Mom’s the Best Ch.04

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The day has arrived for our first date together. I had asked Julie out for date a few days earlier. I am very excited about seeing her. Although I am still angry about Katy and I breaking up. She didn’t even let me know. But today I probably don’t give a damn, that’s put aside now as I look forward to meeting Julie.

Just let me describe Julie. She is one sexy Asian girl of Vietnamese descent. I have seen her around. Always thought she was attractive, but was certain she was with some dude, so never imagined being with her. Yeah for that reason didn’t take any further notice until recently I saw her on her own on a few occasions. You predator you I thought to myself with a smile.

My groin swells with the thought of actually being with her, perhaps even making out with her as I fantasized. As I said previously Julie is around 5 foot 4 inches tall of slim build. So she is petite. She is just my type you can say. She has magical beautiful eyes and gorgeous fair skin, capped off by her black wavy hair. I will ask her about her previous relationships just so I know where I stood.

Come Saturday we had decided to meet at a popular cafe in down town for coffee and desert. I plucked up the courage to ask Julie about her previous relationships. I was pleased to hear that she and that guy I was talking about had only just broken up. A bit like Katy and myself I explained to her. She had also been in two relationships, including the most recent one. She explained that Mike her most recent boyfriend and herself had a lot of differences so it sort didn’t work out. I wasn’t interested in the nitty gritty, I am just interested in her. Just interested in what she is like. But truthfully it probably reminded me about differences between Katy and myself.She did mention that the ex was still trying to get back with her. I hope that doesn’t intefer with my plans.

Anyway we also talked about the subjects we are studying and what we respectively wanted to do long term. Actually we have similar aspirations. Well that’s a good start.

After the first date, I felt closer to her and explained to her that if she wants to we can meet again soon.

In the next few days we did run into each other at college. But they were only short passing chats and nothing came out of those meetings. I tried to be as polite as possible not sounding too pushy during those occasions. I can tell she is a very polite girl. Her parents have given her a good upbringing.

Then after 3 weeks since our first date, Julie calls asking to meet for a drink at a downtown bar. I was ecstatic that she called for another date. I was very happy to meet again and naturally excited enough to tell mom the news.

We meet again at the bar as agreed. Julie told me about her parents, her background and her aspirations. I was beginning to like her very much. I explained my situation as well. After this date we agreed to catch up soon perhaps doing something together that we both enjoy.

I had a chat with mom that night after the date. Mom was pleased that some progress has been made in that regard. I think she fears that our relationship together could get too reliant if I did not have an outlet with one someone else. I am very happy mom has been so supportive and I did not feel any pressure from her. But she did have some good news. Her younger sister Jenny is coming to stay in a few days.

“Oh I said, I haven’t seen Auntie Jenny for a few years. When is she arriving I enquired? Can I pick her up?”

“Yes darling can you. She’s in on Friday at 7.30pm.” Mom smiled knowingly.

I haven’t seen Aunt Jenny for about 3 years, she has been travelling still doing her “overseas experiences” so it would be nice to catch up. I remember I was only 15 or so when I last meet her. She was a very attractive woman I recall. She is mom’s younger sister by 5 years or so. So I think she is around 34 years of age now. She had a different personality from mom. Mom was more sociable out there type, whereas Auntie was more easy going, down to earth. She was equally stunning in appearance and you wouldn’t know if they were even sisters. But they both had beautiful eyes and fair skin of course. But as I recall if you spent time with them, there were physical similarities. Auntie Jenny has honey blonde hair though, coming from grandad’s side of the family.

By Friday I was quite excited. I made my way to the airport. When she arrived I recognized her instantly. She hasn’t changed much, but she was stunning as ever. Still wearing her trademark jeans, except this time they were shorts, very short shorts. She wasn’t afraid to show off. That certainly hasn’t changed.

As she approached, I began to get nervous. I am not sure if she recognizes me but she knows I am there to pick her up.

As I can see her I made the approach.

“Hey Auntie Jenny, it’s Jason. So please to see you again.”

“Hey darling I didn’t recognize you. You are all grown up! Looking rather handsome!” she said so nicely.

I blushed avcılar rus escort after the comment. “Thanks Auntie. You also. No I meant you look nice.” I mumbled out.

When we got back home, it was like a party as Mom and Auntie played catch up. We then had a nice home cooked dinner together. I went to sleep earlier and left mom and Auntie Jenny to catch up for the rest of the night.

My mind played games with me as usual as I started comparing Mom and Auntie Jenny. I felt the immediate attraction to Auntie Jenny. I wondered what she was like. Is she like mom? I questioned my mind repeatedly. Needlessly to say I didn’t get too much sleep.

The next morning Mom asked me to take Auntie June to do some shopping. Of course I wasn’t going to refuse that request even if my mates turned up to play computer games!!.

“Good morning Auntie, mom asked me to take you shopping. What do you want to see and buy?”

“I need a new pair of jeans. Can we go to one of those large department stores?”

“Sure I know where to take you.” I said with enthusiasm.

We arrived at the shops and Auntie went straight to the women’s wear. I must admit I don’t normally wonder through this section even with mom, but I was quite proud and happy to follow Aunt anywhere where she goes. She looked at a few pairs of jeans and tried them on. She didn’t buy any yet.

“I can’t find the right style yet. Are you ok hanging around? You’re not bored are you?”

“Absolutely not.” I returned fire quickly.

“No way I am very happy waiting for you.” I said quickly.

“I going to look at some underwear, are you OK with that?” she said with a smile.

I swallowed a large lump developing in my throat and managed to say. “OK no problem, I am happy to watch, sorry I mean to hang around.” As I corrected myself nervously.

Suddenly I can smell her perfume and a lump started to develop between my legs. I try to calm it down a bit by pulling my phone out and refocussing my thoughts. I hope Auntie Jenny doesn’t notice anything. She is an experienced woman, I am sure she knows what to expect from a teenager and she probably can see all the signs of interest if she looked.

She picked a few pairs of undies to test if they were the right style and color.

“I will be in here Jason.” she said.

I waited outside the changing room like a dog waiting obediently. My mind was getting the better of me again. And I can feel being turned on. My pants feel damp. She seems to be taking her time. I didn’t want to call out, that would be stupid, so I waited quietly. Then suddenly she pulls the curtains and comes out.

“I think I will try one more pair. What do you think Jason? Do you like the red one or the blue one?” she smirked.

“Errrr sorry not good in this area, maybe the blue one, as you have dark blond hair? I suggested nervously.

“Good choice, you have a little experience in this area I see.” she said teasingly.

She returns to the changing room. A few seconds later I hear her call out.

“Jason can you come in please. I am having a problem deciding.”

A really large lump develops again in my throat. I thought I can’t go in there. What if someone sees me going into the ladies changing room. But my decision is now guided by the other lump growing down there.

I part the curtain and Auntie June is standing there, not naked but she still had her panties on and top on. But she was lifting her top up exposing her lower body.

“I can’t decide Jason. Can you hold up the red and blue panties over my own, so I can see if they would look OK please.”

She smiled so sexy, I couldn’t resist helping of course, what male couldn’t under the same circumstances. Her perfume starts to seduce me and I gave up trying to control the lump between my leg. I am sure she can see it now. And I am equally certain she is flirting big time with me.

My hands were shaking as I brought up each pair to her crotch. Immediately I can see a little wetness on her white panties. I breath in strongly hoping to catch a whiff of her pussy. I can see a few strands if her pubic hairs sticking out the sides of her panties. She had long beautiful slim legs like mom’s. I was breathing quickly and shaking nervously as I compared each pair.

“What to you think Jason? What color is best? Is it still the blue pair?” she smirked knowingly.

She is really playing with me and really enjoying it. I am so turned on now. I mumbled out. “Errrrr, still the blue one.”


Then surprisingly she slowly pulls down her own panties and announces she is going to try the blue one on. My penis is now pulsating, really to explode out of its hiding place.

After she takes off her panties, she stood there half naked, her honey blonde bush now exposed to my eyes. Her eyes staring at me, seducing me. She smiles. Oh god she is so sexy. She takes a couple step towards me and immediately brings the crotch avcılar türbanlı escort of her damp panties to my face. Slowly she rubs the crotch onto my nose. I inhale the smell from the creamy wet stain on the crotch. My mind explodes with lust. I am so mesmerized and aroused. I continue to sniff the heavenly odor, it smelt fishy, until she stops rubbing it in my face. Then she takes a step back.

“Did you like that? Did you enjoy my smell? Was it turning you on?” she whispered in her sexy voice, licking her lips.

“Oh yessss!!, yes, yes to everything!” I said excitedly.

Then she approaches me again. This time she holds the back of my head and pulls me to her face. We stare for a few seconds. Her face is so pretty. Her eyes so beautiful, diamond shaped me. Her smile so sexy. We kiss. She deep throats me in a highly passionate way. I feel like in heaven, my pants ready to explode. Her body odor and perfume was burning me up in desire. I am so aroused. She really played me well. I am really hot with passion now. We kiss passionately for a minute. It was one of the most exciting moments for me.

She then starts to rub her hand over my very hard bulge ever so slowly while kissing me. Everything is exploding now. Fireworks everywhere. The electricity was amazing. I felt like cumming in my pants. She senses it and unzips me quickly.

My penis springs out like hot iron exposed. She firmly pulls my foreskin down and opens her mouth, dripping her saliva onto the exposed head. Like mom she immediately masturbates me into a blur while we are both standing. Her small hand flying over my rod. I moan relentlessly at the sensation. My god she is good. I think I am going to last only a few seconds at this pace.

“You like the feel of my soft hand jerking you? How do you like it? You like a woman to jerk you off fast. I think you do. I can feel you cumming. Your penis is really pulsating now! You are just about to cum, I can tell.” She whispered ever so beautifully, breathing more rapidly now.

Her voice was so seductive teasing my mind. It was different to anyone else I have had. She was really turning me on. I moan louder as I feel that unbelievably sensation of an orgasm running along my shaft happening. She senses it. So right at that point of me cumming, she suddenly slows down her masturbating and instead aggressively twists her hand over the head very quickly over and over again, until my penis literally explodes violently. My whole body shakes, my head is thrown back and my pelvis lunges forward in orgasmic pleasure as the cum flies out in large streams. I moan out her name. Oh my god the sensation was fantastic.

“Oh Auntie Jenny, you are so good!!! Oh god yess, finish me off!! I moaned repeatedly.

She continues twisting my cock fast over and over. Squeezing every drop out. My body jumps and shudders at every turn. My legs stretching and flexing at every turn. I moan loudly from the sensation.

“Oh yes, you like that?” she smiled wickedly.

After squeezing every drop, Auntie June licked her hand clean of my warm cum, smiling as she went.

Wow that was amazing. We kissed for a few moment, embracing each other. As we left the changing room, she grabs my ass. Auntie June is so playful. We then left to make her purchase.

At home mom had to make that comment. “You look exhausted darling.”

I could only say. “Wow shopping with Auntie Jenny was tiring, but it was worth it.” I smiled.

On Sunday it’s was Mom and Auntie Jenny’s day together. They were planning to go to the markets for the day. I wasn’t doing anything so I stayed in thinking about he other day with Auntie Jenny. Wow she as really a good flirt. I love to spend some more time with her. But never in my wettest dream did I expect what was to eventually happen that night. After they arrived back, we all had dinner and then I retired to watch a movie. Admittedly I flirted with Auntie Jenny over dinner as well as with mom. I wasn’t necessary expecting my aunt to follow me to the lounge. Anyway that’s what I probably wished for.

“Hi Jason do you mind if I join you? I am good company. You won’t regret it. I fact I think you will love it.” she teased.

She sat on my left side and promptly put her feet over my thighs. She began to tease me with her foot, running up and down my leg. My god she is a flirt to the highest degree. I was beginning to get very hard. I was afraid she will notice. In fact she stared at my crotch as she massaged me with her foot. Clearly she was slowly seducing me.

“You don’t mind me doing this? It’s nice isn’t? I know you are liking it?” she again smirked.

Then she slowly moved her foot directly at my crotch, rubbing me through my pants. I am so hard now, but she continued playing with me. All the while watching my reactions. Everything she did was intended to arouse me further and further. She is such a seductress. Unlike mom who is full on, Auntie Jenny likes to seduce avcılar ucuz escort me slowly, teasing and flirting. And she was enjoying every minute of it. She was also full of surprises. After massaging my crotch using her foot, she moves close to me and lifts her foot to my mouth.

“Do you like the smell? Hold my foot up and suck on my toes please!” she demanded.

“Oh yeah.” I moaned as I rubbed her foot over my face.

I began to suck and lick in earnest. I can hear her begin to moan and squeal a little from my actions.

“That’s really nice Jason. Do you think you would like to suck on my nipples? I bet you would like that!” she stated the obvious.

With that she undid her dress and let it fall to the ground. Oh my god she looked so delicious. She stood there for a moment allowing me to get a pretty good eye full of the candies before I was allowed touch. She was wearing the blue panties and bra from the shopping the other day. My penis is virtually standing up like a flag pole and wetting itself at the sight.


“Do you like what you see Jason? Do you like the blue panties on me now?” she continued teasingly.

“Oh my god Auntie Jenny, you look really great!” I mumbled out excitedly.

She then sits back down right next to me on my left side. Her left hand starts to wonder on my chest, undoing my shirt. I can smell her lovely perfume. She look so beautiful. Her watching me was seducing me. Her smile was so sexy and she begins to wet her lips with her tongue slowly.

“Am I really turning you on?” she teasingly says again.

I smell the odor of a woman in heat as she begins to kiss me.

Her hand now massaging my chest and nipples. I feel extremely aroused as we kissed passionately. Her hand starts to massaging the hard bulge between my legs. My hips start to heave, responding to the touches. She wasn’t ready to give me a handjob just yet. She sits back spreading her long legs and undoes her bra and lets it fall off. The she fingers me to come over. Her nipples stood out hard, her areola large and dark from the excitement. I come over quickly placing a nipple into my mouth sucking like a baby. I alternate to the other, licking her chest along the way. She moans with excitement.

“Oh yess Jason suck it hard! Mmmmm that’s right, suck it more!” she moaned.

I worked my way down to her open legs then to her blue panties. They look very sexy in the middle of her creamy white thighs. I can now smell her pussy. I push apart her thighs even more then begin to lick the outside of her sexy panties. They are very damp and I can see the outline of her inner labia. Her aroma was arousing me immensely. I stop to inhale her odor through her undies. God I am so turned on. I can see her pubes around the edges of the blue fabric. I slowly pull aside the fabric to expose her pussy. She was very wet. Her pussy lips were very chunky and textured. They really stuck out from her hairy bush. I bury my face into her mound. I am lost in paradise, my mind goes wild with lust from the new smell. It was familiar but unfamiliar.

She moans in pleasure. “Oh god Jason that’s so nice. Mmmmm! Lick my pussy!”

I lift my head up and use my thumbs to spread wide open her pussy lips. Her inner labials are quite chunky and crusty unlike mom’s. She is deliciously creamy inside and very wet. Her aroma seduced me. She smelt different, looked different inside. Her clitoris was larger more prominent than mom’s. I admired her privates then buried my face and tongue, working fast on her clit and around her vulva. She tasted different and I enjoyed the whole new experience. Aunt Jenny starts to buck her hips and gyrate her pelvis. I so turned on that I am making her feel good. She moans in pleasure.

“Yes, yes oh yesss.” she repeated between heavy breathes.

“Oh yeah.” I repeated

“You are making me cum, I am beginning to cum, lick me harder!!” she moaned loudly.

I focused on her clitoris. Sucked and licked rapidly. Her body starts to convulse and she forces my head firmly into her pussy. She begins to loose control. I try to hold onto her small frame as its starts to heaves and buck. She orgasms with a loud scream. My god I hold on and suck frantically, enjoying the taste of her cum. She did not squirt like mom. Her body shudders and twitches. Her legs open and close squeezing me, but I hold onto her waiting for her orgasm to past, still licking away.

As her orgasms subsides, I lick around her vulva cleaning her up. I suck on her large labials feeling the wet texture on my tongue. I continue that for a few seconds.

“Oh Jason that was wonderful.” she moaned out of breath.

Suddenly I feel a presence behind me. It was mom. She had begun to massage my penis from under me while I was on my knees between Aunt Jenny legs. I am startled. I turn around and see mom standing up, beginning to strip and shedding her white panties. I am so aroused now that I immediately pick up mom’s panties and put it to my face. Oh god the familiar smell hits me, like it reminds of home. My god they are both in the room now.

I walk over to mom and she reaches over to kiss me passionately. The odor of pussy still over my face didn’t stop her kissing. I can feel her licking my face. Mom was enjoying the smell and taste of another’s pussy on my face.

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