Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 15

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Thursday morning was bright and sunny and as I drove to work, but I suddenly found myself in the middle of gridlock just shy of a bridge and surrounded by traffic. There had been an accident only minutes before with an 18 wheeler that had jack-knifed and spilt its cargo, blocking all lanes. I was surrounded by traffic with no way out.

‘Damn, I’m screwed’ I said to myself as I put the shifter in park, zipped down both driver and passenger side windows and turned off the engine to wait it out. I thought about work for a few minutes then pulled my phone out and called in telling them I was stuck on the other side of the river. They told me with I was the 2nd to call in and just come in as soon as I can.

I settled back and let my mind wander about last night with Beth and how we had brought each other up to date on all the activity that happened Tuesday night.

Last night had been Mom’s normal dinner night out with the girls. Darla had dropped by and there was just enough time to say hi before Betty showed up for them to take off.

Beth was working to 6 PM this week and she arrived only moments after they had left. We decided to go out to dinner ourselves and headed to the pub after Beth took a shower because of working most of the day in the hot house adjacent to the flower shop.

Beth wanted to hear about Mom and me first as we drove to the pub. I told her Mom was considerably sensitive from the waxing on the areas where her pubic hair had been the thickest and how the lower the waxing went, the less sensitive it was since the hairs had been so fine and sparse.

I then got into details where we cuddled on the couch with wine and snacks, how I helped her out by rubbing in her lotion and how it led to making out like teenagers before going upstairs to our bedroom for more.

I had just finished telling her about how Mom was in slutty mood and how she wanted to sit on my face and when I told her how Mom had said “when I was a baby she had fed me her tit to suck and now that I’m a young man she was going to feed her hot, wet cunt to me to lick” when Beth responded with “Oh my god! That’s so fucking hot!” as I noticed her hand slid under her skirt.

I could tell Beth was getting turned on hearing about all of this so I kept on talking.

We pulled into the pub’s parking lot just as I was describing how we progressed into 69 and the finger fucking I gave Mom that led to a hot ass fucking.

Beth was hot listening to the details of it asking questions about some of the specifics and it seemed Mom’s slutty spin on things excited her even more.

I parked in an empty area of the parking lot and we stayed in the vehicle as I continued my story telling her about the hair pulling and the orgasms we had. Beth had continued to touch herself under her skirt as I told my story and I could see she was getting a bit breathless as she asked detailed questions on how Mom had used the vibrator.

I told her in detail of what happened and how she had dropped it at the last moment before switching to her fingers and as I did I saw her bite her lower lip and squirm.

I gave her a moment to calm and said “Looks like that was a nice, needed release” with a grin.

Beth giggled, her hand went deep and retracted with her fingers wet and fed them to my lips saying “Mmmmm, yes it was… What happened next?”

My tongue traced the outline of her fingertips and I then sucked them briefly before I spoke.

I told her we shared a shower to get cleaned up and how Mom seemed exhausted so we went back to our bed, cuddled, and fell asleep. Then I added “But this morning was different. She had healed up fairly well overnight, had awoke early and fucked my brains out before getting ready for work. I don’t know if it’s me or what but she seems so hot and horny for sex this week. Ha, not that I’m complaining!”

Beth laughed softly. “I’ve noticed that too, even during our daily chats. Maybe it’s the excitement of the trip coming up but I also know she craves fucking you. Half of our sex starts off talking about and comparing notes on all the sexual things we do to you or with you. I have to admit it turns me on also and I know it turns her on a lot. You can’t imagine how hot it is between us to share you with each other.”

I looked at Beth and said “That’s a different angle…” with a grin “So I’m shared?”

Beth giggled. “Yep! It’s our new dynamics of three. We all love each other and we share one another between us. Oh, I’m still yours, and Mom’s still your mom, but as lovers we all share…”

“Cool, I can live with that…”

“Good, now, let’s go in and eat and I’ll tell you about Darla and me” she said with a laugh as she opened her door and added “This should be interesting” with a quiet snicker.

We entered the pub and slid into the rear corner booth. It was our favorite seat in the place anytime we came here but tonight it was really convenient since it was tucked away and the adjacent booths were, for the most part, empty.

A avcılar grup yapan escort waitress we knew came by and we ordered a pitcher of beer to start and a burger and fries each.

As she left, Beth started to describe how it went. She claimed all their talk between her and Darla all evening had been nothing but sexual innuendo after innuendo until Mom even laughed and said “Why don’t you two just get a room!” She quickly added “Better yet, just take her home with you! I’m sure John won’t mind and will keep me company tonight.”

The waitress returned and as we started in on a pitcher of beer as Beth started telling what happened.

She went into describing in detail on how as soon as they entered the house, the groping and kissing that started immediately as Darla closed the door and how they hadn’t made it into the bedroom before Darla was on her knees in front of the couch with Beth’s panties off and hungrily eating her pussy.

Thank god we saw the waitress coming at us with the food and by the time she left Beth started telling more details about how the action went from one thing to another as their playfulness went from Beth playing the role of slut and Darla as a bitch and back to being just pussy eating Beth and Darla.

I remember sitting on the edge of the booth with my elbows on the table as the dinner showed up. It was a good thing too because I felt fully hard with my cock straining against the material of my shorts.

For the first time in my life I realized I might have the same problem as Beth or Mom would if they got really turned on and wet with no panties. I realized I was probably juicing up with a lot of pre-cum that would soak through the material of my shorts.

I slid my hand into my pocket thinking I could adjust the material of the pocket over the head but that didn’t work. The pocket was too shallow and my member was too long.

Other than going to work, I seemed to have started to go commando for easy access to all the fucking we’ve been doing thus there was no underwear to wick the wetness except my shorts themselves.

I checked to see if anyone was looking then shifted my cock over a bit so it wouldn’t concentrate on one spot, trying to look casual as I reached for the ketchup.

Half way through the burgers, Beth looked at me with an especially mischievous grin. She waited until I swallowed what I had in my mouth before saying anything. I reached for my beer but her hand stopped mine as she said “I haven’t told you the best part yet…”

I stopped, looked at her and said with a bit of a grin knowing it must be special “What’s that?”

Beth looked me straight in the eyes and said just above a whisperer “Darla had a strap-on!… And we spent a lot of time fucking each other with it. Mom doesn’t know yet and Darla’s going to surprise her soon with it!… I doubt it will be tonight though since they’ll get back so late and have to work tomorrow.”

My mouth seemed to drop before I got out “Holy shit!…That’s going to be something different for Mom. Talk about naughty and a bit kinky!…” I could see why Beth had stopped me from taking a drink of my beer. If she had told me that with a mouth full of it I probably would have sprayed it.

I looked at Beth and she was chuckling softly after seeing my reaction and I had to ask “So, how was it?”

Beth took a small bite of her burger and chewed it while bouncing her eyebrows on purpose to tease me. She finally swallowed and said. “Like you said, naughty and kinky kind of covers it. Gawd, it was so different doing what she calls the “man-fucking” when I wore it!

I had a load of questions to ask her about it. “So how was it getting fucked by it?”I whispered back.

Beth giggled and kept her voice really low to where I had to lean over the table to hear her.

“Do you mean did it feel better than the real thing?… No, not really from the sense of being warm and “cummy”, but the thought of being fucked by another woman has a special excitement of its own and doing the fucking feels kinky to me. But – what I really liked the most is it was really great for ass fucking. Mom’s not the only one to get her ass fucked last night.”

“Both of you?” I asked with my eyebrows arched.

“Mmmm-Hmmm” said Beth as she took a bite of fries while she grinned the whole time.”That’s why I asked about the vibrator. I was comparing it to me cuming as Darla fucked my ass.”

“No kidding!” I exclaimed softly as the visual images of them taking turns fucking each other with the strap-on whizzed through my mind which caused my cock to twinge. “How big is it? Is it one of those huge ones you see online in the lez porn all the time?”

“No, to tell the truth, it’s smaller than you. Darla says it’s about the size of Steve about 6 and a half inches and average thickness. She says Steve has penis envy against big dildos” she said with a laugh “But I guess that’s why I thought it was so great for ass fucking. It’s avcılar masöz escort actually quite a comfortable size for that.”

I thought for a second and then asked “When did she say she started using it?”

“Laura, the friend she met on the cruise. She had one with her when she came to visit and gave it to her. The second time she came to visit, it was with Steve and Darla said she got to find out what it was like to get fucked from both ends too” Beth added with a giggle.

I let my mind wander for a moment as we both finished our burgers. I noticed Beth kept her eye on me the whole time and I got the distinct impression I knew she loved freaking me out with news like this.

I then glanced at her and said “I guess we need to change the subject if I want to get out of here without causing a scene.”

Beth knew what I was talking about and suspected I was hard. “I thought that might happen. Is it really hard?” she asked with her giggle. I nodded and then she added “If you were sitting next to me in this booth I bet I could make it even harder” she said with a grin “But… maybe we need to change the subject. So… were you able to get your schedule for the weekend? Will you be able to go with us when we take Mom to the airport?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you earlier; I got Saturday off so I can drive and we can all fit comfortably in the SUV, but in order to get it off I have the early shift on Sunday,”

“Good! Any other plans between now and Sunday?”

“No, just go with the flow. I’m not sure what’s up with Mom, but she might be busy getting ready for her trip unless you know something I don’t. How about you? Any plans?”

“Not really, just my usual dinner with my dad tomorrow evening. I’m getting off at 6 and should be home by 8 to 8:30 or so.” After a moment she asked “So how’s your condition? Can we ask for the check?” Beth asked with a smile.

I nodded and waived down the waitress. A few moments later Beth and I walked down the aisle to the entrance with her in front of me and partially off to the side to cover up the damp looking areas on the leg of my shorts.

As we started to leave the pub some friends of ours flagged us down and we ended up joining them. I wasted no time scooting up against the bar to provide more time for the damp spots to dry out.

We never realized that the newest thing was that Wednesday night was now “Hump Night” in the pub which drew a mid-week crowd. It was close to 11 by the time we finally got out of the pub.

Getting back to the house, I parked in front so as not to block anyone in. We quietly let ourselves in and we could hear the occasional laughs and giggles between their unintelligible talk.

We quietly eased into our bedroom and I intentionally left the door open as we started to get undressed. By the time Beth and I stripped, we heard the first of the moans. It was definitely Mom’s.

Beth eased onto the bed and moved on her knees to her side as I cut off the light on the nightstand and slid in next to her on my back and slid my arm beneath her neck. She settled in next to me and bent over and gave me a fully open mouth kiss, which I gladly returned as one of her hand went directly to my cock and began stroking it.

With her knee bent, her thigh slid over mine and I felt the contact of her pussy to my thigh as she gently started grinding into it. My hand started stroking her back as I kissed her slightly harder and letting my tongue dance with hers.

We could still hear Mom’s moans coming from across the hall. I was glad I had left the door open. It definitely helped in hearing their lovemaking across the hall.

Our kiss broke as we heard Mom give Darla instructions “Oh god yessssssss! Right there Sweetheart! Oh that’s it!… suck it! … Yesss, oh, yessss!”

My chest bounced from a silent chuckle and Beth let out quiet giggle then whispered in my ear “Sounds like Mom’s having some fun tonight… Say… After hearing about you and Mom last night, you wouldn’t mind a bit more of some 69 tonight would you?” Then she added in a musical tone “We haven’t done that for a long while” before she stared tonguing my ear.

“Not at all… I could go for that. Let me slide on down.”

We both slid down and centered ourselves on the bed. This time I dragged a pillow to my head to start with as Beth turned to the opposite direction and straddled my face and eased over to take my cock.

My hands steered her hips to me and then slid down her ass cheeks, spreading them wide. There was enough moonlight in the room for me to make out the inner folds of that beautiful pussy of hers. Even her anus could be seen reminding me of a round medium sized button and showed up as a darker shade within the shadow of the exposed crack of her ass above her wet, swollen lips.

My tongue and Beth’s lips found our intended targets just about the same time as my tongue sunk deep into her vaginal opening, finding it warm, wet and inviting as her avcılar otele gelen escort sweet creamy juices started to fill my mouth as her lips slid over the head of my cock where she took me deeply to start. I could feel the vibrations of a quiet “Mmmmmmm” as she began to succor it.

We both took our time savoring one another as we listened to Mom’s continued moans, softly breaking the silence as they emanated from across the hall.

Eating Beth in a 69 position from below was much easier than doing the same to Mom. Beth was taller which positioned her hips much closer to my face, though I was glad I had still tucked the pillow behind my head. It allowed me to totally enjoy eating her sweet cunt without wanting to quickly get her off.

Her hips gyrated ever so slightly back into my face as I first tongue fucked her and then started working on each labia, while teasing her clit in anticipation of being next.

Beth lovingly sucked my cock bobbing her head slowly, stroking the bottom of my shaft as she did and occasionally letting the head slide out from between her lips to sensuously lick the sides of my shaft before returning it to her perfect mouth as she stroked the base of it with one hand and fondled my balls with the other.

Mom’s moans started becoming more intense and in short order we could hear her as her orgasm flooded over her. Hearing this affected both Beth and I as she started sucking me harder and faster as her head bobbed in earnest and my tongue started lashing here clit as I buried two fingers deep into her cunt.

Our oral pleasures continued after Mom went silent but I was surprised how soon afterwards Mom’s moans were replaced by Darla’s.

I guess it didn’t really surprise me all that much. I knew how Mom could be. Some orgasms let Mom drained and melting into the mattress and others just seemed to charge her batteries.

It seemed to be depending on if the sex was casual and loving vs naughty and exciting which caused me to grin as Beth’s wet cunt pressed back onto my lips and cheeks in response to my tongue. I was sure the new naughty play with her new sexual lover definitely had the exciting element to it tonight.

It wasn’t long before Darla too became more vocal as she proclaimed “Ohhhh yessssss you are such a slut, aren’t you” which was followed by “Ohhhh fuck yes. Suck my clit as you fuck me that that pink cock!”

Beth responded with another “Mmmmmmm” of a moan which was much less subdued as she sent vibrations into my cock up on hearing Darla’s words as she pressed her pussy harder against my face.

I responded by pivoting my hips a bit harder making my cock go deeper with each forward movement as I fucked her face back.

Darla was still moaning and I realized they seemed to be stretching it out intentionally. Just as this thought crossed my mind Beth’s head came off my cock and she breathlessly said quietly but earnestly “Oh John… I can’t stand it anymore… I want to fuck! I need you deep inside of me!”

I had no problems with that. Between the sexy 69 we were enjoying and hearing all the sounds from across the hall I immediately rolled us over on our sides. As we disengaged Beth whispered “Baby… Take me from behind…”

The way our rolling had taken place, I ended up on her side of the bed. I touched her thigh and she quickly lifted it giving me access as I gripped my cock with the same hand and steered the head to her now wet, creamy cunt. My cock slid in just as my other arm slid under her neck immediately cupping a breast as I pulled her close to me as I bottomed out against her ass after ramming every inch into her deeply.

Beth let out a guttural audible moan as I bottomed out and started pivoting my hips quickly, each in a long arc to maximize the use of my full length with each thrust. I whispered desperately in her ear “Is this what you want Baby? Hmmmmm?… Mmmmmm… Yeah, I remember you really got off watching me fuck Mom on the couch this way last weekend, didn’t you…” I then tongued her ear wetly like she had done to mine earlier s the hand of my arm holding her to me squeezed her breast hard.

This time Beth’s moan was much more guttural then breathlessly added “Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss I remember! Oh John Yes! Give it to me!…”

I did as I eased into an easy but firm pace. Then I started to feel my balls load up and realized I probably wouldn’t last much longer. I softly whispered somewhat desperately in her ear “Ohhhh fuck!… You feel so fucking good!… Use your hand Babe… I’m not going to last that long with all the teasing this evening!…”

Beth ‘s hand shot immediately to her pussy and she stared rubbing her clit fast and hard as my cock continued to plow into her causing the mattress to shake in the bed frame and causing a puff… puff… puff as my hips slammed onto her with each thrust.

Beth turned her head to face mine and she didn’t have to ask as we immediately locked lips in a hot, wet passionate kiss with our tongues going wild sparing each other. This kiss lasted only tens of seconds before Beth let out a whiny moan, loud enough to only be muffled a bit by our kiss.

The kiss immediately broke and she exclaimed “Harder Baby, Harder!” and her moans turned to “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh” with each thrust but quickly changed to OHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD” as her orgasm hit her hard.

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