My Cricket Mate’s Mum Ch. 01

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It was Saturday morning, Dave was in a hurry to get away to cricket. His school side was travelling by bus to a nearby country town, a couple of hours away leaving at 8 am.

As usual Dave’s mum was not complaining, as she rushed around trying to satisfying the competing demands of his brothers and sisters, who like Dave, had sporting commitments.

His mum talked to anyone who would listen, but most of her words this morning were aimed at him.

“Freddy and Tony are going with you.” “I have given Mrs Turner money to buy your lunches.”

She turned to him,” I don’t know what the school would do without Mrs Turner; she is the only mum who helps with the cricketers.

Dave wasn’t taking much notice, more interested in getting his gear together and getting out of the house, than worrying about his two brothers or Mrs Turner.

His mother grabbed his arm as he tried to scoot out the door. “Listen Dave, I promised Mrs Turner that you would help.” “With three teams travelling on the one bus, she will have about forty kids to look after.” “Someone has to help her.” ” If we don’t help her and she decides to toss it in, there will be no one to help.” “That will be the end of these trips.” “Kids can’t travel away without an adult supervisor.”

“Why can’t some of the others do it?” Dave asked.

She didn’t give up, “Your 18,you’re the eldest in our family; it’s about time you started helping.”

“What about the other families?” he asked, as he tried to wriggle out of the job.

She stopped his protests, shoving him out the door.” Stop arguing I promised and that’s that”

At school Dave found Mrs Turner packing gear for the three teams into the bus. As he arrived he heard her tell the bus driver, “I can’t do it all on my own.” “The older kids will have to look after their own gear.”

With out asking permission he started to give her a hand. She appeared surprised, looking quizzically at him, as they worked together.

Bending over to sort the heavier gear, she teased him, “what’s come over you, are you sick?” she asked with a laugh. Her laughter was infectious, “Mum said I have to help” he replied.

“Under orders eh, get out of here, go and sit with your mates I won’t tell your mum.” She gave him a light shove as she turned with her head down to work on the gear. Unknowingly, she presented him with a great view of her arse.

He had never thought of Mrs Turner or any of the mums in a sexual way, but he couldn’t help admiring that arse.

Dave still wasn’t thinking of her as a possible sex partner, when he mischievously slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her away from the loading bay. “Let me do that.” He demanded.

Her hands came up to hold his hands under her breasts where they had landed, she turned her head looking at him in surprise, “my god Dave what did your mum say to you?” she asked.

“Mum will kill me if I don’t at least help with the heavy work,” he explained.

Some of his mates noticing what was going on had strolled over. With Mrs Turner half bent over, his hands were holding a fair amount of her weight; her soft ass was pinned against his body, his hands around her stomach under her boobs.

“I knew you were desperate Dave but attacking My Mum in public, that’s going a bit far.” Harry called.

Mrs Turner who had been lying quietly in his arms, pretended to struggle, “Unhand me you villain,” she cried like a heroine in and old fashioned movie.

Dave’s mates sensing some fun joined in, hissing and booing him, whilst cheering her on.

He turned her around and gave her a light shove. “Go on, get away from here, go with Harry, you look after the kids. I’ll do the packing.”

“OK boss” she saluted, to the cheers of the boys.

It was all in fun, but the feel of her body hard against his prick, along with the flowery scent of her perfume, had changed the way he now looked at Mrs Turner.

At every opportunity he studied her boobs. They were her most prominent feature, over sized, out of proportion to the rest of her slim body.

Dave stood back watching her as she checked the boys on to the bus. Dressed in a sleeveless top that buttoned down the front and a pair of well cut tan shorts that displayed her long legs she was the picture of a happy mature fit mum.

She still made men turn and stare he noted, as a couple of bus depot workers took time to study her form as they waked past.

Dave was last on the bus, following Mrs Turner to a seat up at the back, where they sat together.

Harry looked back, seeing them sitting together announced loudly to general laughter; “watch out mum he’s desperate.” Mrs Turner and Dave were becoming one of those items that were a joke that no one believed could come true.

The day turned out great; all of their teams won their matches. As the sun set, they herded a very tired and excited group back on the bus and set out for home.

Dave had helped Mrs Turner on a number of occasions throughout the day. It was now accepted antalya escort that he was her helper. Harry didn’t say a word this time, as the two sat together at the back of the bus, even though the two seats in front of them were empty.

As the trip got under way and everyone settled down, Mrs Turner turned to Dave “my name is Anastasia but call me Stacy, if you really are going to help me you will have to stop calling me Mrs Turner.”

“Thanks Stacy, I like working with you it’s been fun today, you’re beautiful,” Dave replied.

“Flattery will get you everywhere young man, It has been great to have you as my cricket man, I hope it’s not just for today” she said her hand playfully squeezing his leg

He dropped his eyes to look at her hand on his leg and was rewarded with a fine view of her boobs through the gaping top of her shirt.

She couldn’t help notice where he was staring he was so obvious, but she didn’t appear to take any offence asking, “Why does Harry keep warning me that you are desperate?”

Blushing he explained, “I can’t pull girls.” “What do you mean won’t girls go out with you.”

“Yeah they go out once but, Oh shit Mrs Turner this is getting embarrassing.” Her big brown eyes turned to look into his, causing him more embarrassment as he blushed and stuttered, “Oh shit I may as well tell you I don’t score.”

“Don’t swear,” she said as she put one arm around him and gave him a hug. Their position on the back bench seat of the bus allowed their bodies to meet, as she continued to hug him close.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it will work out.” “You know when I was young. I went through the same problem. In fact I think most teenagers do.”

“I can’t believe any one as beautiful as you would have problems getting dates,” Dave exclaimed.

“Thank you,” she replied. “I told you flattery will get you everywhere,”

She shifted her position removed her hand from his knee, taking his arm placing it around her shoulders. “You can keep me warm on the way home.”

With most of the boys asleep, the driver turned off the ceiling lights making the buss quite dark.

It was getting cool, they snuggled down together. As Stacy snuggled down, her head slipped on to his chest and he allowed his hand to fall down near her breasts.

Half asleep, Dave’s prick was hard as a rock as he dreamed of what he would like to do to Mrs Turner’s big breasts.

He let his hand stray across her chest moving it slowly. After trying this three or four time without any protest, or obstruction, he decided to become a little bolder.

Moving slowly he cupped her breast tentatively once or twice, before trying to move his hand inside through the buttons of her top.

Her hand came up and without any fuss pushed his hand away. Trying for a more comfortable position, she turned laying her legs along the seat.

When her head pushed further back up on to his chest, her upper body ended up lying between his arms.

“I’m going to try to sleep you should too,” she said quiet loudly.

Dave lay there waiting. He didn’t wait very long. When he felt her relax he tried again.

This time he moved his hand, placing it on top of her left breast, and waited for her response. When nothing happened, he again tried her top’s buttons undoing two, before slipping his fingers inside her top, to stroke her ample breast in her bra.

Once again she quietly removed his hand, but the buttons remained open. She held his hand for a few minutes, and then laid it back on her stomach.

Taking some heart from the fact that she had not slapped him or told him to stop, he tried again.

He took his time, slowly sliding his hand up from her stomach under her top and found her bra. He then waited with baited breath for her reaction. She looked up at him, “stop it someone will see what you are doing” she whispered.

His heart was pumping, he was shivering with anticipation. He didn’t want to stop. He had never even felt a breast before let alone one as large as hers.

Nervously he tried to convince her it was alright. “No they won’t, they’re asleep, there’s no one in the seats in front. We are over near the back window; they will have to walk up here to see us.”

She got up and walked off down the isle to talk to the driver. “Oh shit I’ve done it now Dave thought, she’ll tell mum when we get home, I `m in real trouble”

Dave might have been worried but his prick wasn’t. It unwound and stood to attention as Dave watched Stacy’s long top heavy body walk down the aisle.

To add to his excitement, Stacy’s long legs and heavy breasts became highlighted in the light from the driver’s cabin, as she stretched up to the top locker above the driver.

She took out some blankets offering them to the boys as she walked back towards Dave. She threw what was left of the blankets on the seats in front of him.

“We have more than an hour before we get back to school, does any one want a rest stop?” she asked. When she received lara escort no replies, he heard her tell the driver “they’re asleep.”

She must have spent five minutes talking to the driver before she drifted back to join him at the back of the buss.

She threw a blanket on his lap, took another one for herself and stood in front of him, with her back to the rest of the buss.

She leant over and kissed him, her mouth open letting her tongue play with his. “Just lay back and go to sleep,” she said, as she sat down in the spare seat in front of him.

Her kiss had raised his expectations; his prick was rock hard, his mind in turmoil. When she sat down away from him he was devastated. If she sat away from him for the rest of the trip he might never get another chance.

He leant over the seat and whispered “why aren’t you sitting with me?” “You know” she replied with a grin. The grin encouraged him “you’re so beautiful I couldn’t help it, if you come back I’ll behave.”

“Shh, someone will hear you,” she cautioned. “Well come back here and I won’t have to talk so loud,” he argued in desperation.

When she didn’t reply, Dave started to give up. “Please Mrs Turner let me apologise, I’m sorry, I always mess things up when I’m with girls.” “That’s why Harry calls me desperate.”

She sat up and turned around, “My God don’t say that, you haven’t messed things up” she said quietly.

“I’m not a girl; I’m old enough to be your mother.” “You’re a very lovely young man; any girl would love to have you treat them as you have treated me.” He started to speak.

“No! You are not desperate, you haven’t messed things up, you have made me feel young again,” she said as she returned to sit beside him in the back seat.

A few seconds later she had wriggled into her old position, her head against his shoulder, her back leaning on his stomach and chest her body lying between his arms and legs.

Dave pulled the two blankets up covering them from their feet to their chests.

She lay quietly in his arms; he could hear and feel her breathing. He wondered if she could hear or feel the beating of his over excited heart.

The warmth of her body on his, stirred his highly excited prick; it started to unfold against her back.

He waited for her to say something

She reached up, pulling her body up along his, and kissed him, her mouth sucking his tongue, her teeth nibbling his lower lip.

He brought his hand up to find that she had not closed the buttons he had opened previously, and cupped her breasts through her bra.

Stacy didn’t move to stop him, she did the opposite she sat up and undid her bra.

With her help, the fingers of both his hands were soon cupping their first bare breasts. “Gently “she moaned as his urgent fingers started to squeeze and massage them.

Dave had never had a breast in his hand before. He marvelled at their weight and silky feel. His roving hands found her nipples, they were standing out big and hard, he tweaked, pulled, and pinched them playfully. “Go easy,” she whispered. “Don’t hurt me, be gentle.”

He wanted to kiss them but could not bend his neck down far enough “What’s wrong” she whispered. “I want to kiss your breasts, can we shift a little.” Dave responded.

She wrapped herself in the blanket and stood up. Taking some extra blankets she used then as a pillow and laid along the seat.

Dave dropped down between the seats taking one of her breasts in his hands; she directed his mouth and tongue to her nipple.

“Oh my goodness that’s nice” she moaned as she pulled his head into her breast. Minutes flew by as he did everything he could think of to please her.

He tried everything he had ever read in Penthouse letters, licking the whole breast, sucking, nibbling, biting, pulling, and milking

Stacey’s lower body was starting to move backward and forward as if she was fucking. She was moaning, raining kisses on what ever part of his face neck and shoulders she could reach.

Dave tried to slip his hand up under the blanket over her clothes, intent on removing her shorts.

When the driver called, “Stacy are you awake?” Stacy tried to get up, but Dave wouldn’t allow her to move.

Dave had gone too far to be interrupted; he placed one hand over her mouth, signalling her to be quiet. “She’s asleep he called quietly.” “We’re running a bit late we should be there in fifteen minutes,” the driver announced.

Dave’s wandering hand had now opened the zip. He slipped his hand inside her shorts at the same time telling the driver, “Let her sleep; we can wake them all when we get there.”

The driver agreed, as Stacy squirmed under Dave’s probing fingers. He kept his fingers working deep in her cunt, while moving his body against her thigh so she could feel his prick jutting up in his pants.

Moving quickly he took her hand and made her help, as he lowered his zip and released his prick. He held her hand around his prick. Slowly side escort she responded until both his and her hand were moving up and down his throbbing prick.

Stacy’s mind was awash with conflicting emotions, she had decided to allow Dave a few liberties.

She had set out to compensate Dave for Harry’s insensitivity. Telling the world he was desperate was nasty, not funny. She had made up her mind to show Dave that a woman could and would like him. Her plan was to let him enjoy a little success.

His mouth on her breasts, his enthusiasm, his energy, his passion had taken over. She had allowed more than she planned. Her pussy was soaking wet, she was horny as a schoolgirl on her first date.

Opening her bra was her first mistake, she had planned to allow him to have a little feel, and then kiss him and put him to bed.

Now she wanted him. She was as eager as he was. But she knew that it was suicide to even think of sex with a boy her son’s age. Let alone on a bus full of school kids including her son.

Her mind raced as his tongue licked over her breasts and up her neck, then down her body as far as he could go. She told him to “Behave,” grabbing his hands

He took her hand and pulled it down to his hard young prick, using her fingers and his to lower his zip and let his prick burst free,

“Stop it,” she moaned, as he pushed his throbbing prick into her hand, and moved her hand up and down. She let him manipulate her fingers, as he held her hand rubbing his prick up and down faster and faster. She thought “if he comes that’ll be the end of it, he’ll stop.”

His hands were no longer assisting her, his mouth was covering hers and his tongue was doing its best to inflame her. Somehow his hands had lowered her zip and his fingers crept under her undies rubbing her nub.

She struggled closing her legs tight but the damage was done, her juices were flowing, she laid back along the seat giving in to her illegal desires.

She did not tell him, but she was sure he knew that he could do anything he wanted with her body. Her panties pushed aside, two fingers were now inside her pussy, ramming in and out.

My god he was finger fucking her. Next thing his head dropped down and his tongue replaced his fingers

His tongue was doing magical things, making her body buck and roll around, trying to get more. Where did he learn these things? She wondered, as her body shuddered from his touch.

Reality hit her as a car lights shone from a cross road on to the bus windows. “Stop it” she whispered, “stop it at once” she struggled away straightening her clothes. “If you don’t stop I’m moving to another seat. and I won’t come back”

Dave was devastated. While he was struggling to regain control the buss driver called, “wake up, we are a couple of minutes from home.”

The lights were turned on flooding the bus with light; he struggled to zip up his pants as Stacy made her way through the bus waking the boys.

Everything moved quickly as the bus unloaded and families picked up their kids.

Mr Turner was waiting for Stacy and Harry. “You’re late” he complained, “throw all the gear in the shed you can clean it up tomorrow”

Mrs Turner waved as they got in their car, ‘see you tomorrow, she asked. “Yes I’ll be there, see you,” Dave waved back.

Next morning mum was hanging up the phone, when he came down for breakfast. “What did you do to Mrs Turner” she asked “Why?” he asked nervously. “She rang, she seems extra happy, she tells me you are going to be her permanent offsider.”

“I told her I would send you down after church to help her tidy up and put things away.”

In church, he sat across and one seat back from Mrs Turner. The minister’s sermon was on his favourite subject, sin.

Dave started to blush as the minister spoke on the Ten Commandments. He looked over to find that Stacy was watching him, as she watched he licked his lips, she winked.

A surge of blood rushed to his prick. He found it hard to sit still, and not stare at her. His Mum brought him back to reality, stop squirming, sit still, stop staring around she ordered.

At home after church, he changed clothes and set off to school, when he got there the sports room under the grandstand was still closed.

Little did he know that back at the Turner’s house, he was the subject of a whispered conversation, between Stacy and her best friend and neighbour, Helen Watson.

“I don’t know what came over me” Stacy said as she poured a cup of tea and sat down. “I was sorry for the way Harry was teasing him. I thought I would just give him a cuddle and a kiss on the way home on the bus, and that would be that.

My god Helen it was so exciting, within minutes I was ready to have sex with him; I was so hot I would have done it on the bus with everyone there. It was pure lust.

I let him play with my boobs, he sucked them so beautifully, making me so horny, that the next thing I knew, I had his prick in my hand, and he was fingering me down there.”

“I loved it; it was like being a teenager again making out in the back seat of a car.”

“Last night as I lay in bed, I tried to think why a married woman old enough to be his mother, would get so carried away with an inexperienced lad.

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