Mom’s New Recipe

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At the time I didn’t suspect anything, my dreams had become increasingly erotic, but I didn’t mind that one bit. For the past couple months I’d been having very vivid dreams where girls I knew from school or had seen in magazines and such, would give me incredible blow jobs. The only thing that I wondered about really was why I never had any cum on myself or my sheets in the morning. One night however, I was getting sucked off by my English teacher and happened to wake up. I could hear the movement of sheets and more noticeably feel that I really was getting a hot, wet blowjob.

I didn’t move, the mouth was slowly sliding up and down the top of my cock, sucking on it and rubbing its tongue gently along the sensitive underside. It felt so fucking good my face contorted as I thought about who was doing it, but I already knew. I pushed up involuntarily into my little sister’s mouth, but she seemed unfazed… used to it. I looked up at the ceiling and -in the darkness- allowed a big fat grin to spread across my face. I let her suck my dick for another ten minutes, she was really giving some great head, but whenever I started bucking more frequently, and feeling my cock swell, getting ready to cum she’d back off, either slowing down or taking it out of her mouth to lick my balls and shaft as she caught her breath. When she took it out of her mouth the first time I knew it was Alison for sure, I could hear her voice just faintly on her panting breath as she stuck her tongue out and licked the underside of my wet cock from base to tip three or four times before burying it in her face again.

By the moonlight coming through my window I could see the shape of my sheets in a giant mound right between my legs, and the light playing on it as the nearest part bobbed up and down, accompanied by slurping noises that seemed loud in the stillness of the night as well as her intermittent breathing. We’d always gotten along well -my sister and I- she has a very relaxed and ‘real’ personality. She resembles a young Minnie Driver; her cute, freckled face is very expressive and when she smiles I can’t not smile myself. As for what she was doing at the time though, well let’s just say that the question of right and wrong, when posed in the middle of the best blowjob of your life is… completely irrelevant.

I had my hand in her hair, it took a moment for us both to realize it, but as soon as I did she came to a stop and waited a couple seconds… I didn’t say anything and so, after a brief pause, she resumed sucking my dick. After a short hesitation I used my other hand to pull back the sheets and throw them over onto her back.

Our eyes met, there was my sister Alison, totally busted, almost half my cock buried in her mouth, looking like the cat that ate the canary. A second passed and she unsealed her lips from my cock and began to raise her head with my hand still on it. I held her back and then gently lowered her down again. She closed her eyes and started sucking faster, seeming relieved that she didn’t have to be quiet anymore. Her thick curly hair was tied back with a scrunchy -no doubt so I wouldn’t feel it on my legs and stomach- and she was wearing one of her juvenile nighties that now fit her like a snug t-shirt. I held her head and groaned as she sucked me off, “Ughhh, so that’s why I’ve been having these dreams lately.”

She giggled and took my dick out of her mouth, “Well I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself.”

She put it back in, and there was a brief silence, “Ugh, I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping through these, you’re so good at this.”

She looked up at me smiling, and I had to smile too, “Yeah?” She was obviously flattered.

“Come up here.” I said grabbing her under the arms and helping her move up to lie right on top of me.

My cock was sandwiched between my stomach and her panty covered pussy. We were breathing right in each other’s faces, looking into each other’s eyes… she knew I wasn’t upset with her. “So, big brother, you want to um…”

As she said this she pressed her pelvic bone down on my cock and grinded it a bit, my dick may have been moist, but the front of her panties were wet by comparison. Smiling I said “You know I can honestly say I do.”

She kissed me and I put my arms around her, one on her upper back and the other sliding up under her shirt, feeling her soft skin under the thin cotton. We wrapped our tongues around each other and I felt as if I were falling in love right there -I guess because we already did love each other personally.

She pulled away and rolled off, she slid her panties down her legs and kicked them off onto the floor. She then got back on top of me and set her wet pussy against my stomach, sliding it down until my cockhead was right on her entrance. She started pushing down as she pulled the scrunchy out of her long auburn hair and the curls fell down around me as we kissed deeply. She was having some difficulty though getting my cock in and it slid avcılar rus escort off and up between her ass cheeks.

I reached down and held it steady while she tried again. I was squeezing the base of my cock hard, trying to keep it straight as she pressed down against it, “Uhh, ooh…” Her tight cunt wrapped around the head of my dick and we both sighed as she steadily sank about half of it into her. Her hot glove felt incredible and I opened my eyes to see my sister’s face, inches away, mouth open, head back, eyes shut and rolled upward, a breath creeping out her lungs as she sank further onto my cock. I raised my head and began to kiss and suckle her neck as I slid the hand I had under her shirt up her sweat-moistened back to her shoulder, holding it and gently pushing down whenever she did. “Ohh… your dick is so big…” she whispered, “…I guess I can’t act surprised…”

We kissed again as she began sliding up and down almost the full length of my rod, her tight pussy squeezing me, hugging every shape and contour of my cock. she had her legs curled on either side of me and I slid my hands down to her lower back, with both of them on her waist I pushed on her next down stroke, impaling my little sister on my cock. “Unghhhhhhh!” She buried her face in the pillow as the head of my dick passed what felt like another pussy inside her. “Uhhh, oh god I’m gonna cum!” her voice was shaky and she spoke right into my ear before burying her face once again. Her back curved downward and her whole body tensed as she started humping me like a dog, pulling back only an inch or so before slamming down against my pelvis over and over, she almost screamed into the pillow as the muscles of her already tight cunt literally began milking my cock. I started bucking up into her as I felt my balls tighten and my dick swell. I bit lightly on her shoulder as I pumped streams of semen deep inside my sister’s tight cunt.

She seemed to still be cumming, or at least twitched a few times after pulling off me and then collapsing off to my right. Both of us panting heavily.

“Nick! Alison! Breakfast!” My mom’s voice coming from the kitchen.

I opened my eyes, lying in bed with my little sister curled up against me, her soft permed hair on my chest and neck. I shook her a bit and she looked up at me, a cute smile spread across her face, then a flash of worry, “What time is it?”

“Quarter after seven. Mom just called us for breakfast.”

She quickly sat up and tossed the sheets off her, I put my hands behind my head and watched her petite frame as she got out of my bed wearing only a yellow t-shirt and looked for her panties. She slipped them on and smiled at me watching her as she slipped silently out the door.

“Hey guys, did you sleep well?”

“Yeah mom, you?”

“Like a brick.” she said -an expression I’d never heard her use.

We all sat down to some sausage and eggs, chatting here and there, Alison smiling at me a bit more than usual. Mom saw this several times and grinned as well as she looked over at my expression, but as I’ve said Alison’s smile is contagious and so I didn’t suspect mom to have heard anything or know what had happened the night before.

“You’re certainly in a good mood Alison.”

“Yeah, I guess I am. The Gymnastics meet is coming up this week.”

“So it is,” mom replied, “I’d be excited too I suppose.”

I swallowed a forkful of eggs and savoured the unfamiliar aftertaste, “What’s in these eggs mom? They taste great.”

“You like them? I wondered if you guys would notice the recipe I’ve been using.”

I gave her a thumbs up as I chewed another mouthful, she smiled.

In the past few months, aside from the nocturnal blowjobs I’d been receiving from my sister, I’d found myself looking at porn on my computer daily, and feeling incredibly horny all throughout school hours and at home. I’d come home everyday now and spend the hour or so I had while mom was at work and Alison was at practice jerking off to various websites and building up an impressive stash of pornography on my hard drive. One folder I dedicated to all the photos and clips I could get of this one woman called Desirae. The first time I’d seen her I had to struggle not to blow my load right then, not only was she gorgeous, but also the spitting image of my mother, with only a few differences. Maybe it was only recently but my mother’s tits seemed to have been grabbing my attention, as I’d always thought her and Desirae to be about equal, her tits seemed to have grown a few months back, her shirts all looked tight now and her nipples would show through even when I could tell she was wearing a bra, and on two occasions (when I could tell she wasn’t) I noticed she had wetspots on her shirt. She seemed oblivious to them, but both times changed shirts later that day…

That night I was brushing my teeth, looking in the mirror when Alison came in and stood next to me avcılar türbanlı escort wearing a tight pink shirt with a green carebear on it and a white pair of panties with a cherry print. Standing about a foot shorter than me she reached across in front for the toothpaste, brushing her arm against my abdomen, and smiling mischievously while my cock twitched and started to swell just a little bit. “You know I was thinking… Tonight,’ she paused, “Why don’t you come wake me up somehow…”

She watched me in the mirror with a big grin on her face, I smiled around my toothbrush and just held it still in the back of my mouth, staring back at her…

“Okay guys, get a good sleep.” Mom said looking in from the hall, we both must have looked surprised as she seemed to have come out of nowhere.

“Yeah mom, you to.” I replied, involuntarily looking down at the cleavage showing from her thin, somewhat shiny nightgown. Her rack seemed to be stretching the straps and pulling it up at the front like a microskirt that would get her kicked out if she were one of the girls at my school.

“Goodnight mom,” Alison said going over to her and giving her a hug.

Mom was smiling and looked over at me, “Come on give me hug too.”

I hoped my semi erect cock wouldn’t show through my pajama pants and walked over and hugged her. She pressed her big full tits against me and my chubby pressed into her stomach. She planted a kiss on my cheek and said goodnight again as she walked off to her room, her big round butt almost peeking out from under her nightie.

I couldn’t sleep of course, I turned on my computer and looked at pictures of Desirae. There was a shoot where she was wearing a tight nightgown similar to mom’s and I had to close the window and think about something else for fear that I’d blow a load before even getting into my sister’s room. I read a bit of Catcher in the Rye, which I had to write a report on soon and let a couple hours go by that way, I figured Alison may be having trouble sleeping as well, and I wanted to actually wake her up the way she’d woken me. At about 12:30 I crept out into the hallway, my mom’s door was open. I carefully set each footstep on the carpet, moving in super slow motion, turning Alison’s doorknob with barely a click and closing it behind me.

The room was warm and I could hear my sister breathing steadily. She was lying on her side with her hands up by her head, her hips stuck up seductively under the covers. I lifted the sheets at the foot of the bed and slid my head under, sliding slowly forward, letting my weight carefully onto her mattress. I slid up until I knew I was close, I could feel the heat coming off her legs and could smell her pussy. I kissed the underside of her thigh, making my way up to her asscheek, then just followed the heat and scent to her warm opening –she had taken her panties off. I tried to get down and start sucking on her cunt but her legs were in the way and I couldn’t move them without waking her. I got down and positioned myself so that my chin was between her soft thighs and licked down between them at her sweet little pussy, I heard a soft moan through closed lips. My neck was quickly getting sore in this position though and I knew I wouldn’t be able to reach her clit or even keep this up for very long. She shifted a bit and I felt her buttcheeks against my face, my nose was in the crack of her ass and I was stretching my tongue as far as I could.

I slid my face up a bit and started licking the insides of her asscheeks, sliding my tongue up Alison’s buttcrack. She moaned lightly again and pressed her soft cute ass back against my face. My cock was tenting my pajama pants and dripping like a faucet as I tongued my sister’s asscrack, making my way from the sides down to her tiny little asshole. I found it by touch and began tonguing it. It tasted clean so I held my tongue still and used my neck to just saw it along her asshole. One of her legs kicked out a bit and I heard a squeak from her, but she didn’t wake up. I had my face buried between Alison’s buttcheeks which were wet now with saliva, I tongued her up and down, loving every minute of it. After a while I was surprised she didn’t wake up and became a little less careful. I put my hands on her thighs and felt the muscles squeeze every time she pressed her ass into my face. I pushed her down, to lay on her stomach and, still asleep, she complied. With her legs straight, her cute little butt was now it’s full shape, but slick enough to press my face between her cheeks and lap at her little bud. She woke when I started sliding my hands along her sides and up her t-shirt. Looking over her shoulder she tossed the sheets off: “Ooh. Good morning brother…”

“Oh hey Alison, what’s up?.”

She snorted a little laugh and I kept eating her ass. “Mmm, I wasn’t expecting this.”

“Well you did say to surprise you.”

“You’ve certainly done that -oooh, avcılar ucuz escort yeah, lick it just like that.”

“…Your ass is delicious sis, I’ve got to take back the things I said about it when we were growing up.”

“Yeah? …are you sure you’ve stopped growing?” she said as she began to turn over, then added more seriously “Take your pants off.”

I pulled them off and came to sit beside her at the head of her single person bed. She rolled back onto her stomach and put her face in my lap, her spit mixed with the wad of precum spread all around my cockhead making a thick sticky fluid. “Mmm” she moaned and smacked her lips a couple times around my cock, before giving me a wet sloppy blowjob. The anticipation had been killing me and my face was tingling as she slid the slimy viscous fluid up and down my cock with her warm tongue and mouth.

After a while she sucked hard and pulled her mouth off, in the faint light I could see a thick string of spit connecting my dick to her mouth, she puckered her lips and with a lewd sucking noise pulled it into her mouth along with some of the spit that had been running toward my balls. “Mmn.”

She smiled and turned away from me, holding herself up with one hand she reached out and picked my pajama pants up off the floor, “Your jizz is so sweet, I feel like I’m addicted to this stuff,” she said as she turned the top part of my pants inside out and started licking the fabric where it was wet with precum. She then dropped them and straddled me face to face and we kissed deeply. She rubbed her hands around my back and neck, and raised herself up to get onto my prick.

I reached down and grabbed it, again I had to squeeze it tightly as she pressed down on it forcefully before it finally slipped in to her sweet hole. “Uhhhhn,” She steadily sank down and began riding just the top few inches -about a third of the way down and kept this up while we made out, pressing our lips together, she bit my lower lip and then sucked on my tongue when I stuck it out, sliding her lips up and down as if it were a small cock. She slid smoothly up and down and I felt like I could come, but also like I could hold out a bit longer. I pushed her shoulders back a bit and rolled her over onto her back. Laying on top of my sister with her feet on either side of my head I continued fucking her while she panted and moaned. “Oh yeah, give me more.”

I started fucking Alison deeper and deeper, “Uhn, uhn, uhn, not too much…”

I was sawing more than half my cock in and out of the tightest pussy I’d ever felt, gradually adding more, very little at a time, until i could feel my cock parting her tight vaginal walls and pressing against her womb, “UHN! Uhn! Oh! Oh god! Unh!”

I’d press just the tip of my cock against the entrance until it started to open and then withdraw over and over.

“Oh god!”


I kept fucking her like this as her moans began to sound more awkward and nervous, “Push it in, please, I need it in me.”

“I pushed past the sphincter until -on the other side- it grabbed the back of my cockhead and I started pulling back just enough to stay ahead of it now. “A-A-A-AAAHHHH!”

Alison’s body clenched up and her pussy clamped down on my rock hard prick as I fucked her deep. Her head was pressed back into the pillow, her hair pressing into her face, she pulled me down against her with surprising strength, her tits pressed against my chest through her carebear t-shirt, as I used only my lower back to pivot my ass back and forth, pumping my little sister like an oil well as she was run through by a powerful orgasm. My balls had been slapping against her wet asshole, but now they tightened and I could feel my orgasm coming. Alison just kept cumming as I sliced my cock in and out of her tiny hole, spewing cum up into her belly like a fire hose. We both did our best to remain quiet as we winded down and eventually I pulled out and fell asleep with my sister in my arms.

“Nick! Alison! Breakfast!”

I woke with a start, I hadn’t planned to stay in Alison’s room, but there wasn’t much I could do about that now. My morning hard-on was wedged comfortably in her moist asscrack as we lay spooned together. Alison turned her head and kissed me, shifting her ass a bit, then sliding it teasingly back and forth, making me wish we had time for a nice morning fuck, but we parted lips and she rolled out of bed, put her panties on and slipped off to the bathroom. I put on my pants and walked into the hallway, I froze at my door, it was wide open.

When I got downstairs mom and Alison were eating and talking about the neighbour’s border collie, who had apparently dug up parts of the front garden again. “Hey sweetie,” mom said when I walked into the room, then turned back to Alison, “Well I told him he’s got to keep a closer eye on her, but I told him that last time. Anyway he replanted them and everything so I guess there’s no harm done really.”

The conversation went on without mom even hinting at the question of where I’d slept, and I was left to assume that she had walked by my door without looking in at all.

Mom was washing up when I came by with my back pack. “Alright have a good day,” she said

“Yeah you to mom!” I said, happy for having narrowly avoided getting caught.

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