Moving On Ch. 02

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The drapes billowed gently as the warm breeze flowed through the window into the candlelit room. The sound of soft jazz filled the air, perforated by the telltale gulps and slurps of an exquisite blowjob.

James’ eyes were boring their way into the ceiling as he felt his thoughts and inhibitions being sucked out of him through his penis. It was as though all of his nerve endings had been transferred to his genitals, and each one had an electric current running through it. He moaned involuntarily.

Looking down, James saw a familiar brunette head bobbing backwards and forwards on his manhood. Mouth and hand moving in perfect sync, the candlelight glistened off his rock hard cock in between mouthfuls.

Sensing his gaze, she quickened her motion, using her free hand to massage his testes as she took him deeper into her throat. Deeper and deeper she went, her lips covering more and more ground. Feeling his knees starting to buckle, he knew he was close. She must have sensed it too, removing him from her throat just as the first rope of cum was unleashed from what felt like his very soul.

“Mmmmmm” Danielle purred as she licked his cum from her lips. Looking James in the eye, she extended her tongue to lick the last drop waiting to fall from his deflating cock. “Thanks for the cocktail”


James awoke with a start. Scanning his surroundings, he was initially unsure as to where he was. Memories started returning as he felt the duvet rise underneath him. “Good morning,” Charlotte grinned as she wiped a droplet of cum from her chin. She slithered her way up his torso and kissed him, leaving a salty taste on his lips.

James made a mental note to use twice the mouthwash when he got home. “Good morning.”

She grinned as she rolled over him and onto the bed. “I was wanting to wake you up for another round until I noticed you were ready to go already” she said, motioning to the slowly decreasing tent under her duvet. “That must have been some dream!”

“Yeah, it was something alright” James admitted. A vision of his Danielle licking his cum from her lips sending a shiver of excitement down his spine. “What time is it?”

“About 9” she replied, looking at the clock on the wall. “What time do you start today?”

“Ten”, he grumbled. He could think of nowhere he wanted to be less than at work at that exact moment. He turned to get out of bed.

“So who is Danielle, then?” Charlotte asked as he got to his feet. He froze mid-step


“While I was emm… waking you up, you were moaning her name. Anyone important?”

He was caught a little off guard. His dream had been so vivid. It stood to reason that he might have gotten a little carried away. “No-one” he responded, “Just someone I met the other day.”

“She must have left some impression to get a response like that!” she laughed as she looked down at his semi. “You were rock hard by the time I got my hands on you”

He blushed slightly at her abruptness. “Sorry about that. It can’t have been very reassuring to hear following the night we’ve just had.”

“I’ll not lie, it caught me by surprise,” she said. “But I’m not so naive to think that I’d be entrenched in your subconscious after one night of, admittedly, amazing fucking.” She grinned as she saw the blush running to his cheeks. “Listen, I don’t really care if you’re pining for someone else. That’s not what this was about. I needed a work out. After seeing you on the bike yesterday, I figured you’d be a pretty enjoyable one. I was pretty fucking right!!”

They laughed.

It was a strange situation for James. He’d never called out another girl’s name in bed before, and he’d certainly never been with a girl that was this ok with the idea of him fantasising about someone else.

“Something you said yesterday did intrigue me though,” she stated. “You said you and Julie were fuck buddies, not really together, but you got upset when you found out she was sleeping around. Why was that?”

He thought about it for a second. “I don’t really know. I guess I was just upset at the idea of her going behind my back. If she told me that she wanted to see other people, I don’t think I’d have been as upset. Fucking my friends at the same time, though, always going to be a deal breaker for me.”

“Yeah, I guess I can understand that that.”

“You sure this is something you want” James’ curiosity was peaking. “Last time didn’t end very well”

“Maybe I am. What do you think? Reckon that’s something you can handle?”

“Fuck yes, that’s something I can handle!” James replied, grabbing a breast and giving it a firm squeeze. “I hope that yoga mat’s washable?”


James grabbed a quick shower and grabbed his gear, giving Charlotte a quick slap on the bottom as he passed her on the way towards the front door. Judging by her shock and sudden blushing, he’d have fun with that next time she had an itch that needed scratching.

Rummaging through his bag for his bike lock keys, James came across a small red card in his work trousers. Pulling it out, he scanned escort kartal Danielle’s business card as the mental image of her head wrapped around his cock flashed through his mind. This was going to be an interesting day.


Work started like any other day. Arriving at the restaurant, he went straight to the bathroom to clean himself up. He was used to washing the sweat from a hard ride off him and freshening up for a shift, but today the smell of sweat was replaced by something much sweeter. He smiled as the recognition hit.

The morning shift went by pretty quickly, a handful of customers coming in for a quick bite to eat during their lunch hour. By 2pm, he was rummaging through his pockets for Danielle’s card. Dialling the number, he felt his heart rate start to quicken. What was he going to say? What is she interested in? His menu? His skills? Him? He wanted answers to all these questions and more.

The number kept ringing. Would anyone pick up? His mind was racing. Why was he so nervous?

“Good Afternoon DDDesigns, Angela speaking, how can I help?”

“Hi, I was asked to contact Miss Davis.” James replied, his palms getting sweatier.

“And who can I say is calling?”

“James Sharp” he replied. ‘Shit!’, he thought, ‘she doesn’t know my name!’ He hesitated. “From Giorgios” ‘Bumbling idiot!!’

“Ok Mr Sharp, I’ll see if Miss Davis is available.” ‘MISS Davis? Not MRS Davis?’ Things were looking up!

A shrill beep, followed by an intermittent humming told James that he was on hold. This was it.

“Hello, this is Danielle, how can I help?” cried the voice of an angel.


“Hello? Hello?… Anybody there?” he heard muffled calls to her receptionist. What was he doing? ‘Talk to the woman! Idiot!’

“Hello, Miss Davis?” he finally managed to form words. ‘Well done Idiot, now keep going’

“This is she. How can I help?”

“Hi, I don’t know if you remember me from Giorgio’s last night…”

“Ah, the barista!!” she exclaimed “I was hoping you would call!”

Hoping he would call? She IS interested in him. ‘YES!!’ His heart was soaring. Visions of candlelit blowjobs and cum covered lips started flying though his mind.

Regaining control, his brain started to kick back in. ‘Easy now casanova’. “Yeah, sorry it took so long to call. I didn’t want to sound too eager and the morning shift has just finished here at Giorgios.” ‘Stop rambling!’ “Your note certainly got my attention, Miss Davis.”

“Oh yes?” she said coyly. “How so?”

“Well its not everyday that a beautiful woman leaves you her business card.” ‘Too much? No. Too Cheesy! Idiot’

“…” She paused. ‘Fuck! Definitely too much! She’s just not that into you bro!’ “That’s very kind of you to say, Mr Sharp. Your menu gave me plenty to think about.”

The menu? She was interested in the menu! Not him! The candles were starting to dim. “Thank you Miss Davis” his head was trying to steady the ship. “That means a lot coming from the director of a graphical design firm.”

“You’re very welcome. I’m a designer myself first, director second. I’d like to think that I can appreciate talent when I see it. And please, call me Dani.”

Talent? The blowjob from heaven was starting to seem like a distant memory but this may not end in total disaster. “That’s very kind of you to say Miss err, Dani.” ‘Smooth!’ “Please, call me James.”

“Well James, the reason I left you my card is that I may be looking for someone to fill a position I have vacant at present.” James fought to keep his dirty mind in check. Oh, if only she knew how much he wanted to occupy her vacant positions. “The role includes the planning, creating, and updating of various point of sale and marketing materials for a number of our clients. Ideally, we want someone to combine and strengthen the team of designers I have here at DDDesigns. From your menu, I think you have the potential to join us.”

Now it was turn for James brain to start soaring. ‘She’s offering you a job! A REAL job! At a REAL firm! FINALLY!!’ “Wow, Miss Davis…”

“Dani, please.”

“Er, sorry, Dani. Thank you very much for the kind offer. It sounds right up my street. I have a quick question though, if you wouldn’t mind humouring me a little?”

“Of course, I realise how vague this must seem, being thrust at you out of the blue” Hearing her say ‘thrust’ sent a lightening bolt down his spine. The candles were rekindling. “Ask away?”

“Well, to be perfectly frank, the first thing that jumped into my head,” (other than a string of overly excited expletives that he probably shouldn’t mention in front of a prospective employer) “was that I’m not qualified enough for this position. This would be my first design job since uni.”

“That’s fine James, we’re not looking for some hot shot designer who’s worked for Tom, Dick and Harry and got himself a God complex along the way. We’re, no, I’M, looking for someone with fresh ideas, a clear eye for design, attention to detail, and a positive attitude. I could tell from chatting to you for just maltepe escort a couple of minutes that you had all of the above, and the fact that you make a kick ass cocktail is going to make you a massive hit with the girls here!”

“Ok, you sound pretty convinced?” he said nervously

“I am.” She replied. “But if it would put your mind at ease, I’d be happy to interview you and take a look at your portfolio if you have one?” Portfolio? Shit! “When do you think you could pop on down to the office?”

James mentally brought up his rota for the week. The only half day he had left was tomorrow. Was that too soon? ‘Fuck it! It’s not too soon! She wants YOU remember!’ “How does tomorrow sound? Say 2pm?”

He could hear a flurry of typing and clicks as she checked her schedule. “That sounds perfect! I look forward to seeing you then James.”

“Great, thank you so much Dani. See you tomorrow at 2.” She hung up.

James stood with the phone to his ear for what felt like the next 5 minutes. He had practically been handed his dream job by, literally, the woman of his dreams. He was dumbfounded.

The rest of the day flew past in a daze as James tried to piece together what he would put in his portfolio. He had loads of different designs and creations from uni and a few things here and there that he’d created for George for a little extra in his pay packet at the end of the week. He mentally picked out the bits and pieces that he needed. By the time he got home, he was exhausted. A deep sleep took him.


James awoke with a start. Looking around his room to find any indication of the time, he noticed he was pitching a tent in his duvet again. He had been dreaming about Dani again. Candles, blowjobs and billowing drapes were flashing in focal point of his subconscious.

He eventually located his alarm clock, hidden underneath an errantly thrown T-shirt. 10am. He was afraid that following the ‘exertions’ of the past 48 hours, he might have overslept. Luckily, being awake now gave him plenty time to get his shit together for the interview. It was a good start. Hearing the rain clatter against his windows, he got the feeling he would need all the good luck he could get today.

He got up and went for the shower. He had been so exhausted by the time he got home that he had barely enough energy to take his cycling gear off, let alone shower. Scrubbing himself clean, he spent a little longer than usual making himself look presentable in the bathroom mirror.

The doorbell rang.

James looked at the phantom watch on his right wrist, the invisible one that he consulted daily without ever meaning to. ‘Who the hell can that be?’ He wasn’t expecting anybody. Still dressed in a towel, he opened the door to the last person in the world he wanted to see today.

“What are you doing here, Julie?’ he sighed. His ex stood drenched in front of him with a sad look on her face, this wasn’t going to be good.

She was dressed in jeans and a purposefully chosen low-cut pink tank top that magically drew the eye to her best assets. Despite all her faults, James had to admit, Julie had the finest pair of tits he’d ever seen. The worst part was she knew it. When wet, the tank top clung to her chest like cling film. Bitch!

Her eyes drifted down to the towel. “I wanted to see you.”

“So you thought you’d just turn up unannounced? Why now? We haven’t seen each other in months!”

“I don’t like how things ended between us. I want to mend some fences.” she said looking down at the floor, if she could see it beneath her chest. “I’m moving to the states in 3 weeks and I don’t want to leave without making things right.”

“You slept with at least THREE of my best mates behind my back! How did you think it was going to end?!” He vented.

“But we weren’t together! We never said we were going to be exclusive!” she pleaded. “Why has this got you so worked up?”

“I have had a long time to think about this.” He stated firmly. “I wouldn’t have been that upset if it had been anyone else! But the fact that you were with 3 of the closest people in the world to me, instead of me, and then tried to cover it up, tells me you knew that it would hurt me, and you did it anyway. Why should I waste my time with someone who would treat me like that”

He was done with this conversation. He began to close the door.

Julie’s foot blocked the door from closing. “What do I have to do to get you to forgive me?”


“Not until you talk to me!” She removed her foot from the door and stood back, arms crossed, the rain pouring down al over her.

His shoulders slumped. He knew he couldn’t just shut the door on her. Resigned, he opened the door further and motioned for her to come in. The corners of her lips began to curve upwards. Bitch!

Walking past him, Julie headed straight for James’ bedroom and sat herself down on the bed. “Have you got another towel? Preferably a clean one?” trying to make fun of the perpetual mess that was his room.

He sighed. “Hang on, pendik escort bayan I’ll go get you a fresh one.”

James headed for the airing cupboard by the bathroom and grabbed the last clean towel. Thank God for small miracles, he thought. Heading back to his room, he got to the doorframe and paused. Julie was standing, facing away from him, with her hands on her hips. Slowly, she peeled the sodden tank top up and over her head, taking a particularly long time to pull it over her breasts. James could see only the silhouette of her beautiful sensual body. He had almost forgotten how sexy she could be.

Julie had never been the prettiest of girls, but 1 minute in her company and most men were smitten. She was really easy going (focus on the ‘easy’) and was always a good laugh. She was dirty minded, perhaps more so than James, which strangely added to her allure. She oozed sexuality, sensuality, and above all, confidence. Something told James that it wasn’t an accident that she had picked that exact time to undress. Bitch!

She turned to face him. Sad eyes now turned decidedly more mischievous. “Are you going to pass me that towel or are you just going to stand there and gawp all day?”

James felt his loins betray him. His cock began to stir. She wouldn’t fail to notice. Turning away from her towards the wardrobe, he reached in and retrieved an old shirt and threw it over towards the bed. “Here, put this on.”

Turning back to face her, James was now greeted with the sight of Julie bending over to remove her jeans, giving him an eyeful of her round arse. She had ignored his request to put the shirt on, and now stood in front of him, soaked to the skin, in just her bra and panties. His cock rose further again. Bitch!

Trying to occupy himself, James started gathering the clothes he was going to wear for the interview, hanging them on the wardrobe. Hearing her grab the towel, James waited a moment to allow her to cover herself up before heading to grab his boxers from the bed. If he could just get dressed, the danger would be over.

All such thoughts evaporated into thin air when he turned around. Julie was standing completely naked, miraculously, still soaking wet despite the towel being in her hand. The water glistened as it ran down her breasts slowly. James had never been jealous of water, but he was starting to realise that there was a first time for everything!

Julie’s mischievous smile had vanished, replaced by something else, something that James had not seen since the first time he’d taken her to bed. Hunger. She wanted him bad. And something told him that he was not going to win a battle of wills with her, not when his body had defected to the other side of the battlefield.

She closed the gap between them and sensually kissed him, pressing her wet body against his. He could feel her nipples harden as they grazed his chest. She grabbed his right hand and placed it on her rear, squeezing it, giving him directions. He obeyed.

Her left hand went for the towel, deftly loosening it and letting it drop to the floor. James cock sprang out of its confinement. ‘Traitor!’ Raising an eyebrow, she grinned as she slowly dropped to her knees, trailing kisses down his chest. When she was level with her target, she looked up and looked eyes with her prey. Taunting him. Showing him who was in charge. Her eyes didn’t flicker as she took James’ hard cock in her mouth.

She licked his cock from balls to tip in one elongated show of strength. Emphasising an “Mmmmmm” as she tantalised his most sensitive areas. She was a master. Eye contact still piercing. She could feel the shivers running through him.

She slowly sat back and gazed upon her prize, holding it one handed at the base, as if she were measuring it up for something. Flicking a grin in James’ direction, she lunged her mouth at his penis, taking in as much of it as she dared.

He could feel the back of her throat on his bellend. Years of being a smoker had left her throat raw, but the feeling on a hard, sensitive cock was outstanding. Pushing harder, she was trying to force James further down her neck, her tongue massaging his shaft. James closed his eyes as the pleasure grew more intense.

The candles burned brightly as his subconscious took over and the vision of Dani took shape before him, plunging down on his rod with more vigour than in previous dreams. A devilish glint in her eyes as she sent more lightening bolts of pleasure to his brain.

He felt the slight pinch of teeth on his helmet, the pain contrasting nicely with the pleasure being forced upon him. Dani had certainly upped her game from yesterday! Feeling a hand on his wrist. James opened his eyes to see Julie placing his hand upon the back of her head. She was really going all out! A look of determination crossed her face as she started working his cock again, this time inviting James to control the motion. Taking her by surprise, James got a tight grip of her auburn hair and thrust into her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes shot wide open, locking her gaze with James again. He continued to fuck her mouth until she started to gag. With one last effort, he thrust into her and held his position for a few seconds, seeing the panic in her eyes as she started to choke on his cock. Her throat began to contract on the end of his rod. He would have to try that one again.

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