Mom’s Big Bed Ch. 11

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Hi folks! Sorry I haven’t written lately but I’ve been focused on a move to a new and bigger house since the spring. Now that we’re settled I am back writing stories for Literotica and working on an Erotic Novel. Keep up the constructive criticism and if you like what you read and want to see more…vote!


Mom and I followed the procession of stoned drunk women (who by now all stunk of sweat and sex just as much as the two of us did), up to the door of the pool shower. Once again the little familial-cluster-fuck-cunt-coven stopped in front of the doorway forming a long line that made up my harem, which turned and faced me. Mom clutched my hand for a moment and gave it a squeeze as if to say, “Remain here for a moment.” She then left me standing at the front of the line and she moved up to the door to take her place next to the “High Cuntress Herself,” that being none other than my beaming grandmother! My grandma spoke next.

“Ian, yesterday you married and mated with myself, your mother standing next to me, and the women you see directly in front of you; your aunts!” My three aunts were standing next to me in the line and they gleefully made eye contact and waved little wiggly fingers at me with broad happy smiles on their faces. Their little pewter rings glinted in the light of the descending sun. Grandmother went on,

“Our marriage was consummated and we brought you into our THING. Today your harem of wives and responsibilities as a husband, a companion, and a lover increased by the number of new faces you see before you!” My cousins and my two newly discovered half/sister-cousins waved a greeting with smiles and wiggling fingers all showing their rings like the one on my hand.

“My grandson,” Grandma continued, “it fills my heart with joy that I was able to be here with you as a wife as you consummated your marriage to these young ladies – all daughters of your aunt-wives. I felt the great rush of energy within our THING as these young girls and their mothers took you into the most private and secretive part of this family and I can say with all certainty that the bond is solid, strong, and BEAUTIFUL! Now, kiss your wives and kiss your new brides and remember your bond and your commitment to each!”

I understood my cue, I felt like I should receive a diploma or something but I understood and I went down the line of my three aunts, giving each one a “tonguey” wedding smooch and then proceeded to go down the naked line of their daughters, pausing to “get in there with both lips!” I kissed each one like they were my “one true love” and standing before me in some Las Vegas nudist wedding chapel. It felt so strange and cool at the same time!

At last I got down to my mother and grandmother and once again I kissed ever so hard the bride that had brought me into world and then I kissed (equally hard), the all-knowing wise woman who had given birth to my mom! A cheer rose up from all the women in that free-spirited little clique of debauchery and female abandon as I was now in their eyes the alpha male; a sitting and presiding “kahuna of kink”, with access to each of them… and to all of them! Like I told you before, it’s good to be the king! The tribe of empowered pussy now had a cock, and more than that, I was a cock who could pull the whole group together to do GREAT THINGS according to my mother and grandmother! We just had to properly harness a combination of tech savvy, kink, creativity, and the ability for the people of the world to shell out good money to see filthy nasty perversity – so long as it scratched a particular itch of theirs!

ANYHOW; enough of that…we had some showering to do! We all crowded into the showers and for the second time that day I was surrounded by all the hooting, giggling, foul-mouthed concubines from my funky fucked-up female family! Showerheads rained hot water as soap began to lather naked female breasts, bums, and bellies in every steamy conceivable incestuous direction! It was as if Lilith Fair had opened that spring in West Virginia and a bunch of loud inebriated and stoned horny-hippy-harpies in attendance had all decided they needed to wash up and get the sex funk off their bodies!

As with the previous two times in the shower…before we got off the kinky sex funk…we had to add it seemed – more sex funk! Now I am partly to blame for this. I had just cum inside the pussies of my female cousins (two of them as I found out were half-sisters). I had also busted my nut inside my dreadlocked half-sister Claire’s anus and given her insides a good protein washout. Now I saw her standing beside her twin Courtney, my other half-sister in this incestuous version of an Irish Spring commercial and thought, “OH WELL HAVENT HAD COURTNEY’S ASSHOLE YET!”

I strode up behind her as she spoke with her sister under the rush of water; having already soaped her bum up. I grabbed myself and giving my member a couple of jerks…got myself to sufficient hardness for what was needed next. I grabbed Courtney from behind, making her gasp slightly for a half second ataköy türbanlı escort and then I kissed the back of her neck and the middle of her shoulder blades while reaching around to grope her breasts. Her reaction could have been to elbow me in the guts and then kick my nuts through the ceiling but instead she craned her head to one side; allowing me access to her neck for a few moments of hungry biting and nibbling from me! OH No… she was definitely NOT resisting and she even bent forward slightly; pushing her sudsy butt crack back against my probing penis while I steered it between those soaped up ass-cheeks of hers!

My hands now found the front of her hips; grabbing both sides of her pelvis as the mushroom head of my cock-knob found that lovely little crater-mouth-notch to her slippery anal pucker. I was there, just hovering with my dick just ready to spear her; pushing at the entrance. A second later and I felt the rubbery sphincter yield and I pulled her onto my cock…sheathing myself up into her bowels in one smooth soapy determined shove!

Her entire rectum just yielded- just like that! It could have been a horny middle aged MILF’s cunt for all the ease I had with it and it was so NICE inside! It was gloriously wet snug warmth that my cock encountered, and despite the fact that it was quick penetration up into her most private of orifices – she completely welcomed me! Courtney let out a HHAHHHHRRR! and her twin Claire reached forward and applied fingers to our sister’s pussy-hole and clitty-nub…helping us along! It was true… I now had access to ANY of the females in this herd, and I could tell that they would ALL require regular mounting from the Stallion in Chief!

Claire had her arm hooked up and underneath Courtney’s crotch as she knelt and kissed her sister on the rump; her tongue twirling in little circles as I slammed my cock up into her sister’s intestines with all the tenderness of a Game of Thrones episode! It didn’t matter, Courtney was urging me on with her foul cursing little mouth as she shook her head from side to side in full abandon – her wet blond dreadlocks splattering water everywhere! Claire stopped kissing her sister’s ravaged rump and turned her face up to me with a broad evil smile saying,

“Courtney and I do EVERYTHING together Ian! We eat together, we sleep together, we get shitfaced and high together…and we share everything. You had my asshole earlier…now you are gonna have hers! Go ahead and split her shitter…just like you did me!”

“UMMMF! MMMM -OOOHH! …Share…n’…share…ALIKE! UUGGHHH! AAAAGGHHH! OH FUCK YEAH IAN!” Courtney said as she thrashed on my dick like a worm on a hook; shrieking and wriggling – but definitely not complaining; as she was happily pegged!” Claire kept up the coaching and the encouragement, pausing in between words to kiss and bite her sister’s rump,

“Yeah little brother! This is just the fucking beginning! …We are going to gobble you up like a crunchy little munchie! …We are going to do everything but roll you up and smoke you! You won’t even know what the fuck hit you! …Like I said…we share…EVERYTHING! If you have one of us…you’re going to be forced to have both of us filthy kinky bitches! By the time we get through with you, we’ll know every inch of you!”

“I ain’t impressed,” Christine interrupted from the next showerhead over where she and Jennifer were soaping up, “you two are amateurs compared to me!” She spit a mouthful of water that landed smack dab on the side of Claire’s head. Claire shook her blonde Bob Marley mane violently in an attempt to shake free the spat mouthful and rose to her feet, facing her little sister Chrissy, who now had her hands on her hips, staring up defiantly at her sibling while Jennifer rolled her eyes behind her as if to say- OH NO NOT AGAIN! FOR FUCKS SAKE GROW UP!

“D’fuck you mean by that -YOU LITTLE SLUT-TROLL?” Claire said turning to her sister. They both were half mocking half challenging each other but to the uninitiated it would have seemed that both were ready to do serious harm.

“I mean just what I said you Drew Barrymore wannabee with a bad sheepdog haircut!” Chrissy shot back at her, “You talk a mean game but I am much wilder as you could ever hope to be!”

“The fuck you say?” answered my half-sister Claire in a dominant mocking tone that was laden with derision, “I just fucked my brother and let him give me a protein milk-shake in both my holes! Courtney’s finishing up with him in her asshole now as we speak! He’s our BROTHER! We are WAY kinkier than you- you little squirt! All he did with you was fuck his cousin!” She raised herself up and attempted to make herself bigger but Chrissy had a little bit of the DON’T GIVE A SHIT in her and said,

“Oh pulleeze! Big deal! BIG HAIRY KINKY DEAL!…Lemme tell you something! I am the PRODUCT of a brother and sister fucking! Our mom fucked YOUR uncle twice and then Jen and I came out! We are kinky times four compared to you two lame mop-heads! Hell, …maybe ataköy ucuz escort even someday, I’ll even let him bust his nut up inside my ovaries and have him knock me up good n’ solid someday! Maybe Jen will do it too! Can you beat THAT? Nope…you wouldn’t dare get his seed up inside you to SPROUT…no tellin’ WHAT would come out!… But we aren’t afraid to twist the DNA around like those goofy bullshit dreads on your scalp! Hell I even pissed on him as he was fuckin me! KINK is the sea I swim in; you two just sit on the shore and watch the waves; you’re both just lame and tame!”

With that, Chrissy spat another mouthful of water in Claire’s face as Jennifer stepped out of the way behind her. Jen liked a good fight as much as she liked a good kinky fuck but getting her bell rung on the tile floor of the shower was not her idea of a good time! Chrissy, her full sister however…just didn’t give a shit and she gave Claire a little push with a snicker after spitting at her just to emphasize that point!

Aunt Maria edged a little closer to us from her showerhead, anticipating a fight was brewing but my grandma put a hand on her shoulder as if to tell her to- let her girls sort it out…just like Grandma did with her own children! This might get rough…but she knew the girls were still playing. Besides…it all made for a good show!

Claire looked over her shoulder at her twin but Courtney just weakly waived her on to take care of business for the both of them! She was far too occupied bouncing on the brotherly bologna that was battering her bowels to worry about a lesbo cat-fight in the shower now! Claire decided it was going to be ALL HER and with a shrug, she simply turned to Chrissy and the two locked arms, laughing and swearing ; each intent on besting the other! Legs kicked at legs and hands found hair; both sisters trying to pull the other off her feet while the rest of the women in the shower now began to hoot and cheer and pick sides! Both girls gripped and pulled breasts as they attempted to fasten onto some part of the other!

As this was going on…Courtney and I shifted our bodies and gaze to watch the fun while we continued our “soapy sibling sodomy!” We were both hoping Claire would teach Chrissy a lesson…I mean; she was a brat from time to time and she had instigated this whole thing (plus she HAD pissed on me when I had fucked her)! I wanted to see her get a little payback and it came soon enough!

The two girls smacked their soapy bellies together and Chrissy managed leap up and wrap legs around her sister’s upper body. The net result (aside from Chrissy getting a handful of hair plus a better grip with her legs), was to get Claire somewhat off her center of gravity. The pair of battling hippy harlots crashed to the tile floor; locked together and hitting with a wet smack (that was mostly on Claire’s bum)! I don’t think either was intent at any time of doing serious harm to the other as both kept laughing and talking shit to each other. Both girls luckily escaped serious injury for as Claire rolled from her buttocks, she twisted her torso slightly up and over onto Chrissy’s ass flaps; the rolling action absorbing the shock (and luckily not their skulls)! Still, Courtney and I winced slightly as we witnessed the fall (complete with water on the floor splashing about from the naked Amazonian impact)! It was like watching two scrapping kittens that had come tumbling from a basket and splashing down into shallow puddles!

The two girls shrieked and growled and pinched each other’s nipples; swearing and screaming at the top of their lungs and accusing the other of waging a “dirty fight,” despite laughing in between grunts and curses. They went at each other like two beasts that were fighting over some bone or scrap of food. It was all very primal, disturbing, and arousing at the same time!

Both women got their legs wrapped around each other and it seemed like first one would have an advantage as her ass-cheeks found their way to the summit of the wet struggling pile of girl-flesh…only to have the other pull some clever reversal and a new set of butt-cheeks would be “Queen atop the mountain!” This “flip-flop”, “one atop the other followed by reversal” routine went on for several minutes and it was supremely exhilarating for my sister and I who were locked in a struggle of our own; my cock plowing and digging deeper into Courtney’s torrid turd-mine with each stroke! The women of my family simply pumped their fists in the air now and somebody…Becky I think it was, got them fired up and chanting in unison, “GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!”

Finally Claire had enough…she ignored Chrissy’s teat pinches and simply got her weight and her crotch atop her sister’s head and upper body; holding both of Christine’s shoulders in place with her knees while lifting poor Chrissy’s lower body and legs off the floor so that the little “hoochie-ho-hump-hobbit” could only flail her legs and shriek in protest as water from the shower nozzle bombarded her in the twat from ataköy üniversiteli escort across the room – courtesy of my cousin Cynthia who had mischievously re-angled it to smack Chrissy in the pussy! Claire had simply summoned all of her stoned-drunk strength for one last leveraged move and when she executed it, the move had paid off…much to Chrissy’s amazed protests!

“FUCKING SHIT!” Chrissy howled, “YOU BITCH! I’m gonna…UNH! OHHH! …I’m gonna kick your…!”

“YESSSSS?” Claire asked her sister with a vindictive smile as she simply held her in place, “You were saying lil squirt?” The women of the group were laughing and continuing to pump their fists screaming “GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!” as though Lilith Fair was now hosting a lesbian gladiatorial event! Courtney and I began to cheer along with them as we butt-fucked ; our strokes now timed with the pumping fists in the air of the women!

“MA!” screamed Chrissy, “GET HER THE FUCK OFF ME!” Aunt Maria simply shook her head and screamed louder, “GO GO GO!” She knew better; Grandma had ruled on this. The high priestess of orgasmic retribution had determined that this should be settled by strength and it was!

“You should have thought of that Chrissy before you picked a fight,” Grandma hollered over the cheers and the catcalls, “and as the baby of that family…you always seem to find mischief to get into at the expense of others. No…I am going to let Claire have some satisfaction! Proceed Claire!” Claire looked up to my Grandma; who stood naked in the steam and shower spray appearing regal and all powerful. In true fashion of authority, my “Nana in Chief” gave Claire the “thumbs down” sign just as if she had been a Roman empress at a series of games someplace back in antiquity. Claire’s face got broad with a smile and she tried to look over her rump at the struggling shrieking Christine saying,

“Alright little sis! Time to get yours!” With that Claire bit her lower lip and wrinkled her nose. There was a slight pause between the input action and the output action and then Claire’s bunghole cut loose with a colossal fart down onto Chrissy’s face! It was a loud squonker of a fart and it would have been worthy of a Saga had we been a bunch of fucking Vikings! Chrissy howled in terrified humiliation as Claire’s colon let loose what she had been carrying up in her dung dumper for several minutes now…my nasty semen from our rip-roaring buttfuck in the pillow pile! A splatter of my salty spent nut-juice plastered Chrissy in the face, in what could best be described as Claire’s “gastro-intestinal money shot!”

To our amazement and amusement, Chrissy even caught some of my spent seed in her mouth and up her nose! She sputtered and screamed bloody murder but Claire simply smiled and biting her lip, launched another load of nasty “salty sibling sauce” into her sister’s outraged face! The crowd of women now howled and roared with laughter as they continued to scream and chanted, “GO! GO! GO! GO!” The only one who was still able to maintain self-control was Claire. She looked at her sister with a mocking smirk and said,

“Awwww, tsk, tsk, tsk! Did somebody blow a bid bad sticky wicky load of cum in your face sis? Oooh and out their butthole too? Well why don’t you let big sister Claire wash all that sticky boy juice off your facy-wacy!” With that she now turned to Courtney and I and we nodded back to our sister – we knew she had something…”dramatic” in store. I watched as she wrinkled her nose and squinted like she was working out a tricky math problem. Her lips quivered…and Claire pissed a hot yellow acrid stream of urine into Chrissy’s protesting kisser!

It was absolute pandemonium for everyone standing as the hoots and the laughter echoed off the tiles in deafening fashion! Claire kept pushing out her pee and Christine kept swearing and protesting as Courtney and I fucked and rutted in a brother and sister butt-fuck that was dedicated to our sister who had acquitted herself admirably on the field of battle!

When at last Claire’s tank was empty she taunted Chrissy one last time with, “Guess you wish I hadn’t had the asparagus soup for lunch!” With that Claire stood up in triumph and the appreciative crowd cheered and clapped. Courtney clapped her hands together and I clapped one of my hands against her ass-cheeks but we both continued to fuck…suspecting the show was not completely over by a long shot with this tribe of torrid women!

Claire stuck out her hand and helped her sister to her feet. Just like the day before when my aunts went at it on the shower floor, the two made up, shook hands…and then kissed long and deep in true Amazonian warrior queen fashion! Amazon combat is something different and beautiful to say the least! Now Claire and Chrissy did something quite different; they cuddled and rubbed breasts and continued to kiss necks and run hands across bellies. It turned from a “make-up cuddle” to a “make-out cuddle” and when their sister Jennifer joined the two…it transformed into a lesbo group-grope huddle that fell onto the floor as the three sisters set fingers, tongues, breasts, hips, and of course pussies to their best uses! Courtney and I just looked on, rutting with abandon and enjoying the sensation of our familial fecal-fuck while the girls below us licked and fingered and kicked their legs about on the shower floor in the spray and steam and mist!

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