Movie Night Ch. 02: Announcement

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Petra’s suggestions alternately took my breath away, and made me gasp at the same time.

“No, Petra…I don’t know what she’s trying to do…?” was all I could remark, as Petra’s breath in my ear and her thigh over and on top of mine were beginning to steal my thoughts once again.

“Well, Mr. D., let’s just say that she wants something from you pretty badly.”

My mind was in a fog, and I was trying to clear it, having just emptied what I figured was a full 2 weeks worth of cum into Petra’s hand, as she stroked me, and Riley’s pussy rode the top of my cock.

Unreal. I’m a lucky dude. And…Petra was clearly not finished. “o.k.”, I thought to myself “let’s just see where this goes. Obviously, she’s a bit heated up, and how often does ‘this’ opportunity present itself?” So, lowering myself slightly in the couch, I resumed watching the slash film, as Petra snuggled ever closer, and now, holding my cock, ever-so-gently stroking it back to whatever life was left in it.

She whispered in my ear “can you keep still AND keep quiet?” I nodded my assent, and after a long, very wet kiss, was thrilled as Petra lowered her head into my lap, and slowly began snaking her tongue around just the tip of my cock, her hand protecting everything below it. This, of course, did nothing to quell the fire in my loins, and the impact was immediate and drastic. My bloated head redoubled it’s size, and pushing my head back further into the couch pillow, I reveled in this young lady’s attentions.

Slowly, her head descended down my shaft, stopping just over halfway, as her hands resumed their caresses over my fillings sacs, stretching, pulling, then pushing them up.

Un-fucking-believable. Over the next 15-20 minutes, I was as hard as ever, something I’m not accustomed to with Tammy at all. Petra’s buttons had long-ago come undone (did I do that..?) and my hand was gently pulling and pushing the 2nd most beautiful pair of nipples as her breasts shook slightly with each downward attempt at taking me all in.

I’m a good 8″… and when really excited, and this qualifies… maybe a bit more…so…not going to happen if you’re not used to doing that. Petra coughed, and the noise went unnoticed except for Susan turning to see if she had choked on something. “just got something caught in my throat…I’m fine.” Petra covered, my knees and the blanket blocking Susan’s view from the floor. Susan lingered just a little too long in her gaze, but I stayed focused on the TV.

Sensing the “close call”, and timed perfectly with another live-screen beheading, Petra lifted her head, and announced “Oh, MY GOD, NO!” as she shifted on the couch, threw her head into my shoulder, and got up on her knees in time with Susan’s head buried in the pillow on the floor. I felt Petra rustle her nighty a bit more until things calmed down, and then felt her lips back in my ear “Hold very still, Mr. D.”

My eyes moved to hers, as she lifted the covers, and rolling to her side, sat in my lap with a knee on either side of me. She had pretty much unbuttoned her entire nighty, and lifting it above her ass, sat down while holding my cock straight up. It looked like “her” cock, and I could feel the heat of her pussy as she pressed it in closely. The covers now rearranged, she began a tortuous rhythm of squeezing my shaft with her hands, pressing it into her pussy, and while rocking forward, rolling her hands over the tip. My balls were aching now, and her wetness flowed from her freely. Worse…or…better yet…I could smell her sex. I could smell the muskiness of her wetness as it soaked down my balls and despite my best efforts at holding still, I began a slow rocking motion myself.

“stop it…not yet” were her words.

“What?” I thought…”not yet…what the fuck…When, then?” I asked myself. I tried everything I could to remain calm. No dice. I was heating up also.

“Mr. D. You’re not paying attention, please…you’ve forgotten something.”

“I’m sorry…what?” I whispered back at her, as she rest her head on my left shoulder.

“Here. Let me remind you” and with that, Petra’s hands each found mine, desperately clenching the blanket, and moved them onto her thighs.

“I’ll take care of this, please,” and her hands moved mine over my cockhead and down into the thin bush at the top of her clit “and you help me out with these”, and my hands were gently moved up and under her breasts. I felt more than heard her short gasp as my palms gently lifted her cups, but my fingers surrounded her nipples, and pulling slightly, guided them maltepe escort slightly together, then apart, then squeezing them, pressed into her. The result was a quiver over my cockhead, and a new flood of her juices, soaking my shaft and my balls, as her hand squeezed me.

Crap. The credits were rolling now. Riley had slipped into a quiet slumber, but it was Susan who began to get up.

“Movie’s over, Dad. Can I come sit with you and Petra for a moment before bed?”.

“Uh…sure…no problem”.

In my ear, Petra’s words changed my life forever “she’s going to tell you a story, now, Mr. D., so you’d better listen well, o.k.?”

Ok. So…my cock is solid right now, a beautiful teenager is sitting in my lap, sliding her juices around it while I have each of her tits in my hands, but o.k…storytime…sure…why not? I mean…what could go wrong, right?

Susan shut off the TV, walked through the hallway to shut off those lights, and returned with something in her hand. I couldn’t see it, I just knew it was there, and it wasn’t before. Ignoring Petra’s odd position on my lap, Susan moved to our left side, and sinking into my, her head on my shoulder, her left hand adjusting Petra’s hair as she relocated her head to my right announced “I need to ask your opinion about some things.”

“o.k., Suz”, thinking this might be serious, I nudged Petra to get off of me, but she resisted. I turned to face Susan, my hands still cupping Petra’s breasts, and matched her gaze.

“So, Dad, the thing is…you know how we’re all headed to college this fall?”. I nodded yes.

“and you know how, since Grandma’s old house is only two blocks from the University, we decided that I could stay there?”. Again, a nod from me indicating I was engaged, despite Petra’s slight shifting coating my cock again and again.

“and you know how you said you no longer need Ms. Maribel to watch over the kids here, since we’re all pretty much grown up past that?”. “Sure, Pumpkin…I did say that.”

Ms. Maribel was the kid’s live-in nanny, now well into her 50’s. She was a friend of Tammy’s and mine since when we first got married, and having fallen on some hard times, we offered her into our house, and she just ended up staying on as a live-in nanny. Now that our youngest was 11, well, the need for a live-in nanny was ending.

“Well, what’d you have in mind, Suz?” That’s all I could mutter, and softly, and rather quickly, as Petra shifted back in my lap, and with a downward push of my cock, aimed it directly at her blossoming womanhood, lodging just the tip inside. Precarious, oh, my…but it felt like a warm, buttery glove had touched me, and my balls tightened at the thought.

Petra’s mouth was back on my right ear, and her whispers now direct…”ready, Mr. D…here it comes.” With that, Petra began an oh-so-slow, and oh-so-steady descent onto my cock, enveloping me in the most exquisite heat since…well…Riley…a short hour or so ago. I caught my breath, and my cock thickened in response to the milky wetness now gripping me. There was no resistance, just a slight, completely-surrounding pressure as Petra descended and bottomed-out against my root.

Susan’s words followed, timed almost perfectly with Petras command of my manhood “well, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind it if all three of us lived there with Ms. Maribel? I mean, she could take care of the kids.”

I hardly registered this at first, and my response gave it away “but you’re not kids anymore, Suz…you’re all adults now, and living alone is…uh..part of the…uh…college…um…uh…experience” and Petra’s canal squeezed, then milked my now demanding shaft.

“Dad…and this is important now, so I need you to listen…” her comments re-opening my eyes. They had clenched shut, as I felt my balls tighten and surge, Petra’s hands now pulling them up into her as she let her weight consume my shaft. “I’m not talking about ‘us’, Dad…Riley, Petra, and I are adults now, we get it.”

“What, then…I don’t understand, Suz?”

“Dad…I’m talking about ‘our’ kids.”

Petra froze, and time stood still. “What? What…um…talking about what kids, Suze…I’m still confused.”

Susan showed me what she had in her hands. It was a tube of dark, red, almost maroon-colored lipstick.

“Oh, fuck…she knows” was all I could register, my brain on overload. I watched, now breathing deeply, my hands mauling Petra’s distended nipples, no longer trying to keep anything quiet or hidden, as Susan uncapped the lid, mecidiyeköy escort and holding the tube, twisted until the stick protruded just far enough.

“I know what you like, Daddy. I saw what you made Terri do at the party last week”, and with this, Susan pressed the tube to her lips, and gracefully applied a coat of the deep red cream to each side, bottom, then top. “You like watching this, don’t you, Dad? Seems to me you “love” deep, red lips.” Unwinding the tube and recapping it, she pursed her lips with this remark, and slowly…

…ever so slowly…

…she leaned away from us, just a bit, and button-by-button, opened her nighty to me, exposing her cleavage, then her breasts, and ending by letting it drop down past her hips, her girl-shorts now deliciously exposed and obviously, wet.

Susan licked her lips. Slowly.

I moaned.

She moved her lips into the space inside my earlobe and in a tone barely audible said “I’m talking about “our” kids, Daddy. Yours and mine. Yours and Riley’s. And as soon as you empty that baby-making monster you have stuffed up inside Petra overheated love-box right now… well… yours and Petra’s, too”.

Susan’s hand had traveled under the blanket as she said this, up over Petra’s thighs, and down into the space where my hose was searching for the fire to put out. It was Susan’s hands now on my balls, squeezing, and Petra’s voice in my ear “I told you this was important, Mr. D. Now…pay attention.”

Susan continued “I saw Terri take you back to the pantry two weeks ago. Her and that slutty French maid outfit…who dresses like that anymore anyway…unless, I suppose, they want Daddy cock.” Susan was smiling in my ear…I could tell.

Pretty much, I thought. Terri was the neighbor’s kid down the block…same age, same grade as Susan and her friends, but a spoiled little brat. She was easily under 5′ tall, but had her mother’s C cups, and tonight, they were on display well. Their party was just for fun, and I had been drinking…good reason; no excuse, I know, but Terri’s breasts lured me, and in fishnet leggings no less, with an ass that would kill a dragon. A guy can only resist so much, and I really appreciate deep, red, lipstick. Terri has nothing in common with Susan, so they weren’t really friends, but Terri wore a deep, red, lipstick that night also, and I was acutely aware that Susan was telling the truth right now.

“I watched you, Daddy…I watched her kiss you when she thought no one was looking. I heard her groan when she touched you, and I saw you lower your mouth to her tit, Dad..remember?”

Fuck. How could I forget? Terri had been teasing every adult male that night, but seemed particularly fond of doing so with me. Not that I minded. Tammy, as with every Thursday night, was in another long set of meetings and wouldn’t be arriving until well after 8 pm.

It was 6.

“I seem to remember watching her … um… give you some relief, Daddy?…remember that?”

Oh…fuck…yes…I did.

“See something you like, Mr. D.?” The alcohol removed any filters I had, and my reply was “Yes…I love deep, red lips.” Terry blushed, and her nipples hardened at my boldness. We both noticed. “Oh, my, Terri…embarrassed?”

“I didn’t know you, um…liked red lipstick?” Her teenaged-ness was showing up, and I wasted no time exploiting it. “Well, I like a lot of things, Terri. And, I didn’t say that. I said I loved deep, red lips.”

Noticing her slight discomfort, I continued “well, it’s not how you wear it, it’s what you do with it that matters, right?” Terry blushed a further shade of red, if that was possible, and stepping forward, I said “You do know what to do with it, right Terri?”

Terri was on the edge, and holding my hand, said, “well, I might know a thing or two, ‘if’ you can be a good boy for me. Let’s go get that wine, first”, and with my hand in tow, led me into the pantry, just off the far end of the kitchen hall. No one near now, and with no one looking, it was Terri who stood on tiptoe, and gently pecked my lips. “I’d like to do something with my lips, Mr. D.”

I responded by wrapping my hand around her waist, and drawing her closely into me, mashed my lips against her. She tasted like cherries, and her lips relaxed, parted, and her tongue extended against mine. “Oh, God, Mr. D…oh…please”, as my hand wandered down her chest and gently lifted, then pulled her heaving breast out, my fingers finding a very hard nipple. My mouth moved quickly to surround it and my merter escort tongue worked overtime to imprint my desire into her.

Susan, again…in my ear now…”remember, Daddy? Are you thinking about her now?” Her hands left my balls and began wrapping around my cock, buried deep inside Petra, now moaning, her hands around my head.

Uh…yes…believe it or not, I actually was. Petra’s gentle gyrations on my cock and Susan’s hands on my balls did nothing to still the memories now flooding back into my mind.

I removed my lips from Terri’s nipple. “So good, Terri. What else can you do with those?”. That’s all it took. Terri’s hands were on my pants, unzipping my fly and pulling my belt loose. In a snap, her hands had dropped my jeans, and her mouth was beginning to surround my cock. “Quickly, Mr. D., and I promise, I’ll have more for you whenever you’d like. I’m free on Saturday, o.k.?” and Terri’s velvet throat consumed my growing hardness.

Whether it was the wine, or Terri’s very good oral skills, I lasted all of about 3 minutes. Terri sensed the impending release when my cock shaft lengthened, and the head swelled out-of-control “oh, fuck, yes, Mr. D…please…yes…”. If I remembered nothing else, I remembered my groin turning inside out as this young lady pushed my cock deeper into her mouth, and with the first stream of my cum, pulled her lips to the edge of my crown, and her hands stroked and twisted around the veins on my shaft as I was emptying a full reservoir of my manliness. Expert skills. That kid. Choked a bit, but swallowed every drop. I almost dropped to my knees, but she had my jeans up and was kissing me again with cum-coated lips when she said “I have lots of red lipstick, Mr. D. I’d like to show you how I put it on, too”.

Susan’s voice now, again, filling my ear. “Red lipstick, Dad. We need to talk more.” Susan squeezed my shaft, Petra rose and fell again, driving my cockhead firmly against her cervix, only to have it slide to the side with the invasion.

“Tell you what, Daddy…I’ll give you all the details in a few minutes, but right now, Petra needs you to finish what she’s started.” Petra was grinding on me now, riding my cock like the cowboy position she held over me, but it was Susan who made the right move. “Here, Daddy. Be a good Daddy and hold this for me while you cum” I turned to my left only to encounter Susan’s engorged, inflamed nipple in my mouth, her left breast swollen in her small hand.

“Suck, Daddy” as my mouth surrounded the heat, and Susan moaned softly with the contact.

Susan’s right hand cradled my head and pulled me into her breast, and her left kept squeezing under the flesh, urging her nipple into my mouth.

Softly, but speaking to us both, Susan uttered “Cum in her, Daddy…do it now.” She spoke with authority, and I felt my vision narrow as my groin tightened and a small volcano erupted from deep inside me. Petra fell slack, her orgasm a physical response to my cock swelling beyond its capacity inside her, a clear signal that she was about to be inseminated. Her vaginal walls clamped down hard around my pulsing tool, now spewing geyers inside her, and the milking motion of her orgasms only intensified the release for us both. I actually felt her cervix rocking over the head of my cock with each contraction of her orgasm. How many times I soaked that opening, I lost count.

“Oh…fucking Hell…Oh, Suz…oh my gaaaawwwwdddd…help me…oh, fuck…more…please..Mr. D…don’t stop..more…oh, Fuuuuucccckkkk..”, and Petra ran out of breath, falling back on my chest, my hands spinning her nipples gently, and my tube, now empty of its heavy load, still distended and plugging her vaginal opening very effectively.

“Take it, Petra…good girl…take it all, don’t stop. Oooo…so sexy, P! You know what to do.”

Susan’s words caressed Petra as her hand left her breast and touched Petra’s chest and over her breast, then rubbed her belly. These words were those of a ring-leader. A pirate. This was a woman in charge, and she was smiling at us both.

Petra rolled to the side, and to my surprise, assumed the same resting position as Riley, now smiling and giggling, having heard the ending of this interlude with Petra. “I told you, P.” was all I heard.

“Feel this, Daddy?” Susan asked, and her hand guided mine from my sides toward her sex. Susan pressed my fingers around and past her panties, steaming and wet from the experience, and through her pursed lips. She moaned “that’s what you have waiting next, Daddy.”

As Susan kneeled in front of me, my hand still caressing her silky box, her mouth surrounded my cum-covered cock and she began alternately licking me clean, while speaking.

“We need to get you all clean before bed, Daddy. I hope you sleep well. You and I have a busy morning, but first, let’s talk about timing…”

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