Mother’s Attention

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From my early days my mother had never seemed to change. She was an Amazon of a woman. She was six foot tall with firm erect breasts (38D) and an amazing body. Her long dark hair would fall over her eye to give her a coy look that looked very sexy in certain cases.

It was only in latter years that I have realized exactly how sexy my mother was.

Let me describe the scene in our household. My mother always insisted that we had no locks on any internal door. She seemed insistent that we should have nothing to hide. I now feel it was because she wished to have control over everything my elder sister and I had or did. She wished to rule our lives.

My sister rebelled and did what she wanted but I always tried to please my mother and probably let her rule my life. This had an effect on me having any established relationship with any girl friend. My mother always objected and found fault with any girl she ever saw me with.

The relationship between my mother and father also left much to be desired, for they always seemed to be arguing, that is when my father was ever at home.

So let us move to the summer of 1963. The era of the “Beetles” and what people say was the start of free love. I had just turned eighteen in the May of that year and my sister had finally left home to work away.

It was a lovely summers evening and I was laying in the bath. In walked my mother.

“You dirty boy!” She exclaimed before I had a chance to say a thing.

I had been feeling very relaxed and had been casually stroking my cock. It was hard and erect.

“What have I done?” I responded desperately beşiktaş escort trying to hide it from view. My face was as red as a tomato.

“You should not be like that in front of your mother,” she said.

“You should not be in my bathroom,” I replied, whilst fighting a loosing battle with my erect cock that seemed to enjoy having a woman gazing at it.

“Your foreskin looks tight. I knew you should have been circumcised as a baby,” she said. My cock was hard and solid. Her hand gripped my cock and pulled back my foreskin. My red tip appeared large and bulbous. Her hand went up and down on my cock pulling at the foreskin that rubbed over my sensitive tip.

Oh! Hell! What was happening? My nerves were all pounding whilst I was gasping for breath. My cock was bursting and jumping in her hand. I was suddenly panting with a climax. My sperm shot up in the air and landed all over my chest.

“You are really a dirty boy. You should not have done that,” she exclaimed, “I am your mother!” She left the bathroom leaving me laid there panting to get my breath.

What an experience? I had never experienced such an intense climax as that was. It was the first time a woman had played with my cock, let alone climaxed me.

Why am I dirty? I did not know such pleasure existed.

When I went for supper my mother just acted normally as if nothing had happened. I could not stop thinking of the pleasure and wished I could experience it again. In bed that night, I climaxed twice. I was so worked up and excited. I began to she my mother in a new light.

The following beşyol escort Saturday I was laying in bed. I was looking through a “girlie” magazine whilst playing with my cock. My shaft was hard. I rubbed my fingertip around inside my foreskin using the clear gluey pre-sperm for lubrication.

A lovely feeling was running through my body. How long could I hold off my climax to intensify the feeling.

My mother enters. I do not notice.

“What are you at?” My mother exclaimed, “You dirty boy.”

I tried to hide my cock but she moved my hand away. She gripped my cock and commenced to loosen my foreskin. I was red but I could not complain since the feeling was so intense. My mother was helping me.

My breath came in gasps whilst my cock went solid hard. I was screaming with pleasure as my sperm jerked upwards. My mother kept up the rhythm and I was becoming so tender.

“Please stop!” I panted.

My mother kept going running her hand up and down my hard shaft. She was staring at my cock. My body was going numb and the sensation started again in my groin. It was running through my body. My hips began to jerk in rhythm to her hand. My breath had gone and I was screaming. My mind went blank, whilst the sensation burning my body was indescribable. My cock was thrusting and suddenly sperm shot from my cock. My cock just spasmed and would not stop.

“You are a dirty boy! I am your mother! You should not do that,” she said.

I was beginning to enjoy being alone with my mother.

It was Sunday and my father was away. I was laid in bed.

I had beykent escort this urge to feel my cock. It was hard. It would not subside.

My mother entered my bedroom. She was wearing her nightdress that was very revealing. She looked very erotic and my cock jumped at the pleasure of her body. Her nipples were erect. She had a breath-taking body.

She pulled back my bedclothes.

“You should not be like that!” She exclaimed gazing at my hard cock. “I am your mother. I will have to chastise you?”

Her hand wrapped around my cock. She lent forward and her clad breast rubbed against my mouth. Her nipples were large and hard. She moaned.

Suddenly she slipped off her nightdress and was naked in front of me. I grabbed at her breast whilst she slid on top of my body. She rubbed my cock along the lips of her vagina. She was very wet. I was rampant.

Sensations started in my cock whilst she was rubbing my cock tip around her small hard clitoris at the top of her vagina. I could not stop myself. My cock thrust up into her. My breath went due to the sensations caused by her vagina gripping my cock. I had never known such pleasures. I shot my sperm right up her as I screamed with utter sensual feelings.

My mother went wild. She pushed me back and her legs went me. They gripped me whilst she kept riding my cock. I never want her to stop.

She moaned. My hands were on her breasts. She pants and screamed whilst my cock thrust up in her. She screamed in a climax as I shot another load of sperm inside her. The feelings in my nerve-ends were unbelievable.

“You naughty boy. You should have lasted longer!” She gasped at me.

She was still writhing about. Her hand was rubbing her hard clit. My cock was being battered. She screamed yet again and collapsed upon me.

I felt that gave me the right to take more opportunities in the future, but that is another story.

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