Movie Fantasy

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I have a fantasy that I’ve been dying to enact. I tell you I want to go to the movies with you. I insist on the worst looking movie out. I tell you it’s the only one I wanted to see. You are a bit skeptical of my choice but agree.

The night arrives and I am so excited to put my plan into action. We’ve been friends but being around you seriously turns me on. I’m honestly not sure you feel the same.

Tonight I’m wearing a knee length dress with nothing under it. No bra. No panties. Nothing. We sit in the back of the near empty movie. As the movie begins, I keep slyly glancing your way.

I drop my box of candy purposely making sure it slides down to the row in front of us. You start to get up to get it for me but I tell you I’ve got it.

I stand up bending over the chairs in front of us. I can feel my dress inching up toward my naked ass. The breeze on my legs and my excitement giving me goosebumps. I hear a sound behind me and hope it’s proof you’re interested too.

I’m on my tippy toes now. Reaching. Hoping you’ll help me out. The dress rises more and I know you see now. “Can you help please? eryaman anal yapan escort Hold me so I don’t fall,” I say wanting to feel your hands on me.

There’s a rustling behind me as you lean forward. Your hands go to my hips and your thumbs rest on the upper part of my ass. “Like this?” you ask in a deeper tone than I’m used to.

My body clenches with the mixture of your voice and touch. “A bit lower so I don’t fall forward please,” I gasp. I just want to feel your hands on my skin. I’m already super wet and sure you can tell.

You move your hands down my hips and onto my ass. Your fingers go lower to part me. I steady myself by putting my hands firmly on the armrests in front of me. My legs are trembling now. I hear you inhale behind me followed by a rumbling sound.

One hand lowers and I feel your fingers testing me even though I’m obviously wet. Two fingers slide through my wetness and over my hard clit. My back arches and I fight the urge to squeak or moan. Fuck but you’re finally touching me.

In circles your fingers travel over and over again. My pussy starts to pulse. I’m ankara escort so close to cuming right now. I’m fighting it hard but fuck your fingers feel so good. That’s when you lean forward. Tongue darts out to taste me. Sucking and tonguing my clit, you’ve got me right at the edge. “Quiet now,” you growl licking and slurping.

Your warm, wet tongue flicks back and forth over my clit as my hips fight to keep the bucks small and my lips and hands fight to keep me quiet. Flick, flick. Hands holding me still as possible. I cum so hard I feel the gush. You suck hard on my clit and I cum again covering your face with my juices.

Your hands pull me back toward our seats. I see you licking your lips with a big smile on your face. I look down to see you were not unaffected.

You turn me around and push me gently but sternly to my knees in front of you. You unzip your pants and begin stroking yourself in front of me. I enjoy watching but really want to touch and taste myself. Patiently, I wait for you to grab my hand and place it next to yours on your cock. We stroke slowly for a few minutes.

I etimesgut escort lick my lips as my mouth begins salivating. Your hand takes the back of my head and pushes it toward your cock. You push firmly to see how much I can take to start. Holding me there firmly for a few until I gag a bit and drool on your cock.

I love the feel of your strong hands on the back of my head and your hard cock hitting the back of my throat. You lighten your grip on my head and let me explore a bit. Licking up and down your cock. Feeling it throb under my tongue. I twirl my tongue around the head and suck you back into my mouth.

I play lazily. Sucking and licking. Taking a break to breath in the wonderful sex smell of your cock. Thoroughly loving where I am, almost purring.

“Ready?” you growl. I nod. Grabbing my head again you begin fucking my mouth. I look up to see you watching me and biting your lip. Fuck are you hot. Over and over you push your cock into my mouth. Drool is now all over my face and your crotch. I feel you tensing.

You speed up. Pushing my head further down on your cock. I keep eye contact so you know I’m fine. Then you’re at the back of my throat spurting thick warm cum down my throat. I suck greedily to get it all. You release my head and I slowly let you out of my mouth and put your cock away. I’m grinning so big. This is my favorite movie ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32