My Grandmother Teaches Me About “Life” Ch. 01

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This is the first of a couple of chapters of how my grandmother instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING ladies. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence.

List of charters for this chapter;

Grandmother Dee, age 63 (average build for a 62 year old lady with 42DD breasts)

Diane, grandmothers French friend, age 64 (slightly plump with 40 F breasts)

Anna, grandmothers German friend, age 61 (“Well put together” with 44 DD breasts)

Chapter one,

I love my Grandma, and while I’m sure most other people would say the same thing about their own, I mean it. I loved her. Always have, and as I grew older, my love for her changed into something much more intense. A love so strong that when summer came around each year, I didn’t dread visiting her, I looked forward to it.

My folks were probably as happy as I was to see me go visit her, as it got their nerd son out of their sight so they could do whatever they wanted in my absence. Since all I usually did was hang around the house and read, I’m sure I was in the way of a lot of stuff that parents like to do.

My yearly visit had evolved from a week to much longer, and now pretty much took over the entire summer. College was waiting on the other end of the season, but for all this summer, I was going to be Grandma’s horny albatross.

That was fine with her, my grandmother would always say when I called myself that, and it was her idea for me to eventually spend the whole summer with her. An idea that I jumped on the second it was offered, and I relished the chance to be “her favorite boy,” once again, even if I was a man now, at least chronologically.

I arrived on late Sunday evening and was planning on going straight to bed to relax after a frightfully long drive in the rain.

Dee met me at the door with a well worn old tee shirt and baggy shorts on (nothing on to hold those massive breast from jiggling and her long eraser shaped nipples, pushing the material to its limits)and smiled at me while taking my hand and giving me a big / deep kiss.

She led me into the parlor and told me to sit down and tell me all about the last school year.

She went into the kitchen and came back carrying a glass of wine for her and a cold beer for me.

She sat down next to me and snuggles in against my arm pushing her massive breast against my arm and said it looked like I had put some weight on and filled out. I told her I had grown 3″ in height and added muscle and even filled out “more” in “her favorite place.”

She asked how many girls I had lain during the school years and if any were as good as her.

As I started to answer her she placed her hand on my leg and started to stroke it up and down.

She told me how much she had missed me and took her fingers and caressed the length of my penis as she marveled at its new larger size.

“It is really that … big now?” she asked.

“Take it out and see for yourself.” I think it has grown an inch or two this last year while I was in school.

The gals say, “Those shorts are the home of the WHOPPER”

She didn’t need to be told twice. While one hand stroked my erection her other hand started to pull the zipper down. She was so close to it that it plopped out when it was finally released and banked off her forehead. It stood straight out in all its glory. Her eyes bulged out at the sight of it and she looked imploringly up at me with her steamy eyes and repeated, “Please forgive an old lady, Dennis but I’ve got to touch it. Please don’t think I’m a bad person but I need to stroke and founded it.” She didn’t wait for an zeytinburnu escort answer and wrapped both hands around its girth and started to stroke it up and down.

“It’s so big and hot to the touch,” she exclaimed. Well it was getting bigger and hotter with each stroke.

I can truly say, “It takes two hands to handle a WHOPPER” she said as she keep a hold on its girth.

“Kiss it. It’s ok. I want you to. Lick it up and down! That’s it. Stroke it and lick it! Oh, you have a magic tongue! You’re making me feel so good! “

Several minutes went by and Dee took it upon herself to lick the pre-cum off the head while she now took a firm grip on my balls.

“Stick it in your mouth! Suck it in! “

“It’s too big Dennis. I’ve never seen one that big. I could never…”

I didn’t give her a chance to finish and certainly wasn’t about to give her a chance to decline so I grabbed her head and forced my rod past her lips and into her mouth. She gasped initially at its size but slowly started to adjust to the in and out movement. While she was doing this I looked down her top and ordered her to take off the sundress. Not wanting to let go of her head I got her to lower her dress over her shoulders and push it down over her tits and over her hips. She showed no signs of old age. Her skin was tanned and firm in all the right places. Without releasing my cock she pulled her panties off as well displaying black pubic hair matched the long, silky black hair that I was now running my fingers through.

“Play with yourself, but don’t stop what you’re doing to my cock.”

Granny took orders easily and her left hand dove into her sliver haired cunt and started its own in and out movement. Within seconds I could tell that she was going to cum. As she did she tried to expel my cock from her mouth but I held her head firmly with her lips still wrapped around my cock. I knew it was time to push my organ as deep into her mouth as possible. I hoped that she was as capable as Nancy and Carol (gals from my class in college who we will next in later chapters), because they both had been able to deep-throat all 10 inches of my throbbing rod.

“G.. uuu… st… oooo… ppppppp! “She tried to implore but I continued to pull her face into my groin. When I realized that she was having difficulty catching her breath I pulled out slightly and told her to breathe through her nose. This seemed to work as I was now able to inch my rock-hard dick deeper and deeper inch by blood-filled inch. All the while, as she started to relax, I realized that she was starting to swirl her tongue around my cock head each time I pulled it out slightly getting ready for the next onslaught.

She started getting into the rhythm. Each time I pulled back a bit, she licked the head and each time I drove it back in, she started to relax her gag reflex and soon I could tell that I was in her throat. “Dee, you are fucking unbelievable!” I cried and pulled her head even closer. “Take it all! Suck my cock! Make your Stud buddy cum! Eat me! EAT ME YOU OVER SEXED, BIG TITTED COCKSUCKER!!”

Finally my whole length was in her mouth and throat and I gloated, “Did you ever deep-throat Ed? I’ll bet you’ve never had a cock as hard and as big as mine! Right Dee?” All she could do was grunt but I could tell that she was nodding her head. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me into her face.

Suddenly her eyes bulged again and she squeezed my balls and shaft even harder. It took me a second to realize that she was cumming again! We were both in heaven now and I kept pounding my flesh into her mouth knowing that I was going to blow everything I had into the deepest recesses of her throat. My basic instinct aksaray escort was to unload my cock in her throat but she was my grandmother after all and I wondered if she would be disgusted by my cumming in her mouth. I considered pulling out but 2 days worth of cum was not to be denied. To hell with it, I knew I had to cum in her mouth whatever the consequences were.

“I’m… gonna… cumm… in… yourrr… mouth!

Swallow it all like a good cocksucker! “With these words she tried to fight me but I was relentless. This was not a feeble old woman. This was a sexy mature woman who was enjoying this as much as me. My instincts were right as she started to orgasm again.

“HERE… ITTTTT… CUMSSSSSSS. TAKE MY CUM DOWN YOUR THROAT!! EAT… ME!! OH FUCK, I’M… THERE!!” With that I buried my shaft as far into her mouth as I could. I swear I was trying to drive it out the back of her head. I exploded into her throat with jet after jet each one more pleasurable than the one before! I held her head in place, pulled my cock out so that she could catch a quick breath, then I drove it back into the hilt and blasted some more. I watched her eyes fill with tears from my assault on her face and relaxed my grip on her hair as the gobs of cum continue to shoot out but now far more gently.

I was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t release my cock right away and continued to gobble the sticky cum as she washed my cock with her tongue. Slowly she released it from her mouth and I could see that she had swallowed almost every drop and seemed determined to do the same until she had drained me.

“Are you going to be like this all summer?” Dee asked me once she stopped licking the cum off my cock?

“If so, I’m going to have to get somebody in here to wear you out the days I am too sore to handle you.”

“Who? Shelia? “I asked, remembering Dee saying that name before.

“No, not Shelia as she is in Sweden this summer, but I another friend or two I think you might enjoy,” she told me.

“Granny knows best,” I said, letting her get some rest by leaving the bedroom.

She followed me to the bathroom and sat down to pee as I aimed my stream between her spread leg. She looked up at me and said, “we can do lots of things together this summer if you wish.”

With that she stood up and went back to the bedroom. I heard her pick up the phone and as I walked into the room she was telling her friend about her “better than ever grandson” and how she should “cum” over in the morning to have a “special breakfast with us.”

The evening went by slowly as mother call to make sure I had made the trip Ok and Grandmother was well and looking after me.

I told her all was well and we were going to go out to dinner later and be home early as I was Tired from traveling and “ALL.”

She told me to enjoy the summer and that they may stop in n their way up north for a couple weeks of vacation.

That did not it well with Granny, as she said they never call before stopping in and they might just “walk in on our parting.”

I told her that I could get my sister to call and warn us when they leave for vacation.

Granny asked me if I had “played” with my sister since last summer when we both were visiting here at granny’s house?

I told her only once during Christmas break and then we almost got caught.

Granny smiled and said I would have to tell her all about it later.

We got cleaned up and went out to dinner at a local pizza place that she liked.

She had a couple of glasses of wine and with the afternoon “play” and the wine, she fell asleep soon after getting back home.

The next morning she came back into the bedroom after ataköy escort starting breakfast and sat down on the edge of the bed and reached for my “morning wood.”

She stroked it and massaged my ball sack while I massaged her breasts.

Just them we heard the door bell and granny got up to go answer the door.

I asked if she was not going to put on any clothes and she smiled at me and suggested I get up and “cum” meet Diane.

I followed her as far as the bathroom, which I stopped at to pee and wash my face.

When I got to the kitchen, granny and Diane were standing there kissing and both naked.

Diane’s cloths were in a pile on the floor and granny was holding Diane’s left breast in one hand and looking at me with a “what are you waiting for smile on her face.”

Diane looked at me while cupping granny’s butt and with her other hand brushing granny silver haired bush.

I walked in and we all had a group hug with granny placing Diane’s hand on my semi hard penis.

Diane said, “you were right Dee, he is well endowed and OH so horny.”

With that Dee finally introduced me to Diane Whistler, her “FRIEND.”

I as where they had met and Dee told me that they were friends from a group of “old Ladies” that like to get together and enjoys each other.

Diane said it was a group of “old bags” that were nudists and loved to watch movies and get horny together. I could only guess what they did with each other when they were together.

Granny suggested we all sit down and have a little food before “we work up more of a hunger.”

Diane walked over to the table and sat down and her massive breasts flopped onto the table.

I looked at them and licked my lips with anticipation. She looked at me and smiled and raised one in the air and flecked her dark purple nipple with her fingers and said, want to taste?

I walked over to her and turned her on the swivel stool and took both of her breasts in my hands and bending down licked and nibbled on both nipples.

Granny said, “easy you two, we have all day for that.”

I looked at her and stood straight upright causing my penis, which was now rock hard, to pock Diane in the left arm.

Diane reached out and grabbed my cock and pumped it back and forth while leaning over and kissing my chest and nipples. With that Granny throw her hands in the air and said, “OK Heck with breakfast let’s go to the bedroom and get this day started.

Just at that moment we all heard a gasp, and looked towards the dining room door to see Anna standing there.

She just walked over to the three of us and hugged us all.

Granny and Diane turned to her and started to remove her dress and undergarments. I walked over and as they handed me her clothes Anna reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her and pressed her pendulous breasts into my chest.

The three ladies looked at each other and with a smile on their faces led me, by my cock, towards the bedroom.

Anna flopped on the bed with her legs spread and Diane lay down next to her and started to suck on her one breast wile granny took the other side. They motioned for me to get on top and lick Anna’s pussy.

As I lay they licking Anna’s thick dark haired pussy as hips wiggled from side to side and her begging me to put my penis in NOW not later. She was so wet that it did not take but two thrusts for me to be buried all the way in to my balls in her slippery pussy.

Diane and granny just keep playing and sucking on Anna’s tits while I pumped her till she yelled and explode with one hell of an orgasm. I fell forward on top of her and lay there completely spent.

After about five minutes granny placed her hand on my back side and pushed me off and with that Diane got between Anna’s legs and started licking our juices.

With me rolled off to one side, granny slid over and started to lick my cock and taking it in her mouth, it started to enlarge and was looking for more.

MORE excitement in the next chapter.

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