Mommy and Me Yoga

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Following an accident playing intramural basketball at her college, Addie had gotten injured and found that yoga was the only thing that helped. Two years later and she was still super into it, and back home from college for the summer she asked her Mom to join her for some online classes done in their living room. Addie’s mom had been a fitness instructor for a time and Addie thought she’d really enjoy both the yoga and giving Addie some tips on her form which would be just as useful for her as it was for her mom. Addie was constantly trying to find mutually beneficial situations like that.

And clearly her mom was appreciative, she had bought Addie some cute little outfits just like her mother had worn to teach aerobics classes. They were a little silly and out of style, they definitely wouldn’t have fit in at a yoga studio, but Addie appreciated the gift and the thought behind it. She was dressing in one today for their living room session. She turned several times to look over herself in the mirror. It was certainly lucky that she got regular Brazilian waxes because the skin tight body suit, which resembled a metallic one piece bathing suit, left little to the imagination. It was French cut and rode high showing the fold between her groin and her thighs and rode up her ass in the back.

It was certainly good that she wasn’t wearing this in front of anyone who might care, she suspected that during some of the poses the lips of her pussy would be visible. But she lived alone with her mother, with no father around and no sibling to mock her she was sure it would be fine. It was important to her to let her mother know that she loved her, and could be a grateful child. It was incredibly tight in the bust as well, but she shared her curse of large breasts with her mother and the tightness would control them slightly. She laughed as she stared at herself in the mirror. She felt very sexual in this outfit, how tightly it was pulled between her shoulders and her crotch; tight enough to be pressing and creating friction against her clit. Certainly not what her mother must have intended.

Despite feeling a little aroused and in need of a masturbation session she had set a time for their little yoga class and she didn’t want to let her mom down. She pranced into the living room feeling quite silly, but excited on a few levels. Her mom was already in the living room in a matching leotard, which Addie thought looked quite cute. Her mother’s body was very different, bottom heavy even when weighed against the size of her bosom, with thick fleshy thighs, she was several inches shorter and had a soft tummy from having Addie. Every part of her was softer and fleshier than Addie, more womanly almost. Addie herself was so tall, her waist was straight and her legs and arms were muscled from lifting weights. Her stomach was fairly flat and her ass was round and high mostly muscle, she took more after her unknown father apparently; in all ways except her breasts that were nearly identical to her mother’s at a double D cup size. She had seen her naked once and even the tear drop shape and small pink nipples were the same.

“You look super cute, Mommy,” she was constantly trying to hype her mom up, seemed like another good chance to make her feel like the attractive woman she was. In public she’d never call her Mommy, but in private she’d never stopped the habit, at home no one judged her on it and it felt good to say for whatever reason. Her mother also had always seemed to prefer it. Her mother just smiled, shaking her head and moved past the compliment. She turned on the TV and searched for their workout class, once she’d located the yoga class Addie had asked that they do, deep thigh and hip openers, she turned it on.

They moved through the first 15 minutes of the class in silence, easily and happily, it was some deep breathing exercises and some butterfly folds that felt great as a warm up. It also allowed Addie to check on how the crotch of her leotard looked. She had been right when she thought in certain poses that much of her labia would be exposed. She blushed when she looked down and saw the fleshy flash of her pink lips; but her mother had bought this outfit for her, so surely she wouldn’t have a problem with some minor wardrobe malfunctions. When they moved into some warm up cat cows poses she looked over at her mother, who was staggered slightly in front of her. She was experiencing a similar wardrobe malfunction. Her fleshy ass and thighs had practically swallowed the crotch of her leotard. She legs were spread to either side of her mat in the pose as she moved into child’s pose, Addie could see that the strip of fabric between her legs had ridden up to the point where it was pulled tight between her pussy lips, dragging against her clit and she folded forward, sliding between the crack of her huge ass. She was fully waxed as well which Addie found surprising if only because she’d never ankara escort contemplated her mother’s pussy before.

Addie couldn’t stop staring, she hadn’t even entered the pose herself, her mother’s bare pussy lips were shiny, and the fabric rubbing against her cunt was visibly damp as if her mother was aroused. Her mother was letting out some moans, but that was common in yoga, she assumed both of them would moan a lot before the session was over, because hip openers were very intense. She shook off her confused thoughts and tried to focus back in on her own movement and stretching.

Once they entered a wide leg standing forward fold her mother left the pose and walked around behind Addie, clearly concerned with her form. Addie felt some embarrassment because she knew how much of her sex was on display but glad to not be tempted to look at her mom’s ass during this pose. When her mommy was standing behind her she placed both hands on either side of Addie’s lower ass, spreading the cheeks wide as well as the lips of her pussy, the crotch of the leotard slid between them and strained against her clit. Addie was horrified and ashamed to feel her pussy start to tingle and get wet. Would her mother notice?

As her cheeks began to burn with shame her mother shocked her by sliding both of her thumbs under Addie’s leotard, leaving her hands splayed across her daughters tight ass her thumbs played gently at the lips of her pussy which was just beginning to grow slick and puffy with arousal. Addie let out a gasp that was also partly a moan she couldn’t hold back. Addie was a typical hormonal college student and she fingered herself daily, had even gone to a sex shop once and bought a dildo. In her rush and inexperience she had bought one that was too large for her tight cunt and had spent months slowly stretching herself over it until she could get it all inside of herself (that first orgasm with it fully inside of her had felt like an explosion). She was no stranger to playing with and teasing her own cunt. This was her mother though, what was she doing and why was she doing it? Neither had ever hinted at a sexual attraction to the other despite how much they would cuddle on the couch during movie nights or how Addie still sometimes slept in her mother’s bed on stormy nights. They were simply close. Addie had been raised with cuddling and mouth kisses from her mother.

During these conflicted thoughts Addie’s mother slid first one thumb and then the other into her daughter’s cunt. To her continued shame Addie had to stifle a moan, she could feel from how easily they had slipped in that she had gotten quite wet already. Her mother was using her thumbs to spread open the lips of Addie’s pussy spreading her cunt open. What was this?

“Mommy?” Addie began to question her mother, ashamed and confused by the turn their happy afternoon of yoga was taking. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this. What her mother was doing was wrong, mothers and daughters didn’t do this. But part of her confusion was linked with her own now soaking wet pussy. Her clit was throbbing, practically begging for the attention of her mother’s fingers and her nipples had gotten rock hard. Addie’s heart was pounding in her chest and her breath was hard and fast her face bright red and her body flushed.

“Sssh, baby. Be a good girl, don’t complain, mommy is giving you a treat.” She had murmured this against Addie’s spread open cunt. Addie couldn’t stop herself from moaning out a curse. Her mother pulled one thumb from out of Addie’s pussy and used that hand to spank her. “Don’t cuss, cussing is what bad girls do and you’re a good girl aren’t you?” She spanked her again, harder when Addie didn’t respond.

“Yes, I can be a good girl.” Addie wasn’t sure why she was going along with this. She loved her mother so deeply; she’d always done everything that had been asked of her. They’d struggled a lot when she was younger and her mother had sacrificed a lot for her. This wasn’t too much to ask so far. And Addie had to admit to herself that at least part of why she was accepting this and not simply leaving the room was because it felt good. Intellectually she didn’t want to be fingered and spread open by her mother but on a different level it felt wrong and sexy. She found her mother attractive in an objective way and now that this violation was happening she could find her sexier in a conscious way. She had often admired her thick thighs, had found them to be very sexual, when they cuddled she loved how soft and bouncy they were. She had spooned with her mother before and would have trouble not grinding against her large ass and she’d always loved her breasts so similar to her own. She had thought about if they felt the same as her own as she played with them in the privacy of her room.

Plus no one else really loved and understood her like her mother. They were incredibly close and Addie had always loved that, escort ankara knew most girls weren’t that close with their mothers. Maybe this was an extension of that closeness. Most girls didn’t cuddle with their mothers well into adulthood, and maybe most of them didn’t do this either, but it felt good just like the cuddling. She’d sometimes felt sexual cuddling with her mother, nuzzling her hair and shoulder and neck, maybe this was where things naturally lead. Another special thing for her and her mommy.

With the hand that had been spanking her for being a bad girl her mother now grabbed the crotch of the leotard and yanked it down and over, releasing Addie’s breasts at the same time as she revealed her pussy to the air. Taking her thumb out of her daughter’s cunt she repositioned her hand and started inserting her index and middle finger inside of her instead, thrusting and twisting them deeply within her. Addie was gasping, shocked at this rough treatment. All she had to do was move out of the pose, stand up and move away if she wanted to stop this. She wasn’t sure that she wanted it to stop though. It felt amazing, something she’d fantasized about having someone do to her for years. It almost made sense that like everything else her mother would be the first to do this for her. She already felt the edge of her orgasm looming.

Suddenly her mother pushed on the backs of her spread legs and she fell forward, her mother’s fingers sliding out of her at the same time. She was splayed legged belly down on the floor and her mother followed her down gripping her hips with hands that were wet from Addie’s own soaking pussy and lifting them. Eventually Addie moved herself into puppy pose with the urging insistence of her mom’s hands. Knees on the ground, hips in the air, arms and shoulders reaching forward as she bent at the waist. Her mother slammed 3 fingers into her waiting cunt this time. Addie couldn’t stop herself from grinding back against those fingers. Her face burned with shame. Her cunt was literally dripping in her mother’s hand, what was wrong with her? What was wrong with both of them? What had brought this on so suddenly and unexpectedly without warning? She cast her thoughts back and wondered what had been the tipping point of this sexual desire for her mother. Last night they had huddled together on the couch for hours as they watched their favorite television show together, Addie had lain on her back her mother’s back between her spread legs under one blanket together. She had stroked her mother’s hair and played with it for so long until they had fallen asleep together like that. As she thought about it she realized how intimate that had been. Almost like a they were in a relationship with each other.

Her mother pulled her hand back once against and returned with four fingers, sliding into her daughter’s dripping pussy with ease. This startled Addie out of her thoughts about their intimate embrace and activity last night. Addie was actively moaning and squirming on her mother’s hand at this point, there was no resisting her desire. This seemed like what you did to sexually fulfill someone you were in love with, and she was in love with her mother. It was wrong and bad and unhealthy love but love nonetheless.

“Get up, press your back against the wall and spread your legs like a good girl.” Addie wanted nothing more than to be her mother’s good girl, this had always been true, she’d worked hard to get good grades and do well in sports, to get praised at all her part time jobs for her hard work. But now she wanted to actively please her mother in a way she’d never experienced before. If this is what her mother wanted she desperately wanted to give it to her. So pussy dripping down her thighs and tits hanging out of her leotard she did exactly as her mother demanded.

Braced against the wall she spread her legs wide, her mother hadn’t told her to do it but she’d also squatted down opening her cunt up ready to receive what her mother offered. Her mother moved on all fours towards her and then surged up reaching for Addie’s breasts and started to suckle at them. Long deep and involved sucking, sloppy and wet, moaning all the while; completely uninhibited her mother sucked and sucked on first one breast and then the other, smacking her lips on them, holding each in both hands and focusing intensely on that nipple with her lips, tongue and gentle teeth. Addie was completely overwhelmed by the sensation of it, the intensity of it; her mother put so much focus and passion it seemed as if she’d been thinking about it for years, wanting it deeply. She took her time to do it, until Addie almost couldn’t take it anymore. Each suck on her nipples drew a throb from her clit, intensifying the heat and wetness in her cunt that felt sloppy and hungry. It felt like it went on for hours but couldn’t have last longer than 20 minutes. Finally Addie couldn’t take it anymore. Her defenses ankara escort bayan against her mother violating her body had been worn down completely at this point. She wanted her mother’s fingers back inside her cunt.

“Mommy! Please! I need more, I need it so bad, I need your fingers in my cunt. I’m so wet, mommy, I’m so wet. I need it, I need you to make me cum, mommy,” once the words started spilling out she was shocked by her own feelings and level of need, she calmed herself slightly so she could ask like the sweet good girl she was. The good girl her mother wanted. “I love you so much, I didn’t realize how much. I didn’t know I wanted to be with you this way but now I do and I need it. You feel so good, mommy.” Her mother moaned at her words. She hadn’t realized that she needed Addie’s desire and affection so much. When she looked down she realized that her mother’s nipples were also hard and that her pussy was dripping and leaking from between her legs. Her own moaning had drowned it out but she realized her mother had been moaning while she suckled at her breasts.

With a look of real genuine love on her face her mother moved one hand to Addie’s dripping cunt and her other hand to her own and began to stroke her own clit letting out a repressed moan. She pushed four fingers into Addie and then gradually added her thumb as well, Addie found herself so full and stretched that it made her think of that huge dildo she’d trained herself to take. Her mother was gradually and carefully fitting her entire hand inside of Addie; widening her tight pink hole to accommodate her fist all the way up to the wrist. Addie felt crazed, she felt like a wild animal, she couldn’t stop herself from sitting further onto her mother’s hand, riding it up and down as her juices dripped down her forearm. Suddenly her mother shoved her face against Addie’s clit as it stretched over her arm. She sucked and lapped at it, teasing it with her lips. Addie’s sudden orgasm rocked through her body, she instinctively started rocking and bouncing on her mother’s hands practically screaming out. It sent shockwaves through her body including her raw sensitive nipples. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she screamed and moaned.

Addie hadn’t ever experienced anything like that. In all her nights fingering herself, or riding the dildo, in all the pornography she had watched, all the pillows she humped, she had never experienced an orgasm as strong as the one her mother had just given her. She assumed that was what a love this intense added to the climax. Her legs felt weak and she collapsed to her knees, driving her mother’s fist deeper into herself, fully sitting onto it as her mother waited patiently and lovingly. Watching as her orgasm played itself out.

Addie dove forward and grasped her mother’s face between her hands kissing her deeply and passionately. Her mother had forced her to cross a line they could never uncross, they could never undo what had just happened between them, and if it had been up to Addie they never would have, but that option was gone now. The violation had been unforgivable but she could never stop loving her mother and now that they’d gone this far she wanted to deepen their relationship. Her mother slowly pulled her hand out of Addie, it was painful and it left Addie feeling bereft and empty in a way she never had before. She pushed her mother back onto the floor, knelt between her legs and shoved her face against her mother’s still covered pussy, snuffling and nuzzling at it like a crazed animal. She turned her head and kissed at her thick jiggling thighs, nipping at them gently. She reached up to tug at the leotard. “Off,” was all she could manage and her mother complied.

Leotard gone she shoved her mouth and nose directly into her mother’s cunt, shoving her tongue into the hot wet hole as deeply as she possibly could; nuzzling her mother’s throbbing clit with her nose. What she lacked in skill and experience she made up for with desperate passion. She stroked and spread her mother’s thighs, squeezing them in her hands as she sucked at her clit in a daze, tasting the delicious juices lapping at the engorged lips until her mother started whimpering and she felt a hot gush of liquid into her open mouth as her cunt spasmed and contracted, hips thrusting at the air. After her mother’s climax had subsided Addie kept playing with her pussy, sliding fingers in and out rubbing her palms against her sensitive clit and labia. She explored this new playground while her mother squirmed and whinnied. She teased and pet her mother’s incredibly sloppy wet deep pink hole, slapping it once even. Then she shoved 3 fingers in, pulled back and shoved in four, pulled back and added her thumb, pulled back and then slammed in against sliding her whole hand into her pussy wrist deep and then further. With her other hand she manipulated and stroked her mother’s clit until she came again pussy muscles contracting and strangling Addie’s forearm.

Slowly and carefully she slid her hand out of her mother’s gaping cunt. She moved up to where her mother was laying, wrung out and wrecked and cuddled in against her side, “I love you, mommy.”

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