Mom’s Big Present

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I’ve been an incest lover since I was about 18. Back then, I had a 9.5 inch cock, and a lot of pubic hair. My dad traveled a lot so my brother and I were often alone with our mom for a week at a time. She was nothing extraordinary; brown hair, a little overweight, glasses, and decently sized breasts.

On my 18th birthday my mom sent my brother to school and let me stay home to open presents early. When I got to the last present, my mom went upstairs to shower. The last gift was just a little card. I opened it and it said, “To My Son, Happy Birthday!, Love Mom.” But at the very bottom, it said, “Run up to my bathroom for your BIG present!” I was so excited I was in the bathroom in a matter of seconds.

She peeked out from behind the curtain and told me not to be nervous and to take off my clothes. I did as she said. As my pants came off my cock flopped out. She asked me to join her in the shower, my cock shot up instantly. I stepped into the shower and saw her big, beautiful bush. It was thick, dark as night, dripping wet, and vast. It grew out slightly over her legs and about two inches below her hipline. It was the most glorious thing I had ever seen in my life. I reached out to touch it and she pushed my hand away.

“Not yet,” she said as she lowered to my eye level.

Her face came closer and closer until she kissed me deeply with her tongue. I reciprocated, our tongues entwining as my hormones raged. Then with her lips, she traced down my neck, my chest, my abs, and arrived at my rock hard cock. She aksaray escort grasped it and began to pump it. I had seen her do it to my dad, always wanting to help, but now it was my turn. Mimicking my dad’s usually actions, I put my hands on the back of her head and guided it until her lips touched the tip of my cock. She wrapped them around my stiff rod, which was 2 inches thick at the time. I was in heaven. I slowly lowered myself till I was sitting in the shower. She followed my cock like a slave. After an amazing ten minutes of sucking, I filled her mouth with my warm juices. She saved them, bringing her mouth to mine, letting me taste my own product. I loved it, swirling it around my mouth to savor the taste and eventually swallowing it all.

Then she left the shower, drying every part of herself except her bush and ass and her shining hair. She went downstairs and I followed. She stopped in the dining room. Slowly, she bent onto the dinner table, her chest resting on its surface. I was confused. She told me to put my cock into her anus. I was excited by the idea but at the same time hesitant. I did as she said. As I put it in, she moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain. She gave me more instructions. I grabbed her hips and began to pump myself in and out of her. I was enjoying myself. Even more I was enjoying her moans of pleasure and her screams of pain as I went deeper with each thrust. I grabbed her hair, using it to pull myself in deeper. My cock grew inside of her. I slapped her ass. anal yapan escort She squealed. With one hand still pulling her hair, I grabbed her tit with the other. She told me to be rough, as rough as I want.

I was intrigued by her offer. I lifted her from the table and knelt her on the ground, keeping my cock inside her hole. I then collapsed against her, pinning her between the floor and my body. I began to kiss her neck as I plunged deeper and deeper. She was convulsing in pain and pleasure. I felt myself about to come and I moaned as I filled her anus. I quickly sucked the juices out and swallowed them. I continued to eat her ass. My tongue flicked across it and then went deep inside of it. It was delicious. She pleaded for more but I took my tongue out.

To hear her pleasuring moans of passion and pain, I stuck my fist in her ass. I pushed in and out. I got my entire forearm in and she yelped. I took my arm out. I went to her glorious bush. It was shining in the light and as thick as anything. I ran my fingers through it. I reached the top of her warm, already wet vagina. She held my wrist and pushed it against her. I put in two fingers, flicking them inside of her. I massaged her pussy as my thumb rubbed her clit. She arced her back in elation, squeezing her legs together. I felt her juices flow around my fingers, but I continued. She was breathing heavily, her head thrashing back and forth, her body in convulsions. She climaxed twice more, soiling the floor with her creamy atakent escort juices.

I lowered my head to her bush, nestling in it, letting it brush softly against my face. I buried my tongue in it, licking her twat with long laps. Then with my long tongue I probed her. She tasted so sweet and tangy–it was spectacular. I spun my body around, so my balls drop over her lips, my tongue still deep inside of her. I expected her to suck on my rod or my nuts, but she surprised me. Two fingers of each hand spread my anus, and she inserted her tongue. This was a new sensation, and one of the most wonderful. It made me plunge my face into her, she bucked. I chewed for what seemed like forever, never able to get enough of her warm, soft cunt. She began to spread me wider. Now I was the one convulsing in a mix pleasure and pain. I blew my load on her chest. She let go of my ass, I pulled out my tongue. Now I was lying on top of her, our eyes locked.

“Would you like to fuck me, honey,” she asked.

I nodded fiercely, I felt like I was in control. I guided my cock in between her soaking flaps. My meat slowly filled her vagina. I began to thrust my entire body against hers. My lips found their way to her supple bosom. I sucked deeply on her nipples. They hardened in my mouth. I bit them. Lightly at first, then harder and harder. She moaned, her hands were on my hips pulling me further inside of her. Our bodies were one, moving with each other.

After an hour of pure ecstasy, I unloaded into her cunt. I didn’t pull my cock out, instead I kept it deep inside of her as I remained on top of her. I had just had the most amazing experience of my life. My mom turned me into a man and that experience was the start to my fetishes: big bushes, pain, and ass play. Little did I know that much bigger, better things were to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32