Morning Coffee with Jeannie

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I wrote this chapter for my series, but I reached a point where I felt I had to reign in the characters. I had a bit too much coffee to drink, and came up with some wild ideas. I decided to go a different direction with the series, but thought some of you would enjoy reading this.


Spinal Meningitis is No Joke Ch9 – DISCARDED

I awoke in a blind panic. Oh, God! How long had I been out this time? I was in a strange room, surrounded by unfamiliar furniture. My heart was hammering in my chest and I struggled for breath as I sat up and whipped my head around. I saw my mother’s face, then. She looked concerned as she stepped back from the couch. I had nearly head-butted her when I sat up. It finally registered that I was home, in our living room. I vaguely recalled falling asleep on the couch.

My breathing gradually slowed, and I looked at my watch. It was a little after eight in the morning. I was still dressed in cargo shorts and a long t-shirt from the night before. My mom saw that when I sat up and she whispered, “Oh, good, you’re already dressed. We won’t need to bother Leanne, then.”

I was a little confused. She was clearly dressed to go out. She had her purse over her shoulder, her cell phone in one hand and her keys in the other. She knelt to put my socks on my feet, giving me an eyeful of her lacy bra down the front of her blouse. Despite my morning wood and the delectable cleavage in front of me, I really had to go to the bathroom. When I whispered, “I really need to use the restroom,” she whispered back, “Use mine.”

I relieved myself quickly, washed my hands and face, and ran my wet hands through my hair quickly to make it presentable. I still didn’t feel fully awake as we walked out the front door. In the car, I finally asked, “Where are we going, anyway?”

“Oh, just grabbing coffee with some friends.” I don’t drink coffee, so I puzzled over that one for a bit.

Wait . . . last night she had said something about having someone over for coffee . . . LAST NIGHT! Oh, my GOD! It all came back in a rush. I had fucked my mother in her gorgeous ass last night! Wow, I was really not awake before that realization hit. I slowly looked over at my mother, calmly driving along. She glanced over at me and did a double-take when she saw my face.

“Are you alright, Joshua? You look like you just saw a ghost.”

“Sorry, Mom, I was still…I just remembered last night. Are you okay?”

“Mmm. Much better than okay. You were absolutely amazing last night.”

“Thanks. You were…wow. You were absolutely unbelievable. I can’t believe how sexy my mother is.” She smiled brightly, keeping her eyes on the road. I finally looked down at the satellite navigation and saw the little map there. We weren’t that far away. East Lavender…oh! That was where Sarah, Heather and Charlene lived.

“So, who are we meeting for coffee this morning?” I asked.

“Well, it’s Jeannie and Heather, but it’s a little complicated. Hold on, we’re almost there.” We pulled onto East Lavender. It was a nice neighborhood, with lots of flowering trees on either side of the street. Mom slowed the car and gently pulled up to the curb in front of the house. She turned off the engine and turned to me.

“Jeannie called me from the hospital parking lot, asking if she could come over for coffee. That’s our code now; she was telling me she needed her ‘Joshua fix.’ Since Leanne and Beth were still home, that was a problem. So I called Heather and asked if Jeannie and I could drop by for coffee. Heather said that would be nice. She doesn’t know, yet, that it’s code for anything.” She looked thoughtful for a moment, and then burst out, “Oh! I don’t think I even mentioned I was bringing you along. Sorry, I was trying to get something worked out in a hurry.”

Just then, a small pickup truck approached from the opposite direction and pulled into the driveway, parking next to the Corvette that was already parked there. Jeannie got out of the truck, still wearing her maroon scrubs. Her long, dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was visibly nervous. She looked just the way she had the first time I saw her. Mom and I got out of the car and walked up to the front door to join her. Jeannie pressed the doorbell and then smiled nervously at us. “Good morning,” she said softly.

My mom smiled at her and said, “Good morning, Jeannie. It’s so good to see you again.”

Before I could get a word in, the door opened and Heather smiled out. Her smile disappeared and her eyes opened wide when she saw me. “Oh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize Josh was coming with you.” She was clutching her bathrobe at the neck. Her hair fell around her face in unruly curls.

My mom spoke up. “I’m sorry; I just realized as we pulled up that I hadn’t mentioned it. It’s okay, though, just a casual coffee with friends, Heather. Don’t bother getting all dressed up. We just appreciate you letting us come over this morning.”

Heather nodded and let us in, then. My mom gave bakırköy masöz escort Heather a big hug and a kiss on her cheek. I gave her a smile and hugged her as well. “So good to see you, Josh,” Heather whispered in my ear. I gave her a soft kiss on her neck and whispered back, “I’ve missed you.”

Heather’s eyes shot open at that, and over her shoulder my mom gave me a warning look. Okay, I would let her handle this. I gave Jeannie a big hug, and she squeezed me tightly. I smiled at her and as we all walked to the dining room table I realized that my sunburn was no longer bothering me. Heather pulled the belt of her robe tightly around her waist, which only served to emphasize her enormous breasts. She got out four mugs and started to pour coffee. I cleared my throat.

“Sorry, Heather. I actually don’t like coffee. Could I have some juice or ice water?”

“Oh, that’s right,” Heather said, “Let me see what else we have.” She brought out two mugs for Mom and Jeannie, who began adding cream and sugar. Heather returned to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator and bending over to peer inside. I couldn’t help but look at her fine bottom draped in that robe. My dirty mind immediately went into the gutter. Hers was the only ass of the three that I hadn’t fucked.

I shook my head to clear it, and got up to join Heather in the kitchen. She turned as I approached. “Is apple juice okay?” she asked.

“Apple juice sounds great,” I replied, smiling down at her. She poured me a mug of juice and we joined Jeannie and my mom at the table. The three of them made small talk, but Heather, Jeannie and I were all nervous. Only Mom seemed calm. I sipped my juice and wondered what her plan was.

After she finished her coffee, my mother stood up and stretched. “Well, this was really nice. Thanks again, Heather, for having us over. I really need to get to my office, though.” Heather and Jeannie both stood up, and then my mother looked over at me. “You know, there’s no need for Joshua to go with me. Would you mind if I left him here with you? I can pick him up on my way home, in” she looked at her watch, “about two hours? Would that be alright?”

Heather’s eyes lit up at that. I’m sure mine did too. But then Jeannie stunned us all. She grabbed my mom’s arm and said, “Jennifer, no! You really should stay.”

We all turned and looked at her in shock. Heather let out a strangled “What?!?” before covering her mouth.

“Please, everyone sit down,” Jeannie continued. I realized that I hadn’t quite stood up before she had spoken. Heather slowly sat, as did my mother. Jeannie looked across the table at Heather. “Jennifer has known for weeks what was going on at the hospital. She never said anything, and she trusted us with her son.”

Heather’s eyes were wild, looking around the table at all of us in disbelief. To be fair, I couldn’t believe what was happening either. I felt like I was trapped in another vivid, surreal dream as I watched Jeannie stand up and pull the top of her scrubs over her head. She untied the drawstring and let the scrub pants drop to the floor. She was wearing a tiny lacy bra and a matching thong.

“She brought Joshua along because I needed him,” Jeannie said. Heather was just stunned. Clearly there was a lot going through her mind at that moment. Jeannie came over behind my chair, and put her hands on my shoulders. My mom’s eyes were locked on her face above me, and I heard Jeannie say, “Admit it, though, Jennifer. You really want to watch us with your son, don’t you?”

In a whisper so low we could barely hear her, my mother answered, “Yes.” Her expression was a mixture of hunger and guilt. She looked almost haunted by the lust Jeannie had aroused in her. Heather clearly recognized that face, and finally a smile came to her lips. I felt Jeannie pulling my t-shirt up, and raised my arms so she could remove it. Heather rolled her chair over next to my mother and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. We all heard Heather say, “I love you so much right now. Thank you for sharing Josh with us.”

Heather stood up, and took my mother’s hand to help her out of her seat. “We should all go to my room,” Heather said, “We’ll be so much more comfortable there.” With Jeannie’s gentle assistance, I rose from my seat and followed Heather and my mom into Heather’s bedroom.

The room was softly lit by the morning sun flowing through lace curtains. Heather’s bed was enormous and dominated the room. Heather led my mother to the bed, and helped her sit with a pillow behind her against the headboard. Heather then gently knelt beside the bed, opening her arms as Jeannie guided me up to her. Heather removed my shoes and socks slowly, while Jeannie stood behind me and ran her hands from my chest, down my abdomen, and finally unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. She slid her thumbs inside the waistband of my boxers and slowly pulled down both at the same time.

I looked at my mother’s face as I was gently stripped in bakırköy otele gelen escort front of her. She was flushed with excitement, her breasts heaving and her nipples clearly hard in her blouse. She sucked in a breath when she saw my hard cock rise up out of my boxers and right into Heather’s waiting mouth. Heather eagerly sucked the bloated head between her lips, wrapping her small hand around the base of the shaft. Her lips kissed the tip gently as she released it and turned to my panting mom. “Isn’t it just beautiful?” she breathed.

My mom nodded, at a loss for words. Heather rose smoothly to her feet and released me from her grasp. “I believe it is Jeannie’s turn with Josh, though. Josh, why don’t you lie on your back in the middle of the bed there, so we can watch?”

She turned me around, and then pushed me gently so that I was soon lying sideways across the bed. My right ankle was less than a foot from my mom’s leg. Her eyes were glued to my erect cock as it slid by in front of her. Jeannie crawled up the bed between my legs. I could feel her legs shaking between mine with the strength of her need. She turned her head to look at my mother and whisper “thank you” before she took me in her mouth.

Jeannie took her time, really putting on a show for my mom as her lips slowly descended down my shaft. I was watching Jeannie, her eyes on my face as her throat swallowed the head of my cock. I then looked to the right, and saw my mother’s eyes get bigger and bigger as Jeannie’s lips kept going. Between the two of them, I saw Heather smile at me as she untied the belt of her robe, dropping it from her shoulders. She bent over and quickly removed her panties as well, and stepped over to stand completely naked next to my mother. She started rubbing my mother’s shoulder as she softly said, “Isn’t she amazing? I still can’t believe she can swallow the whole thing.”

My mother’s eyebrows shot up at that, her eyes wide as she watched Jeannie’s trembling lips finally touching the base of my shaft. Jeannie’s throat muscles were working as well, gently pulling on the half of my cock that was down her throat. Then, with a deep moan, Jeannie began rising back up, revealing inch after inch of saliva-slicked shaft to my mother’s eyes. So mesmerized was she at the sight, my mother didn’t even seem to notice as Heather slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

Jeannie slowly released my throbbing cock, holding it by the base as she drew in a slow, deep breath. Then she once again began to swallow its entire length. Heather gently leaned my mother forward so she could remove the blouse and bra. My mother weakly whispered “no” as her breasts were bared, but Heather just whispered “shhhh” into her ear. “Just look at that,” Heather whispered huskily, “Isn’t that just the most beautiful hard cock you’ve ever seen?”

As Jeannie once again revealed my wet dick, my mother could only nod and moan. Her moaning escalated when Heather leaned down and began sucking one of her thick nipples. She shook her head weakly and moaned in protest as Heather’s hand began sliding up her thigh, lifting her soft skirt out of the way as she went. Heather released my mom’s wet nipple with a soft smooch and brought her mouth back up to my mother’s ear.

“Oh, Jennifer. You naughty, naughty mommy. You aren’t wearing any panties. And your pussy is just soaking wet.” I had never seen Heather like this. She was still being soft and gentle, yet she was just dominating my mom. I had never seen Mom like this, either. She was putty in Heather’s hands, just moaning continuously as Heather had her way with her. It was so arousing to watch them. Not just for me, either. Jeannie released me from her mouth and stroked my saliva-soaked shaft as she looked at Heather’s hands roaming over my mother’s breasts and stroking her exposed pussy.

Jeannie turned my hips slightly, spreading my legs so that my right foot came to rest on the pillows. My mother was now sitting between my spread calves, with an unbelievable close-up view as Jeannie stripped off her soaked panties and moved to crouch above me. She reached down and lined my pulsing cock head up with her eager rosebud.

Heather whispered hotly into my mother’s ear, “Can you believe Jeannie can take that huge dick in her ass? Ooh. Just look at that. He’s stretching her little asshole wide open. That big, thick dick would never fit in my tiny little asshole. Can you just imagine how it would feel, that thick cock going into your ass? Spreading you open like that? Doesn’t that look hot?”

It was indeed hot. Jeannie’s hot little ass was stretching to take me in, and I groaned out loud as more and more of my length was swallowed by her hungry sphincter. I also felt my mother shifting on the bed as Heather slowly pushed her forward. I felt her hot breath as she moaned right into my balls. “Heather what are you—Oh!”

Jeannie looked over her shoulder at my face as she began to ass-fuck my dick into her. She bakırköy rus escort hissed softly, “Heather is eating your mom. She’s got her bent over and she’s just going to town on—Oh!” I could feel it as my mom began sucking on Jeannie’s exposed pussy. I was concentrating hard, trying to hold back. I knew that I could cum at any moment, but I wanted to prolong this moment for as long as possible.

It was just too hot for all of us. Jeannie cried out as her orgasm ripped through her first. My mom had to pull her mouth off of Jeannie’s pussy as she gasped out “Oh, God, I’m coming!” I pulled Jeannie to my chest and gasped in her ear, “I’m going to cum, Jeannie. Do you want me to cum in your ass?” Then I hissed, “Or should I cum all over my mom’s face?” Her eyes were wild as she bent her neck to kiss me. She sucked hard on my tongue as I began to explode deep inside her. Then, she released me from her mouth, gasped, and pushed her body up mine.

My erupting cock popped out of her clutching asshole and began spewing right at my mom’s open mouth. I didn’t have a great view over Jeannie’s shoulder and heaving breast—well, not a clear view, anyway—but I caught glimpses of my mother’s face being painted with ropes of my cum. I did have a marvelous view of my mother’s ass, high in the air, wiggling around as Heather buried her face in that tasty pussy. Mom grabbed the insides of my thighs, gasping her way through an intense series of orgasmic tremors.

Heather finally pulled her face from my mother’s pussy. Her face was just soaked, and the juices ran down her neck and the top of her chest. My mom collapsed onto her side with her head resting on my right thigh. Jeannie groaned at the sight of my mother. Mom lay there exposed, vulnerable and covered in cum as she gasped for breath. Jeannie slid her body down my torso and practically attacked my mom, squeezing her heaving breasts, sucking her nipples, and licking and sucking her neck and mouth. Jeannie worked one thigh between my mother’s, and then they were mashing their pussies together as they kissed and groped each other.

Heather and I managed to tear our eyes from that sexy sight to smile at each other. Heather then walked into her bathroom. My eyes followed her enormous, gently bouncing breasts and then her tight ass as she went. I heard water running briefly, and then Heather returned with a wet washcloth. She crawled up next to me in the bed and gently cleaned off my cock and balls. I kissed her, licking my mom’s juices from her face while she got me cleaned up and ready for her pussy.

I carefully extricated my legs from the intense intertwined women in front of me, and I slid behind Heather as she stretched out on her stomach on the bed. I straddled her slightly spread thighs, and my cock slid easily into her soaking wet pussy. I dropped my head next to hers as we watched Jeannie and my mother bring each other to a shuddering climax right in front of us. It only took a half dozen strokes from me before Heather was bucking in the throes of her own orgasm. She gasped out and her muscles gripped me tightly inside of her. She absolutely drenched my shaft with her orgasmic juices.

I leaned back on my haunches, admiring the view of that puffy little bald pussy, stuffed with my cock shaft. I wet my thumb in my mouth and spread her tight little ass cheeks open, teasing her rosebud with my thumb. She looked over her shoulder at me and grinned. Back in the hospital, she had really gotten off when I teased her ass. Once, she had cum hard when I slid my tongue into her tight little bottom as she licked Jeannie’s pussy.

“You really love my tight little ass, don’t you?” Heather softly teased me.

I grinned down at her. “You know what’s going to happen eventually, don’t you?” I asked her. I pulled my drenched cock from her pussy and pressed the tip to her slightly opened sphincter. “Eventually, that tight little ass of yours will wind up spreading around my hard cock.”

Her eyes opened wide. “Don’t,” she whispered, “I’m not ready!”

I nodded. “I know,” I said, “I’m just teasing you.”

It turned out, though, that we were both wrong.

Heather pushed her butt back, pressing her tight little hole against my wet, throbbing cock. And then…that little ring just opened up and took the entire head inside in one smooth stroke. I froze, and Heather’s eyes shot open as she looked at my face. I opened my mouth to apologize, but she shook her head to stop me from saying anything. Heather reached back with both hands, her fingertips softly seeking out her stretched asshole and feeling the pulsing shaft of my cock.

“I don’t believe it!” she hissed.

I didn’t move a muscle, not wanting to hurt her, but that impossibly tight little ass began swallowing more of me. Jeannie and my mother looked at Heather’s face, at her wide-opened eyes. Their eyes shot open when she gasped out, “Josh’s huge fucking cock is actually in my ass!”

Reflexively, I held out my hands as if to say it wasn’t my fault. My mom and Jeannie both crawled over to get a good look as my cock slid deeper into Heather’s ass for the first time. There was a big, oval mirror built into the headboard. In that mirror, I could clearly see Heather’s face poking out past my mom’s naked backside. Her eyes and mouth were opened wide, and she looked like she couldn’t believe what was happening.

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