but didn’t enter her. I rubbed up and down her folds a few times until she thrust at me, sinking my pole about halfway inside her. “Fill me all the way up. I need to feel you.”

Our sounds were sloppy. My cock in her waiting pussy made a sound like mixing flour and too much water together. My sheets were a wreck and once I got all the way inside her she reached out to her sides, grabbed the bed sheets and untucked them. Her head rolled backward, arching her neck and back, and she let out a load moan, started screaming,” YES!” and had another orgasm, followed quickly by two more. She let go of the sheets, wrapped her legs around my hips, pulled me in, and with her fingers, scratched my back. Then she looked at me, smiled and said, “Fuck me like you are trying to break me in half!”

Okay, strange request, but I pounded her hard, and when I came, at first I thought it would be a small load since she had just swallowed a huge one moments ago. But one great thing about being 20 and one giant hormone is that your cock is always hard and the semen factory operates around the clock and is very efficient with their product. She felt my sprays of hot cum fill her again. When my hose was done putting out her fire, I hovered over top of her until she squeezed me out.

“Lay beside me Jason. Now cuddle and pretend to love me.”

“Darcy, I love being with you. Our bodies fit together so good.”

“Yes, so good,” and we both drifted off to sleep. About 3 hours later, she shook me awake. “Jason, what’s that sound?”

I startled awake and listened. I heard a dog barking several blocks away. I heard a delivery truck making it’s way down the street. But mostly, I heard nothing to be fearful of.

“I guess since we are both awake, we might as well keep your promise of at least two times,” she said as she rolled over on top of me. I had to pee, but it was too late. I was hard and she had already sunk herself down on me.

This time we gently made love. I felt her breasts, and she stroked my hair. I touched her gorgeous face, and she sucked on my thumb. I felt her butt and hips. I absolutely loved the feel of her hip and butt muscles, clinching, getting hard and relaxing as she thrust her hips into me, gliding up and down my body. Then she leaned back and started to rub her clit as she rode me. Then she took my hand and placed my thumb on her clit and had me rub it. “Oh, Jason, this feels soooooo gooood… sooo right…so gooood…”

We simultaneously climaxed. And she fell off and next to me on the bed. We looked into each other’s eyes and by the light from the streetlamp outside, I could see that she loved me. But was holding a little something back. I figured she had to see that I had true love in my eyes for her. If she as able to hook me that fast, she was one hell of a fisherman lady.

We both slept until well past the time we should have gotten up for class. We were both sex soaked and needed a shower and a bathroom stop. Darcy asked if Ryan was gone. I said I’d check and walked out buck naked, saw he was gone, and gave the “All Clear”. We did our business and decided to take a shower together. We got in the shower together but somehow she manage to commandeer the stream, getting herself wet but leaving me mostly with cold spray coming off of her body. I went in for a hug and a kiss, spinning her 90 degrees, and pinning her against the cold, plastic shower wall. “HEY! That’s MY shower!” she protested.

I smiled and let her in, and them we soaped and lathered each other up. I spent ample time around her ass. I really wanted to see if she would let me penetrate her butt. I had had her pussy and mouth repeatedly, so if I had her ass, I would own all three holes. I also knew that I wasnt the first one in her mouth and not the first one in her pussy, but maybe I would be the first one in her ass? I soaped it up good and started to play with it, getting my finger deeper this time.

“Nuh uh uh, THAT is reserved for my wedding night. My new husband gets to own that,” she said. “But you can play with it if you take my pussy from behind.”

Okay, that sounded reasonable. Who knows, I could see me being the recipient of that wedding gift from her. I slowly parted her butt cheeks, and in doing so opened her pussy up. I slid my soapy cock along her soapy lips and sank in. And with her butt open, I continued to play while she rubbed her clit. Just before I was ready to cum, I asked her, “I’m gonna cum…where do you want it, babe?”

“Tits, lover,” and I pulled out, and she dropped to her knees and I coated her cleavage. My cum mixed with the shower water so she got up quickly and said, “Maybe I will save it for later.” A slutty thing to say, but she washed it off anyway.

I drove her home to her dorm and dropped her off with a kiss, then I went home, skipped class and slept all afternoon, not hearing my phone.

I missed 3 calls from her, but read the texts, which basically said she looked at and signed a lease for the spring semester in a house with a few girl friends of hers. She would have more roommates than in her dorm, but have her own room.

“Great!” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32